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Wonder La is an amusement park located at a distance of 30 km from Bangalore in Bidadi on Bangalore-

Mysore Highway. The Wonder La in Bangalore has spread over 82 acres of land. The Wonder La
is promoted by V-Guard Group, based in Cochin, Kerala. Wonder La is the next theme park
project from the group and continues to be operational from October 2005. The Wonder La in
Bidadi, Bangalore has been developed with total investment money of more than Rs. 105 crores.

Wonder La has more than 53 land as well as water based rides. The Wonder La amusement park
features an amazing array of attractions including some gut wrenching high thrill rides,
refreshing as well as clean water rides, a spectacular Musical fountain & laser show, a certainly
one of its type Virtual Reality Show showcasing strange cinematic experience.

The park is split into two parts: Dry Rides and Wet Rides. Dry rides part has many scary things,
rides turning you upside down. You will find few cool ones in this part that include Musical
Fountain, Crazy car as well as Virtual Reality. Wonder La is a theme park comprised of pleasant
surprises and is filled with fun. There are thrill rides and also the water is actually refreshing and
dirt free. The laser and also musical fountain are actually fantastic.

Water Pendulum is an actual thrill. The water rides have twisters, racers as well as vertical falls.
Land rides are the Bamba and also the bus, which gets raised. The roller coaster is an actual
thrill. The drive is height of insanity. The hurricane game is whirly & high. The wonder splash
leaves the guests drenched wet.

Wonder La has the full fledged Discotheque similar dance floor having a twist: electronically
restricted rain showers! It in addition has attractions particularly suitable for kids, and they are
gentle yet rare sort of a kiddies free fall ride. Wonder La is the only park in India which makes
use of solar heated water to all its pools throughout winter.

Wonder La also has conference facilities for approximately a 1000 people, and in addition has
five restaurants with an overall seating capacity of 1150. Wonder La has locker rooms with more
than 2350 lockers as well as sufficient restrooms with showers. The amusement park as well
features a fully fledged first aid & ambulance, plus a paging system.

Wonder La is one of just 2 amusement parks in India to employ OHSAS 18001:2007 safety
standards. Hygiene is a first priority, particularly in the case of water. Wonderla has 5 water
treatment plants to recycle process as well as filter all sorts of water.

Wonder La has continuously tried its best

to keep & make use of natural resources
to optimum. This company has planted in excess of 2000 trees in an effort to develop natural
shade at park.
Water Quality

When it comes to water, Wonderla is the only park in India to use Reverse Osmosis Treatment
Technology for treating water in pools. Reverse Osmosis is the same technology used by leading
packaged drinking water manufacturers. The park has a fully fledged water quality control laboratory
which carries out 90 rigorous tests on a regular basis.

What measures do you take to prevent waterborne diseases?

The park has an in house reverse osmosis plant to ensure that the water is absolutely clean and
hygienic. Water quality is monitored continuously using a computerized monitoring system. Besides,
water samples are collected manually and tested every half an hour when the park is open to public.
Any contaminant, pollutant or irritant detected is immediately neutralized.

How do you test the quality of water?

The park has an in-house laboratory to monitor water quality, which does 90 rigorous tests on
frequent intervals.

"And we are sure that this new jungle-themed attraction will be a favourite among our guests. It is

both safe and hygienic like the rest of the rides in the amusement centre. Our's is also the only

theme park in India to use Reverse Osmosis Treatment Technology to treat water in pools besides

adopting major initiatives to sustain water sources. We've also developed an effective rain water

harvesting system which enables us to run all the water rides using the water collected through this

process," shared Arun Chittilappilly, MD, Wonderla Holidays Ltd.

Swimming Pool Ozonators

Swimming Pool Water disinfection is one of the key treatment steps for all types of public and
private pools. Assured and Efficient pool water disinfection is essential.Swimming pool water is
mainly contaminated by swimmers, and also by incoming water quality and environment

The pollution mainly caused by swimmers, makes it a very dynamic pollution, which is
dependent on the number and types of swimmers.Swimming pool pollutants can be divided up
into three groups: Microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi and viruses), Undissolved pollutants
(visible floating particles such as hair and skin flakes, colloidal particles and soap remains) and
Dissolved pollutants can consist of urine, sweat, nasal fluids and saliva.For many years, chlorine
or bromine based chemicals have been the standard disinfectants used in swimming pool water

However, studies have proven that the use of these chemicals can have health consequences due
to the formation of reaction by-products, mainly chlorinated organic compounds and
chloramines. Chloramines are responsible for eye, ear and throat irritation as well as the presence
of strong chlorine odour. In a number of cases, stable compounds can be formed, which can
only be removed from the swimming pool water by water change.

