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Top evangelical leaders from all 50 states call on President

Trump and Vice President Pence to support refugees.

Dear President Trump and Vice President Pence,

As Christian pastors and leaders, we are deeply concerned by the recently announced moratorium on refugee resettlement. Our care for
the oppressed and suffering is rooted in the call of Jesus to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. In the story of the Good Samaritan
(Luke 10:25-37), Jesus makes it clear that our neighbor includes the stranger and anyone fleeing persecution and violence, regardless
of their faith or country.

As Christians, we have a historic call expressed over two thousand years, to serve the suffering. We cannot abandon this call now. We live
in a dangerous world and affirm the crucial role of government in protecting us from harm and in setting the terms on refugee admissions.
However, compassion and security can coexist, as they have for decades. For the persecuted and suffering, every day matters; every delay
is a crushing blow to hope.

To stand with refugees, add your
Since the inception of the refugee resettlement program, thousands of local
churches throughout the country have played a role in welcoming refugees name to the hundreds of other church
of all religious backgrounds. Ministries to newly arrived refugees are ready leaders who have already signed on
and desire to receive many thousands more people than would be allowed
under the new executive order.

As leaders, we welcome the concern expressed for religious minorities, including persecuted Christians. Followers of Christ face horrific persecu-
tion and even genocide in certain parts of the world. While we are eager to welcome persecuted Christians, we also welcome vulnerable Muslims
and people of other faiths or no faith at all. This executive order dramatically reduces the overall number of refugees allowed this year, robbing
families of hope and a future. And it could well cost them their lives.

As Christians, we are committed to praying for our elected officials. Our prayer is that God would grant President Trump and all our leaders
divine wisdom as they direct the course of our nation. We also pray for the vulnerable individuals whom their decisions directly impact.

Tim & Kathy Keller Gordon Hugenberger Shea Strickland Bruce McDowell
Pastor & Author Park Street Church Grace Fellowship Church Tenth Presbyterian Church

Bill & Lynne Hybels Clive Calver Tim Celek Larry Fullerton
Willow Creek Community Church Walnut Hill Community Church The Crossing Black Rock Church

John Perkins Steve Moore John & Laura Crosby Mike Goldsworthy
Christian Community Development Association World Relief Christ Presbyterian of Edina Parkcrest Christian Church

Ed Stetzer Bishop David Kendall Sam Kim Wayne Coach Gordon

Wheaton College Free Methodist ChurchUSA 180 Church NYC Lawndale Christian Community Church

Ann Voskamp Mel Lawrenz Dale Hummel David Daniels

Gorrie Bible Fellowship Elmbrook Church Wooddale Church Pantego Bible Church

Max Lucado Bryant Wright Ken Nash Tyler Johnson

Oak Hills Church Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Wesleyan Church of Hamburg Redemption Church

Leith Anderson Noel Castellanos Daniel Wilburn Bill Lenz

National Association of Evangelicals Christian Community Development Association Lakeland Community Church Christ The Rock Community Church

Brenda Salter McNeil Jo Anne Lyon Paul Borthwick Rev. Dr. Scott Dudley
Quest Church The Wesleyan Church Development Associates International Bellevue Presbyterian Church

Stuart & Jill Briscoe Dr. Steven Timmermans Michael Slaughter Ron Zappia
Telling the Truth Christian Reformed Church in North America Ginghamsburg Church Harvest Bible Chapel

Eugene Cho Stephan Bauman Jay Wolf Richard Dahlstrom

Quest Church Author of Seeking Refuge & Possible First Baptist Church Montgomery Bethany Community Church

Scott Sauls Gary Walter John Riley Benjamin Cachiaras

Christ Presbyterian Church Evangelical Covenant Church Whittier Area Community Church Mountain Christian Church

Cal & Lisa Jernigan Bishop Stewart Ruch Chris Dolson Rev. Dr. D. Scott
Central Christian Church Anglican Church in North America Blackhawk Church North Avenue Presbyterian Church

Michael Housholder Bob Roberts Carl Nelson Doug & Adele Calhoun
Lutheran Church of Hope Northwood Church Transform Minnesota Highrock Arlington

Kenton Beshore Dr. David Curry William Blacquiere Jane Overstreet

Mariners Church Open Doors USA Bethany Christian Services Development Associates International

Rich Nathan David Renwick Matt Erickson Jon Middendorf

Vineyard Columbus National Presbyterian Church Eastbrook Church OKC First Church of the Nazarene

Matthew Mason Hyepin Im Chaz Nichols Wayland Thompson

The Church at Brook Hills Korean Churches for Community Development Westwood Community Church Northview Church

Derwin Gray Ron Hamilton William L. Coates, Jr. Eric Costanzo

Transformation Church Conservative Congregational First Baptist Church South Tulsa Baptist Church
Christian Conference
Jason Webb Daniel Harrell Dan Baumgartner
Elmbrook Church Sandy Willson Colonial Church First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
Second Presbyterian Church
Dave Ferguson Jon Anderson Christopher Beard
Community Christian Church John Yates Door Creek Church Peoples Church Cincinnati
The Falls Church Anglican
Daniel Akin Patricia Hatch Andrew Richards
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Rockwell Dillaman PCA Mission to North America Redemption Church
Allegheny Center Alliance Church
AJ Sherrill Rev. Dr. Sergio Navarrete Gregg Detwiler
Mars Hill Bible Church Dr. Greg Waybright Southern Pacific District, Assemblies of God Emmanuel Gospel Center
Lake Avenue Church
Joel Hunter Jeren Rowell David Hall
Northland, A Church Distributed Richard Mouw Kansas City District, Church of the Nazarene Emmanuel Faith Community Church
Fuller Theological Seminary
John Jenkins Emilio De La Cruz Michael J. McClenahan
First Baptist of Glenarden Mitchel Lee Southwest District, Assemblies of God Solana Beach Presbyterian Church
Grace Community Church
Shirley Hoogstra Rick McKinley John Schmidt
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities Lee de Leon Imago Dei Community Central Presbyterian Church
Templo Calvario
Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero Ken Wytsma Matt Hammett
National Latino Evangelical Coalition Terry Crist Antioch Church Flood Church
Hillsong Phoenix

Tim Breene Scott Arbeiter

CEO, World Relief President, World Relief

Convening a Christian conscience on behalf of refugees. Institution names are listed for affiliation purposes only.