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Fall 2006

Mobile Bay
Audubon Society
A Chapter of the National Audubon Society Since 1971
Volume XXV No.4

Alabama Wildlife Federation

Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards
The Alabama Wildlife State of Alabama—its wildlife, ing contributions to the natural
Federation’s Governor’s Conserva- forests, soils, water, and air. The resource welfare of the commu-
tion Achieve- nity and the
ment Awards state.
are the most The
prestigious category of
conservation Conservation-
awards in the ist of the Year
state. For over is awarded to
30 years, the an individual
awards have who has
been presented excelled in an
to individual overall
and organiza- conservation
tions that make effort, in
great contribu- environmental
tions to the achievements,
conservation of or other
our wildlife and significant
related natural contribution to
resources, the the conserva-
natural ele- Willard Bowers with Alabama Power Company, Conservation Commis- tion of natural
ments upon sioner Barnett Lawley, Dr. John L. Borom and Ted DeVos, AWF President resources.
which all life This year
depends. the award was
The purpose of the program is designed to bring about presented to our very own, John
Governor’s Conservation Achieve- a greater knowledge and aware- Borom. Dr. Borom, we are very
ment Awards program is to ness of conservation practices and pleased to see your work recognized
promote leadership by Example projects, and to give proper and we are very proud to have you
and in turn increase conservation recognition to those persons and as the president of our chapter of
of the natural resources of the organizations that make outstand- the National Audubon Society.
Board of
Directors Bird-a-thon 2006
2006 WOW! 84 species! What
fun Elizabeth and her team of
Amelia May
Col. Bill Brierly
John Borom, Ph.D., President
990-0423 (B) Edith McClinton, Lois Cassity,
P O Box 432
928-5219(H) Dr. Elizabeth French
Fairhope, AL 36532`
Ann McLaurin and their driver Sallie Waldron
Elizabeth Williams, Vice President
Birdathon and School Film Prog.
Ginny McClinton, had counting Erin Wheeler
3616 Pepper Ridge Drive
Mobile, AL 36693
species to raise funds to place Eleanor Livadais
Eleanor Livaudais,Secretar y Audubon Adventures into class- Tom Lawrence
P O Box 492
Point Clear, AL 36564
928-8967(H) rooms—15 in Baldwin County Edwina Mullins
Ottilie Halstead, Treasurer and and 15 in Mobile County. David McDonald
33 Paddock Drive
928-9537 $1,153.00 was raised by the Leroy Pierce
Fairhope, AL 36532 team to put these environmental Edith McClinton
Delane Small, Editor awareness kits in the schools.
1 Fiesta Drive
460-2400(B) John Winn
Spanish Fort, AL 36527 “Teach them today to protect Charlie Bailey
John Dindo, Ph.D. tomorrow.”
2651 Hillcreast Road
861-7558(B) Doug Dugat
Mobile, AL 36695 Thank you to each one who Sirman Lee
Edwina Mullins, Publicity
4606 N Sunset Drive 344-1175
contributed to this worthy en- Margaret Rice
Mobile, AL 36608 deavor: Dr. John Porter
Cindy McDonald Maude Skiba Judy Lovell
P O Box 81371 510-1279
Mobile, AL 36689 Ottilie Halstead Ira Swingle.
John Porter, Ph.D., Dauphin Island AKZO Nobel, Inc.
Audubon Sanctuar y
P O Box 848 Terry Hartley Elizabeth Williams
Dauphin Island, AL 36528
Lois Cassity Bird-a-thon Coordinator
Elizabeth French, Ph.D.
Field Trips
36 Ridgeview Drive
Chickasaw, AL 36611
Roger Clay, Field Trips
P O Box 247
Daphne, AL 36526
Garland Sims, Special Projects
