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Low profile station capable of holding traps

Single lock for fast service with removable tray for easy cleaning
Compatible with Sidekick Load-N-Lock system
Dog & Child Tamper Resistant

PMP PestManagement
Clark heeds
the call of
the wild
Since selling Critter Control to
Rollins Inc. last year, Kevin Clark
is now the brands ambassador.
VOL. 84, NO. 8


with purchase of 20 quarts of
bithor sc

or COMPACT THORCH Flashlight
with purchase of 12 quarts of bithor sc

*Limited Time Offer
Compact UV Fly Trap

Dimensions: 10.5 x 5.5
Area coverage: 50 ft2
Light source: 1 x 8 w UV-A lamp
Weight: Approx. 2 lb
Guarantee: 2 years
Lamp life time: 12 months
Power: 10 watts
Mounting position: Wall or table-top

Other VECTOTHOR Models

Merlin Peregrine

Sea Eagle - Explosion Proof

The Sea Eagle has an IP68 rating meaning it is
protected from full water immersion. The Sea
Eagles specially designed stainless steel front
grid optimizes the attraction potential. The unit
can be wall mounted in situations where there is
risk of explosion.

AUGUST 2016 @PMP_magazine
VOL. 84, NO. 8

Clark heeds
the call of
the wild ON THE COVER:
Critter Control
By John Walsh
p. 32


8 Off the Cuff
Wildlife control and
carpenter bees
By Heather Gooch & Will Nepper

10 Launch Pad
Products that are new
to the pest industry

14 Question of the Month

Taking action after natural
disasters 48
16 Pest Trends
Penetrating the waxy
coating of insects
48 Stinging Insects
Apache wasps
By Dr. Hanif Gulmahamad
68 SHEPerspective
By Mark Sheperdigian, BCE
18 Industry Intel
Zika funding update, and 56 Ride Along 70 Chalk Talk
other news you can use Carpenter bees Cockroaches
All Pest Exterminating By Dr. Austin Frishman, BCE-Emeritus
By Will Nepper
72 Ask the Expert
64 Callback Cures Leafroller moths, repeat
House mice applications and phantom leas
By Dr. Jim Fredericks By Dr. Doug Mampe

18 66 Conducive Conditions
By Mark Sheperdigian, BCE ON THE COVER: Since selling Critter Control to
Rollins Inc. last year, Kevin Clark is now the brands
ambassador. Photo: Angel Eye Photography Pest Management Professional August 2016 3


The 2016 New York PesT eXPo

YouNg guNs
Join us for a showcase of the youth movement in our industry. The Expo will feature
some of the most outstanding young talent in pest management. Our speakers
will be the stars of the future; moving our industry forward for years to come.

dont Miss the most important

1-day event in pest management!
great location Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, 2016
New themes 8am to 6pm
Fresh speakers The George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel
2117 Route 4 East, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Free parking
special hotel Dr. Sarah Thompson New Product Innovations: The R&D Process
room rates Dr. Grzegorz Buczkowski Building a Better Mousetrap
Dr. Jamel Sandidge The Science of Green
open-bar Dr. Freder Medina Understanding Ant Behavior
cocktail hour Dr. Kurt Vandock Zika and General Mosquito Control
Dr. Matt Frye Fleas and Bed Bugs: These Insects Bite
ADMISSION: $150.00 (By October 29)
Late Registration: $200.00 (After October 29)
Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktail Hour and Parking included 212.781.2304
VOL. 84, NO. 8

with Rigid Gel

No Spills, No Mess ...

80 84 5 Questions with
Sarah McElwee,
Pest Management, Inc.
By Will Nepper

86 After Hours
Bob Kunst
By Diane Sofranec

88 Caption This
74 Mobile PMP By Leo Michael
Website design
By Diane Sofranec 92 Photo Finish
Summertime, and
76 Marketing Matters the stinging is easy
Enewsletters, outdoor By Heather Gooch
advertising, Facebook ads
By Harvey Goldglantz

78 Added Value
Where will the journey lead you?
By Ray Johnson

80 Start-up Diaries
Equipping employees
for success
By Pete Schopen
NEW Improved station design
Activation by simply removing a
sticker over the entry hole

Word on the Web

Patent Pending
Rigid Gel Technology
All the advantages of liquid bait, @PMP_magazine @pmp_magazine plus more, with none of the
PMP Hall of Famer Bob Kunst
shares orchid-growing tips online No Spills, No Mess
Rigid gel has high moisture but
at Learn more doesnt run or turn sticky
about his hobby on p. 86.

online survey RESULTS:

Are you seeing an increase in cockroach accounts this year?

Yes, Im seeing No, its staying about No, Im seeing

InTice, Gelanimo, Unfair Advantage and Creating the Future of
an increase the same as last year a decrease Pest Control are trademarks of Rockwell Labs Ltd.
2016 Rockwell Labs Ltd

40% 40% 20% Pest Management Professional August 2016 5
PCO Bookkeepers:
CFO-Level Talent That Helps
Grow Your Pest Control Business
Accounting & Bookkeeping for the PCO
Tax Preparation and Audit Representation
Accounts Payable Management
Merger and Acquisition Planning and
Strategic and Generational Planning for
Family PCO Businesses
PCO Bookkeepers is an accounting We help our clients by:
and business advisory firm obsessed Giving them accurate, valuable operational and financial
with providing pest control companies information on a monthly basis
the information they need to prosper Providing proven strategies to grow their businesses
in todays competitive business Providing the tax planning that helps to minimize their tax
environment. burden
Formulating and executing generational transfer strategies
We work with PCO companies of all Creating, executing and negotiating exit strategies that maximize
sizes nationwide providing them the their company value
very best financial data and indicators
of value. We get under the hood to Heres How It Works:
understand our clients as well as 1 Call to discuss your requirements
provide them with effective strategies 2 We will analyze your routing and accounting data file
to maximize income and maximize 3 We will provide an Engagement Letter detailing the
the values of their firms. scope of work
4 Discuss the scope of work with us, agree on the scope
EXPERIENCE PCO BOOKKEEPERS and sign the agreement
Dans commitment to my business and 5 Begin Processing
our industry is evident each and every
time that I talk with him about my 6 Receive monthly Management Reports; discuss results,
business, or hear him doing a issues and business building ideas
presentation to PMPs at conferences
around the country. Dan has always been 7 Utilize our value added web resources, attend our busi-
accessible, and he is always genuine and ness building webinars
helpful to guide me thru he complicated area of
Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers. Dan is our CFO
just working at his desk, not ours.
Ray Johnson, Owner of
Johnson Pest Control and founder of ACES

Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Call or visit us at (973) 300-0288 |
PMP PestManagement
EDITORIAL STAFF Reprints & Permissions, Wrights Media
Marty Whitford, Editorial Director Brett Petillo 281-419-5725 877-652-5295
Heather Gooch, Editor
Marty Whitford, Publisher
Diane Sofranec, Managing Editor

nth Residual
Michael Joyce, Senior Account Manager

l 12-Mo
e d B u g C o n tro
Will Nepper, Senior Editor
Ryan Gerard, Account Manager G reen B
Joelle Harms, Digital Editor Kelli Velasquez, Classified Sales
Dr. Stuart Mitchell, Technical Editor
216-706-3767 Cimi-Shield is the best
Pat Roberts, Vice President of Sales
value for the successful
Jerry Mix, Editor-at-Large 440-668-7810 Ryan Bockmuller, PMP Events Manager
treatment of bed bugs.
Tracie Martinez, Art Director 216-706-3772
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Courtney Townsend, Graphic Designer
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216-363-7931 Bethany Chambers, Digital Operations Manager
PRODUCTION/CIRCULATION 216-706-3771 Without Cimi-Shield, bed bug elimination
Rhonda Sande, Manager, Production Services
Jesse Malcmacher, Web Developer requires 2, 3 and sometimes 4 return
216-363-7925 treatments. With Cimi-Shield, one treatment
Antoinette Sanchez-Perkins, List Rental
Senior Audience Development Manager Pest Management Professional
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Steve Galperin, Vice President of Finance & Operations 216-706-3705
them money and puts more profit per job
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A bee, or
not a bee?
By Will Nepper | Senior Editor

y fear of stinging insects

M is fed by a few things.

Chief among them are
my sisters allergies, which
require her to keep an EpiPen
handy at all times, and the wasp I
stepped on at a public swimming
pool as a kid. (My foot
swelled until it looked
like I was wearing a
puffy pink boot.)
Thanks to my tenure
on PMP, I usually
can identify what type
of stinging insect Im
looking at before I bolt inside,
behind the dubious safety of a
broken screen door. (Im aware
that, in most cases, bolting is
ill-advised. But old habits die
hard.) Read my Ride Along story
covering a carpenter bee job on p.
Wildlife management learn in our cover story,
starting on p. 32, Rollins
56, and notice how I never even
mention paralyzing fear!
merits a closer look the parent company of
Orkin Pest Control, PCO
By Heather Gooch | Editor Services, Western Pest
Currently, Im being tormented Services and others
at home by wasps, which Im still ildlife management is a had referred customers to
trying to ID with more precision.
The wasps must be building a home
somewhere near the gutters or eaves
around my second-story apartment
porch my sacred summer escapist
W one to watch pest segment,
we proclaimed in our 2016
State of the Industry report.
Nearly half of our survey respondents
offer wildlife management, and more
Critter Control franchises
for decades. Bringing the company
itself into the Rollins fold seemed to
be the next logical step.
Whether your wildlife
sanctuary. Ive tried to monitor their than one-third report the niches management strategy is as
behavior and flight patterns, but I profitability is increasing. hands-off as giving customers the
still cant find evidence of a nest. Handling raccoons, skunks, name of a local animal-removal
Its time to call my landlord and moles and other vertebrates is provider or as hands-on as being
ask him to call in the pros pest a logical extension of services a regular part of your services, I
management professionals (PMPs), for many pest management encourage you to glean business
like you, with the proper tools and professionals (PMPs). But a wildlife lessons from the Critter Control-
management account typically Rollins partnership. Then ask
experience to keep these pests at bay
requires more time than a general yourself a tough question as we roll
every day. (I now know better than
pest control account. The return into heightened wildlife pressure
to try my hand at pest control. That on investment has to be carefully this fall: Is my current response to

only works out for the pests!) PMP considered, as does the extra The Call of the Wild the best one
equipment expense. for my business? PMP
You can reach NEPPER at wnepper@ Rollins weighed these and other or 216-706-3775.
considerations last year, before You can reach GOOCH at hgooch@
acquiring Critter Control. As youll or 330-321-9754.

