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Political Cartoons Project

Due ________

Political Cartoons are drawings that present a point of view on issues, events
or people.

Assignment-Create a political cartoon on one of the following American

Revolution topics:

No Taxation without Representation The Proclamation of 1763 The Quartering Act

The Shot Heard round the World The Olive Branch Petition Minutemen George
Washington The Battle of Bunker Hill Common Sense The Declaration of
Independence The Battle of Trenton Washington Crossing the Delaware Valley Forge
The Deleted Paragraph on Slavery Victory at Yorktown Help From Europe

Your cartoon should include the techniques that we discussed in class (point of view,
symbolic representation, labels, captions, etc.)

Do not wait until the last minute to work on this project. There will still be homework
assignments during this project period.

The Political Cartoon assignment is worth 25 test points. (Please see the Political
Cartoon Rubric.)

Although artistic ability will not be graded, neatness will be graded.

Your grade will be severely reduced if you do not have your political cartoon in class on
the above date.

Be creative and have fun!