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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Project Management
(Input, Tool & Techniques, Output)
Compiled by Abdulla Al Mamun, MBA, MCAS, PMP
Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Integration Management
Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output
Project Charter Formal authorization of the Initiate Project Statement of Work (SOW) Expert judgment Project Charter
project or phase Business case Facilitation techniques
Enterprice Environment Factor (EEF)
Organizationl Pricess Assets(OPA)

Develop Document actions to define, Plan Project Charter Expert judgment Project Management Plan
Management Plan prepare, integrate, and Outputs from Planning Process Facilitation techniques
coordinate subsidiary plans into Enterprice Environment Factor (EEF)
the PMP Organizationl Pricess Assets(OPA)

Direct & Manage Execute the work defined in the Execute Project management plan Expert judgment Deliverables
Project Work project mgmt plan to achieve Approved changed requests PMIS Work performance information
requirements in scope statement. Enterprice Entervironment Factors (EEF) Meetings Change requests
Organizational Process Assets (OPA) Project Management Plan Updates
Project Documents Updates

Monitor & Control Monitor and control the processes Control Project management plan Expert judgment Change requests
Project Work to meet the performance Schedule Forecasts Analytical techniques Work performance Reports
objectives. Cost Forecasts PMIS Project Management Plan Updates
Validated Changes Meetings Project Documents Updates
Work performance info
Enterprice Entervironment Factors (EEF)
Organizational Process Assets (OPA)

Perform Integrated Reviewing change requests, Control Project management plan Expert judgment Approved Change Requests
Change Control approving change requests and Work performance reports Meetings Change Log
controlling changes. Change requests Change Control Tools Project Management Plan Updates
Enterprice Entervironment Factors (EEF) Project Document Updates
Organizational Process Assets (OPA)

Close Project or Finalize all activities to formally Close Project management plan Expert judgment Final Product, Service or Result
Phase close the project or phase. Transition
Accepted deliverables Organizational Process Assets
Organizational Process Assets (OPA)

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Scope Management
Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output
Is the process of creating a Plan Plan Project Management Plan Expert Judgement Scope Management Plan
scope management plan that Project Charter Meetings Requirement Management Plan
Plan Scope
documents how the project Enterprise Environmental Factor
scope will be defined, Organizational Process Assests
validated, and controlled.

Collect Defining and documenting Plan Scope Management Plan Interviews Requirement Documents
Requirements stakeholders' needs to ensure Requirement Management Plan Focus Group Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)
project objectives are met. Stakeholder Management Plan Facilitated workshops
Project Charter Group Creativity Techniques
Stakeholder Register Group Decision Making Techniques
Questionnaires and Surveys
Context Diagrams
Document Analysis

Define Scope Developing detailed Plan Scope Management Plan Expert Judgement Project Scope Statement
description of the project and Project Charter Product analysis Project Documents Updates
product as a basis for future Requirement Documents Alternative Identification
decisions. OPA Facilitated Workship

Create WBS Subdividing major deliverables Plan Scope Management Plan Decomposition Scope Baseline
into smaller components Project Scope Statement Expert Judgement Project Documents Updates
Requirement Documentation
Validate Scope Formal acceptance of the Control Project Management Plan Inspection Accepted deliverables
completed project Requirement Documents Group Decision Making Techniques Change requests
deliverables. Requirement Traceability Matrix Work Performance Information
Verified Deliverables Project Documents updates
Work Performance Data

Control Scope Monitoring status of the Control Project Management Plan Variance analysis Work Performance Information
project and product scope and Requirement Documentation Change requests
managing changes to scope Requirement Traceability Matrix Updates: Plan, Docs, OPA
baseline. Work Performance Data