8 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


1EcoVia CA and EcoVia G to secure in place and can be useful for 4Aqua Zenivex E20
following contours of a metal substrate,
Rockwell Labs Central Life Sciences
the company says. They also can be
EcoVia CA contact aerosol and EcoVia New Aqua Zenivex E20 expands the
used for nets that need to be opened.
G granular products are new Federal Zenivex adulticide lineup of reduced-
Two models are available, for jobs with
Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide risk mosquito products, with an option
cable (pictured) and without cable.
Act (FIFRA) 25(b)-exempt and research- that offers easier mixing and equipment
based botanical insecticides. EcoVia cleanup. The water-dilutable adulticide
CA provides rapid knockdown and 3Soft Bait innovations features a reduced-risk classiication from
residual kill/repellency for crawling and Liphatech the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
lying insects. Its labeled for indoor and New 4-lb. Soft Bait Bags open and Its active ingredient, etofenprox, presents
outdoor use for crack, crevice, void, spot reopen easily, and the full label is printed low toxicity to birds, and dried foliar
and space treatments, and is compatible directly on the bag. The bags are residues are not harmful to honey bees,
with professional aerosol injection delivery available with 10g pouches of FirstStrike the company says. It can be used either
systems. EcoVia G is a broad-spectrum or 12g pouches of Resolv. Pail sizes are diluted or undiluted for ultra low-volume
insecticide that can be used for exterior available, as well. In addition, 16-lb. pails (ULV), fogging or aerial applications.
perimeter, yard and soil treatments. EcoVia of soft bait containing 40g pouches of Available in 2.5-, 30- and 275-gallon
CA is available in 16-oz. cans that include FirstStrike or Resolv now come with ive packaging, it requires no synergist, and
an injector straw; EcoVia G is available in SoftSecure Technology units (SSTs) a the mixed/agitated solution stays without
10-lb. resealable bags. rodenticide placement device for bait stratifying or settling. All Aqua Zenivex E20
stations. To use, place the bait in the orders placed through Aug. 31, 2016, will
2Net Magnets SST, close the lid and go. The rodents immediately receive a 10 percent discount
Bird Barrier feed on the bait directly between the off the 2016 list price. These purchases
Net Magnets are designed for use when bars. The SST also eliminates bait rod also qualify toward Central Life Sciences
drilling is not an option. They are quick hassles, especially in cold weather. 2016 ALL Clear Rebate program.

10 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


5PestWorks software keeps birds away from solar panels insecticide and Archer insect growth
and adds a moneymaking opportunity regulator (IGR), the program provides
for pest and wildlife management an additional revenue-generating, a residential and
technicians. The weather-resistant opportunity for pest management
commercial pest management franchise
mesh effectively blocks pest birds from professionals (PMPs). PMPs can
based in Waco, Texas, releases
nesting or roosting under the panels. It participate by purchasing Demand CS
PestWorks, its proprietary industry
also prevents critters from chewing on and Archer between Jan. 1 and Nov.
management software. The owners
the electrical wiring under solar panels. 30, 2016, and by making applications
of have worked in pest
Installation is fast and easy, thanks before Dec. 31, 2016.
management for a combined 33 years.
to specially designed clips that wont
They designed PestWorks to focus on
scratch or affect the integrity of solar
empowering employee productivity and
panels, the company says. Theres no
8BURRAT Samurai
removing friction. Tools, including Tech Burrtec
drilling, and the mesh, which is now
Dashboard, allow pest managment The BURRAT Samurai armor door
available in 100-ft. rolls, is virtually
professionals (PMPs) to view schedules, sweep prevents the entry of rodents,
invisible when installed.
create estimates, and complete and insects, dust, wind and snow through
invoice jobs on site. The software is all gaps in industrial environments,
compatible with all browsers; PMPs can 7SecureChoice Flea and restaurants, museums and more.
access it on any device, the company Tick Assurance Program Even rodent teeth are no match for the
says. A demo version of PestWorks is Syngenta products stainless steel frame. The
now available as a 14-day free trial. The SecureChoice Flea and Tick Japan-based manufacturer will exhibit
Assurance Program from Syngenta this and other products at the National
6Bird-blocking mesh offers guaranteed control of outdoor Pest Management Associations
Bird B Gone leas and ticks for up to 90 days. PestWorld 2016 event in Seattle
Bird B Gones Solar Panel Bird Deterrent With the power of Demand CS this October. Pest Management Professional August 2016 11

Question of the Month

In the wake of a natural disaster, such

as a flood, whats the first thing the
owner of a pest management company
should do and/or consider (following,
of course, checking on your friends,
family and employees)?
Stuart Aust After you determine
all are safe, of
Dr. Jim Fredericks
course, I would
think the irst
Dr. Austin Frishman consideration should
be to community
I would call
Eco-Friendly or contact our
Harvey Goldglantz
health. A week
or two after a

Mosquito Traps customers that may

be in the affected area
Dan Gordon
lood, mosquitoes
will appear. This
of disaster and offer Paul Hardy may be a disease
Fight Zika without more food, water, etc. Then transmission issue
allergy worsening pesticides! Id put together a team Ray Johnson depending on the
of employees to help geography of the
put their homes back Dr. Doug Mampe event. Rats may
intact. Also, I would be displaced and
suspend their service looking for new Frank Meek
until they get back homes. Both of
or call (855)285-4585 up and running, and these pests may
forgive some of their Dr. Stuart Mitchell require a wide area
debt to us if possible. effort to aid the
Jerry Mix
Eric Scherzinger
Kurt Scherzinger
Pete Schopen
Tigermaze Inc. provides environmentally-friendly
mosquito traps for pesticide-adverse customers. Check on your

Mark Sheperdigian
Take the bite out of mosquitoes and eliminate them from chemical storage
your home and the immediate yard. which, hopefully, you
Our traps are unobtrusive and constantly on duty for the Dr. Stephen Vantassel
secured beforehand
next swarm of mosquitoes.
Custom-fitted window screen mosquito trap that is and then reach
out to customers. MORE ONLINE
easily installed and maintained by your pest
management professional. See more great advice
What a marketing and insights from our
opportunity! contributors at

14 August 2016 Pest Management Professional



When you combine the three active ingredients
of Cyzmic CS and Tekko Pro you get superior
residual on all of your general pest control
and mosquito applications! Receive a $50
rebate per case of Cyzmic CS quarts or Tekko
Pro pints purchased between July
1st through August 31st.

Application Rate Recommendation

(secure your choice and apply every 60 days for more assurance)
Application Mixing/ Active
Product Formulation
Rate Dilution Ingredient
Cyzmic CS 9.7% CS 0.06% 0.8 fl. oz./gal.
1.3% + 0.01% Pyriproxifen,
Tekko Pro 1.0 fl. oz./gal.
1.3% EC + 0.01% Novaluron

Control Solutions Inc. ofers two products that work great together:
Cyzmic CS is a micro-encapsulated insecticide with lambda-cyhalothrin Control
that has quick knockdown power and a long-lasting residual, and Tekko Pro Solutions Inc.
is a new dual active ingredient insect growth regulator with novaluron and
pyriproxyfen that breaks the life cycle. So if you are ready to launch an Innovation you can apply.
Consumer &
efective mosquito control program, countdown to Cyzmic CS and Tekko Pro. Professional
Contact your local distributor or CSI representative for more information. Cyzmic and Tekko are registered
trademarks of Control Solutions Inc., Pasadena, Texas 77507. These products may not be registered in all
states, please check the CSI website or the states department of agriculture for registration information. Find us on

DI ?
Spidey gene might unlock
mystery of waxy insects KNOW
n international team of scientists, led by University of Firelies (lampyridae) are
Hawaii at Mnoa researcher Dr. Joanne Yew, has identified on the decline. One of the
a gene in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster, also known as prime suspects is overharvesting for
vinegar flies) responsible for the insects waterproof coating, biomedical use. Two of their enzymes,
which provides protection from microbes and environmental luciferin and luciferase, are used to
stress. The team nicknamed the gene spidey, and announced the track the growth of cancer
findings in a recently published study in PLoS Genetics. tumors, for example.
When we knocked out spidey in adult flies, the flies exhibited Source:
several striking features, explains Dr. Yew, an assistant researcher
based in the Pacific
Biosciences Research
Center of UH Mnoas Magnets make mice happy.
School of Ocean and A recent report in Nature
Earth Science and Neuroscience found that lab mice
Technology. Their walking through a magnetic ield
lifespan was shortened by made their brain react pleasurably,
about 50 percent. They similar to having eaten a delicious
lost almost all of their treat. While the remote control
waxy coating, and the of the nervous systems of living
flies frequently got stuck animals is a bit on the scary side,
to the sides of the plastic it does have health treatment
implications as well as the
vials and were unable to
potential for new pest management
free themselves. This last techniques. Before you start taking
feature was reminiscent of the comic The wax-producing cells of
magnets off the fridge and placing
book character Spider-Man, which is Drosophila spp. have been
genetically labeled with a them into your bait stations, though,
why we named the gene spidey. green fluorescent marker, remember this is a preliminary study.

Spidey is important for regulating levels allowing the cells to be Source:
of a steroid hormone, which maintains visualized in live flies.


wax-producing cells. This hormone was
already known to play a crucial role in the
development and metamorphosis of fly larvae. The researchers Smell bad to
did not expect steroid hormones would play mosquitoes,
good to
MORE ONLINE such a central role in maintaining adult tissues,
Learn more about this everyone
topic at
such as the wax-producing cells. else.
We did this work in vinegar flies, which is Researchers
a major model organism, Dr. Yew says. From here, perhaps we at the
can bridge to [other] pest species. University
Yew and her colleagues now plan to knock out spidey in oriental of California-
fruit flies (Bactrocera dorsalis), Mediterranean fruit flies (Ceratitis Riverside are
capitata) and melon flies (B. cucurbitae), which are a major threat working on a lotion
to agriculture, and possibly mosquitoes, to see whether they lose that smells mildly like
their waterproofing ability like the vinegar flies. She says it would be grape and orange blossom. Its a
at least four more years of more research, testing and government pleasant scent to (most) humans,
but repels Aedes aegypti, the yellow
approvals before the discovery could be used as a pest control.
fever mosquito. The team hopes
The work was funded by the Singapore National Research to bring it to market by 2018.
Foundation, the UH Mnoa Office of the Vice Chancellor for Source:
Research and the UH Mnoa Pacific Biosciences Research Center.

16 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


White House issues

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE Pollinator Partnership
Action Plan
U.S. Zika funding bill in flux The White House released
on June 22 its Pollinator
Just days after the U.S. House of other vector-borne diseases (including Partnership Action Plan
Representatives passed a $1.1 billion mosquito control). (PPAP), which furthers
President Barack Obamas
Zika funding package, Senate Democrats Within 30 days of enacting into law, the
June 2014 memorandum
blocked the bill on June 29. The measure Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health
that focused the attention
failed 52-48 in a procedural vote that and Human Services would have been of Federal agencies on
needed the support of 60 senators to required to detail plans on how the funds pollinators (Editors Note:
advance. The National Pest Management will be allocated and/or made available to See Pest Management
Association (NPMA), which broke the news those needing additional resources. Public- Professionals August 2015
to the pest management industry, notes the private partnerships would have been cover story for details). The
bill had a funding mechanism that would authorized with these funds. plan has three focus areas:
defund portions of the Affordable Care Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination 1 Honey bee health.
and Planned Parenthood. System (NPDES) permits for mosquito 2 Monarch butterly
According to the NPMA, components of control treatments would have been conservation.
the Zika funding package that had a direct suspended for 180 days for those entities 3 Pollinator habitat,
including land
impact on the structural pest management authorized/certiied to perform mosquito
conservation, restoration
industry include: treatments within their state. and enhancement.
$476 million in funds would have been President Barack Obama urged A PDF of the plan may
made available directly to the U.S. Centers lawmakers to pass Zika funding be downloaded from
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) legislation before their summer recess
through September 2017 to prevent, began in mid-July, but that did not
prepare for and respond to Zika virus and occur. Their break ends in early September. Blog/PPAP_2016.pdf.

