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Company overview

Fiberlink was established in 2008, with a vision to be a global corporate leader we

provide Dedicated and High Speed Internet Services & Data Connectivity to our
customer with the most reliable and fast sources available for this purpose that is
fiber optic. The aim of the company is to be called as the best in its industry and
provide optimum level of satisfaction to our valued customer.

Company Profile

Company Name: FIBERLINK

Country/Territory: Pakistan

Business Type: Internet Service Provider

Registration Date: 2008/05/22 (Year/Month/Date)

Buyer / Seller in

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Products and services

Fiberlink Metro Ring service

Fiberlinks Dark Fiber

Chapter three: New Services

Fiber to Home (FTH)

1. Introduction:
Consumers across the globe are switching to fiber backed connectivity; a medium that offers you faster
speeds when compared to conventional wired/wireless service providers. Our new product will lets
consumer tap into the true power of the Internet.

2. Market Segmentations:


FTH has specific geographic target area in Pakistan and we prefer both urban area and rural area. It would be very
suitable according to condition of internet in Pakistan.
2.2 Demographic:
People of all classes of use internet, its like basic necessity of modern age. Male, female and young people
everyone just loves to spend little time on internet, Chating with their friends, checking out latest trends and news
People who are educated are major concerning customer. People who are involved in earning and lead a prosperous
life also our concerning customer.

2.3Behavior Factor:

Young people will prefer our product most becase they are largest internet user base in Pakistan. Old as well as
matured people will also like it because it is reliable.

2.4 Psychographic:
After all we divided the market into group based on customer knowledge, attitude, use or response to
a product.

Gender (men & women)

Social class (Upper, middle and lower)
Density (urban area and city area)
Attitude toward product (positive, adaptable with new things.) and generation

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Our market segment is quite measurable because our main target customer is 1564 aged
people and its approximate size is 63.6% of total population. In order to actionable our
marketing program our market segment will help us. We can introduce different marketing
strategy and promotional
strategy according to men and women choice, preference and needs.

So our market segment is measurable, accessible, actionable, and differentiable.

3. Market Needs:

People usually need good reliable Internet. Almost all people in our country use mobile phone. People are very
much habituated to use it. So good Internet connection is must.

4.Market opportunities and issues

Assuming just about 40 million of mobile users which is 25% of total population
of Bangladesh, the market potential comes to about 1 million per year. More
over the tie up with large authorized dealer and exploration of 3 lack strong
armed forces, tribal and costal areas offers tremendous opportunity for growth.
The key success factor in the institutional market is the provision of quality
products in desire quantities and at reasonable prices. Access to quality raw
material at low cost which is remunerative to the producer is another
requirement for success in this market.

5. Objectives: It is also an important matter to set up objectives of a new

product to sustain in the market in a long run.

A Achieve sales of 500, 750 and 1000 in the first, second and third year
respectively (Refer Table A1)

Sales forecast
Table A1

Year Sales (unit) Taka (million)

2011 500 150
2012 750 225
2013 1000 300


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The plant will run throughout the year at 70% of the capacity for the first
year and 80% capacity for the second year and 100% capacity for the
third year.

The realized prices will be taka 10, 00,000 unit for the first two years and
taka 15, 00,000 unit for the third year.

B. Achieves break-even sales 13.33 units in the first four months of operation
(Refer Table B.2)

Break-even analysis

Table B.2

SL Particular Taka
1. Revenue/unit 10,00.000
2. Variable cost/unit 4,00.000
3. Contribution (1-2 ) 6,00,000
4. Fixed cost 80,00,000
5. Break even volume (4/3) 13.33 unit
Break even sales would be at about 13.33% of the capacity

C. Achieve on internal rate of return is about 20%.

D. Achieve on average rate of growth in sales of about 25% per year.

E. Achieve the image of the most preferred supplier in the minds of the
institutional buyer by delivering superior value through quality, pride and

6. Market strategy

Customer focus with operational efficiency and customer intimacy.