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition
Time Management (ITTO)
Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output
Plan Schedule Plan Schedule Management is Plan Project Management Plan Expert Judgement Schedule Management Plan
Management the process of establishing the Project Charter Analytical Techniques
policies, procedures, and Enterprise Environmental Factor Meetings
documentation for planning, Organizational Process Assets
Define Activities Activity list Plan Schedule Management Plan Decomposition Activity list
Milestone list Scope baseline Rolling wave planning Activity Attributes
Enterprice Entervironmental Foactors Expert judgment Milestone Lists
Organizational Process Assets
Sequence Activities Identify and document the Plan Schedule Management Plan Precedence Di a gra mi ng Method (PDM) Project Network Schedule Diagram
logical relationships and Activity lists Dependency Determination Project Document Updates
dependencies Activity Attributes Leads & Lags
Milestone List
Project Scope Statement
Enterprice Entervironmental Foactors
Organizational Process Assets
Estimate Activity Estimating the type and Plan Schedule Management Plan Expert judgment Activity Resource Requirements
Resources quantities of resources Activity lists Alternative Analysis Resource Breakdown Structure
required Activity Attributes Published Estimating Data Project Document Updates
Resource calendars Bottom Up Estimating
Risk Register Project Management Software
Activity Cost Estimates
Enterprice Entervironmental Foactors
Organizational Process Assets
Estimate Activity Estimate # of work periods per Plan Schedule Management Plan Expert judgment Activity duration estimates
Durations activity Activity lists Analogous Estimating Project Document Updates
Activity Attributes Parametric Estimating
Activity resource requirements 3 Point Estimating
Resource calendars Group Decision Making Technique
Project Scope Statement Reserve analysis
Risk Register
Resource Breakdown Structure
Enterprice Entervironmental Foactors
Organizational Process Assets
Develop Schedule Analyze sequences, durations, Plan Schedule Management Plan Schedule Network Analysis Schedule baseline
resources and constraints to Activity lists Critical Path Mehod Project Schedule
document project schedule Activity Attributes Critical chain method Schedule Data
Project Schedule Network Diagrams Resource Optimization Technique Project Calendars
Activity resource requirements Leads and Lags Plan Updates
Resource calendars Schedule compression Project Document Updates
Project Scope Statement Scheduling Tools
Risk Register
Resource Breakdown Structure
Enterprice Entervironmental Foactors
Organizational Process Assets
Control Schedule Controlling changes Control Project Management Plan Performance Reviews Work Perform Information
Project Schedule PM Software Schedule Forecasts
Work performance data Resource Optimization Technique Change Requests
Project Calendars Modeling Techniques Updates: Plan, Docs, OPA
Schedule data Leads & Lags
Organizational Process Assets Schedule compression
Scheduling Tools
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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Cost Management (ITTO)

Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output
Plan Cost Is the process that establishes the Plan Project Management Plan Expert Judgement Cost Management Plan
Management policies, procedures, and Project Charter Analytical Techniques
documentation for planning, Enterprise Environmental Factors Meetings
managing, expending, and Organizational process Assets
controlling project costs.

Estimate Costs Develop an approximation of the Plan Cost Management Plan Expert judgment Activity cost estimates
costs of the resources to complete HRM Plan Analogous Estimating Basis of estimates
project activities Scope baseline Parametric Estimating Project Documents Updates
Project schedule Bottom-up estimating
Risk Register 3-point estimating
Enterprise Environmental Factors Reserve analysis
Organizational Process Assets Cost of quality
Vendor Bid Analysis
Group Decision Making Tech
PM Estimating Software

Determine Budget Aggregating estimated costs to Plan Cost Management Plan Cost Aggregation Cost Baseline
establish an authorized cost Scope baseline Reserve analysis Project Funding
baseline. Requirements
Activity Cost Estimates Expert judgment Project Documents Updates
Basis of Estimates Historical relationships
Project schedule Fund limit reconciliation
Resource Calendars
Risk Register
Organizational Process Assets

Control Costs Monitoring status of the project to Control Project Management Plan Earned Value Mgt (EMV) Work Performance
update the project budget and Project Funding Requirements Forecasting (ETC, VAC etc) Cost Forecasts
managing changes to the cost Work performance Data To Complete Perf Indx (TCPI) Change requests
baseline OPA Performance Reviews Project Management Plan
Reserve analysis Project Documents Updates
PM Software Organizational Process Assets

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Quality Management (ITTO)

Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output
Plan Quality Identifying quality Plan Project management plan Cost-Benefit Analysis Quality Management Plan
Requirements and/or Stakeholder Register Cost of quality (COQ) Process Improvement pLan
standards for the project and Risk register Seven Basic Quality Tools Quality Metrics
product and documenting how Requirement Documentation Benchmarking Quality Checklist
the project will demonstrate
EEF Design of experiments Project Docs Updates
OPA Statistical sampling
Additional Quality Planning

Perform Quality Auditing the quality Execute Quality Management Plan Quality Managementa and Change requests
Assurance Requirements and the results Control Tools
from quality control Process Improvement Plan Quality Audits Updates: docs, plan, OPA
measurements to ensure Quality Metrics Process Analysis
appropriate quality standards Quality Control Measurement
and operations definitions are Project Documents
Control Quality Monitoring and recording Control Project management plan Cause & Effect diagrams Quality Contraol Measuret
results of executing the quality Quality metrics Control charts Validated changes
activities to assess Quality checklists Flowcharting Validated deliverables
performance and recommend Work Performance Data Histrogram Change requests
necessary changes. Approved change requests Pareto Chart Work performance Info
Deliverables Run Charts Updates: docs, plan, OPA
Project Documents Scatter Diagram
OPA Statistical sampling
Approved Change Request

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Human Resources Management (ITTO)

Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output
Plan HRM Identify, document, assign R & R & Plan Organization charts and Human Resource Plan:
reporting structure. Project Management Plan Position Description
Activity resource requirements Networking Roles & Responsibility
EEF Organization theory Project Org Chart
OPA Expert Judgement Staffing Mgt Plan

Acquire Project Team Obtaining required project resources. Execute HRM Plan Pre -Assignment Project Staff assignments
EEF Negotiation Resource calendars
OPA Acquisition Project Mgt Plan Updates
Virtual Team
Muli-criteria decision analysis

Develop Project Team Develop individual or group skills to Execute HRM Plan Interpersonal skills Team Perfom Assessment
enhance project performance. Project Staff Assignments Training EEF Updates
Resource calendars Team building Activities
Ground Rules
Recognition & Rewards
Personal Assessment Tools

Manage Project Team Track team performance, providing Execute HRM Plan Observation & conversation Change Request
feedback, resolving issues, managing Project Staff Assignments Project performance appraisal Updates: Plan, Docs, EEF,
changes to optimize project OPA
performance. Team perform assessment Conflict Management
Issue Log Interpersonal skills
Work Performance Reports

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Communication Management (ITTO)

Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output

Plan Commutations Is the process of developing an Plan Project Management Plan Communication Requirement Analysis Communications Mgt plan
Management appropriate approach and plan Stakeholder register Communication Technology Project Docs Updates
for project communications EEF Communication Model
based on stakeholders OPA Communication methods
information needs and Meetings

Manage Communication Is the process of creating, Execute Communication Management Plan Communication Technology Project Communication
collecting, distributing, storing, Work Performance Reports Communication Model Project Management Plan Updates
retrieving, and the ultimate
EEF Communication Mothods Project Document Updates
disposition of project
OPA Informmation Management Methods OPA Updates
Performance Reporting

Control Communication Is the process of monitoring Control Project Management Plan Information Management Systems Work Performance Information
and controlling Project Communications Expert Judgement Change Requests
communications throughout Issue Log Meetings Project Management Plan Updates
the entire project life cycle to Work Performance Data OPA Updates
ensure the information needs OPA
of the project stakeholders are

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition
Risk Management (ITTO)
Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output

Plan Risk Determine approach and Plan Project Management Plan Analytical Techniques Risk management plan
plan risk mgmt activities Project Charter Expert Judgement (Methodology, Roles &
Stakeholder register Meetings Responsibility, Budgetting, Timing,
EEF Risk Categories, Probablity and
OPA Impact Matrix, Rivised
Stakeholder Tolerance, Reporting
Formats, Tracking)
Identify Risk Determine and Plan Risk management plan Documentation Reviews Risk register
document characteristics Cost management plan Information gathering Techniques (List of Identified Risk, List of
of potential risks Potential Responses)
Schedule mgmt plan Checklist analysis
Quality Management Plan Assumption analysis
HRM Plan Diagramming techniques:
Scope Baseline (C & E Diagram, System or Process Flow
Diagram, Influence Diagram)
Activity Cost Estimates
Activty Duration Estimates SWOT analysis
Stakeholder register Expert judgment
Project Documents
Procurement Documents

