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Hollywood: “The Home of (Mind-Controlled) Dreams”

June 30th 2010. Not a very significant day really in a lot of ways, but quite a
significant one for a number of pirate internet sites who had successfully been
streaming movies and TV programmes regularly for free to over 6.7million online
users a month until the FBI, with the full co-operation of Hollywood, took measures
to close these operations down. The pretexts of course for doing so were on the
grounds that these sites are illegal under the existing law, are in violation of copyright
regulations and are costing movie studios estimated losses of hundreds of millions of
dollars a year. Note the word estimated here. No precise figures given. This is for an
industry which itself manages to spend millions on productions and to pay millions to
sometimes second rate actors but noticeably doesn’t complain when it successfully
recoups outlay many times over through the cult of celebrity and intense
merchandising of products which endorse the films made.

Noticeably at the time, spokesperson for the bust (ICE chief) John Morton,
launched a press conference from a Walt Disney Studio (interesting! Walt Disney has
been implicated in mind control programming, by many different sources). He
reported that the operation was the beginning of a "long-term effort to turn the tables
on these thieves." The targeted websites, he added, are "run by people who have no
respect for creativity and innovation." This was also part of a “global war” against
piracy spanning 44 countries potentially.

Additionally, Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New ork,
said in a statement that the actions were necessary to protect the jobs and livelihoods
of "ordinary working people" and warned others engaged in similar websites.
Individual actions would not be taken against online users in this instance although
the message was one of “education” about the costs of piracy. Hmm. Yes, how
would do you actually take collective action against 6.7 million internet users exactly,
when they are dispersed across the airwaves?

So Hollywood is able to cast itself as the legitimate aggrieved party when it comes
to the piracy issue on the grounds of money. The voxpop views at the time reflected
certain standpoints. Here are some of the real comments that were posted on the

- “Does the government think that people are so naive and stupid? er.. protecting the
jobs of "ordinary working people"? how about protecting the big name movie

- “The targeted websites, he added, are "run by people who have no respect for
creativity and innovation." /John Morton. That's funny, I was a member on the
ninjavideo forums, and I happen to know that they had regular art competitions
as well as various other projects centering on community creativity.”

- “Personally, while I admit I did watch various (potentially pirated) video's on the
site and agree that it does in some way harm the big media industries, I don't think
this big bust was necessary, speaking from my experience of the ninja staff, a simple,
reasonable, polite but firm "Cease and Desist" request would have done the trick, and
would have saved a whole lot of "creative and innovative" forum users content.”

- “I think this is a mistake. Almost all of the money I have spent on purchasing
music, movies, and television box sets has been because I watched/listened to the
content online first, and discovered I really enjoyed it. Had it not been for the
free websites like Ninjavideo, I would not have gotten hooked on the shows I
currently watch, and never would have purchased the legal content that I have.
But, I do understand both sides of the argument. “

-“Is this like the time they spent millions to get the pirate bay and Mega nova shut
down for like 2 hours? for every pirate site they 'shut down' 2 more replace it within a
matter of weeks, wasting time and money, and fighting losing battle.” .

- “Often, I won't even see a movie at the big screen unless I first watched it on
ninjavideo to make sure I wasn't wasting my dime on the utter refuse Hollywood
tries to cram down our throats. I purchased DVD's and music that I would likely
have never given a chance, except that I saw it on Ninja, or was recommended by

Same goes for TV shows that I probably never would even have heard of.
Granted, sometimes I just don't have the opportunity to catch it when broadcast,
but when I do, its due to having already caught my attention through great
content sites like Ninja.

As their manifesto stated on Ninjavideo; it is sites like these that bring more
attention, hence money, to films and programs than they lose due to 'piracy'. If
the industry is truly losing so much money as they state, then why do they
continue to have record smashing profits year after year on films grossing
hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars. Shame on Hollywood for playing
bully, and for the government for wasting their time & resources on this. Isn't
their 'real crimes' and atrocities being committed that deserve the governments
attention? I say boycott the industry, everyone go outside and ride a bike, play
cards or a board game for the rest of the year...

On the upside, I'm sure it will be back quickly in one form or another (or both,
or even several more), by the same persons who ran it before, their associates, or
followers. I hope the best for the Ninja community, those 'busted' over this, and
the other sites as well.”