ACQUISITIONS & EXPANSION acquired Lynn Pest Control, with President Cody Bledsoe
joining 855bugs.coms sales team. Both irms are based in Waco, Texas.

Atlanta-based Inspect-All Services started offering its home inspection

services in Jacksonville, Fla., in September 2015, its irst branch outside
Georgia. In May, it started its pest management operations there, too.

Atlanta-based Arrow
Exterminators acquired
40-year-old C&H Pest Anthony Kruszewski, regional manager of Wil-Kil Pest

Control, Picayune, Miss. Controls Chippewa Falls, Wis., office, cuts the ribbon
It will operate as Stark for the companys new training center in Chippewa
Exterminators. Pictured Falls. The state-of-the-art facility features four full-
from left are Arrows size environmental modules designed to provide
Tommy Giardino and real-world experience before entering the field. The
Kevin Burns, C&Hs modules consist of a kitchen, grocery store, hotel
Linda and Darryle room and warehouse. The training facility also holds
Whitfield, and Arrows different types of pest management equipment to
Tim Pollard. complete proper training and education.

18 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

2 3
Rotate Maintain
Clean Out

True rotation involves more than just switching productsits about switching to
the right product. Only Maxforce has Impact, designed with an alternate
bait matrix that eliminates resistant, bait-averse roaches.

The Maxforce Roach Control System brings together the cleanout

power of Magnum, the rotational benefits and EPA reduced-risk
designation for cockroach control of Impact, and the sustained
control of Select. Together, they give you a real rotation solution you | @BayerPestPro wont find anywhere else. And using the system is as easy as 1-2-3.

Bayer CropScience LP, Environmental Science Division, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. 1-800-331-2867. Bayer, the Bayer Cross and Maxforce are registered trademarks of Bayer.
Not all products are registered in all states. Always read and follow label instructions. 2016 Bayer CropScience LP
Products, manufacturer of Vikane
MOVERS & SHAKERS fumigant. The contest recognizes
PESTCAL WINS California fumigators for promoting
structural fumigation through signage at
PCOC-VIKANE job sites. This year, there were a record
Pest Control Operators of California
64 banner entries.
PestCal Exterminators of Van Nuys, PestCal Exterminators submitted this
Calif., won irst place. The company years first-place banner in the 13th annual
(PCOC) announced the winners of the
Fumigation Banner Bonanza Contest.
13th annual Fumigation Banner Bonanza serves the greater Los Angeles area.
Contest, sponsored by Douglas The judging panel commented the
winning banner was simple and
professional and projected trust.
Judges also noted the companys logo
and found the bug outline over the state
of California to be memorable.
I designed our company logo
and this banner myself, says
RODENTICIDES Kevin Campos, owner of PestCal
Exterminators. One day, before I
Aromatic, Secure started this company, I was driving
around and pictured a roach with the
state of California. I havent seen that
& Simply Deadly done for a logo yet, and I thought it
would catch peoples eyes. I drew it up,
and thats the logo that you see today

WAX BLOCKS on our banner.

Campos says he will use the $1,200
prize money for an appreciation party
DISTRIBUTOR NEAR YOU for his employees.
In second place ($1,000) was Lloyd
Pest Control of Southern California,
featuring its mouse mascot. Bug Defense
Termite & Pest Control of Orange County,
Calif., was awarded third place ($500).

Pest Management
Professional (PMP)
magazine is proud
to announce that
Technical Editor Dr.
Stuart Mitchell achieved
> Unsurpassed moisture tolerance corps membership status in the United
States Regional And National Group
Emergency Responders (RANGER).
> Easy to secure, hole cast into block
Atlanta-based Arrow
> Chocolate aroma for added attractiveness Exterminators promoted
Tommy Giardino to
senior vice president
of operations for the
PelGar USA 610.849.1723

East Coast of Florida and the Gulf Coast. He
previously served as the regional vice
president of the East Coast of Florida.


20 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

The pros that stand behind the pros are proud to introduce Precor 2625,
a combination of an IGR and a broad-spectrum insecticide in one aerosol
that stops adult and pre-adult fleas (95% of flea populations) before they can infest.
Backed by exceptional Zocon service, Precor 2625, along with the entire family
of Precor products, helps PMPs build fierce protocols that will keep homes flea free.



Zoecon with design and Precor are registered trademarks of Wellmark International. 2016 Wellmark International.

Truly Nolen Pest Masters Touch Pest

Control created a Solutions, based in
Western Commercial Downingtown, Pa., is
Bird Division covering celebrating 25 years
Arizona. It will be led in business.
by bird expert Andy
Srejic, who joined the Tami Swanson was
company in April and has 15 years promoted to senior
of pest control industry experience. director of Orlando,
Previously, Srejic worked for Bird Fla.-based Massey
Barrier, specializing in developing Services Multi-Family
successful bird control strategies at Division.
complex sites.

In addition, the Tucson, Ariz.-based

Truly Nolen made several promotions:
t Daniel Morrow is manager of the
National Commercial service ofice at
corporate headquarters.
t Michael Barcelo is
sales supervisor of
its Tucson-based
Bayonne Exterminating, Bayonne, N.J.,
Customer Care Center.
is a third-generation, family-owned and
t John Dorgan is -operated company that has served
manager of the Tempe,
northern New Jersey for 90 years. Here,
Ariz., service ofice. Ralph Citarella Jr. congratulates his father,
Daniel Morrow
t Joe Knowles is Ralph Sr., on their milestone.
manager of its San
Diego service ofice in
La Mesa, Calif.
t Julio Pujol is manager BIRD-X EXPANDS
of the Miami Gardens,
Fla., service ofice.
t Thomas Richards is Michael Barcelo Because
manager of its Midvale, of a steady
Utah, service ofice. increase in
t Sean Rowland demand, the
is manager of the introduction
Bonita Springs, Fla., of many new
service ofice. products,
John Dorgan and an
into new
markets, the Bird-X group of companies
added space from the building next
door to its existing Chicago facility.

Joe Knowles Julio Pujol Industry veteran Daniel

Scott, BCE, is Agri-
Turf Distributings new
pest control territory
manager for greater
Los Angeles.

Thomas Richards Sean Rowland CONTINUED ON PAGE 24

22 August 2016

SUPPLIER UPDATE process of sterilizing structures using CONTINUED FROM PAGE 22
clean, hot air. AP&G Co. hired industry veteran Scott
Westenskow continues Hedmans passion as an inventor Baldwin, ACE, as its regional sales
ThermaPure legacy and entrepreneur began when manager for the western U.S. and
studying engineering and economics Canada.
Stefany Hedman
at Stanford University. In the 1990s, he
Westenskow assumed
the role of president began developing ThermaPureHeat, Bill Baxter was
and CEO of E-Therm the now patented technology that is appointed national
Inc. and TPE the application of clean, dry, hot air sales manager of
Associates LLC, the to a structure to reduce or eliminate BASFs Professional
Ventura, Calif.-based environmental contaminants. & Specialty Solutions
licensing companies Westenskow has been part of the division. Baxter
for ThermaPureHeat. ThermaPure companies leadership has more than 25
Westenskow since 2007, and worked closely with her years of experience working in the
succeeds her father, father on all management and operations agricultural crop protection, turf and
David Hedman, 59, issues at the companies while also pest control markets, with 17 years
who passed away overseeing the legal department for at BASF holding positions in sales
peacefully at home on May 13 after three years beginning in 2013. management, as well as U.S. and
battling cancer for several months. A memorial service to honor global marketing.
Hedman was founder, president and Hedmans life was held in May. In lieu of
CEO of the ThermaPure family of lowers, contributions may be made to Key 7 Software,
companies Precision Environmental, a special fund set up by the Boy Scouts Birmingham, Ala., hired
PrecisionWorks, E-Therm, TPE of America: Hedman Philanthropic Helon Baldone as a
and ThermaPure and developed Fund, 1325 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, business development
Thermapures structural pasteurization Texas 75038. specialist.

Joshua Joyce joins

Liphatechs Pest
Management division
as Western district
sales manager,
succeeding the retired
Larry King. His territory
includes Alaska, Arizona, California,
Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah,
Washington and western Canada.

Rockwell Labs Ltd

appointed James Osuch
vice president of sales
for its professional
business. He is based
in Tampa, Fla.

Zane McCallister joins

Central Life Sciences
Vector Products sales
team for its Zocon
Professional Products
division as the Southeast
regional vector sales
manager. The 15-year industry veterans
territory includes Florida, Georgia, and
North and South Carolina.

24 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Mount Snap Traps (Almost) Anywhere!
Quickly mount snap traps
to any metal surface.
Streamlined for quick positioning, this
magnetic base allows for stealth and easy
placement to any steel or metal surface.
Slide your snap trap in under the tabs
until it clicks and then youre ready. Two
powerful magnets generate almost 24 lbs.
of pull force.

Holds: Kness Big Snap, Trapper T-Rex, Catchmaster Model 621P EZ,
Motomco Tomcat, Victor Power Kill Rat Trap.

HVAC Units Dumpsters Pipes

We faced a daunting task. A major rat clean-out

Saved Time Installing
was necessary at an outdoor lawn and garden They estimate they saved a full days labor
center. We needed to deploy about 300 snap not taping and zip-tying the traps in place.
traps on a variety of racks, beams and pipes.
Presented More Professional Appearance
Zip ties and duct tape are unattractive.
We used Pest Barriers rat trap Magnetic Bases
to quickly secure the traps to vertical, horizontal Impressed Store Personnel
and angled surfaces. We even mounted traps Kept asking how the traps stay in place.
upside down. Reused Magnetic Bases
Gradual removal of bases, as they are no
Phebes Rhyne longer necessary. They can now be used on
Branch Manager other Lloyds accounts.
Lloyd Pest Control
Anaheim, CA
Watch the Video


MGKs 3 pillars of success:

