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February 9, 2017

Purse Pages
Edition 10
GSPD & Angles
/ Parents, Angles
There has been a
I am sure you heard downward trend in We wrapped up our last
the buzz from your childhood play since day of Puberty
child about what we the 1950s. Last Education on Thursday.
spent some of our Wednesday the The kids did a great
afternoon doing last children were given job during these
Wednesday. In case the opportunity to sessions. Some of
you didnt, we just play. The only them dealt with topics
participated in Global restriction in place that they arent used
School Play Day, was that no devices to discussing in school.
GSPD. There has were allowed. It was If they come home
been a lot of neat to see the kids with questions, it is
research done about interact with each normal. This can be a
the benefits of other in different confusing time as their
unstructured play. ways. It was a great bodies start to change
afternoon! and develop.

Whats Happening in the Classroom?

nonfiction text in a In reading Amelia
During ELA this week Lost, The Life and
we read our last meaningful way to
help us make sense Disappearance of
story in our Heroism Amelia Earhart, we
unit. It was a of it. We also
discussed the had some ah ha
Narrative Nonfiction moments as we read
selection called difference between
paraphrasing and this week. The
Lewis and Clark. This students uncovered
particular story tied summarizing.
Amelias dream and
nicely into our social As I have mentioned plan to fly the
studies and writing in weeks past, we waistline of the
curriculum and had are continuing to earth. As they read
the students looking practice responding this they came to
at how the actions to text-dependent understand that this
of past explorers questions and making might be the flight
had a great impact comparisons across in which she
on our lives now. texts. The students disappeared. Her
We tackled two are becoming more story has them all
essential questions: skilled at supporting very engaged and
Can a hero go their answers with questioning whether
unnoticed? Where do evidence from the she was heroic or
heroes come from? their reading. This is not each time we
a very important read!
We discussed the skill..
importance of being
able to summarize
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We are very excited time really focusing on
Social Studies about the eclipse, understanding our
This week the students comet and full Moon number system and
gave their happening tonight! why we call it a base
presentations on the 10 system. We even
explorers they Math
discussed what it
researched. We also In Math, we began a
began Genius Hour might look like to work
new unit this week. in another base system
We are working on and why that might be
Science multiplying and dividing complicated. The class
We looked at our decimals using multiple had fun this week
completed moon strategies. A goal this playing with base ten
calendar and noticed unit is to have blocks to really grasp
patterns of the moon students really the idea of an array
over a 4-week period applying their and how that relates
of time. The students standards of to multiplication and
learned the phases the mathematical practice. division.
moon goes through I want to see them
within a month. solving problems using
multiple strategies.
We talked about the
We have spent some
Apollo 11 and our first
steps on the moon.


Tues. 2/14
Valentines Day Party
Fri. 2/17
Early Release
Mon. 2/20
No School Presidents Day
Mon. 2/21
No School Institute day
Questions to Ask Your Child
1. What did you do in art, gym, music, and
library this week?
2. How are your Caesars English quizzes going?
Do you have a favorite word or stem? Have
Phone: you seen any of the words in your reading?
3. In writing, what are the pages of your
E-Mail: informational book going to be?
4. Who did you play with during Global School
Play Day? What did you do?
5. In reading Lewis and Clark, how would you
say they were heroic?
6. What did Amelia Earhart do at Purdue?
7. What new items did Ms. Purse get for the
treasure box? Any that you are hoping to
8. During community building, what did Ms.
Purse tell you was going to be your new
theme or focus?
9. In your Second Step lesson last week you
talked about calming down. What are the
10. What is something interesting you have
learned about Amelia Earhart?