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1119/ 1 & 1119/2



BAHASA INGGERIS 1119/ 1 & 1119/2


Award marks for:
(a) Format 3 marks
(b) Content 12 marks
(c) Language 20 marks
Total 35 marks

Detailed Marking Instructions

(a) Format Report Mark
F1 Recipient (Principal) 1
F2 Title 1
F3 Name of Writer 1

** Do not award one mark for the mere mention of the main idea.
(b) Content Point Mark
Place: State Museum C1 1
Date of trip C2 1
Number of students involved C3 1
Accompanying teachers C4 1
Transportation C5 1
To raise students awareness of national history C6 1
To encourage students to know more about history C7 1
Exhibition of artefacts C8 1
Video watching C9 1
Quiz C10 1
opinion 1 C11 1
opinion 2 C12 1



Indicate errors in language by underlining the word or phrase where the mistakes
occur. Indicate by a tick (/) any good appropriate vocabulary, structure and tone.
Award marks on a best-fit basis by referring to the table of band descriptors below.

Band/mark Band Description

Language is accurate.
A Sentences are varied in structure, length and type for effect.
19-20 Vocabulary is wide, precise and sophisticated.
Paragraphs have unity and are properly linked.
Tone is appropriate to a report.
Language is almost always accurate (minor errors).
B Sentence structures are varied and interesting.
16-18 Vocabulary is wide enough to convey intended shades of meaning.
Spelling is nearly always accurate.
Paragraphs show unity and appropriately linked.
Tone is appropriate to a report.
Language is generally accurate.
C Simple structures are accurate.
13-15 Vocabulary is wide enough but some may lack precision.
Paragraphs show unity and are appropriately linked.
Tone may be inconsistent.
Language is sufficiently accurate to communicate meaning clearly.
D Patches of clear accurate language when used in simple structures.
10-12 Vocabulary is adequate, some may lack precision.
Simple words are correctly spelt. Paragraphs may not be properly linked.
Errors are sufficiently frequent. Serious errors hamper speed of reading but meaning
E is never in doubt. Some simple structures are accurate but not sustained.
7-9 Vocabulary is limited or too simple. Simple words are correctly spelt. Paragraphs
may lack unity. Linkers may be absent or incorrectly used.
Frequent and serious single word errors impede reading but meaning is fairly clear.
U(i) There may be a few simple and accurate sentences. Vocabulary is limited. Spelling
4-6 errors are frequent. Paragraphs lack planning.
Sense will be decipherable, but errors are multiple requiring rereading and
U(ii) reorganizing. There may be one or two accurate sentences. Makes little sense and
2-3 barely comprehensible.

U(iii) Very little or no sense.




Indicate errors in language by underlining the word or phrase where the mistakes
occur. Indicate by a tick (/) any good appropriate vocabulary, structure and tone.
Award marks on a best-fit basis by referring to the table of band descriptors below.
Band/mark Description of Criteria
Language entirely accurate
Sentences varied in structure, length and type to achieve a particular effect.
Vocabulary wide and precise
A Spelling accurate
44-50 Punctuation accurate and helpful.
Paragraphs well-planned, have unity and properly linked.
Task fulfillment topic well-addressed with consistent relevance.
Interest is aroused and sustained.
Language accurate, occasional minor errors.
Sentences some variations in length and type including some complex structure.
Vocabulary wide enough to convey intended shades of meaning.
B Spelling nearly always accurate
38-43 Punctuation accurate and generally helpful.
Paragraphs- show some planning, have unity and appropriately linked.
Task fulfillment the writing is relevant to the topic.
Interest is aroused and sustained.
Language largely accurate
Sentences simple structures are accurate. Sentences may show variety in structure and
length but tend to be of one type monotonous.
C Vocabulary sufficient to convey intended meaning but may lack precision.
32-37 Spelling simple words are correctly spelt. Punctuation generally helpful.
Paragraphs some planning and unity, although links may be absent or inappropriate. Task
fulfillment the writing is relevant but may lack originality.
Some interest is aroused but not sustained.

Language sufficiently accurate to communicate meaning. Patches of clarity when

simple sentences and vocabulary are used.
Sentences some variety of sentence types and length but the purpose is not clear.
Vocabulary usually adequate to show intended meaning but inaccurate.
Spelling simple words spelt correctly.
26-31 Punctuation fairly helpful.
Paragraphs lack of planning or unity.
Task fulfillment topic is addressed with some relevance.
Lacks liveliness.
Language meaning is never in doubt but errors are sufficiently frequent to hamper reading.
Sentences simple structures may be accurate but not sustained.
Vocabulary limited, too simple to convey precise meaning or may be too ambitious but
Spelling simple words correctly spelt but frequent errors making reading difficult.
20-25 Punctuation fairly helpful.
Paragraphs lack unity or haphazardly arranged.
Task fulfillment subject matter is only partially relevant.
Lacks liveliness.


Language many serious errors of various kinds throughout the script but meaning is fairly
clear. The errors are mainly of single word type. They could be corrected without rewriting
the whole sentence.
Sentences simple and often repetitive.
Ui Vocabulary frequent errors cause blurring.
14-19 Spelling frequent errors.
Paragraphs ignorant of rules.
Paragraphs haphazardly arranged, may be absent.
Task fulfillment limited subject matter or partially treated.
Interest is not aroused.

Language The readers are able to get some sense but errors are multiple in nature;
re-reading is necessary.
Sentences only a few accurate sentences, however simple.
8-13 Sense content may be comprehensible but high frequency of errors distorts meaning.
Task fulfillment script may be far short of required length.

