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Year / Class : 4 Ibnu Kathir

Date / Day : 12th February 2017 (Sunday)

Time : 1245 - 1345
Theme : World of Stories
Topic : Unit 12 Good Values
Focus Skill : Listening & Speaking
Content Standard : 1.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able
to understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts.
Learning Standard : 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts
(b) sequencing

Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

1. match the picture with the descriptions. (group)
2. arrange the picture according to the correct storyline.
Vocabulary : Home, forest, candy house, woodcutter, witch.
Moral Value(s) : Love our family.
Teaching Aid(s) : 1. Witch pointy hat, digital storytelling, picture cards, sentence
strips, worksheets.
Thinking Skills : Information Processing, Decision making
Multiple : Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, audio-linguistic
Stage/ Time Content Activity Resources

Arousing pupils 1. Teacher enters the class by Material:

attention and acting like a witch. 1. Props
2. Teacher asks pupils to guess
interests (witchs
why he wears such attire.
3. Teacher directs the pupils to the
story of Hensel and Gretel.
1. Do you know what4. Teacher tells pupils that they are
(5 minutes)
am I wearing? going to listen to the story of
2. Are you familiar Hansel and Gretel.
with this kind of hat?
3. Who usually use
such hat?

Listening attentively 1. Teacher plays the story to Material:

to the story pupils. 1. Digital
2. Teacher asks pupils to watch
and listen attentively to the
digital story telling.
3. Teacher pause the video and
asks questions to checks
whether the pupils are
(10 minutes)
listening or not.
4. Teacher repeats step 1 to 3
to increase their
understanding towards the
5. Teacher explains the story
using simpler words.

Checking pupils 1. Teacher groups the pupils Materials:
(20 minutes)
understanding of the into groups 1. Envelope
2. Teacher distribute envelope 2. Picture
story heard through
containing picture cards and cards of the
collaborative work
sentence strips of the story Hansel and
(group activity)
Hensel and Gretel to each Gretel
group. storyline.
3. Teacher asks pupils to open 3. Sentences
the envelope and scatter the strips of the
Matching the picture
picture cards and sentences description
cards with the correct strips on their desk. of every
4. Teacher then asks pupils to
description of the picture
work together in their
story Hensel and card.
respective group to match
the picture cards and the
sentence strips while
listening to the story telling.
5. Teacher monitors pupils
activity and provide
6. Teacher asks pupils to check
their work while he provides
them with the correct

Arranging the picture 1. Teacher distributes the Materials:

cards with its worksheet to the pupils. 1. Worksheet
2. Teacher asks pupils to glue
description according s
the worksheet onto their
to the correct
sequence of events
3. Teacher reads and explains
of the story.
the worksheet instructions.
4. Teacher plays the audio of

Production the story telling.

5. Pupils number the picture
(20 minutes)
according to the correct
sequence of event in the
story while listening to the
story telling.
6. Teacher plays the story
telling audio twice only.
7. Pupils submit their work for
8. Teacher gives feedback
upon the activity.

Recap the lesson 1. Teacher asks selected pupils Moral Values:
(5 minutes)
to tell the ending of the story Love our family
Instilling moral value verbally.
2. Teacher asks pupils what
are the good values that
they can learn from Hensel
in the story.
3. Teacher summarises the
story by retell the moral
values said by pupils in a
simpler way that they can
understand better of good
values in life.