Be innovative, responsive & reliable
f necessity is the mother of invention, Pest management Bedlam Plus Featuring two
happenstance is the father. professionals (PMPs) modes of action, this aerosol keeps
When founded in 1902, MGKs and their customers killing bed bugs for up to 16 weeks
principal business was grinding crave control solutions (even pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs).
spices, such as cinnamon and that are fast acting NyGuard IGR This concentrate
pepper, as well as plant leaves, barks, and long lasting, and breaks the reproductive cycles of
fruits and lowers used to produce thats precisely what Steve Gullickson ants, cockroaches, leas, lies and
pharmaceuticals. Early on, the company MGK provides, says mosquitoes.
realized its shipments containing certain Ian Thorburn, MGKs NyGuard Plus This lea and tick
lowers always seemed to be bug free. director of marketing. premise spray is fast acting, long
MGK had stumbled upon pyrethrum, We invest lasting, and helps eliminate pet odor.
a botanical insecticide produced signiicant time and Onslaught This
primarily in the lowers of Tanacetum monies, and partner microencapsulated insecticide
cinerariaefolium, a species of the closely with PMPs, to Ian Thorburn provides long-term control of bed
chrysanthemum plant family. ensure every product bugs, leas and other pests.
Happenstance meets necessity: we bring to market Onslaught FastCap Containing
By 1920, MGK was producing meets speciic needs the synergist Exponent and two active
pyrethrum-based insecticides for the and exceeds eficacy ingredients, this solution provides
retail market. In 2001, MGK spawned expectations, fast and sustained control of spiders,
its irst professional pest management Thorburn says. scorpions and other pests.
solution: NyGuard, an Brian Krelitz, Vendetta This cockroach gel
insect growth regulator MGKs market Brian Krelitz bait incorporates a highly palatable,
(IGR). A relative latecomer manager for balanced nutrient matrix to attract
to the professional pest professional products, bait-averse and non-averse
management dance, MGK says the company built strains.
quickly attracted suitors with a formidable following Vendetta Plus This German
its expanding family of proven with PMPs by being: cockroach killer leverages two
pest control solutions. Innovative: modes of action and MGKs
In just15 years, weve Developing very NyGuard IGR.
gone from 0 percent to 10 effective products. Riptide This water-based
percent-plus market share Responsive: Listening pyrethrin ULV kills mosquitoes that
for general pest control to the VOC (voice of may transmit Zika, chikungunya
insecticides in the ultra- the customer). and West Nile viruses.
competitive professional Reliable: Launching
pest management solutions that get
market, says results.
MGK President MGK offers the power
Steve Gullickson. of the lower and so
The next 15 much more these days,
years look equally Krelitz says.
bright for MGK, Following are just a few of
especially with MGKs popular professional pest
global innovator management solutions:
Sumitomo Bedlam This aerosol insecticide
Chemical as kills bed bugs and their eggs, lice
our new parent and dust mites, and offers residual
company. protection for as long as two weeks.

28 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Hang Termites
Out to Dry

Proper moisture control

is important to limit
subterranean termite activity.

Prevent future infestations by sealing

and dehumidifying with an Aprilaire
high-capacity dehumidifier.

Commercial-grade moisture removal

Capacities from 70 to 130 pints per day
Robust yet compact design
Easy to install and maintain
Exclusive 5-year warranty

Differentiate your business from

the competition while you protect
your customers' space and your
reputation long term.

Include high capacity dehumidification with every

sealing job, from the leaders in humidity control.
Call 800-334-6011 or visit

Copyright 2016 Aprilaire


Rockwell Labs pest management solutions

help create an Unfair Advantage for PMPs
Today, Rockwell

isse Spragins
holds a occupies a 50,000-
bachelors sq.-ft. facility in North
degree in Kansas City, Mo.,
chemistry, masters that Dr. Spragins
degrees in chemistry purchased in 2011 to
and physics, and a Dr. Cisse Spragins keep up with growth David Murphy
Ph.D. in plasma physics. and consolidate the
Equally important, the owner and CEO companys ofices, labs,
of Rockwell Labs Ltd also possesses manufacturing, warehousing
an unwavering commitment to and shipping under one roof.
discovering and meeting unmet Before that, Rockwell leased
customer needs and bridging the a 20,000-sq.-ft. building a few
industrys integrated pest management blocks away. The company solutions now numbers
(IPM) technology gaps. employs 35 people not some 40 products, most of
I founded Rockwell including four which meet its Green Zone
Labs in 1998 with young, professional sustainability standards,
one overarching women Rockwell notes David Murphy, the
mission: to provide hired recently as companys vice president
pest management chemistry and of marketing, product
professionals (PMPs) engineering interns (see management and customer service.
with an Unfair July issue, page 22). This year alone, we launched
Advantage against the Were constantly EcoVia G granular insecticide, EcoVia
myriad structural pests reinvesting, Dr. Spragins CA contact aerosol insecticide,
threatening our public says. For instance, we and EcoVia 3-in-1, an emulsiiable
health and property, just added a machine to concentrate (EC) insecticide, miticide
Dr. Spragins says. automate production of our and fungicide, Murphy adds. We
Dr. Spragins is a rare InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait. also redesigned our InTice Gelanimo
ind: a science-based entrepreneur. The equipment cost more than my Ant Bait station, making it even more
She invests signiicant time and house, but were not stopping there. user friendly, and worked hard to
monies to ensure each control solution Were also increasing automation on add more than a dozen additional
bearing the Rockwell name stands our dust line this year to keep pace pests to our CimeXa insecticide dust
out from the pack, from product with demand. label, including stored product pests,
packaging to performance. How does Rockwell do it? The old- clothes moths and carpet beetles.
Rockwell has fashioned way: with Rockwells top sellers include:
come quite a ways cash, not credit. InTice 10 Perimeter Bait, InVict Gold
from its humble We upgrade as Cockroach Gel, CimeXa and BorActin
beginnings 18 demand for product dusts, EcoVia EC, InVict Xpress
years ago, when grows, Dr. Spragins Granular Bait, and its InVade bio
Dr. Spragins was adds. We invest sanitation line.
the sole employee, where it makes We dont try to be all things to all
working on the the most sense to PMPs, Dr. Spragins adds. Rockwell
companys irst automate. We dont is super-focused on developing and
product prototype (the take on debt. manufacturing proven performers
D-Sect IPM Station) Rockwells control solutions and treatment
from her apartment growing family of protocols designed to drive the industry
in Minneapolis. pest management forward, while illing PMPs wallets.

30 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


fter leaving college in 1975, Kevin Clark headed All of a sudden, instead of breathing soot, I was

home to Dearborn Heights, Mich., and held pulling animals from structures, repairing roofs and
a number of jobs. But he didnt find his niche installing chimney caps, he recalls. I discovered wildlife
until his father, Jack, suggested he try chimney management was a growing trend and a more profitable
cleaning, a job the elder Clark had done part business, so I concentrated on animal control.
time to supplement his salary as a teacher. In 1986, Clark incorporated the Critter Control
Using some equipment Jack Clark loaned him, name and built his business in Westland, Mich. He
Clark added a wet-dry vacuum and chimney sweep began offering franchises in neighboring states a year
brush. He was in business. later, and added an average of one new franchise a
By 1983, the chimney cleaning business was steady. month during the next 10 years.
But Clark started receiving more requests to remove Critter Control grew from a one-man operation
animals from chimneys. with sales of $45,000 in 1982 to a $35 million-a-year

Clark heeds the

call of
the wild Kevin Clark was a small fish in a
big pond. Now hes a big fish in
a big pond. After starting and
expanding Critter Control
through franchising, he
has helped Rollins grow
strategically by selling
his business to it.
BY JOHN WALSH | Contributor

Kevin Clark transformed

his chimney cleaning business
to an animal removal service
operation. By 2007, it had more than 100 locations
and 450 employees. The company averaged a steady
20 percent annual sales growth for almost 20 years,
until Sept. 11, 2001.
Clark generated growth largely from existing
franchisees. In 2007, less than 10 percent of his 100
licensees operated more than one location. But when
Critter Control joined Atlanta-based Rollins Inc. in
March 2015, it reportedly had been the largest wildlife
control company in the United States for more than
two decades.

Franchise strategies
Early on, Clark allowed franchisees to name their
territories. The fees were the same no matter the size
of the market. As Clark gained experience including
buying machine-made chimney caps instead of making
them from hardware cloth by hand at home he had
established four different types of franchise territories:
A-TYPE covered markets of 600,000 people or less,
and cost a one-time fee of $18,000 plus 6 percent of
annual revenues for ongoing support. The initial fee
covered the application, license, training, marketing
support and customer relationship management tools.
B-TYPE covered markets of 600,000 to 1.2 million people.
It cost $24,000 up front, plus 6 percent of annual revenues.
C-TYPE covered markets of 1.2 million to 1.8 million
people and cost $30,000 up front, plus 6 percent of
annual revenues.
D-TYPE covered markets of 1.8 million to 2.4 million
people and cost $36,000 up front, plus 6 percent of
annual revenues.
There are currently more than 115 Critter Control
franchises in more than 40 states. Todays franchise
territories are based on populations or profit potential.
Licensees sign non-compete agreements covering the
proprietary information and trade secrets the company
has developed throughout the years. Recent growth is
attributed to brand awareness and sales in key markets.
The company, which markets with the tagline
Protecting people, property and wildlife,
differentiates itself from competitors in the market
by its people and commitment to providing quality
service. That service includes guaranteed satisfaction. The gloved hand
of Peter Riney,
Its teams expertly handle animals of all sizes, focusing
owner of Critter
on vertebrate pests such as squirrels, raccoons, bats Control of Central
and birds. Missouri, holds a
In 2014, the year before Rollins bought Critter captured snake.
Control, company revenue was $58 million, Clark

reports. Clark, a member of the National Pest

Management Association (NPMA) and the National
Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA),
says the main reason for its success is his employees. Pest Management Professional August 2016 33


Any service business succeeds

because of its people, and Critter Critter Controls
Control has some of the best people
Ive ever known, he adds.
Because Critter Control has
Top 10
operations throughout the country,
its positioned to handle referrals
nuisance wildlife
nationally, not just locally. The limate and location can determine which
company has established standards
of excellence in animal pest control,
and upholds these standards with
a professional staff of biologists,
C1 wildlife is the biggest nuisance for Critter
Control throughout the year. The following list
is the most applicable for spring and summer:
Raccoons are nocturnal mammals common throughout North
America. Besides the native northern raccoon (Procyon lotor), there
zoologists, animal control officers
are six other species, most of which live on tropical islands. These clever
and anti-cruelty personnel.
creatures have nimble hands and are intelligent problem solvers capable of
Our highly experienced and opening latches, turning doorknobs, climbing, swimming and running quickly.
qualified animal control teams can
assist in any wildlife animal control
problem, using humane handling
2 Squirrels are divided into three groups: tree, ground and flying. Species categorized
in all three have the capacity to cause destruction on lawns and in homes. Some of
the more common species that regularly come into contact with humans and manmade
strategies in all situations, Clark structures include fox (Sciurus niger), eastern gray (S. carolinensis) and red (S. vulgaris)
says. With over one hundred office squirrels.
locations in most major U.S. markets,
our experts are ready to help with the 3 Skunks (Mephitidae), which can be found throughout the continental U.S., are
known for their acrid, pungent odor and black-and-white stripes. Their musk, which
is produced by a pair of anal scent glands, can be smelled from far away. The bodily
best interest of yourself, your property
and the problem wildlife in mind. chemicals that produce the odor irritate multiple senses. Nocturnal and omnivorous, they
eat many different foods, such as small insects, amphibians, rodents and garbage.

