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Lesson Plan in English 3

Unit 4: Week 2: Lesson 29 - Day 2

I. Skill Lesson 1: Interacting with others to read aloud with fluency, appreciate rhythm
Skill Lesson 2: Phonics Lesson: Words and Phrases with ough
II. Contents
Topic: Literature: The Future
References: English 3 Teachers Guide pages 13-15
English 3 Learners Materials pages 316-317, Internet sources
Materials: Copy of the story The Future, LM-Activity 281
Pictures of polluted and beautiful places
Sentence strips for the engagement activity
III. Procedure
A. Preliminary Activities
1. A Text A Day
a. Reading of the text
Flowers For The School
Liza saw the beautiful flowers in their garden. Her mother was in the
garden so she went there.
May I bring some flowers to school today, Mother? Asked Liza.
Yes, you may. Give flowers to your teacher and friends, Mother said.
Liza picked many flowers. She picked read and yellow roses. She
picked pink and orange daises.
This gumamela flower will be for our flower vase in school, Liza said.

Comprehension Questions:
1. What did Liza see in the garden?
a. Ripe fruits b. bright butterflies c. beautiful flowers
2. Who did Liza see in the garden?
a. her sister b. her Mother c. her teacher
3. What were yellow and red?
a. the roses b. the daisies c. the gumamelas
4. To whom will Liza give the flowers?
a. to her Mother b. to her teacher c. to the principal
5. Which of these flowers were also found in the garden?
a. Rosal b. Camia c. Gumamela

2. Drill

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B. Developmental Activities
a. Pick-Talk (Note: Print or copy the pictures that follow for this activity.
Describe the pictures.

Ask: If you could choose, would you prefer to live in a clean or polluted
Let us read the poem.

Mother Earth

Before, Mother Earth was beautiful.

With her rivers, mountains, and seas;
Seas and rivers were fish-full
And mountains have strong and tall trees.

Now, Mother Earth is ugly.

To us, she is dying slowly.
Garbage and pollution are everywhere.
But only few people are aware.

b. (GAME) Message Relay

Say: We will play a relay game. Each group will receive a message. You have to make other groups guess the
message you got using body movements. The group that will correctly guess the message will win.
FIRST MESSAGE Mother Earth weeps for attention, she needs our care
and protection.
SECOND MESSAGE Let us spare our world from harm and destruction.
THIRD MESSAGE Stand up, move and fight against pollution.

Discussion Questions:
1. What were seen in the rivers and seas before?
2. What happens to the fish when the water is dirty?
3. How is Mother Earth pictured in the poem? What has caused this? What harm
does this bring to us?
4. What can we do to spare our world from typhoon, flood and diseases?
5. How many stanzas are there in the poem?
6. What are the rhyming words in the first stanza?

Ask the pupils to memorize the poem by stanza.

MCASLim DepEd Muntinlupa Page 2

Groups 1 and 2
Memorize the first stanza by filling each blank with the missing words.

Before, ____________ Earth was ____________

With her rivers, ____________ and seas;
____________ and rivers have plenty of
And mountains have strong and tall trees.

What makes our mother earth beautiful?

Groups 3 and 4
Memorize the second stanza by rapping.
What happened now to our Mother Earth?

c. Independent Activity
What are the things to avoid in order to maintain the cleanliness of our environment?

Directions: Read the following words with correct pronunciation.

Use the following words in a simple sentence.
1. cough 2. tough 3. rough 4.enough 5.through

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