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RHINO RD 160 Operator comfort is provided by the two-way adjustable seat, single lever dozer control with adjustable lever and combined
hand-lever steering and braking.

Logging special with Allied RD160 Winch available.

RD 160

Performance Brief
Operating weight 16.500kg
Rated power 160hp
Ground pressure (at operating weight) 52.4kpa
Ground clearance 310mm
Length of track on ground 2667mm
Grade ability Straight 30 o side 25 o

Diesel Engine
Model Rhino 6RD-3
Type Water cooled, single row vertical 4 stroke cycle
Cylinders x bore x stroke 6, 121, 152mm
Rated engine speed 1900rpm
Flywheel power (at1900rpm) 160hp
Starter motor 24V
Displacement 10.5liters
Fuel system Direct injection withindividual adjust system
free injection pumps and valve

Flywheel Clutch & Transmission

Flywheel clutch has three metallis-faced plates. Clutch
lubricated and cooled by pressure-circulated oil.

Direct drive, sliding gear-type transmission with fast

forward-reverse shift, forward 5 gears and reverse 4 gears,
full-pressure lubrication.

Steering & Brake

Hydraulic actuated, multiple-disc oil clutches require no
adjustment. Oil-cooled, hydraulically-boosted contracting
band brakes.
Hand levers combine steering clutch disengagement and
braking in one control. Brake pedals are retained for
operators who prefer them. Mechanical parking brake.

Final Drives
Crown-shaven, double reduction final drives. Floating
ring seals. Sprocket with bolt-on. Replaceable rim segments.
Its is easy for maintenance.

Easy To Maintain - Easy To Service The RHINO BULLDOZERS - Best Value For Your Operation
RD 160

Track Roller Frame

Box-section construction with solid inner member.
Lifetime lubricated rollers and idlers. Adjustable
2 positions idler.

Number of rollers (each side) 7

Oscillation at front idler 292mm

ROPS Canopy

ROPS (Rollover Protetive Structure) offered by SHEHWA

for this machine meets ROPS criteria: SAEJ39, SAEJ1040
and ISO3471. it also meet FOPS(Falling Object Protective
Structure) criteria:SAE J231 and ISO 3449.

Sealed and Lubricated Track

Sealed and lubricated track surrounds the track pin with
lubricant to greatly reduce internal
bushing wear. Lubricant is held in place by a dealing
arrangement consisting of a polyurethane seal,
a rubber load ring and a thrust ring. Hydraulic track adjust-
ers a number of shoes (each sides) 39.

Width of standard shoe 560mm

Track gauge 1880mm

Hydraulic Controls
Two optional systems are available, complete system
consists of pump, tank, filters, valveslinkage
and control levers anticavitation valve is included with
bulldozers controls.

System available are as following:

One valve (internal) for bulldozer position: raise, hold,

lower, float.

Two valve (both internal)

Pump: gear-type; Capacity: 17 liters/min(at 6859kap);

Relief valve setting: 11518kpa; Drive:
geared from auxiliary drive

Easy To Maintain - Easy To Service The RHINO BBULLDOZERS - Best Value For Your Operation
RD 160
Service refill capacities
Fuel tank 295 Lt
Cooling system 38Lt
Diesel engine crankcase 27.4Lt
Transmission, bevel gear and steering clutch compartments 98Lt
Final drives (each) 18.9Lt

Winch (Supplied by Allied system company)

Driven by coupling the transmission and the winch mainly used for log-skidding, pipelaying etc.

Weight 934kg
Speed reduction ratio (standard model) 1:45

Specifications for Blades

Blade type Width Height Digging Depth Ground Clearance Max. tilt
Angled 3880mm 924mm 967mm 967mm 330mm
Straight 3210mm 1127mm 1012mm 1012mm 680mm

Blade Height

Blade width

Easy To Maintain - Easy To Service The RHINO BULLDOZERS - Best Value For Your Operation
The All Terrain Equipment
For The Heaviest Jobs

Easy To Maintain - Easy To Service The RHINO EQUIPMENT - Best Value For Your Operation

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