The big deal

When Clark first started his company 4 Birds feed on insects, rodents, worms, fish and many other animals. Aside from
pigeons, sparrows and starlings, most birds are afforded considerable protection by
laws, regulations and public sentiment.
in the early 80s, Orkin (also part of
Rollins) was a big supporter.
They sent me leads and
5 Moles are mammals of the order Eulipotyphla, which includes hedgehogs and shrews.
Subterranean by nature, theyre solitary creatures that can be found throughout the
U.S. Their tunneling habits mar yards, gardens and farms.
referrals and helped me get started,
he says. And weve kept that great
relationship throughout the years.
6 More than 40 bat (Chiroptera) species exist in the U.S., and nearly 1,000 different
species live throughout the world. Although bats are capable of spreading disease,
their existence is beneficial to humans and the environment. While some feed on nectar,
When Clark started thinking other small mammals, fish or blood, most are insectivores and maintain a diet of night-
CONTINUED ON PAGE 36 flying insects.

A possum pokes out of the gloved hand

of Mike Faler, a past franchisee of Critter 7 Commonly called meadow mice, voles (Cricetidae) thrive in grasslands and
mountains. They can be found throughout the U.S. and feed on various plants. Their
feeding habits damage growing trees, lawns and gardens. Voles are easily distinguishable
Control in Columbus, Ohio.
from other commensal rodents by their short tails and less-pronounced ears.

8 Possums (Didelphimorphia spp.) are the only marsupials native to North America, where
they thrive in wooded and suburban areas east of the Rocky Mountains. The nocturnal
mammals eat almost anything, including garbage, roadkill, rotten fruit, grass, insects, birds
and snakes. They have a reputation for playing dead by curling onto their back, sticking their

tongue out, squirting foul fluid from their anuses, and staring off into space when confronted
by predators. They also attempt to scare predators by baring their teeth and hissing.

9 The Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), which is the most commonly found rat pest in
the U.S., is also called a brown, house, sewer or wharf rat. Found in every state, its
considered the most economically important rat in the U.S.

10 The house mouse (Mus musculus) is second only to humans as the most common
mammal in urban areas throughout the country. House mice are notorious
nibblers that climb, jump and swim to reach to their favorite foods, which are often found
in houses, farms, open fields and commercial buildings. Curious and fearless, theyll
chew through walls, electrical cables and storage containers to get what they want.

34 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Heavy Duty
Traps HQT
Heavy Duty
Tomahawk Professional
Series Traps
Made from high tensile, heavy gauge wire mesh.
Galvanized wire for higher corrosion resistance
resulting in 3x longer life.
Trap frame and doors contain 25% more
reinforcing rods.
Trap frame consists entirely of x 1 spacing. Which
adds strength, protects bait area, and prevents animal
damage to surrounding area.
More O-Ring supports securing trigger rod an
preventing animal damage.
Reinforced rear release door with secure locking
device. Allows for safe release and easy baiting, yet
strong and escape proof.
Sure-Fire trip mechanism with brass roller system
assures nearly 100% capture rate.

Call 800-272-8727 | Online:

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 34 Critter Control Wildlife
about moving into the next phase of his career and Removal
personal life (his daughter graduated from high school
this spring), he decided Rollins would be a great fit.
Offerings 40%
Because Clark had an ongoing relationship with Rollins, Service/Damage
he had entertained two previous offers, so some of 3% Repair
Rollins due diligence this time around was already done. Municipality
But we just werent ready to sell until last year, he says.
The Rollins-Critter Control deal came together
within just a few months. 7% General
Pest Management

Because I had been preparing for this deal for more

than 30 years, and Rollins was extremely professional SOURCE: ROLLINS INC.
and organized, it went very smoothly, Clark says. The
transaction was almost anticlimactic.
The relationship between Critter Control and Rollins When large companies buy smaller ones, especially
existed for a while, so its difficult to put an exact date on those entrepreneurial in nature, owners of the smaller
when Rollins first reached out to Clark about purchasing businesses tend to be concerned about how the
his company, says Steve Leavitt, division president for purchase will affect the company and its employees.
Rollins specialty brands, including Critter Control. But Clark didnt have such concerns.
We had these acquisition discussions with him a Because the Rollins team and I had such a
couple of times before, but the timing wasnt quite longstanding relationship, there wasnt much to worry
right, Leavitt says. Because we had done some of about, he says. The two things that were top on my
the research and legwork ahead of time, the final list were that they would support the people and the
negotiations went pretty quickly. CONTINUED ON PAGE 38
Wildlife Control Supplies
X Experience X Knowledge X Products for Professionals

Got Nuisance Birds?

WCS can help!

Guardian-2 ECO
Propane Cannon

Guardian-2 Single
Rotary Propane Cannon
Gepaval Guardian-2 Standard Propane
$264.95 Cannon w/Telescoping Barrel

Gepaval Automatic Timer for

Propane Cannons
Premier Supplier to
$114.95 Wildlife Control Professionals Call toll-free 877-684-7262


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 36 franchise owners, however, so there Services, have taken positions with
brand, and there was never any was little cultural impact. other Critter Control offices, and
doubt about those. We have a handful of support one went to work with one of our
With such purchases, some employees who will be affected. Some vendors.
employees who work for smaller jobs will be eliminated because of Rollins, which owns primarily
companies leave because they dont economies of scale, and some will be pest control companies such as
want to work for large ones. The vast retained, Clark says. Two-thirds of Orkin, Permatreat and Western
majority of Critter Control employees our employees are still on staff with Pest Services (see box below), was
work directly for independent Critter Control under Rollins Wildlife interested in Critter Control because
its a strong brand and a customer-
centric organization, Leavitt says.
We share similar ethics and
a devotion to the customer, he
continues. Since the beginning of

YOUR CALL our relationship, weve known that

when referring our existing pest
control customers to Critter Control
to address their wildlife issues, the

PRAY OR SPRAY customers have been pleased with

the outcome. If we need to refer a
customer to another company, its
important that the other company
shares the same values around
taking care of the customer.
Compared to the other
purchases Rollins has made, the

An industry
power player
Founded in 1948 as Rollins Broadcasting,
today Rollins Inc. is a global consumer and
commercial services company. At press
time, its wholly owned subsidiaries include:
Crane Pest Control
Critter Control
HomeTeam Pest Defense
Murray Pest Control
Orkin Canada
Orkin LLC
Statewide Pest Control
The Industrial Fumigant Co.
Trutech LLC
Waltham Services LLC
Western Pest Services
Rollins serves more than 2 million customers
in the United States, Canada, Central
America, South America, the Caribbean,
the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean,
Europe, Africa, Mexico and Australia from
more than 700 locations.

38 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Let Us Help You Take Control

Limited Time

For PM eaders

Ask about our Best Fit Try our new Virtual Service
feature to find the best feature and send video
tech/time for last minute jobs. updates to your customers.

Get started by calling 866-997-1311

Copyright 2016 WorkWave. All rights reserved. |

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 38 Caleb Stroh, owner

of Critter Control
franchise network was really the
of Salt Lake City,
only difference. and Donny head
It was more like over 100 small out for a job. The
acquisitions because of the numerous Jack Russell terrier
independent owner-operators, helps Stroh find
critters dead or
Leavitt says. A shared vision and
alive in walls and
clear and transparent communication other hard-to-
are imperative when working with reach areas.
the franchise network.

A new operation
Operationally, some differences exist now that Rollins
owns Critter Control. Because Rollins has been in
business for nearly a century, it has shared a lot of what
it has learned, including the reasons behind its decision-
making. Critter Control benefits from Rollins large scale
in terms of buying decisions, and Rollins can leverage
Critter Controls national-level reporting and marketing. Critter Control is taking advantage of economies


Its also nice to have some sister brands to approach of scale in purchasing and marketing support, in
if I need some additional resources, Clark says. addition to best practices.
But not much else has changed operationally with We continue to be reminded there are talented


Critter Control, because Rollins is looking to provide people out there who inspire us every day, Leavitt says.
the company the support it needs. For example, CONTINUED ON PAGE 42

More han 4,000

Pest Management Companies
Cant be Wrong
Floral Park, N.Y.-based Dial-A-Bug Pest Control, Select Insurance Agency is a
has been working with Select for nearly 25 years. family owned and operated business that
provides insurance products speciically
tailored to meet the risk management needs
of the pest management industry in more
Phillis and Frank are than 45 states nationwide.
synonymous with reliability
General Liability
and trust. he timely fashion in
which they answer our questions Automobile & Fleet Coverages
and provide us with needed Workers Compensation
documents is second to none. Our business Umbrella
has grown dramatically in the past 20 Commercial Property
years, and its because weve always tried Employment Practices Liability
to surround ourselves with the best in the
Commercial Crime
business for whatever our needs are. Its no
big secret that for insurance in our industry, Canine Mortality
its Select Insurance. Mold Liability
Joel Fagin, Co-Owner As former pest management professionals,
Selects owners understand that every pest
management professional operates his or
her business differently, resulting in a variety
of exposures and risks. Select considers
each business individually before developing
a pest management insurance program and
assigning a carrier.
Select Insurance Agency is a proud
member of the National Pest Management
Pictured: Frank and Association and maintains many state and
Phillis MacDonald, regional memberships as well.
Select Insurance


A Critter Control CONTINUED FROM PAGE 40

technician prepares They know their teams, markets
to place a captured and businesses. They bring a unique
snake in a plastic
bin for removal
approach, and we should let them do
from the account. what they do.
Since the purchase, Clark has moved
away from the day-to-day operations to concentrate on the
larger organization. Hes freed up to promote the brand,
support operators and identify the next generation of
franchisees. Hes now more of a brand ambassador.
Conversely, Critter Controls model fills a void that
Rollins Orkin operators have found challenging. For
example, if a general pest management customer needs
an unscheduled visit, the technician often can work it
into his or her day. But a wildlife visit takes significantly
more time and isnt something thats easily added
to an existing schedule. Wildlife also requires specialty
experience Orkin technicians may or may not have, so it
needs its own focus to be done well.
We believe that partnering with a highly regarded


specialty brand to provide this expert service
will enhance the overall experience for all of our
customers, Leavitt says.

Garden Girls Repellents LLC Mosquit
Enjoy the outdoors again!

at your
P.O. Box 735 Free local SiteOne

Hawleyville, CT 06440 Mosquito Free is not a

larvicide and its intended
For residential and commercial use.
use is to target adult
mosquitoes. Must be used
regularly for best results. Supply.
*No more mosquitoes!

Ask for it!

Visit us on the web for our other great products at

Our products have been tested and used by B.H. Stangel, Inc. and its affiliates.

42 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Physical Barriers
to Pest Entry
Sustainable pretreatment supplements
Sustainable post-construction treatments
Sustainable remodeling treatments
Contact us for information on becoming an Approved Applicator.
We have Pre-Construction / Post-Construction Treatments for pest exclusion.

