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Zinc plate with adhesive
backing for galvanic
cathodic protection
against the corrosion
of steel structures
exposed to atmospheric

WHERE TO USE the most negative potential (the zinc) will corrode, while
Mapeshield S is particularly recommended for the metal with least negative potential (iron, steel, etc.)
protecting flat, round and complex shaped metallic remains protected. The micro-structure of Mapeshield S
structures which have a surface to which zinc plates is perfectly homogenous and isotropic in all directions.
may be directly applied. Thanks to these characteristics, oxidation is uniform
with no pitting.
Application examples
Beams. Mapeshield S is available in 50 metre long rolls at a
width of 100, 200 or 300 mm. To guarantee protection,
Columns. the zinc plate must be applied on the entire surface of
the structure which requires protection. Once the plate
Piles. has been applied, no other operations need to be
carried out because contact with the structure is
Pipe-work. guaranteed by the adhesive.

General metallic structures. Mapeshield S conforms to the prescriptions in the

UNI 10781 standard Requirements of self-adhesive
TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS zinc tape, application methods and checking the
Mapeshield S is composed of an 80 m thick plate dressing coat.
of 99.9% pure zinc with a 25 m thick electrically-
conductive adhesive backing. The matrix of the RECOMMENDATIONS
adhesive backing includes micro-granules of zinc. This Mapeshield S may not be applied where there is
composition makes the adhesive electrically conductive. structural damage. In such cases, the structure must
When Mapeshield S is applied on a metallic structure, be checked by a specialist.
it forms an electrical interface between the surface to
be protected and the zinc, thus transforming it into a Before applying Mapeshield S make sure the
galvanic anode which protects the structure from substrate has been prepared correctly.
corrosion, even if the surrounding atmosphere is
particularly aggressive. In fact, two different metals At the moment of applying Mapeshield S, the
connected together in the presence of an electrolyte surface must be dry and the temperature must be
form a corrosion cell. In such conditions, the metal with higher than +3C.

[sche3] 6103_mapeshield s_gb (11.02.2010 - 4 Bozza/Ciano/Stampa)

esh TECHNICAL DATA (typical values)
Ma COMPOSITION Weight (g/m) Thickness (m)

Zinc plate 560 80

Adhesive 50 25

Protective liner 90 75


Bond with stainless steel (N/mm) 0.65

Resistance to slip (hours) 8

Electrical conductivity (* mm): 10

Minimum application temperature (C) +3

In service temperature range (C) from -10C to +80C

Maximum temperature for short periods

(1 to 2 hours) (C)

12 months if stored in a cool,

Shelf life
dry area in sealed packaging

Customs class 7905 00 00

APPLICATION PROCEDURE the sides followed by the top of the tank.

Preparation of the substrate In the case of tanks on vertical or slanted
It is extremely important that metallic supports, apply the coating by starting at
surfaces are prepared correctly to guarantee the lowest point to avoid interrupting the
that the strip bonds perfectly to the structure flow of rainwater or condensation.
to be protected and the best performance is On round structures, such as pipe-work,
obtained from Mapeshield S. the product may be applied in a continuous
The substrate must be prepared by removing spiral with a special winding machine which
all loose parts such as rust, old protective guarantees quick, easy application without
layers, etc. Prepare the surfaces with a creases or folds. On round structures where
mechanical brusher, a high-pressure cleaning it is not possible to apply the product in a
machine or by sand-blasting. Remove all dust continuous spiral, cut strips of the tape in
and fragments with compressed air. When lengths equal to the circumference of the
the product is applied, surfaces must be pipe and apply manually.
clean and dry to guarantee that the anode
bonds well and that there is perfect contact Whichever application technique is
with the structure to be protected. employed, use the following procedure:

Application of the anodes gradually strip off the protective backing

The technique used to apply Mapeshield S film from the Mapeshield S just before the
on the surface of external metallic structures tape comes into contact with the metallic
depends mainly on the structures layout surface;
(horizontal, vertical or slanted) and shape.
The protective layer on flat surfaces or curved welds on the surface must be covered
surfaces with a large radius (more than 3 with a strip of Mapeshield S so as to cover
metres) may be applied manually with strips the weld and at least 20 mm each side of
of Mapeshield S. The strips must be applied the weld before treating the whole of the
by pulling them as tightly as possible with the surface;
longitudinal axis of the strips parallel to one
of the main axes of the surface. When overlap adjacent strips of Mapeshield S
applying Mapeshield S on suspended tanks, by at least 20 mm;
start from the bottom of the tank using strips
which are long enough to cover the bottom in order to guarantee a perfect bond
and at least 50 of the side of the tank at each with the surface press the strips firmly
end of the strip. Then continue application on immediately after application with a
non-metallic pallet knife or a magnetic PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.
press. Start from the centre and work
towards the edges to remove all air WARNING
bubbles; While the indications and guidelines
contained in this data sheet correspond to
take all necessary precautions to avoid the company's knowledge and wide
damaging the protective coating during experience, they must be considered, under
application. all circumstances, merely as an indication and
subject to confirmation only after long-term,
Precautions to be taken during practical applications. Therefore, anybody
and after application who undertakes to use this product, must
No special precautions need to be taken if ensure beforehand that it is suitable for the
the temperature is between +5C and +35C. intended application and, in all cases, the
user is to be held responsible for any
PACKAGING consequences deriving from its use.
Mapeshield S 100: boxes containing 5 rolls
50 metres long and 100 mm wide.
Mapeshield S 200: boxes containing 3 rolls
50 metres long and 200 mm wide.
Mapeshield S 300: boxes containing 2 rolls
50 metres long and 300 mm wide.
All relevant references for
STORAGE the product are available
The product may be stored for up to upon request and from
12 months in its original packaging in
a dry place.
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