- “I'm so happy to see that my tax money is going to busting these heinous criminals
who are costing corporations pocket change instead of securing our borders or going
after pedophiles. I mean really, ICE has nothing better to do than seize assets and
steal domain names? “

- “This is a very sad day. Ninjavideo provided me with the opportunity and the
desire to watch tv shows I normally wouldn't. I cannot waste that much time
watching live tv where 5 minutes of commercials completely destroys any sense
of continuity and retaining my interest. How are downloads from Ninjavideo
different from what I can legally record (and skipped the commercials when

It is time we all realized that watching 'illegal' content from online sources will
not stop. The world has and is changing faster than ever.

Go after Wall Street with the same fervour. Are the rich truly destined to get
richer, while the average person struggles to keep his dreams alive?

I only have praise for those who work so hard at Ninjavideo. They provide a
great service that works well, and do not charge a cent. If it weren't for them and
sites like them, many tv series wouldn't have the following they currently enjoy.

I loved this site. I especially loved the forum that they had. I loved it because it
brought people together and enabled them to enjoy their interests not alone but
in a community. It encouraged thinking and creativity!!! It rewarded effort! It
gave me the chance to learn how to express myself coherently and how to form
arguments for my opinions. It inspired me! This whole takedown is just sad...”

- “Being a student I simply cannot afford the cost of cable nor do I appreciate having
to pay for something that then forces me to watch mind-numbing commercials.

Furthermore I have purchased more movies and box sets because I was able to view
them first without having to pay to see them.

I may view movies online but I have, in turn, gone to the theatre to see the ones I
enjoyed and felt merited the 15$ or more (not to mention the cost of food) the theaters
run these days.

I feel that taking down websites like these actually limits what people will spend
money on. The last time I wasted money going to the theatre for a terrible movie I
took a 2 year hiatus on theatres and buying anything on video and opted for books
instead. I think companies will actually lose business because they disallow movies
and videos to be previewed in public domains. If people do not buy a product once
they have seen it online or downloaded it illegally, then perhaps people should take
the time to re-evaluate the quality of the media they are producing. You wouldn't go
to the garbage dump and pay good money for trash, why would you pay good money
for garbage media?”

- “What "hurts" "ordinary working people" are corrupt self serving officials in
key governmental positions who push policies that have nothing to do with
"protecting" the people and everything to do with maximizing profit and control
for those who have more than enough to live with already; war mongers who
think occupying and stealing foreign resources are what keeps amerika "safe";
flag waving uber patriots who cant distinguish between right and wrong
INSTEAD of "right" and "left"; ignorant individuals working in the
infotainment industry who disseminate disinformation instead of doing their job
and going to the heart of the matter and TRUTH! This is NOT the change we
VOTED for. And sadly the other players are as bad and WORSE!
- “Well, as a Canadian living in China, I now have absolutely no way of watching the
shows I paid for back home. And honestly, when cable companies start charging
$100+ p/month for cable, some people can't afford it.

Oh well, back to buying pirate dvd's. It's China, after all. Not like I can find
legitimate dvd's here.”

-“I understand the need to penalize criminal activity, that makes sense, however
I don't believe that this is an effective use of government resources as the actual
impact of video streaming on film revenue is in reality quite negligible. “

- “Just wanted to point out the idiocy of those pushing to stop 'piracy' and promoting
the misconception that piracy is causing them to lose profits.
Its simple to do the research and find out that this is an outright lie. Even the GOA
stated that there is not only no evidence showing they lose money, but there is in fact
evidence showing that their profits long term are increased. Studies have shown that
people who are more active in unauthorized file sharing, also tend to spend more on
authorized entertainment purchases..
Why do you think they allow their copyrighted music to be played on the radio? It
increases sales & profits of the music played is why. Its why more and more artists
are subscribing to the idea of self promoting and producing. They can just offer up
lots of their content for free d/l, while increasing their own notoriety, and as a result,
This is also why you see many software companies giving away a large portion of
their software for free. How do you think some of these anti-virus products like AVG
became so popular? Its a good business model to follow, and because of it, they now
make a good profit from having given it away for free.
Studies have also shown that since piracy started, sales & profits of entertainment
media has skyrocketed.

Sounds like they are biting a valuable hand that feeds them; sadly taking good people
with them who have actually helped increase their profits.”

But is there really another reason why piracy operations have been dealt with in
such a fascist fashion? I strongly believe that these sites have posed a threat in a
different way. Is it because these sites are starting to exert a counter- influence to the
New World agendas which have been working through Hollywood for most of the
20th Century and into the new millennium?

