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Chapter II


This chapter presents, analyze, and interprets the

various data and information gathered from different

reliable primary and secondary sources. The findings are

organized and summarized into highly comprehensive forms of

data and results presentation. Specifically, the findings

shown in this section relate to the proposed projects

feasibility on the management, marketing, technical,

financial, and socio-economic aspects.

Management Aspect

One of the vital components of a feasibility study is

the determination of the proposed projects appropriate type

of business organization, the service requirements and its

related compensation system. The management aspect situates 22

the proposed projects administrative purpose, management

strategies and sample of the projects administrative flow


The following shall be given preferential discussion:

ownership & capitalization, business organization,

management during the pre-operating period, management


during the operating period, internal control,

organizational set-up, location of the proposed project,

salaries, compensation & benefits, hiring process, ,job

description and qualifications, company policies, sanction

or disciplinary actions, grounds for dismissal,

leave/absences/unauthorized absences, rules regarding

equipment, facilities & tools, security policies, and

project timetable. Additional organization of data in the

form of tables & figures are shown to support the related

component mentioned.

Ownership and Capitalization

The proposed project will be established as a sole

proprietorship with an initial capitalization of P18,

000,000.00, of which P 5,400,000.00 will be handled by the

owner from his personal funds and P12, 600,000.00 will be

loaned from Landbank.

The owner/ manager of the proposed broiler poultry farm

is Amado V. Caballero III, 49 years old, and a resident of

Mainit, Sibulan Negros Oriental.

The owner/ manager have been with the Energy

Development Corporation for more than 25 years and have been

involved and exposed to various activities due to his


parents involvement in business undertakings. The owner/

manager have contacts in the broiler poultry farming since

he has been exposed to this business before for more than 20


Business Organization

The name of the proposed business is Calijo Tales

Broiler Poultry Farm. The type of business organization

that will be adapted in this study is sole proprietorship

where the owner is the prime controller of the business

operations and shall decide for whatever is necessary during

decision making. He shall manage the entire business and the

assets of the business shall be owned by him as well, and he

will be the only person who shall have access and authority

over cash except for the petty cash fund set aside for

emergency purposes, which shall be managed by the

supervisor. Sole proprietorship is chosen because of its

simplicity in organization, tax advantages and the owner can

enjoy all the profits made therein.


Management during the Pre- Operating Period

A project feasibility study was conducted by the

researchers to properly account the relevant things for the

determination of the projects viability. Once the project

will be feasible, the requirements for this will be

accomplished to formally start the business.

The following are the business registration

requirements that will need to be accomplished:

1. Registration of business name at the Department of

Trade and Industry (DTI)

Visit DTI where the business is located.

Validity: 5 years


Accomplished Business Name Registration Form (Sole

Registration Fee P 515.00 (P 15.00 documentary tax

stamp included)
Present 1 government issued Identification Card


2. Registration of business in the Mayors Office

Visit the local municipality where the business is located

Validity: 1 year


Accomplished Business Permit Application Form

Certificate of Business Name Registration from DTI
Barangay and Police Clearance
Sketch of the business location
2 pcs. 2x2 recent ID picture
Zoning Certification, Sanitary Permit and Permit of


3. Register Tax Identification Number with the Bureau of

Internal Revenue (BIR)


Accomplished BIR Form 1901

Mayors Business Permit
Accomplished BIR Form 0605 and pay registration fee of

P 515.00 (P 15.00 documentary tax stamp included)

4. Register to Social Security System (SSS)

Acquisition of SSS Certificate

5. Register with the Philippines Health Insurance Company

Accomplished Data Record (ER1) Form (in duplicate)
Accomplished PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)

for each employee (in duplicate)

Registration may be through the Philippine Business

Registry (PBR)

6. Register to Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or the

Pag-IBIG (Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko,

Industriya at Gobyerno)

Membership registration to Pag-IBIG Fund online at


7. Environmental Compliance Certificate


Proponent must submit a letter of request to the

Environmental Management Bureau(EMB) stating

desire to receive ECC.

Must attach Project Description, which should

include raw materials be used, the process or

manufacturing technology to be implemented.

Submit the estimated project capacity, type and

volume of products and discharges.

Proof of possession of necessary capital for

proposed project.
Location map of project area.
Manpower requirements.