101 Laurel Street 928-6772
Fairhope, AL 36532
Celeste Hinds
11321 Marshall Lane 928-6526
Fairhope, AL 36532
Bob Ridgeway
3974 Hillcreast Lane West 928-6526
Mobile, AL 36693
Anita Br yant, Jr., Audubon Sponsor and
Audubon Adventures
2200 Tulipwood Drive
Mobile, AL 36605
443-8253 Volunteers Needed!
The Alabama Coastal
Minnie Knokes 928-0296
50 Spring Run BirdFest needs you! By helping Other volunteers needed to act as
Fairhope, AL 36532
with BirdFest, you are helping tour hosts/hostesses; help with the
Melvin Long preserve and protect birding Silent Auction (Mobile and
P O Box 86 945-8392
Foley, AL 36536 habitat on the Alabama Gulf Eastern Shore); assist during
Nancy Hora
Coast. Volunteers needed in a morning registration; and help at
416 LaBorde 342-6824 number of areas. If you can act as the Bird & Conservation Expo.
Mobile, AL 36609
a guide - or you know someone Want to help? Contact Fran
Edith McClinton who can - contact Roger Clay at Morley at 928-0987 or
170 N Lafayette Street 432-4898
Mobile, AL 36604 626-5474 or
Louisiana Wetlands and the
Whooping Crane
As Louisiana’s wetlands endangered native bird. To help for rebuilding the whooping crane
continue to disappear, the animals the whoopers, Audubon Nature population. The new whooping
that live-or once lived-in this Institute is building a whooping crane breeding facility will allow
thriving ecosystem struggle for crane breeding facility at Audu- Audubon to play an even more
survival. The loss of their habitat bon Center for Research of significant role in saving this native
means smaller nesting grounds, Endangered Species. Funded bird with an ultimate goal of re-
reduced food supply and inad- by the Department of the Interior establishing a flock in Louisiana.
equate shelter. Some of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the
animals will find new homes, but new crane facility will accommo-
some will disappear with the date 10 breeding pairs of whoop-
wetlands. A few already have. ing cranes. Audubon now houses
Louisiana Wetland AnimalsThe eight whooping cranes, and two
whooping crane is just one of them-a non-breeding pair-can
example of how Louisiana wet- be seen at Audubon Zoo!
lands loss can affect a species. In Last year, Audubon’s
1937, as their habitat receded, whooping crane program made
Louisiana’s last known whoopers headlines when an egg laid at the
were moved to Aransas National Freeport-McMoRan Audubon
Wildlife Preserve in Texas for Species Survival Center hatched
their protection. Today, these at the Patuxent Wildlife Research
birds number only 135 in captivity Center in Maryland. The egg had
and 336 in the wild. They are been flown from Louisiana to
considered the rarest species of Maryland as part of Operation
crane and North America’s most Migration, a cooperative program
Audubon Society
12 Board Meeting 6:30 p.m. General Meeting 7:30 p.m. “The Nature Conservancy’s Coastal
Programs” presented by Nichole Vickey, Faulkner State Community College Fairhope
Campus, Centennial Hall. Bring a friend.
10 Board Meeting 6:30 p.m. General Meeting 7:30 p.m. “Discovering Alabama Video –
Weeks Bay Reserve,” 30 minutes and a report on Bird-a-thon 2006 . Government Street Baptist
Church in Mobile. Bring a friend.
22-22 Alabama Coastal BirdFest
11 Board Meeting 6:30 p.m. General Meeting 7:30 p.m. “Western Wyoming” presented by
John Borom. Faulkner State Community College Fairhope Campus, Centennial Hall. Bring
a friend.

