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BTS (C)- II 07 - 066(B) B. Tech Degree III Semester Examination, November 2007 Time : 3 Hours I. mm. WV. Vi. vil. viy/ @) ) © @ © © @-~ a () (@) (b) © ) @) ) IT/EC/ME/EB/EI 302 ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY (2006 Admissions) Maximum Marks : 100 PART-A (Answer ALL Questions) (8x5=40) Draw the complete phasor diagram for a practical transformer when the,load is capacitive. Write notes on Current Transformer and Potential Transformer. What are the different losses occurring in a d.c. generator? What measures are taken to reduce Iron Loss? ‘A series motor should never be started on no load. Explain this with the help of a suitable characteristic curve What is the effect of distribution of windings in an alternator? Derive an expression for Distribution factors Explain why a synchronous motor is not self starting. ‘What do you understand by corona? What are the factors affecting corona? Give an account of the different equipments in substations. PART-B A 10 KVA, 200/400 V, 50 Hz, 1¢ transformer gave the following test results : ~~. O.C test : 200 V, 1.3 A, 120 W ~ S.C test : 22 V, 25 A, 200 W. (Draw the equivalent circuit referred to LV side. (i) Calculate the efficiency of the transformer at half load, .8 pf. as) OR Deduce the condition for maximum efficiency in a transformer.« @) Develop the approximate equivalent circuit of a loaded transformer. ~O ‘A shunt generator supplies 96 A at a terminal voltage of 200 Volts. The armature and shunt field resistance are .10. and 50Q respectively. The iron and friction losses are 2500 W. Find—(i) Emf generated (ii) Power developed P, armature (iii) Copper losses (iv) Commercial efficiency (v) Electrical efficiency., (15) OR Explains series parallel method of speed control for series motors. @) Explain open circuit characteristic of a d.c. generator. 2) Define critical resistance and critical speed. @) A 3¢, star connected alternator is rated at 1600 KVA, 13500 V. It has an armature resistance f 1.5Q per phase. A field current of 40 A produces a short circuit current of 200 A and an open circuit emf of 1100 V (line to line). Calculate the percentage voltage regulation for a load of 1280 KW (i) at .8 pfleading (ii) .8 pf lagging. (is) OR Which are the two types of rotor construction employed ina 3¢ induction motor? —_—(10) Explain star-delta starter used for starting a 3¢ induction motor. ©) With a neat sketch explain Nuclear Power Station. a2) What is skin effect? 8) ’ OR With a néat block diagram explain a Thermal Power Station. (as) ond