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PLAP 1010 PAPER ONE Paper One Founding Principles

Due: Friday, September 30th by 5:00 p.m. (Electronic via COURSE/LECTURE-Collab AND Hard Copy in TA Mailbox)
Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four
Argument A clear, compelling, and original An argument is presented, but is Argument is little more than a An argument is not presented;
argument is explicitly presented that slightly under-developed. Might description of what others have said there is no indication of what the
directly responds to all parts of the only suggest what the paper intends about the topic. Argument may be paper is about.
question PRESENTED AT THE to do; might be excessively incomplete, only addressing some
BEGINNING OF THE PAPER complex or too simple. Not clear at parts of the question.
the beginning.
Structure Forcefully develops the argument It is clear that the writer extends the Elucidation of the argument is Body of the essay is little more
presented in the thesis in a clear, argument put forward at the insufficiently broad, unsubstantiated, than a restatement of the original
logical style. Historical background beginning of the paper, but the AND/OR remains unclear. Argument points made at the beginning of the
is provided, where necessary. Each essay does not remain focused on may be superficial and paragraphs do paper. Organization is so poor as to
section has a clear sub-thesis and that original idea. May concentrate not help motivate the overall point of prevent comprehension of the
remains focused on one part of the on just one part of the argument or the paper (if applicable). May lose arguments stance. May write a
argument at a time. Address counter- question. Some significant sight of the authors own perspective mystery novel essay, where the
arguments and predicts objections. conceptual areas related to the topic and merely summarize others main point is not presented until
are overlooked. opinions. the very end.
Evidence Describes and explains how each A large amount of specific and Evidence is often simply dropped May not attempt to ground analysis
piece of evidence introduced in the direct evidence is used to into the essay with little or no in the course materials, or may
paper relates to the argument. substantiate the argument. May explanation. May cite course materials make such vague reference to
Quotations and specific references misrepresent, slightly, how that or introduce concepts, but it is unclear course materials and the texts that
are explained both substantively evidence relates (historically or how they help defend the overall the argument remains conjecture.
(what is said) and analytically (how contemporary). May rely heavily argument. May maximize the quantity
it helps demonstrate the argument). on one authors perspective on the of evidence provided, without ever
Multiple perspectives are used to topic. Some quotations are not fully considering the relevance or substance
demonstrate the argument. May discussed and while their of its contribution to the argument.
draw on information from outside of connection to the argument is
the course, including referencing implicit, the use remains
contemporary events. incomplete.
Use of Cites course materials Cites course materials, but Insufficient OR Ineffective use of NO COURSE MATERIALS
Course (lecture/readings/discussion) overlooks some critical course materials/citations (few or no CITED.
Materials appropriately, specifically, and works/concepts that would advance specific references to the texts).
extensively. Theories/concepts used argument. References may be
from the literature help to motivate insufficiently broad.
the papers overall argument.
Grammar/ Clear and almost flawless. Uses Clear, but only some errors. Weak or confusing Organization, Major revisions needed. IS
Style/ space judiciously. All references and Balance between sections off. many errors. EXCESSIVELY LONG or
Proofing in-text citations/footnotes follow a Could organize the paper IS TOO LONG or SHORT SHORT. Formatting errors.
consistent style guide. differently to better accentuate the Citations are incomplete. Citations not provided.