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April 2 0 - May 14
A N Dy (goon Grennan
August 3 - 27 Nov. 16 - Dec. 17
A This brand n e w comedy A.Book and Isyricv by Fred Alley: Mimic by
follows one typical. and ve JameJ KPlet: Conceived and RCMCZXYCLIed I
By Patrick barlow
A funny. American b Fred Alley and Frederick Heide A truly original
A f a m i l y over the course o f ' Acharming slice of Midwest retelling of the
A t h i r t y yearsworth o f life with Lloyd and Marvin, story of Ebenezer
holidays. Starting'In 1980, Ruthie and Bill's two buddies w h o spend the day in their ice Scrooge and his
grown children a priest. an aspiring actress. fishing shanty sharing stories and laughs! This ghostly visitors brought to life by a small.
and a former football star a l l return home.
musical is filled with hilarious songs like The imaginative cast. Its the spirit of the
where we learn of their plans and dreams as \X/ishing Hole, Ode to a Snowmobile Suit." Christmas season in a way youve NEVER
they embark on their adult lives. As time "Fish is the Miracle Food" and The One That seen It before. \X/itness Scrooges
passes, the family discovers that, despite Got Away". Guys on I c e has been performed a l l transformation from a stingy miser to a
what we may have in mind. we often arrive at across the country to sellout crowds. Rated PG. A man who generously celebrates the spirit
unexpected destinations. Rated PG. Media Sponsored by. Capper Auto Group. Media of the season all year long in this highly
Sponsor: Little Village Magazine. Sponsor. Iowa Source Magazine. theatrical adaptation. Rated G.Media
MILLION DOLLAR Sept. 7- Oct. 1
Mimic by Tom now: byricv by Dean Pitch 0rd:
tae Adaptation by Dean Pitchford and alter .
Bobbie: Dru/ed on the original Mcreenplay by
June 8 - July 2 Dean Pitchford Additional Mun/in Eric Carmen
ammy IInnr Kenny Isotinir and Jim 5teinman
By Floyd Mutrux and Colin Ewcott
The Musical One of the most explosive
DEMAND! The hit rock
movie musicals in recent THE LINTEL
memory bursts onto the stage! When Ren and March 30 - April 9

n' roll musical inspired his mother move from Chicago to a small
by the electrifying true Thursdays and Sundays
farming town. Ren isn't prepared for a local ban A at 2 p m & Fridays and
' story of an actual Sun on dancing. \X/ith rockin' rhythm from its Oscar Saturdays at 7:30pm.
Records recording session with stars Elvis nominated top 40 score and dynamic n e w songs Tickets: $26 for adults.
Presley, Johnny Cash. Carl Perkins and added for the stage musical. Footloose $16 for students, and
Jerry Lee Lewis. This musical includes hits celebrates the wisdom of listening to young i Special $20 tickets are available only to 2017
of the era: Blue Suede Shoes." I Walk the people. while guiding them with a w a r m heart " Main Stage and Opening Week Season Ticket
Line. Long Tall Sally. a n dGreat Balls of and an open mind. Rated PG. Sponsored by: ; holders. DTPs can be used for this production.
Fire!" Rated PG. Sponsored by John and Peg UICCU. Media Sponsors: C352 and FOX28. A When a reclusive librarian finds a book 123
Slusher. Media Sponsor: N2 Publishing. overdue. he's compelled to embark on a
TO BE ANNGUNGED! .- years worldwide quest to track down the
Oct. 12 - Nov. 12 borrower and in the process uncovers a
AIGMIAS ADULT: S31; STUDENT SIG.50 A brand new musical featuring mystery that transcends the ages. Rated PG-13.
characters that you've grown to lov = Pat OBrien has appeared in dozens of films
Main Stage Show Times: We can't t e l l you the title until April including: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,
Wednesday. Thursday & Sunday at 2 : 0 0 p m . 2017. b u t trust us this show is sure to be a fa Catch Me If You Can, Stuart Little, and was
and Friday & Saturday at 7:30 p m . favorite! Sponsored by John and Peg Slushe . Mr. Dewey on Saved by the Bell.