TERM All Pest Bath Trap Barrier TERM Sealant Barrier TERM Particle Barrier

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Looking ahead, the keys to Rollins growth include: Kevin Clark
1. Keep the customers it has by providing superior instructs a
service, and add new customers. Critter Control
technician as he
2. Maintain a profitable pricing structure. begins an attic
3. Acquire well-run pest control and wildlife organizations inspection.
that have strong, ethical operators who focus on customer
service and keeping a healthy customer base. Overall,
Rollins aims to focus on providing a superior customer
service experience one service at a time, every time.
The Critter Control acquisition was Rollins largest
of 2015.
Its a natural way for us to grow, because its all
about cultivating relationships at the local level,
Leavitt says. All of our operators are active in the
community and the pest control industry locally.
That puts us in a great position to identify well-run
operations we might want to partner with. Sometimes
those partnerships become acquisitions, and sometimes
they dont, but working together as industry partners
makes everyone better. PMP

WALSH is a Cleveland-based freelance writer who specializes in the

pest management industry. Contact him at

44 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


introducing the REST initiative,
providing orphanages and shelters
a safe place to sleep.
P.E.S.T. Relief International is an organized efort whereby professionals in the Pest Management Industry are
joining together to bring comfort and relief to the destitute and defenseless by providing nutrition, education,
safe shelter, spiritual enrichment, physical and emotional health. Our goal is to provide these basic essential
needs in order to empower, sustain and transform lives and ultimately their communities.

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Fig. 1: A paper
wasp scrapes
wood fibers

Apache wasps from weathered


are fierce
Polistes apachus, commonly
encountered in the western
external wood fibers to become loosened from poles,
United States, can act menacingly plant stakes, posts, etc. They would repeatedly return
when foraging for nest materials. to the same piece of wood to gather cellulose fibers. On
one occasion, I observed five wasps four P. apachus
But their Achilles heel just and one P. fuscatus aurifer, commonly known as the
might be plain old H2O. golden or northern paper wasp remove wood fibers
from the same piece of wood at the same time.
BY HANIF GULMAHAMAD, BCE | Contributor By mid-February, 10 different nests were being
constructed on various sites on both the first- and

aper wasps (Polistes spp.) sometimes second-story eaves of my home. As the skittish wasps
pose aggravating problems at human went about their tasks, they posed a menace to my
habitation. Over many years of delivering family as we did yard work, took out the trash,
pest management services to homeowners gardened or simply tried to enjoy the yard.
in southern California, I have dealt with Unlike bees, which have barbed stingers that rip out
cases of paper wasps landing directly on after a sting, causing the death of the attacker, paper
the surface of water in swimming pools to drink and/ wasps have needle-like stingers that they can use to sting
or collect water, especially on hot summer days. In repeatedly. The idea that paper wasps typically do not pose
southern California, particularly in inland areas, summer a threat to homeowners unless the nest is disturbed is not
temperatures often exceed 100F for weeks at a time. entirely true. On one occasion, I came within 2 ft. of a
This becomes a frustrating problem when large paper paper wasp nest in a citrus tree in my backyard. Although
wasp nests are on neighboring properties that you I was not stung, the wasps on the nest bristled with
cannot access or treat. Homeowners with small children activity as if they were spoiling for an attack.
frolicking in and around pools are deathly afraid of these My wife, however, was not so lucky: She was stung
wasps, and they may be skeptical of explanations that the by a wasp constructing a nest about 5 ft. above her
wasps are invading from neighboring areas rather than head, on the eaves of the garage above the back door.
their own yard. They often insist that something be done CONTINUED ON PAGE 50
to alleviate a virtually impossible situation.
In February, I observed several female Apache wasps
(P. apachus) flying in my backyard in Ontario, Calif. We
had a mild winter, and temperatures were in the mid
Whats an Apache wasp?
This particular paper wasp has been referred to as the Apache
80s. As a result, wasp foundresses (new queens) were wasp most likely because of its species name, Polistes apachus
beginning to construct nests at several sites under the (Saussure). It reportedly was introduced into California from Texas

eaves of my house much earlier than normal. about 1920. Apache wasps are now common in the central valleys
and have become the most frequently encountered paper wasp
I watched as the wasps scraped weathered,
nesting under the eaves of buildings in southern California.
construction-grade lumber and removed cellulosic They also nest in fruit trees, vines, shrubbery and other bushy
wood fibers (see Fig. 1). They seem to prefer certain areas, where their presence interferes with the harvesting of fruits,
types of aged wood, because the weathering causes trimming of hedges, and pruning of landscape plants. H.G.

48 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


The museum that Cooks

built enters new era
Bayer takes its mission of Science for A Better Life very seriously. The company
is committed to operating sustainably and to addressing social and ethical
responsibilities as a corporate citizen, while at the same time respecting the interests
of all its stakeholders. Values play a central role in the daily work of the Bayer team,
represented by the word LIFE: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Eficiency. Its in
that spirit that this month, Bayer brings to you a proile of a customer who embodies
those values and is doing his part to elevate the important work of our industry while
creating a better life for society: Brian Cook.
Brian Cook on the museums
construction site.

worthwhile. I know my grandfather would

be absolutely thrilled, he adds. I think
about him as we go through this. He loved
construction sites and seeing progress
happen. Im thankful to be a part of it.
Visit for links to
its Facebook page and blog to keep
apprised of the museums progress and

The dozen employees who were
with the previous incarnation of the
museum still have lots of work ahead.
Building the structure is the easy
The new museum is slated for a grand was growing at a satisfactory pace, but
opening in November 2017. part, Brian Cook explains, noting that
the museum side of things had plateaued.
construction will inish in January 2017.
We unanimously decided to not let it just
The late John R. Cook Sr. was inducted into Then you have to ill it.
run its course, but rather, look to the future,
the Pest Management Professional Hall of In the 1980s, the late John Cook
recalls Brian Cook, chief administration
Fame last year for his many contributions Sr. helped design the Bradford
oficer for Cooks Pest Control and Cook
to the industry. Among them was his gift to Square ofice complex, named after
Sr.s grandson. How do we make it more
his Decatur, Ala., community: the Cooks the Bradford pear tree. In addition to
meaningful for the next generation? It was
Natural Science Museum. housing the headquarters of Cooks
currently just a look-and-see museum, full
The contents of the museum have their Pest Control, the building also leases
of glass cases. We decided we needed to
roots in the 1960s, as an insect collection units to a variety of tenants. Brian
make it more hands-on, with technology,
for Cooks Pest Control techs to reference Cook notes, As our corporate ofice
outreach and educational programs.
in training and troubleshooting. The has grown, weve expanded into
To accomplish this goal, the museum
collection expanded over time to include additional units in the complex.

was taken out of the Cooks Pest Control

examples of local wildlife and ecology, and Thus, the museum ofices are
umbrella and converted to a 501(c)(3)
soon Cook Sr. was letting schoolchildren currently headquartered in the
non-proit organization, known as the
take a tour of the back room of Cooks complex as well, and Cook is able
Cook Museum of Natural Science. Brian
Pest Control to take in the sights. to spend part of each day with the
Cook is president of the board for the
In 1980, Cook Sr. oversaw the museum staff, then shift gears and
museum, which is on track to reopen in
construction of a 5,000-sq.-ft. museum in return across campus to work with his
its new, 60,000-sq.-ft. home in November
downtown Decatur. An estimated 750,000 pest management staff.
visitors have passed through its doors
While Cook admits
since then.
its been a lot of
Fast-forward to 2012. Cook Sr. had
work, its also been
passed away in 2009 of pancreatic
cancer, and his family was at a 1-800-331-2867
crossroads: Cooks Pest Control #
She had neither disturbed the wasp nest nor swatted at
the wasp. She was simply walking by the area when she
was stung. Luckily, she was not allergic to the venom.
On March 27, my daughter and I were sitting on chairs
on the rear, uncovered patio of the house, reading the
newspaper. Paper wasps were also making the most of the
warm day, with the temperature at about 80F. They were
flying about the area, foraging for cellulose material.
In the spring, these wasps hunt exclusively for wood
fibers, as there are no larvae present in the nest to feed.
Adults do forage for their nutritional sustenance on
sugary items such as nectar, honeydew, fruit juices, etc.,
but none of these food sources were available in my
yard at that point in the year.
I counted nine wasps within 30 minutes, in an area a water hose. The small wasp nest Fig. 2: Small
that is about 2,260 sq. ft. These are large, reddish- in Fig. 2 contained 18 cells, each of founding nest on left
yellow wasps that fly slowly, with legs trailing under which had a single egg in it. When (approximately 18
and behind them. They can engender fear in people discovered, this wasp nest had two cells), and a large,
when flying about the place, as my daughter can attest adult wasps on it most likely, the mature nest on right
with 264 cells.
(frantically wondering why I was calmly counting them original foundress and a subservient
for a half hour instead of taking refuge inside). gyne (mated female). It was located
As spring turns to summer, paper wasps often forage on the high ridgeline eave of the second story of the house.
on properties for wood fibers for building more nests, The water pressure generated from the jet nozzle was
caterpillars to feed their young, and water and sugar high enough to reach the area well above 30 ft. from
for adult nourishment. They often do this from nests the ground. The house in the background shown in
not located on the affected properties. For example, I Fig. 3 is the same model as mine, and the second-story
can see paper wasp nests on the second-story eaves of roof peak eave area is where the wasps were building a
my neighbors house on the north side, which faces my nest on my property.
property. These nests go untreated year after year. Early-season wasp nests are best treated with high-
pressure water early in the morning, when all the
EARLY-SEASON CONTROL inhabitants are on the nests and it is still cold enough
Early-season paper wasp nests, like the one shown on the to inhibit wasps from taking flight because of low body
left side in Fig. 2, can be easily demolished by directing a temperatures. As the wasps fall to the ground, they
high-pressure stream of water from a jet nozzle attached to can be easily crushed. Fallen wasps had to be quickly
located and killed; otherwise, they rapidly dry their
wings by fanning them and they can take flight.
Fig. 3: Water Fig. 4 on p. 52 shows eight foundresses that were
stream from a jet dispatched by water treatment and crushing. The
nozzle attached drawback to using plain water, of course, is that theres
to a water hose. no residual: New foundresses arriving later in the season
will often start building nests at the same locations.
Wasp secretions at the base of petioles where they were
attached to a substrate seem to be very attractive to
foundresses who are searching for nest sites.
This spring, I water-treated early-season nests on my
house in late February and again in late March. However,
it is wise to demolish early-season nests and prevent them
from developing into large nests with hundreds of wasps

on them, so as to reduce the threat of stings later in the

year. Here are some tips:
Treating early-season wasp nests that have one
foundress, and perhaps one or two gynes, pose little

50 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

A delivery method for
every escape method.
Creep. Crawl. Buzz. Climb. Slither. Scurry. Scamper or hide. No matter how they try to escape,

there is a NUVAN product to reach the pest youre after. Our complete line of products makes

the powerful and effective chemistry of NUVAN available to you in several delivery modes.

Spray them, vaporize them or just fog them. If you need a tool to reach them, reach for NUVAN.

