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Beam Half Joint design of beam halt joints involves the investigation of several potential crack planes whic! rated in Figures 3.15 and 3.16 respectively. p= Terns Atchereon | (a) Schematic reinforcement (0) Vertical force (li) Horizontal force: (b) Force resisting system Figure 3.15 Reinforcement And Force Resisting System In Beam Half Joint (a) Schematic reinforcement — ~ | — Ze tenes (i) Vertical force: (b) Fores resisting system Note : For horizontal fovea, refer to Figure 3.15 (nj 2 3.16 Alternative Reinforcement And Force Resisting System In Beam H Joint eintorcement as in Figure 3.15 Flexural and axial tension steel Flexural steel : A, = Via, /z) / (0.874) 6. Axial tension steel : A,, = N(h/z-d/z + 1)/(0.871,) —@ Assuring z =0.8d, then A, = 1.25V (a,/a) /(0.871) —@ A. = 1.25N(h/ d-0.2)/(0.876) —e Direct shear at joint junction 2 AL = —xV/(0.87hq) =e 3 1 Ag = — XV A(0.878n) —e 3 ‘A,, {8 a8 in equation 3.29. A,, Should be uniformly distributed within 2/3d of the half joint depth. The maximum shear stress at the joint junction is determined as v = Vibd

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