Perform Conduct qualitative Plan Risk management plan Risk Probablity and Impact Assesst Project Documents Updates
Qualitative Risk analysis of risks and Scope Baseline Probablity & Impact Matrix
Analysis conditions and prioritize Risk register Risk Data Quality Assessment
their effects EEF Risk Categorization
OPA Risk Urgency Assessment
Expert judgement

Perform Measure probability and Plan Risk management plan Data gathering & representation Project Documents Updates
Quantitative consequences of risks Technique
Risk Analysis and estimate Cost management plan Quantitative Risk Analysis and
implications for project Modeling Techniques
objectives Schedule mgmt plan Expert Judgement
Risk register

Plan Risk Develop options and Plan Risk management plan Strategies for Negative Risk or Project Management Plan
Response actions to enhance Threats Updates
opportunities and reduce Risk register Strategies for Position Risk or Project Documents Updates
threats to the project's Opportunities
objectives Contingent response strategies
Expert Judgement

Risk Control Monitor residual risks, Control Project Management Plan Risk Reassessment Work Performance Info
identifying new risks, Risk register Risk Audits Change Requests
executing risk response Work Performance Data Varinace & Trend Anlysis Updates: Plan, Docs, OPA
plans and evaluating Work Performance Reports Technical Perfom Measurement
their effectiveness. Reserve Analysis

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Procurement Management (ITTO)

Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output

Plan Procurements Determine what, how and Plan Project management plan Make-or-buy analysis Procurement Mgt Plan
when to procure. Prepare Requirements Documents Expert judgment Procurement SOW
procurement documents to Risk register Market Research Make/buy decisions
support vendor selection Activity resource requirements Meetings Procurement Documents
and develop the Project Schedule Source selection criteria
procurement SOW. Activity Cost Estimates Change requests
Stakeholder Register Procurement Documents
EEF Updates

Conduct Select from potential Execute Project management plan Bidders Conference Sellected Sellers
Procurements sellers Procurement Documents Proposal evaluation technique Agreements
Source selection criteria Independent Estimates Resource Calenders
Seller proposals Expert judgment Project Plan Updates
Project Documents Advertising Project Doc Updates
Make / Buy decision Analytical Techniques
Procurement SOW Procurement Negotiations

Control Manage seller relationship, Control Project management plan Contract Change Control Sysm Work Performance Information
Procurement review seller performance Procurement Documents Procurement Perfrom Review Change requests
and manage contract Agreement Inspections and Audits Updates: Plans, Docs, OPA
related changes Work Performance reports Performance Reporting
Approved change Requests Payment Systems
Work Performance Data Claims administration
Records mgmt system

Close Select from potential Close Procurement documentation Procurement audits Closed procurements
Procurements sellers Procurement documentation Procurement Negotiations Updates: OPA
Records mgmt system

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ITTO Trick Sheet: Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Stakeholder Management (ITTO)

Process Description Group Input Tools & Technique Output

Identify Documenting Initiate Project Charter Stakeholder analysis Stakeholder register

Stakeholders stakeholders, interest, Procurement Documents Expert judgment
power and expectations EEF Meetings

Plan Stakeholder Is the process of Plan Project Management Plan Expert judgment Stakeholder Mgt Plan
Management developing appropriate Stakeholder register Meetings Project Docs Updates
management strategies to EEF Analytical Techniques
effectively engage OPA

Manage Is the process of Execute Stakeholder Management Plan Communication methods Issue Log
Stakeholders communicating and Communication Management Plan Interpersonal skills Change requests
Engagement working with stakeholders Change Log Management Skills Updates: docs; plan; OPA
to meet their OPA
Control address issuesof
Is the process etc Control Project Management Plan Information Management Performance reports
Stakeholder monitoring overall project System
Engagement stakeholder relationships Issue Log Expert judgment Change requests
and adjusting strategies Work Performance Data Meetings OPA Updates
and plans for engaging Project Documents

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