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Moths, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders, Ticks, Wasps, Waterbugs, and Weevils.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 50 across my yard. Can you come and
to no risk to the applicator. Catch do something about it? My kids are
the nest early enough, and you afraid of those things, you know.
wont have to break out the bee The customer understood that he
suit and other personal protective had signed on for 24/7/365 service,
equipment (PPE). and he decided to use the service
When directing a water stream at on that day for a single wasp flying
a wasp nest, do so at an angle. Do across his yard.
not stand directly below the nest, From a technical point of view,
because water will run off the eave paper wasps foraging for nest
and fascia boards and drench you. materials are more of a perceived
Keep in mind that wasps falling problem than a threat. However,
from a nest dislodged by water can to the people who feel threatened,
fall on the applicator directly below, the hazard is real. Destroying
resulting in a possible sting. small, early-season nests on a
At facilities where children are structure with a high-pressure
present, wasp nests can be removed water jet can reduce wasp activity
by water treatment on holidays and/ on a property and alleviate the
or on weekends when no one is threat. It is also a non-chemical
present, to avoid inadvertent stings. method of management, which


When I was a technician, we can be employed in highly sensitive
Fig. 4: Seven
received a call on a long holiday environments. PMP foundresses that
weekend from a homeowner who DR. GULMAHAMAD is an urban and structural were dispatched by
was tending a BBQ grill in his entomologist and consultant based in Ontario, water treatment.
backyard: I saw a wasp flying Calif. He can be reached at


I began my career in the pest control business with Orkin and Gary Rollins.
When I founded PermaTreat, I followed the Rollins ethos to grow a successful
pest control business. We are proud to return to our roots and join the Rollins
family of companies!

- Joe Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Permatreat


Matt Whiting | 404-888-2757 |

All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

52 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Mosquitoes dont just take the fun out of time outdoorsthey pose a serious
health risk, spreading diseases like Zika, West Nile and Chikungunya viruses.
At Zocon, we understand your challengesand stand behind you all the way.
Fight the mosquito menace, and claw back your customers outdoor spaces
with treatment designed for PMPs, including Altosid Pro-G larvicide granules,
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Always read and follow label directions. Zoecon with design, Altosid and Mavrik are registered trademarks of Wellmark International. 2016 Wellmark International.
entirely of social wasps. Twenty-two species on p. 50 contains about 264 cells, not
More on Polistes of Polistes are recorded in the United States,
and more than 200 species occur worldwide.
counting the unused, partially constructed
ones at the periphery. They are petiolated
Thanks to their penchant for building nests
on, in or near structures, paper wasps of the Wasps gathering wood fibers are skittish (stelocyttarous), one layer single-combed,
genus Polistes are commonly encountered and fly off quickly if you approach them to unprotected at the bottom and open
by humans. They tend to locate nests on take pictures. Rapid nest construction takes (gymnodomous) to the exterior. Nests that
sheltered and seldom-used parts of buildings, place in early spring, and wasps are busy are exposed to weather conditions, such as
thus increasing the potential for stings. travelling from their nest sites to a cellulose those built in shrubs and trees, are often very
Paper wasps belong to the family source, particularly on warm days. effectively waterproofed on the upper surface
Vespidae (Hymenoptera) and the subfamily Polistes nests can often attain large by the wasps using salivary proteins.
Polistinae, which is the second-largest of the sizes, but tend to maintain a basic, umbrella- Material from the European paper wasp,
six Vespid subfamilies. They are composed like shape. The large circular nest in Fig. 2 P. dominula, has been cloned for use as a
waterproof coating used in the manufacture
of biodegradable unmanned aerial vehicles
(UAVs). In a tongue-in-cheek reference to
this use, one writer referred to it as water-
proofing using wasp spit.
In general, all paper wasp colonies
are annual. Fertilized queens hibernate in
protected and secluded places, and emerge
in early spring to begin the search for
suitable nesting sites.
Some species exhibit fidelity to the site
where they were reared, especially if they
hibernated nearby. When a nest site is
chosen, a foundress (new queen) begins a
search for sources of cellulose (wood fibers),
which she uses to construct her paper nest.
Once a nest is established, the founding
queen may be joined by one or more gynes
(mated females), and they cooperate in nest
construction, nest enlargement, gathering of
cellulosic material, foraging for food, and the
progressive feeding of larvae.
The original foundress usually becomes
a mother superior by aggressive behavior
toward other subordinate reproductive
members. The first brood of workers produced
tends to be smaller, sterile females. They
assume all the work in the colony, such as
collecting cellulose material, enlarging the nest,
foraging for food and water, defending the
nest, and feeding and caring for the brood.
The original foundress then assumes her
primary duty of laying eggs. Depending on
weather conditions, food availability, and lack
of predation, paper wasp nests can increase in
size to encompass hundreds of individuals.
Depending on geographic location and
weather conditions, male and female larvae
are produced in early fall. Adults leave the
nest in late fall to mate. The males die,
while the mated females go into hibernation
in protected and secluded places. Older
workers die off. Replacements are no
longer produced, and the nest is eventually
abandoned. Abandoned paper wasp nests
on structures often become reservoirs for
Dermestid beetles (carpet beetles) that
invade structures, and thus should be
removed to minimize that risk.
It should also be pointed out that paper
wasps are beneficial in the ecosystem,
because they prey on caterpillars with which
to feed their larvae.H.G.

54 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

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Job Fair
By Will Nepper | Senior Editor

A good game of
Carpenter bees
(Xylocopa spp.) can
nest where you
least expect it.
o be honest, I wasnt thrilled

T to be going on a ride along

for a carpenter bee job. Ever
since a childhood birthday
party was overcome by a
siege of yellowjackets (more about
that fun day can be found in our June
2011 issue), Ive developed a mild
phobia toward stinging insects. It had
been awhile since Id covered carpenter
bees for the magazine, but I should
have known I didnt need to worry.
Not only because a sting is unlikely,
but because as youll read, the buzzing buzzing in and around her two- That looks A.P.E.s Andy
Senese (left) and
wood-destroyers can be rather elusive. story home, off the beaten path on like exactly what
Kenny Turpin are
I start my day with Andy Senese, a state route in Richmond. I expected, says no strangers to
co-owner of All Pest Exterminating After we arrive on the scene, Senese, pointing carpenter bee
(A.P.E.) in Richmond, Ind. (The the customer explains she has up to a tiny hole accounts.
slogan on their business cards? seen the bees both outside and under a crease in
Dont Get All Pest Off.) With inside. She indicates places on the the roof. The woman nods, clearly
coffees in hand, we set out for homes exterior where she believes happy that he has found the source
Seneses first job of the day. We they are centralized. She does not of what she has seen.
are meeting one of his technicians, seem worried, as she is clearly I dont want to get stung,
Kenny Turpin, at the site. Turpin will comfortable with the A.P.E. teams she warns.
be doing most of the ladder climbing ability to solve her problem as they Well, its unlikely youll be stung
and dusting, while Senese talks to had in the past. because the [carpenter] bees youre
the customer, supervises Turpin, and It doesnt take long for Senese seeing are males, and they cant sting,
explains to me what I am watching. to identify the telltale signs of Senese says. Immediately, I hear a
On the truck ride over, Senese carpenter bee activity. With the subtle relieved sigh from the customer.
explains that the homeowner at this customer still standing nearby, he But they can still cause significant

account is a previous customer. She gives her a quick crash course on damage, so it is something youll want
has returned to the company for an what she has been seeing, as well as to take care of before it gets worse.
assist after seeing just a few bees what to expect from carpenter bees. CONTINUED ON PAGE 58

56 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Clockwise from top left: The wooden siding
and ornate accents on the main house
provide bees with several great nesting site
options. Andy Senese and Kenny Turpin
discuss their strategy. The customer may
have seen a few stray bees in the main
house, but frass stains on the coach houses
siding belie where the bees are coming from.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 56 any carpenter bees inside, they had A LIGHT DUSTING
Worse, it seems, can mean several most likely flown in through an After gearing up to work, Turpin
things. When carpenter bees finally open screen door or window. fearlessly scales the ladder toward
abandon the gallery, secondary The females have the brighter, the first hole with duster in hand.
pests might later infest its tunnels. livelier color, and its very rare that Oh yeah, this is definitely
Scavengers will come to feed on we see them, Senese continues. The a carpenter bee entrance, he
unused pollen and nectar. Worse, female has a lot of yellow on her. But confirms. He carefully blows the
certain wasps, ants and other types shes normally in the hole, and thats dust into the hole with the tool.
of bees also will gravitate to old where we want to get, to dust them. A carpenter bees gallery-
galleries, using them for shelter and The customer agrees. The three of entrance hole is typically on the
nesting sites. us walk around the homes perimeter, wood surface. It continues in for a
But what about the females? searching for more evidence that short distance before a sharp turn
the customer asks. Can they sting? would indicate carpenter bee activity upward, extending the tunnel in the
Yes, they do have stingers, particularly, gallery entrance holes. same direction of the wood grain.
but youre not likely to see them There were only a handful of spots, Thats where the dust needs to get.
because they stay inside the gallery but they were easy to see and all After completing the perimeter
while the males go out these along where the roofline meets the check and directing Turpin to

guys like to be outside, Senese says. homes exterior wall. From Seneses each place he needs need to dust,
This leads the customer to ask, and Turpins trained eyes, it was clear Senese asks the customer about
how then, had she seen them inside? to them both that this was indeed the the garage-sized coach house
Senese explains that if there were work of carpenter bees. CONTINUED ON PAGE 60

58 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Taurus Trio G

with Combination Chemistry

three active ingredients: ipronil,
bifenthrin and lambda cyhalothrin
for unbeatable ire ant control




Taurus Trio G from Controls Solutions,

combines three diferent active Control
ingredients in one uniform granule to
deliver fast and long-lasting ire ant Solutions Inc.
control. Two unique modes of action Innovation you can apply.
and a superior Verge Technology Consumer &
Granule ensure uniform coverage
as well as dust-free treatments for
residential lawns, recreational areas,
commercial and industrial landscapes. products/taurus-trio-g

Contact your local distributor or CSI representative for more information. This product may not be registered in all Find us on
states, please check the CSI website or the states department of agriculture for registration information. Taurus
and Combination Chemistry are registered trademarks of Control Solutions Inc.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 58 When we step up to the
he noticed at the far end of the backyard structure, Senese takes
backyard. one look inside and realizes weve
I havent seen any bees there, found the root source of the bees.
the woman reports. But I have seen Evidence along the top of the walls
foxes going in and out from under it. reveals the coach house as the most Oh yeah, I can hear them inside
Senese looks skeptical, but nods significant crime scene. there buzzing around, he says.
understandingly. Well, this is a home run, he That means theyre in there and
Well check it out, too, he says with a chuckle. See that frass? theyll be finished when they come
says, before thanking the customer. Thats from when theyre chewing out. It looks like weve got four
He tells her that well be done into the wood its the pulp that more places to treat.
shortly and will let her know theyre pooping out. The protocol is the same. Dust is
before we leave. He points to three clearly visible A.P.E.s weapon of choice in these
As we walk back to the coach areas around the carriage house cases, but Senese says hes interested
house, Senese explains that wildlife roofline before discovering another in trying foam, reminding me that
control is something that he would home run on the far end. residual is important to prevent
like to offer after obtaining the They definitely have four areas of callback trips.

necessary licensing, which he is in activity on this structure, Senese says.
the process of pursuing. Senese grabs a ladder from the A LITTLE MORE CONVERSATION
We get plenty of requests, and truck and scales the side of the Well, we didnt see any foxes,
Im tired of having to turn them coach house so he can feel around Senese reports to the customer
down, he admits. along the roof for holes. CONTINUED ON PAGE 62


NEW Let Us Help You Take Control

NEW Made of virgin no-break

polypropylene plastic

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as thick and polished
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Proven Reliable Detection tech/time for last minute jobs.
1.901.848.3831 Get started by calling 866-997-1311
Susan McKnight, Inc. 181 Cumberland Street, Memphis, TN 38112 USA
EPA Est. No. 85542-TN-001 Copyright 2016 WorkWave. All rights reserved. |

60 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Kenny Turpin dusts
the carpenter bee
gallery entrance holes
under the eaves of
the carriage house.
while Turpin loads the equipment
back onto the trucks. But we found
a lot more bee activity around the
coach house.
The womans eyes widen.
Dont worry. We got em, he
assures her. But please call us
again if you have any problems
or questions.
The customer, clearly pleased with
the efficiency and thoroughness of
the A.P.E. team, thanks Senese and
Turpin profusely. She looks relieved
that her worries have been silenced.
This ride along experience has
offered me a sense of relief, too. I do
believe it has freed me from my fear
of flying stingers.