Conduct Impact Assessment and Environmental

Management Plan.
Submission of application letter to EMB board

meets twice a month.

Review of Project by DENR/EMB, sometimes it is

required to present project direct to board at

their discretion.
Site inspection.

Approval issued during EMB meeting if all

requirements are satisfied and it appears no

serious environmental damage shall result from the

Issuance of ECC from DENR released.
In cases where EMB finds that ECC is not

applicable, a Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC)

shall be issued confirming that the proposed

project is not part of the Environmental Impact

Statement (EIS) an poses no environmental threat.

Management during the Operating Period

The proposed broiler poultry farm shall be located at

Brgy. Siapo, San Jose Negros Oriental. The parcel of land

shall be bought by the owner of the business. He shall

finance and manage the business operations. A supervisor

will be hired to supervise the day-to-day operations of the

business. There will be three farm workers, one worker per

8-hour shift. There will also be two security guards, 1

guard per 12-hour shift, who will be employed through Solid

Force Security Agency. The operations of the business will

be fully automated, except during the first week of

brooding. All farm workers shall stay in the site for the

entire duration until harvest is finished.


Entry to the poultry farm shall be restricted to

authorized persons only to avoid contamination and diseases

that would affect the birds. This will be further discussed

in the company policies. The supervisors office will be

open from 8:00am-12noon and 1:00pm-5:00pm from Monday-

Saturday. The farm supervisor is not on a stay-in basis

unlike that of the farm workers. However, a room is provided

inside the supervisors house where the office is located

for him to have a place to stay when the need arises.

Internal Control

All transactions involving cash will be under the care

of the proponent owner himself except for the petty cash

fund established which will be managed by the farm

supervisor. Petty cash fund must have a corresponding

liquidation with supporting receipts to be given by the farm

supervisor to the owner/manager at the end of the period.

The main concern regarding internal control is to avoid

theft of the birds, feeds, medication, tools and equipment.

With this, CCTV cameras shall be installed around the farm

to address this concern, together with the employment of

security guards.

Organizational Set- Up

The proposed organizational set- up as shown below is a

simple one since the objectives of the researchers is to

keep labor costs to the minimum.

There will be a manager which will be the owner himself

who shall serve as the chief operating officer and shall be

responsible for making contacts and arrangements with San

Miguel Foods, Inc. (SMFI)-Magnolia for contract growing

matters. Also, the owner himself will be the one to train

the farm supervisor as well as the farm workers. The farm

supervisor shall be responsible for tracking the mortality

rate daily as listed by the farm workers during each of

their shifts and will supervise the day-to-day operations of

the farm.

There will be three farm workers assigned with one farm

worker per 8-hour shift. His job is only to check on the

birds and to list the number of dead birds accordingly

during their shift. He also checks the feed container if

there is still enough for the birds to eat and if not, pour

again sacks of feeds to the container and list the number of

sacks used. The three farm workers will be on a stay-in

basis inside the compounds of the poultry farm, with a staff

house provided for them. Two security guards will also be


hired through an agency with a 12-hour shift per guard.

Accounting services will be availed on a retainers basis

from Caluscusans Accounting Services.

Table 1 Personnel Shift Pattern


Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

6:00am- FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1

2:00pm- FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2


10:00pm- FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3




Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

6:00am- FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2

2:00pm- FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3

10:00- FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1



Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sunday

6:00am- FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3 FW3

2:00pm- FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1 FW1

10:00- FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2 FW2



Line Type Organization

Figure 1

Security --------Accounting Services


Location of the Proposed Project

The location of the proposed project is at Brgy. Siapo,

San Jose Negros Oriental. It has a total land area of


33,498.75 square meters. The proposed location will be

bought by the proponent owner for P2, 000,000.00.

Salary, Compensations and Benefits

Below minimum wage will be provided to the farm workers

for non-sugar agricultural types of business (minimum wage

is P290.00). This is due to the fact that all living

expenses incurred during their stay in the poultry farm will

be shouldered by the employer. So each farm worker shall

receive P220.60 pay per day. Employees are also provided

with the related employee benefits such as SSS, 13th month

pay, Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth. The farm supervisor on the

other hand, receives P350.00 pay per day since he is not on

a stay-in basis. Salaries and wages are paid and given every

13th, 28th, and 39th day of the production cycle and is

projected to increase 2% annually. A holiday pay of P2,

500.00 per cycle will be given to each of the farm workers

during the 13 days no work downtime, and P3, 200.00 to the

farm supervisor.