7. Target market

AMBs target customers are ordinary mobile users, tribal and costal areas users.
Remote areas people and armed forces.

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8. Positioning

AMB will position itself as a value for money brand one that is easy for charge,
reducing tension to charge, no need to electricity etc. its appeal will be TALK


1. SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity and threats

1.1 Strength
Combination of different features

Easy to use

Provide comfort.

Suitable for almost all types of mobile phone

We ensure product differentiation.

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1.2 Weakness
Production cost and price would be higher.

No brand awareness of the new product as a set up company.

Lack of depth industry experience and insight.

1.3 Opportunity
It will enjoy less competitive because this kind of product is not yet come in the
market. Thats why it will be available to earn more money than other existing
product of this company.

1.4 ThreatsIt will enjoy less competitive because this kind of product is not yet
come in the market. Thats why it will be available to earn more money than
other existing product of this company.

2. Marketing Mix

The battery turns sound into electricity allowing mobile to be powered up
while a conversation is in process and the greater the volume the greater the
charge. This motivated the customer to realize power generation by turning
sound energy from speech, noise or music into electrical power.

It will offer value for money beginning with an average realization of taka
300 PU. A discount of 10% will be offered on the invoice price for volumes
exceeding 1000 unit month. The distributor or retailer will decide the maximum
retail price to be printed on the unit.

Initially AMB will supply to institutional markets directly. In the second year
of operation the product will be launched under ANIK brand in few major town
of Sylhet, Chittogong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barishal, and Rangpur, at select outlets
through authorized dealer.

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The basic promotional route will be point of purchase material, altercative
danglers. Placed near check out counter and sample trail. This will be done only
for the branded products. For the institutional markets the major trust will be
efficient supply dealer management, weekly visit to headquarter and major
outlets by senior personnel Continues feedback and multiple contacts with

Add is given on:


Desh TV


Newspaper, Magazine

Promotes through banners, placards and festoons.

Marketing communication: By integrating all messages in all media,

we will reinforce the brand name, and the main points of product,

especially our exclusive feature.

Marketing communication

We will take some promotional activities- first of all we will give ads on TV channels; it is the
most interesting recreational media of our country. We will hold dramatic advertisement on
various satellite channels like
NTV, RTV, ETV, BTV, ATN, etc. make attraction to the people. We will sponsor popular
drama, cinema to make awareness of the consumer. Secondly we will add the various
popular daily newspapers like PROTHOM ALOJUGANTAR THE DAILY STAR etc.Because
most of educated and urban people read this news papers. Thirdly we would like to choice
FM radio, which is growing popular recreational media in our country.In the small period of
time there comes some radio channel like RADIO TODAY ABC RADIO RADIO FOORTI etc.
We will hold jingle types of advertisement in the radio channels. Young generation is the
most vital customer of our product and the hear FM radio in their leisure time. We will also
add in periodical like different types of magazines. We willsponsor different events and give
wall and bill board advertisement inthe important places to draw attention of the people. As
a opinion leader we will use some reputed player and a reference group we can use our
Bangladesh cricket team. Finally we will hold customer driven campaign in most of towns.
Such as

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Distribution of samples

Discount of coupons to customers in the retail stores

Prize through raffle draws

Free trials of new customers

Discount coupon will serve as marketing strategy to develop similar loyalty scheme in order
to indentify and stimulate brand awareness.In the Bangladesh market.

Review and Control

AMB will have simple, decision friendly weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly
and yearly report focusing on

Revenue and unit sales

Customer feedback
Market log (self and competitive major activities)

As Anik Magic Battery is a new product in our country, so it has some lacking such as no popular
brand name, people are not accustomed with such kind of product etc. but we hope we can easily
overcome these lacking in our nearest future by providing better quality and creating strong brand
loyalty among the customer. We believe that our people will prefer the Anik Magic Battery then
traditional Mobile Battery after comparing the product benefits. Hopefully in near
future our people will get rid of that old Mobile Battery and get yourself Anki Magic Battery.

Different web address..
Principles of marketing Philip kotler & Gary Armstrong

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