Uiii Sense/task fulfillment almost entirely impossible to read.

0-7 Make little or no sense.



1 B 4 A 7 D 10 A 13 C

2 C 5 D 8 A 11 B 14 A

3 D 6 B 9 C 12 C 15 B


No Answers Marks
16. poor people
senior citizens 1
17. people with disabilities / interchangeable 1
disabled people
18. light rail / metro rail / train 1
19. Seoul
Singapore interchangeable
20 1
Hong Kong
21. road space 1
22. carbon growth 1
23. integrating 1
24. Passenger information systems 1
25. the convenience and the reliability 1



Reading Comprehension

(a) the writers son/child 1 mark

(b) (A thin veil of) smoke 1 mark

(a) cosy 1 mark

27 (b) There was the sickening sound of bones against cement. She
screamed her husbands name, but he did not respond. / She 1 mark
thought her husband was injured / had fallen
(a) Blisters rose on the backs of her legs 1 mark

(b) (i) & (ii) Any two of the following:

28 - If she held Ben while she jumped, she could crush him.
1 mark
- if she let go of his hands, he might break bones or suffer a bad
1 mark
- if she did nothing, she would burn to death, and he would fall
29 her husband yanked her to her feet. 1 mark

Accept any reasonable answers. Examples 1 mark

30 Grateful: Many people helped them. 1 mark
Needy: They had lost everything.

Summary (15 marks)

Question 31
Annotate as follows:
Awarding Content Marks:

Marks for Style and Presentation are awarded based on the average sum total (to the
nearest rounded fraction/decimal) of Paraphrase and Use of English. Annotate as follows:

Paraphrase = 5
Use of English = 4
9 2 = 4.5 = 5 marks

Awarding Summary Content Marks:

When the writer heard the panic in her husbands voice


No Content Mark
she ran to the bedroom door and swung it open / she ran to open
1 1
the bedroom door / she opened the bedroom door
2 she crawled across the floor 1
3 she had Ben in her arms 1
4 she opened Bens bedroom window 1
her husband shouted from another window that he was going to
5 1
the writer screamed his name (when there was a sound of bones
6 1
against cement)
she lowered Ben out his window as far as her arms would stretch
7 1
so he could breathe
she lowered him as far as she could, until she was holding just the
8 1
ends of his (chubby) fingers.
9 she let go / she dropped Ben (with the presence of Point 8/9) 1
10 Her husband shouted to drop Ben 1
11 she scrambled out the window and then fell 1
12 her husband yanked her to her feet 1
13 Ben was clutched to his chest 1
14 the writer and her husband / they ran 1


- language is accurate
- a sustained attempt to rephrase - occasional errors
the text - sentence structure varied
5 - expression is secure 5 - marked ability to use original
Excellent - difficult phrases from text Excellent complex syntax
may be substituted - punctuation accurate
- spelling correct throughout

language is almost always

- noticeable attempt to rephrase always accurate
the text
4 - free from stretches of lifting 4 serious errors will be isolated
Good - expression is generally secure Good some variation of sentences
punctuation accurate
spelling largely accurate
- intelligent and selective lifting language largely accurate
but limited attempts to
rephrase simple structures dominate
3 3
- expression may not always serious errors not frequent but
Fair be secure Fair noticeable
spelling nearly always accurate


- total lifting of text but not a - meaning is not in doubt

complete transcript - serious errors more frequent
2 - attempts to substitute but only
2 - simple structures accurate but
Unsatisfa for single words Unsatisfa not maintained
-ctory - irrelevant sections more -ctory - spelling accurate
Frequent - some irrelevant parts
- more or less a transcript of the - heavy frequency of errors
0-1 text 0-1 hampers reading
Poor - no originality Poor - fractured syntax / fragmented
- irrelevant sections copied

SECTION D [20 marks]

(a) three / 3 / three years old 1 mark

32 (b) Allow lifting: Her soup forgot to boil / She forgot to boil her soup 1 mark
(c) smiling / living / breathing 1 mark

(d) Accept any two reasonable answers. Examples:

Buy them presents
Cook their favourite dishes 1 mark
Take them for holidays/vacation each
Compose songs for/about them
Total 5 marks

Question 33

Content - 10 marks
Language - 5 marks
TOTAL - 15 marks

Guidelines on marking content and language:

Content Language
Score Description Score Description

Response is relevant to the task specified.

The characters actions/events/effects discussed
9-10 5 accurate
are supported with evidence from the text. Main
supporting ideas are relevant to the task. Shows
full knowledge of the events/reasons.


Response is relevant to the task specified. The

characters actions/events/effects discussed are
7-8 usually supported with evidence from the text. 4 largely accurate
Main supporting ideas are mostly relevant to the well-organised
task. Shows knowledge of the events/reasons.
Partial treatment.

Response is likely to be intermittently relevant to

frequent errors but
the task specified. characters actions/events/
4-6 3 meaning is never
effects discussed are supported with some
in doubt
evidence from the text. Shows some knowledge
fairly organised
of the events/reasons but lacks focus.

Response may be barely relevant to the task

specified. The events/reasons are unlikely to be
2-3 2 meaning is blur
discussed. Writing hardly contains ideas that may
needs rereading
be relevant to the task specified. Shows little
knowledge of the events/reasons. Hardly any poorly organised
textual support.

Has barely any understanding of the

0-1 1
requirements of the task. Writes in a makes little or no
disorganized way no coherence. Has no sense at all
understanding of the task.