All of the personnel will be paid with the wages

presented below. The wage table is presented on a 5 year

operation projection. All employees will be potential


permanent personnel in the broiler poultry farm. They will

all be receiving the mandatory employee benefits.

Caluscusans Accounting Services prepares the payroll

and takes into consideration the compiled Leave Request Form

in preparation of such. Employees are asked to sign in a

record book for the receipt of their wages.

Table 2- Supervisors Employee Benefits

Holiday Pay Per

Position Cycle 13th Month Pay
Farm Supervisor 3,200.00 6,737.50

Annual Total of Supervisors Employee Benefits

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

29,137.50 29,720.25 30,314.66 30,920.95 31,539.37

Table 3- Supervisors Salary

Basic Rate Gross pay per Cycle

350.00 11,550.00

Annual Total of Supervisors Salary

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022


80,850.00 82,467.00 84,116.34 85,798.67 87,514.64

Hiring Process

1. Recruitment- Canvassing through the community where

proposed project will be located as to people

willing to work as a farm worker; and announcement

in the radio for the supervisory vacancy in relation

to broiler poultry farming. Security services and

accounting services will be availed of through an

agency and on retainers basis consecutively.

2. Application- Interested applicants must submit the

following requirements upon application for

documentary purposes at the head office which is

inside the proposed broiler poultry farm vicinity.

a. Application Form
b. Resume
c. High School Diploma
d. Police Clearance
e. Supporting Documents, if any (with regards to

the applied position, e.g. Certificate of

Training and Seminars)

3. Screening- The manager/ owner screens whether or not

the applicant fits in the qualification requirement

of the job applied for. An interview and assessment

will be conducted in relation to this.


4. Offer of Employment- Employment depends on who among

the applicants fits best to the position. Accepted

applicants will be called for to make agreements &

arrangements, together with the signing of

5. Training & Orientation- The newly hired farm

supervisor and farm workers will be trained and

oriented by the owner on the operations of the

business a week before the first cycle starts.

Job Descriptions and Qualifications

Table 4- Job Descriptions & Qualifications

Job Job
Qualification Description

1. Manager Responsible

for the


n of all the





leading and

Responsible for

hiring/ firing of

Trains & orients

the farm

supervisor & farm

He deposits

income to the

Distributes the

salary of the

farm supervisor &

farm workers
2. Farm College Level Supervises and
2 years work
Supervisor monitors the
experience in
attendance of the
poultry farming
Physically fit workers and the

leave of absence.
Supervises day-to-

day operations
Tracks mortality

rate daily based on

the record of dead

birds submitted by

each farm worker

per shift.
Communicates to the

manager/owner any


encountered in

matters regarding

the business

3. Farm Worker High School graduate Manually feed
1 year farm
(feeds and water)
Physically Fit the birds during
Preferably Single
brooding (1 wk).
Checks whether

there is still

enough feeds on

the feed

container &

pours another

sacks of feeds

if there isnt

enough already,

and records

number of sacks

consumed during

his shift and

give his list to

the supervisor

after his shift.

Checks on the

birds condition

and collects the

dead birds, list

their number and

forwards the list

to the supervisor

after shift.
Cleans and

disinfects the

whole production

building after

harvest, including

the feed container

& water fonts



4. Accounting Prepares payroll


5. Security Guard Patrol industrial

and commercial

premises to prevent

and detect signs of

intrusion and

ensure security of

doors, windows, and

Monitor and

authorize entrance

and departure of


visitors, and other

persons to guard

against theft and

maintain security

of premises.
Call police or fire

departments in

cases of emergency,

such as fire or

presence of


Inspect persons

and/or vehicles

before allowing

them to get inside

the premises of the

broiler poultry


The accounting services will be on a retainers basis

from Caluscusans Accounting Services with a monthly

retainers fee of P3, 000.00. Security services on the other

hand, will be availed from Solid Force Security Agency with

a monthly fee of P10, 000.00.

Company Policies

This sets forth the company rules and guidelines.

