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Aspen HYSYS dynamics

Who should attend?
Production engineers/ process engineers/ project engineers/ Gas

Course content
Explore dynamic models to introduce various real-life
disturbances to a simulation and discover how different control
strategies can mitigate these disturbances.
Automate actions within a HYSYS.
Dynamic simulation by using the event scheduler.
Cause and effect matric tools.
Learn pressure flow theory, column dynamics concepts, pipeline
hydraulics, basic process.
Control theory properly.
Define and adjust pressure/ flow specification, strip charts, and
controller parameters.
2. Material selection
Who should attend?
Chemists process engineers inspection engineers.

Course objective
To understand materials type and their chemical composition.
To identify the properties of each type of material and how to
To understand heat treatment of several materials and how to
obtain certain properties function.

Course content
Classification of materials (metallic and non-metallic).
Structure of metals.
Ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Mechanical properties of materials.
Materials defects.
Carbon steels.
High strength steels.
Alloy steels.
Non-metallic materials (polymers, ceramics composites).