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Outdoor Education 10: Part A

Sustainable Survival Unit

In this section of the Outdoor Education 10 class we will be learning through discussion and research the
fundamentals of and protocols that are useful to survive in the wilderness.

Students will create a HANDMADE SURVIVAL BOOK containing key factors, important skills and
fundamental elements regarding outdoor survival to gain further knowledge of the Outdoor Education

With this knowledge, students will then critically think about how to, and then create a PERSONAL
OUTDOOR SURVIVAL KIT that could be used in an outdoor emergency situation.

The effort and thought put into these two components will then be displayed, along with your prototype
from Part B in the OUTDOOR ED MAKER FAIR at the end of this unit.

5 = 90% - 100% 4 = 80% - 89% 3 = 66%-79% 2 = 50% - 65% 1 = 0% - 49%

Survival Book Student has Student has done Student has shown Student has completed Student has done
clearly exhibited adequate research research and some research and limited research
ample research and included included various included components of including some
50% of final
mark and information in information in an components of information in the areas information in the
an organized, organized way in information in the of the Survival Book. areas of the
comprehensive all areas of the areas of the Survival Book but
way in all areas of Survival Book. Survival Book. is missing key
the Survival Book. features.

Survival Kit Student has used Student has used Student has used Student has used their Student have put
their knowledge their knowledge their knowledge Survival Book and some little effort into
from the Survival from the Survival from the Survival research to create a creating a
Book and Book and Book and some survival kit with most survival kit with
25% of final
appropriate adequate research research to create aspects included but some elements
research to create to create a fully a survival kit with missing key elements. included but
a fully functioning, functioning survival most aspects missing key
organized and kit. included. components.
clearly well
thought out
survival kit.

Outdoor Fair Student has Student has Student has Student has Student has
demonstrated demonstrated high demonstrated fundamentals of issues with
Project superior competence in competence in presentation skills and presentation skills
Oral exam presentation skills presentation skills presentation skills possesses some and has
and possessed and possessed and possessed knowledge on most knowledge on few
25% of final knowledge on all knowledge on all knowledge on required topics. required topics.
mark required topics. required topics. most required

** Let the teacher know if there are any issues regarding the assessment rubric or if accommodations need to be made for
anything highlighted in this unit.