Hurray for Hollywood. It loves to sell itself as the birthplace of celluloid

entertainment and home of dreams that has enabled millions to seek escapism from
the ennui of their everyday lives and to vicariously transport themselves to other
times, other places, other people’s adventures for a few hours at a time without ever
having to go very far at all to do it, except for engaging the senses and imagination,
and spending a few dollars. Movies and television are a passive and easy route to
the feel good factor. They are also a very quick path for asserting subliminal mind
control. We are all paying (happily it seems) a few times over to be mind controlled
through this media. In the first instance we willingly impart money to be temporarily
removed from the true (?) reality to a make believe world, and to have our
perceptions actively distorted and then in the movie theatre we are sold objects of
desire either directly or indirectly by these means which translate into the opiate of
mass consumerism further down the line. Seems harmless initially but how much are
we being influenced and programmed through this means?

To quote Marvin Minsky, “ Imagine what it would be like if TV actually were good.
It would be the end of everything we know”. Unfortunately much of what people
think they know comes from watching moving images on a screen, whilst being
unaware of the subtle power these are having on the subconscious level.

“The principle of mind control, hypnotic suggestion and mental programming are
ancient. (The term doesn’t matter, the principles remain the same). The goal is to
suspend the thought processes of the conscious mind to cause a state of mind that is
just like “day dreaming.” Stop conscious thought and the mind is in its most
suggestible state and is more receptive to programming than at any other time.
Therefore, the first principle control is distraction. Distraction focuses the attention
of the conscious mind on one or more of the five senses (sight, touch, smell, and
taste) in order to program the subconscious mind.”

Steve Jacobsen

Do not underestimate the power of the visual. Fast Moving images, when
combined with background sound/music and other specific lighting effects can have
profound effects on brain functioning. Why do announcers sometimes advise about
strobing effects in a particular TV programme prior to it being screened? Because
such effects are known to be a trigger for epileptic seizures. This is a more apparent,
physical , and sometimes unwelcome response to motion film. But at a different level
the movies affect our choices more than we realize. Even our sense of the aesthetic is
influenced from how aspects of past, present and future culture(s) are depicted on

“Besides making billions of dollars of revenue for the film producers and distributers,
movies are used to project concepts and ideations into mass subconscious as well as
the consciousness of everyone on earth”

Uri Dowbenko

In her book ‘Hollywood Beyond the Screen: Design and Material Culture’
Anne Massey(2000) explores how Hollywood has exerted a profound influence on
British style and design. From its earliest days, Hollywood glamour in the form of
make-up, hairstyles, and fashion was mimicked by women throughout Britain. But the
influence of Hollywood was more than skin-deep. She goes as far as asserting that
nearly every form of British material culture in the twentieth century has been
influenced to some extent by American style, disseminated through the medium of
film to a broad and receptive market. The British, of course are not the only ones who
have fallen victim to hegemony through the lure of the movie machine.
Next to religion, the advent of moving pictures, heralded the biggest tool for
brain-washing of mass populations ever devised. Just to prove the point, ask yourself
this question: Why is it that even in the poorest countries most people can access TV
but not other basic commodities that are essential to survival? Because whilst it
creates an illusion as to what people can aspire to TV is also a pacifier against real
discontent through the intercession of the news and controlled programming and
serves the political apparatus very well. That is until someone decides to go renegade
and steps out of line like maybe the internet TV sites have done.

Hollywood is the front of the Illuminati. If you doubt this google Hollywood
and Illuminati together next time you visit the internet. You won’t find any lack of
hits or evidence that supports this statement! Now it will be up to you to discern
where truth and fiction blur relating to this, but then that would be nothing new where
Hollywood is concerned would it?

Film-making at its best, is an artform that is educational, thought-provoking,

enlightening and entertaining. The world would be a lesser place without the genuine
talents and, sometimes genius, which contributes to it and this should be duly
rewarded. However, in my view the real pirates and villains of the peace are not the
ones who seem to be taking money away from the movies studies, it’s the ones who
are hidden away in the movie industry itself, and they are trying to rob you of true
liberty and independence. Moviemakers are well and truly hand in glove with the
FBI, CIA and the Pentagon and they are all in it together to protect their own interests
and covertly retain power. They are not about to give that away any day soon, unless
the viewing public gets wise and decides that it should be otherwise.