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1 Prepare for the meeting by discussing each item on the agenda.

One of you
should lead the discussion and note down your ideas.
Jorge Marmolejo will lead the discussion
1) How can the Al-Munir Group make guests feel 'special' and 'highly valued'? By
giving them a complete description about the hotel and sending them gifts and
2) What can the group do to a) reward loyal customers, and b) persuade guests?
Who have stayed once to return?
Our staff have to improve the way that they receive our customers, this is
too important for us because we want to make impression in the newbies
and our loyal clients by loyal rewards program and making their and unique
experience in the matter of the welcome and giving them a coupon paper
3) What can be done to make staff more motivated and customer-orientated in
their approach to their work?
What can be done is to set goals in the organization for get achievements to
our employees and to our organization making it much better than it is, by
rewards, incentives non-monetary.
You should Provide a Positive Working Environment. Also you have to
Recognize, Reward and Reinforce the Right Behavior and Involve and
Engage with their work. In order to improve their skills and potential you
might evaluate and measure
4) What questions should the management be asking in order to gather
information for an accurate, up-to-date profile of each guest? For example:
How did the guest find out about the hotel?

5) How can the group maintain its relationship with guests once they have left its
By sending them coupons for their next visit also rewards for staying there
and a customizable welcome when they get in
6) What other actions can the group take to improve customer loyalty,
increase the average scores in the next customer satisfaction survey and
get back its four-star rating?
Actions to promote customer loyalty.
-Elevate your customer engagement quotient with an actionable plan:
-Clearly defined value propositions which are wellness and lifestyle focused;
- the refined art of living marketing that addresses unique characteristics shared
by customer and hotel/spa brand, consistently applied across interaction channels.
-Establishing unique, dynamic programs for distinct market segments
Communication and social media strategy to develop your personality, themes,
sense of shared community and customer engagement .
-Establish a consistent customer satisfaction survey process Consider out of the
box techniques to gain personalized information Staff development & rotation,
which facilitates gaining customized information to best meet guest and business
needs .
-Create a metrics dashboard that measures and analyzes your efforts, be prepared
to recalibrate based on results.

7) What can be done to the community(ies) that shows some social impact?

Renewable energy use will reduce it by 15% in Almunir hotel and spa group.
-new technologies to reduce energy consumption.
Constant monitoring of the hotel chain by 100%.
-new initiatives of social responsibility for each year.
- Generate more jobs annually.
-plan of sustainability and social responsibility for the conservation of the
environment and generate sustainable value in the long term

Monday 9 th April 2017

Unites Arab Emirates

Dear: Ms. Marian Wise

To: Al-Munir Hotel and Spa Group (Marketing Departament)
I am writing to you regarding that you are one of our faithful clients to Al-Munir hotel
and group, so the marketing department offers you a special offer, you will receive
3 days of spa without any cost and service to your VIP room. You can choose any
branch of Al-munir hotel. The special offer expires in 5 months. If you have any
questions remain at your service. I look forward to hearing.
Best wishes

Jorge Marmolejo (Marketing department)