Employees, particularly the farm workers, may accept

guests provided they are immediate family members


into the staff house where they stay, but visiting

hours are only from 8:00am-5:00pm provided that it

is not during their shift. The immediate family

members are strictly prohibited from crossing the

bio- security fence where only authorized persons

are allowed.
Employees are strictly prohibited from bringing

illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages into the

premises of the broiler poultry farm. Therefore,

they must not be under the influence of these

alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs whether or not

it is their duty hours. Anyone caught violating this

shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Salaries (in the form of cash) will be distributed

every 13th, 28th and 39th day of the production cycle.

If the pay lands on a holiday, salaries will be

distributed on the closest business day before the

SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund are deducted on

employees earnings.
A farm worker shall be paid night shift differential

of not less than ten percent (10%) of his regular

wage for each hour of work performed between ten

oclock in the evening and six oclock in the


The farm supervisor and each farm worker are

entitled to a daily wage pay of Php 350 and Php

220.60, respectively.
Parental and sick leaves not exceeding the allowable

number are convertible to cash.

An employee who improperly or carelessly operates or

uses company equipment shall be subjected to

disciplinary action.
To comply with the standards on sanitary rules and

regulations for poultry farming, farm workers are

required to be in appropriate attire (with safety

suits, boots and masks) as provided by the company

when entering the production building where the

birds are grown; also to soak the soles of their

boots on the disinfectant mixture located at the

doorstep of the production building before entering.

Only authorized persons are allowed to go beyond the

bio- security fence.

Separation pay will be given to an employee whose

termination is for any unauthorized causes under the

labor code, where there is illegal dismissal and

reinstatement is no longer feasible, and as a

measure of social justice where the employee is

validly dismissed for causes other than serious or

those reflecting on his moral character.


Sanctions/ Disciplinary Action

This discusses the categories of the sanctions to be

given for a violation of employment policies.

First Offense: Oral Reprimand

Second Offense: Written Reprimand
Third Offense: 3 Days Suspension
Last Offense: Dismissal From Work

Grounds for Dismissal

Employees who are caught stealing company-owned

properties or any personal property not belonging to

Employees who will be using alcohol or illegal

substance while working.

Employees who will be threatening another employee

provided sufficient evidence regarding this matter

will be presented.

Employees who commit 3 consecutive days of absence

without prior notice to the supervisors and/or

without any valid reason.

Employees who habitually neglect his duties.
Employees willful refusal to abide company


Leave/Absences/Unauthorized Absences

The employee duly fills up a Leave Request Form at

least a week before the leave or absence which will be

approved by the supervisor. Sick leaves should be filed

within 2 days upon return. The employees are given 7 days

each of allowable sick leaves annually.

Rules Regarding Equipment, Facilities and Tools

The equipment, facilities and tools of Calijo Tales

Broiler Poultry Farm should not be used for the personal

benefit of the employees. They should be used or operated

with outright and utmost care for the purpose of company

operations and activities.

Any major or minor damage found in any equipment,

facility or tool or anything that may lead the employee to

question its functionality or the like should be reported as

soon as possible to the farm supervisor.


Security Policies

To ensure the safety of both the establishment and the

workers, the company intends to construct a fence which is

strong and high enough to prevent intruders and any

unauthorized personnel from coming in. Two security guards

are also hired with a 12-hour shift each. In addition, CCTV

cameras are to be installed in designated areas, which in

turn, provide additional evidence whether or not the workers

are performing their job properly.

Project Timetable

To facilitate for the timely and systematic

implementation of the proposed project, a definitive

schedule of target tasks is laid out. The PERT- CPM

(Performance Evaluation Review Technique- Critical Path

Method) shows the specific and speedy crucial string of


Figure 2

Project Timetable- PERT




Activity Labor Activity Immediate Period (Month)

A Conduct of - 4

B Preparation & A 1

Application of

C Preparation & A 2

Application of

Licenses for

the Building
D Construction of B, C 5

the Building
E Acquisition of B, C 1

the Equipment
F Advertising & D, E 1

G Start of F, E -


Figure 3


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul

Activities 17 17 17 17 17 17 17



Figure 4

Daily Attendance Register


Figure 5


Calijo Tales Broiler Poultry Farm

EMPLOYEE: __________________________

POSITION: ____________________________

SUPERVISOR: _________________________


Verbal Warning (Dept. File Only)

Written Warning

Suspension: Begins: ________________ Ends:


