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I never have coffee, but I like drinking tea, which I make - szoksos napi tevkenysg otthon
myself. When I get up I go to the bathroom to wash. I wash my face, neck, s a munkahelyen
ears and hands in cold running water and dry myself with a towel. - munkahely, munkakr, tovbbi
Sometimes I take a shower or have a bath. Then I clean my teeth, comb hair tervek
and I begin to get dressed. I am always in a hurry in the mornings so I dont - plyavlaszts
have time to prepare my. Anyway, I am never hungry in the morning.
- npszer foglalkozsok, kereseti
It seems to be fashionable for people to change their jobs. Some
people have to work too much, some too little, others get bored with their - munkahelyi krlmnyek:
elmenetel, munkval kapcsolatos
jobs or fed up with their colleagues because of backbiting. People always problmk
want more money and higher positions. If I want to change my job, I must
- munkahelyszerzs,
look at the advertisements in the newspapers, magazines or nowadays on the munkanlklisg, szocilis
Internet. I think it is independence that counts most when I look for the job. problmk
I cannot imagine myself doing a monotonous job standing by the conveyor
beltfor eight hours. I would need constant challenge and new ideas. I need variety and I believe that it can be
achieved through meeting a lot of people through work. I love travelling and I dream of doing a lot of business
travel in my future job. For me or many people in the world salary is not a secondary aspect. I know that when
you are a beginner, you cannot expect very high salaries, but I would not take a job if I didnt have a good
chance of propmotion.

After graduation I would like to look for a good job that would satisfy my needs. I know that a starting
salary is not so high, but if I have a chance to ebe promoted after some years, that would be acceptable. But I
would be able to work outside my country. Outside the amount of money is fairly reasonable. I speak English
and Spanish and I learned Italian too, I think I wouldnt have a hard time finding a job abroad.

It is not easy nowadays to find a good job right after gradating from scool. Beginners are usually
underpaid and exploited. It is mainly multinational companies that offer compatible salaries to young people,
however, the number of working hours is so high that people get exhausted too easily.

You must write your curriculum vitae or profile. I agree with my future boss on my starting salary, the
office hours and the lunch break, the amount of paid holiday I would be entitled to. He also shows me round the
office and tells me what my responsibilities would be. As the job and the conditions appeal to me I accept that I
would be on probation for the three months. Of course, you should be adequately paid for your work so that you
dont have to work on the side.
To work Good points, bad points
- in factory - to get on well with boss and colleagues
- for a company, firm, subsidiary - good chance of promotion
- in agriculture - no backbiting
- in heavy, light industry - to have kind and helpful mates
- to run a private practice - to draw a high salary
- to be a guest-worker abroad - to work in pleasant and healthy surroundings
- to do casual work - to lick ones boots
- to do moonlightning - to do a lot of overtime
- to be underpaid; high number of accidents
- no responsibility; no freedom
Jobs can be grouped in several ways as, e.g. manual and non-manual jobs. The workers doing manual work
often referred to as blue-collar workers. The ones doing mainly brainwork are called white-collar workers.
Some jobs need university qualifications, and these are professions; others dont and these are skilled, semi-
skilled or unskilled. Skilled people are those who have learnt a trade such as pastry-cook, turner, joiner,
plumber, shop assistant, car mechanic, railwayman, tailor, barber. Unskilled jobs, such as the job of factory
hand, do not require special training.
Other occupations are the followings:
- Professions
Design/electrical engineer, psychiatrist, solicitor/barrister/lawyer, judge, physician(doctor), vet, interpreter,
(chartered) accountant, clerk, model, social worker, university professor, teacher, architect, surgeon, computer
- Trades and other occupations
caretaker, cashier, dustman, coach, chimney sweep, hotel receptionist, cook, coal miner, house painter, air pilot,
postman, travel agent, technician, salesman, baby sitter, shoemaker, librarian, speech-therapist, glazier,
I am afraid I dont really know exact figures about how many unemployed inhabitants are there
in Hungary. All I know is that at the moment unemployement is still rising. The unemployed may feel guilty
about being out of work even if it is not their fault. They feel they are useless and a burden on a state. They join
the dole queue and receive just enough money not to starve. In my opinion some people dont want to work,
because they can get enough aid from their councils; others havent got a suitable trade and some firms claim
much more than they should. You should have 3-5 years training in your trade and you should speak two
languages fluently although they dont want to get you enough salary.
People begin to save when there is enough money for all that is needed in the family. Most people save
for a flat, a plot of land, a week-end cottage or for holidays abroad. There are some who save for a car or put
money aside to purchase durable consumer goods or new funiture. Naturally, many people save without any
definitive end, just for the sake of the safety. Others cant afford to put any money aside because of their income
and it is just about enough to keep body and soul together.
The retirement age in Hungary is 60 for woman and 62 for men, but these age limits are going to be
changed in the near future. There are some occupations from which people can get pensioned off at an earlier
age if they have been in employment for at least 30 years. As far as I know a few such jobs are that of a miner, a
policeman, a fireman and the soldier.
It seems to me that in todays Hungary wage-earners earn more than salary-earners, especially if they
work in private industry. For example the starting salary wages of a skilled worker with three years training are
higher than the commencing salary of a teacher or a doctor with eight or nine years training. I would
recommend my son to set up his own business or to tell the truth, more you learn, more you earn at a joint-
venture. If my daughter didnt want to go to university, I would recommend her to become a hairdresser or a
beautician. Both are good jobs for getting tips.