Coastal Birding Association

2 Fort Morgan for Olive-sided Flycatchers, Bell’s Vireos and empids. Meet at 8:00 a.m. at
picnic area by ferry landing. Picnic lunch.
7 Dauphin and Pelican Islands for migrants and shorebirds. Meet at Shell Mounds at 8:00 a.m. Depart
for Pelican Island at 9:00 a.m.
13-15 Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS) Fall Meeting, Dauphin Island. Check The
Yellowhammer or AOS website <> for details.
18 Bon Secour Unit of Woerner Turf sod farm for Swainson’s Hawks, Sprague’s Pipits and longspurs
(providing there is habitat). Meet at 8:00 a.m. in parking lot on south side of Hardee’s on Hwy. 59 in
Foley. Coffee at Hardee’s for early birds

2007 Calendars–$5.00
compare with these, so get one for
Our 2007 Feathered Friends calendars Woodpecker, (no, not it’s cousin, the
yourself and several to give away. At
have arrived and are more beautiful “is it” or “isn’t it” the Ivory-bill),
$5.00 they are a bargain. We sold out
than ever. Yes, I know that I say that Towhee, the Yellow-headed Blackbird
early last year, so if you want 5 or
every year, but the Maslowskies have (my favorite) and others.
more, call Elizabeth (64307257). She
out-done themselves this year with The calendars are for 16 months
will hold them for you. They will be
prints of the Common Yellow-throat, beginning September 2006. We all
for sale at the Bird fest, at each
Green Jay, Baltimore Oriole, Piliated receive calendars but they don’t
meeting and field trips.
Photography by Dave
Cagnolatti featured at
2006 Alabama Coastal
BirdFest 2005 Poster

By D. Fran Morley Bir dF

BirdF est
Posters Read
Our 2006 posters are ready and they
It’s impossible to miss the Society. He teaches a recreational look great! Now we need to get them
out so that everyone can see them. If
striking photo on the brochure, course in backyard bluebird you are in the area, please stop by
poster, and t-shirt for this year’s watching at Louisiana State John Borom’s office at Faulkner State
Alabama Coastal BirdFest. The University and has built and in Fairhope to pick up a few posters
beautiful Prothonotary Warbler donated over 300 bluebird- to distribute in your area. (440
was captured by avid photogra- nesting boxes to various organiza- Fairhope Avenue). Consider taking
them to banks, retail outlets, coffee
pher and bird watcher, Dave tions and parks. He will be a shops, schools (high schools and
Cagnolatti. featured speaker at this year’s colleges), your place of work, etc. -
Although Dave resides in Bird & Conservation Expo on anyplace where others will have a
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his work Saturday, Oct. 21, with a presen- chance to see it.
for ConocoPhillips as Manager of tation on Eastern bluebirds and I will take posters around downtown
Fairhope, but we definitely need
Government Affairs for the other cavity-nesting backyard posters distributed all around the area
Southeastern United States takes birds. - Mobile, Daphne, Spanish Fort,
him all over the region, including Dave captures his bird and Foley, Pensacola, Destin, Gulf Shores,
one of his favorite spots for wildlife images with a Nikon Orange Beach, Pascagoula, etc. If
birding, Dauphin Island. His work D100 digital camera using a your work or travels take you
anywhere around the area, please
has been featured in promotional Nikon 500mm manual focus lens. consider taking a couple of posters
brochures, calendars and on web with you - never know where you
sites for Dauphin Island Bird might find a good location to put up a
Sanctuaries, Weeks Bay Reserve poster.
Foundation, Barataria- Once again this year, we will be
selling signed ($15) and unsigned
Terrebonne National Estuary ($10) posters on the web site and
Program, the U.S. Army Corps of during the festival, so if your friends
Engineers, and others. Many of would like a poster as art (and who
the wildlife photos featured on the wouldn’t?) please encourage them to
Weeks Bay Foundation web site buy one.
FYI, registrations are coming in! More
( are by than 60 individuals have registered
Dave. for nearly 120 tours/dinners. Tours
Dave is a member of the will start filling up fast from here on
Baton Rouge Audubon Society out, so if YOU want to register for a
and the Louisiana Ornithological tour, get your checks in the mail! (or
register online)
Society and was the first lifetime Thanks for your help. This is going to
member of the Louisiana Bluebird be a great BirdFest
Mobile Bay Audubon Wants You!
Every membership supports Audubon’s vityal efforts to protect birds, wildlife and natural habitats.
As a member, you’ll become an important part of our dynamic chapter and receive a host of benefits including:
A 1-year subscription (6 bi-monthly issues) of our chapter newsletter.
Automatic membership in National Audubon Society, and a 1-year subscription (4 issues, one per
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A 10% discount on products at select Audubon Nature Stores and more!

Yes! I want to join Mobile Bay Audubon and National Audubon Societry!
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Make check payable tyo National Audubon Society and mail to: National Audubon Society,
Membership Data Center, P O ox 52529, Boulder, CO 80322-2529
Chapter Code: A01 7XCH

“We are still in that low state of civilization when we do not understand that it is also vandalism wantonly to destroy or
to permit the destruction of what is beautiful in nature, whether it be a cliff, a forest, or a species of mammal or bird.”
Theodore Roosevelt, Views from the Rough Rider

Permit No. 24
Fairhope, AL
Fairhope, AL 36532
P O Box 483
Mobile Bay Audubon Society
Non-Profit Org.
National Audubon Society