Certain viruses, amoebae and cysts are also not inactivated at the chemical dosage levels
normally used for pool water treatment.

Ozonators in Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Numerous private, public, commercial, water park, hotel swimming pools have switched to
Ozone technologies as people become more concerned about chlorine and chlorinated by-

Recent research has shown that childrens immune systems may be affected by swimming in
chlorinated swimming pools. The health risks are also increased for swimmers that train twice a
day. Ozonated swimming pools are fast becoming the most preferred way of taking a healthy & a
cool dip.

Advantages of Ozone in Swimming Pool Water Treatment:

Effectively destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Algae & Spores

3,000 times faster and 50% more disinfection potential than chlorine

Ozone has a micro-flocculation property, thus increasing the effectiveness ofthe micro-filtration
system, and also avoiding costly nano filters.

Oxidizes inorganic such as sulphides, nitrites, and other soluble ions

Removes Odours and Reduces Turbidity

Waste (Backwash) water does not require further treatment

No harmful disinfectant By-products. In additions, it adds oxygen to the water, making pool
users more fresh.

Environmentally friendly. Ozone is the most powerful and natural disinfectant.

Water use can be decreased, because of an increase in water quality

Ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic matter in the water, without the formation of unwanted
byproducts, such as chloramines (which cause a chlorine-scent)

Certain chlorine-resistant pathogens cannot multiply in water that is treated with ozone.

Some important and practical benefits:

Pool is continuously kept disinfected and fresh due to the in-line process of using the Ozonator.
A chlorinated pool is periodically given a shock treatment with required dose of the chemicals,
then left to aerate for over 24 hours, before the pool is allowed to be used again.

With periodic chlorination, the pool water quality gets progressively bad, till the next
chlorination. Then the pool is dis-allowed for use till the strong chlorine smells are reduced. This
up and down cyclical nature of water quality is obviously not desirable. With an Ozonator, the
water quality is continuously maintained at the best possible levels.

Gives the pool users a refreshing and healthy experience Always!

Reduces cross contamination between users, as water is continuously disinfected and does not
have to wait till the next time the pool is chlorinated. Otherwise, there is a high risk of one user
effecting all other users.Frequent downtime can be avoided, using an Ozonator

Disadvantages of Chlorination

Eye reddening & conjunctivitis

Skin rashes, Skin darkening, Hair fall Increases

Disinfectant Byproducts are dangerous. Produces Trihalomethanes (THM), which are


Environmentally hazardous.

Why was Chlorine used in the early days, despite Ozones

significant comparative advantages?

There was little or no alternative to Chlorination earlier

The side effects of continued use of chlorination and its carcinogenic by-products were not well

Another important problem was that many pool engineers & consultants were not familiar with
the Ozone technology

Reliable Ozonators were not available. What were available were mostly Chinese imports, and
no local support or service
Using an Ozonator requires higher initial capital cost compared to chlorine.

The cost benefit analysis of investing in an Ozonator versus using Chlorination for disinfections,
is also heavily in favour of using an Ozonator.

Typically a swimming pool of 1 lakh litre capacity uses, about 12 kgs of Chlorine per month. At
a cost of Rs 300/Kg, this works to a running cost of Rs 3,600 per month. Plus the cost of labour
and management comes to Rs 4,000 per month. That is approximately Rs 48,000 per year. Plus
the cost and Risk of Storage and Handling chemicals, trained personnel for the application, and
regularly monitoring the timely application, all add up to be quite a burden.

An Ozonator for a one lakh litre pool will consume less than, 400 watts per hour. Assuming a 10
hour per day usage, that is 4 kwh (units) per day. At a cost of 6 Rs/unit, the operating cost will be
less than Rs 25/day, or about Rs 750 per month, that is about Rs 9,000 per year.

The TES Ozonators can cater to any pool size from 20,000 litres to 25,00,000 litres and more.
That is from small home pool to Olympic size Pools.

Wonderla (Bangalore)