Termination: Effective: ______________

Date(s) of Incident: ______________________ Time of Incident:


Description of the Incident(s) or Behavior(s):

Reported by:

Other Individuals who may have information:

Supporting Evidence, if any (please describe; attach copies of

any documentation):

Employees Comments:

Other Individuals who may have information:

Supporting Documentation, if any (please describe; attach copies

of any documentation):

Corrective Action Plan:

Next Action Step if Problem Continues:

Follow up

Two weeks One month Three months Six months

I acknowledge receipt of this disciplinary action and that its

contents have been discussed with me. I understand that my
signature does not necessarily indicate agreement and that
refusal to sign will not invalidate the disciplinary action. I

understand that this form will be placed in my personnel file. I

further have been informed that I may submit a written response
to the information in this form, and that my written response
will also be kept in my personnel file.


Employee Signature


Manager/Supervisor Signature

Figure 6

Figure 7


Sick Leave Exception:

When accident or illness prevents filing a request before using leave, submit
this form immediately upon return to work.

Name: ____________________________________________ Date:


Period of Leave

From: __________________________ To:


Total Hours Claimed: _______________________________

Please Check One:

[ ] Vacation Leave [ ] Leave without pay

[ ] Sick Leave (Doctors note may be required) [ ] Jury


Employees Signature: _____________________________


Supervisors Signature: ____________________________


Payroll Use Only:

Sick Hours Available:______________

Figure 8


Entered into between:

Address of employer:



1. Commencement

This contract will begin on ___________ and continue until

terminated as set out in clause 4.

2. Place of work


3. Job description

Job Title: Farm Supervisor


Supervises and monitors the attendance of the workers and

the leave of absence.

Supervises day-to-day operations
Tracks mortality rate daily based on the record of dead

birds submitted by each farm worker per shift.

Communicates to the manager/owner any problems encountered

in matters regarding the business operations.

Job Title: Farm Worker


Manually feed (feeds and water) the birds during brooding

(1 wk).
Checks whether there is still enough feeds on the feed

container & pours another sacks of feeds if there isnt

enough already, and records number of sacks consumed

during his shift and give his list to the supervisor after

his shift.
Checks on the birds condition and collects the dead birds,

list their number and forwards the list to the supervisor

after shift.
Cleans and disinfects the whole production building after

harvest, including the feed container & water fonts used.

4. Termination of employment

Either party can terminate this agreement with

four weeks written notice. In the case where an
employee is illiterate notice may be given by that
employee verbally.

5. Wage

5.1 The employees wage shall be paid in cash on

the last working day of every 13th, 28th, and
39th day and shall be:

Farm Workers 350.00/day

Farm Supervisor

5.4 The employer shall review the employees salary/wage

once a year.

6. Hours of work

6.1 The workers will have one shift per day either
from 6am to 2pm, 2pm to 10pm, or 10pm to 6am.

6.2 Overtime will only be worked if agreed upon

between the parties from time to time.

6.3 The employee will be paid for overtime at an

additional compensation equivalent to the rate of
the first eight hours on a holiday or rest day
plus at least thirty percent (30%) thereof.

6.4 The workers will be working 39 days with no

day offs including Sundays and Holidays but they
will be having 13 days of no work with a fixed pay
of P2, 500 each for farm workers and Php3200 for
farm supervisor after cleaning. Same cycle

7. Break Time

The employee agrees to a break time of 15 minutes.

It will be taken anytime of their shift daily.

8. Sunday Work

Any work on Sundays will be paid the same wage as

the other working days.

9. Holidays

The employees will be paid the same rate as the

regular daily wage since they will be working
straight 39 days with no day offs.( see clause 6.4

10. Sick leave

10.1The employees are given 7 days each of allowable

sick leave annually with pay.

10.2 The employee is to notify the

employer/supervisor as soon as possible in case
of his/her absence from work through illness.

11. Accommodation

11.1 The employee will be provided with accommodation

for as long as the employee is in the service of
the employer.

11.2 The accommodation may only be occupied by the

worker, unless prior arrangement with the employer.

12. General

Any changes to this agreement will only be valid

if they are in writing and have been agreed and
signed by both parties.

When signing this contract, the employee have read

and agreed to the company policies.

THUS DONE AND SIGNED AT _____________________ ON THIS

________DAY OF ________________ 20__.

___________________ __________________