Carpenter bees, anyway. PMP
You can reach NEPPER at wnepper@ or 216-706-3775.
When Your Problem
Requires Heavy Artillery
Win the war on mosquitoes with the Guardian Line of ULV
Sprayers from ADAPCO.
If your customers need immediate impact on mosquitoes, ofer them the most lethal mosquito
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ADAPCO, an Azelis Americas company, have over thirty years of providing mosquito control
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customers, choose Guardian, choose ADAPCO.

ADAPCO 550 Aero Lane Sanford, FL 32771 1-800-367-0659

Creating value, growing together


Copyright 2016, Adapco Inc. All Rights Reserved. Guardian is a trademark of ADAPCO, Inc.
By Dr. Jim Fredericks | Contributor

Termatrac T3i now includes the

All New Direct Moisture Meter
Compared to commonly used moisture NEW 3 steps to mouse
meters the T3i device:
Works better in extreme humidity
Works well on different types of building
baiting success


hen using snap traps for house mice, the

materials and surfaces
Penetrates deeper more than 2.5 wisdom is the more, the merrier. Thats not
More accurate readings - narrower sensor the case for rodenticide baiting, though.
Inundating a population of mice with bait
stations is an inefficient way to approach the problem.
INDUSTRY PROVEN Instead, efforts are better focused on these three steps:
ENTOMOLOGIST VERIFIED 1Identify the best sites. When selecting a site to place
Non-invasive inspections a bait station, many factors need to be considered.
Begin with a careful inspection of an account to
sensors determine where mice are active. For example, a station
placed in a corner where accumulations of droppings
are discovered will be more effective than one placed
Call (404) 210-5633 or your local supplier along a suspected runway, or a location where no
mouse activity has been observed. Mice prefer to stop
in corners or other places that are protected from predators, which is why droppings often build up in
corners and under or inside items thats where the
mice are spending time. Placing bait stations where
mice are most comfortable will increase the odds that
they eat the bait.
Get Equipped 2Ensure the bait is secure, eliminating the possibility of
non-target exposure. Inside residences, curious children

with Thor
and pets could potentially encounter bait stations
intended for mouse control. Current label directions
require any bait that is accessible to non-targets be
placed inside tamper-resistant stations. Many companies
require technicians to use tamper-resistant stations in all
circumstances to ensure that exposure doesnt occur. The
most effective placements are typically in areas that pose
the least risk: behind appliances or furniture, in out-of-
reach and out-of-sight places, or behind stored items.
3Follow up. Once a mouse
population is controlled,
rodenticide bait should be
removed. This practice eliminates
the potential for non-target
exposure, and it reduces the
potential for infestation of
forgotten bait by secondary pests.
When used as part of a sensible
integrated pest management You can reach
(IPM) program incorporating Dr. Fredericks, VP of
technical and regulatory
traps, sanitation and exclusion,
affairs for the National
baits can be a great way to limit
ENSYSTEX, Inc. Pest Management
house mouse callbacks and keep Association (NPMA), at
clients happy. PMP

64 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

By Mark Sheperdigian, BCE | Contributor

We have openings 2
ow small a hole is required for insects to enter a
building? We frequently look to doors, vents and
openings around pipes and cables, but are those
the only entry points?
Many of the occasional invaders that enter buildings reside
under the slab and enter through openings in the substructure.
Many kitchens, food plants and other commercial facilities rely
on high-tech epoxy loor coatings to seal the environment.
Often, the people who apply and/or maintain them have little
understanding of the size of breach necessary to let in pests. PMP


You can reach SHEPERDIGIAN at

In Fig. 1 and its inset close-up photo, Fig. 2, take note of a small chip in the epoxy. It is big enough to allow an earwig to squeeze through.
There are many other small insects and arthropods that can also come through this opening. To be sure, this particular opening happens to
be perfectly placed to provide entry for invading pests, but it can hardly be known by looking at it. For this reason, every opening should be
suspected. Make recommendations to the customer to fill the gaps.

OFFER 8/1/2016 10/31/2016
Product code: MANUP3035
Contact your favorite PestWest authorized
distributors for details
**Restrictions apply



t 3 Y

t 3 Y




4363 Independence Court, Sarasota, FL 34234
O F F I C E : 941.358.1983 FA X : 941.358.1916
TOLL F R E E : 866.476.7378 E M A I L :

w w w. p e st m Find us on: Twitter Facebook Google+ Skype

66 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

By Mark Sheperdigian, BCE | Contributor

You can reach

Sheperdigian at

What goes around

comes around
German cockroach control used to
Weve gone from chasing
mean cleanouts, follow-up treatments Blattella germanica to letting
it come to us, through the
and regular preventive services. magic of baiting.
The old techniques are still
necessary to complete your TREATMENT EVOLUTION
cockroach portfolio. While the old pros had turned
such treatments into an art form,
more consistent results could be

efore the modern era of baiting, control obtained by adding a few important tools. Strategically
for German cockroaches meant late- placed insect monitors, for example, could quickly
night cleanouts performed by a crew with characterize the population. They indicate where to
sprayers, dusters, flushing agents, drills focus the search, track the infestation as it crashes, and
and extension cords. Working late into the document conditions of zero cockroaches.
night, the crew would move methodically through the In the late 1980s, the advent of machines that could
facility. They flushed to find the roaches, and then deliver ultra-low volume (ULV)-sized particles into
dusted voids and sprayed appropriate surfaces. By the voids through narrow cracks was a game changer.
time they were done, there would be roaches flopping After several iterations and alterations, the equipment
and flipping on the floor like so many fish. improved. In fact, a number of manufacturers still
A follow-up visit within the week would gauge offer it for control of cockroaches and other pests.
the success and plot the path for the next go-round. About 30 years ago, insect growth regulators (IGRs)
If things went well, services would shift to monthly were brought to market for cockroaches. They can help
inspections and preventive treatments. short-circuit infestations that defied discovery, because
In spite of the crucial role of limiting food, water even if you dont kill the adults, preventing the next
and harborage, a determined crew could still get the generation is pretty important.
upper hand in kitchens with poor sanitation. For When facing infestations of monstrous proportion,
accounts that seemed otherwise hopeless, quarterly vacuums have been used to rapidly crash populations,
intensive treatments could maintain a surprising reducing the time to control. It can be hard work, but
degree of control. a good vacuum in the hands of a skilled technician
These labor-intensive services were expensive, is a force-multiplier.
but some accounts responded well to the high Just when we were getting good at this, the baiting
degree of attention and didnt seem to mind technology exploded onto the scene and the
the extra cost. While improved sanitation is always paradigm once again shifted. Instead of chasing the
best, some companies can still make do on skill cockroaches, we began applying baits and letting
and determination. the cockroaches come to us.
The success of the program rested on the ability In the 25 years or so since then, however, we have seen

of the pest management professionals (PMPs) to seek a general loss of the necessary skills to eradicate German
out the active harborages and kill the roaches at their cockroaches using contact insecticides alone. But there
source. The cockroaches that escaped detection or is a clear advantage in being able to deftly apply both
found clean harborage would live and so the chase systems: When a given cockroach wont respond to baits,
was on. It was a game of pursuit. it is important to be able to take the next steps. PMP

68 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

The grey image box, has the right curve for the left
hand upper corner for you to bring your background
image in. No images or copy should go beyond the
grey box. Ask Alissa if something is bleeding off the
edge other than the color/logo bar at the bottom.

For quick kill and residual control,

combine Onslaught FastCap
and NyGuard IGR.

To learn how backpack misting best

practices and proven products from

epresentative or
visit online at

2016 MGK. All rights reserved.


ORDER a world
BCE-EMERITUS Contributor


n effective cockroach cracks. This points you to how and
management strategy requires You can incorporate these four pieces where the American (and other
more than one approach. of equipment into your cockroach peridomestic) cockroaches can
I have three favorite management strategy plan. All are enter a structure. Next, find the
cockroach-related expressions: not needed every time, but sooner or openings and get them repaired.
COCKROACHES COME FROM later, all are likely to be needed. Hint: Theyre often in wall voids.
1 COCKROACHES. Clutter, lack of
customer cooperation and poor 1 MONITORS. Placing sticky traps
and coming back a week later 3 VACUUMS. When you have
access to large German
sanitation make it difficult to gain to look for cockroaches in them cockroach (Blattella germanica)
control, but the persistence of is not monitoring. Monitoring is populations, one initial vacuuming
cockroaches stems from a rapid recording what you catch, what does wonders. It removes many
reproductive rate or influx of new stages they are in, and where and cockroaches, which reduces the
populations. You must account for when you caught them. Look for need to use a lot of bait. It can
this and go the extra mile. Sometimes trends: Are they increasing or also remove asthmatic-attacking
youre missing the breeding source decreasing? antigens if you use a vacuum
in a wall void or adjacent garbage You dont need sticky traps if cleaner that is high-efficiency
chute. Sometimes its a hidden void numbers are high. Theyre best particulate air (HEPA)-filter rated.
under a sink. Dont blame it all on utilized when you think youve PLASTIC BAGS/BINS. The
the customer. Search for the source.
done a good job and want to verify
it or perhaps, more realistically,
4 concept of reducing harborage
to control cockroaches is more than
want to find what you missed.
Sticky traps are less helpful if you
100 years old. To accomplish this,
you first need to work with the
various reasons, people choose to dont implement a plan of action client to reduce clutter. Then, insert
live with cockroaches. Therefore, its when even one cockroach is caught. in sealed plastic bags the boxes,
important in multi-complex units that Monitoring also can mean papers and loose items the client
each unit be inspected and treated on recording verbal reports from wont throw out. Lastly, use proper
a regular basis. The regularity varies occupants at the account. The first sealants for eliminating cockroach
with the neighbors, conditions of person to turn on the lights in the harborages in a structure. Caulking
the building, and what initially exists morning is often an excellent source will only create additional
when you begin the service. of information. cockroach harborage areas if not
3 win a war, you must know how
the enemy thinks, acts and reacts to
2 American cockroach (Periplaneta
americana) problems continue to Contact DR. FRISHMAN, a PMP Hall of
Famer, at

different situations. The same is true persist, it may be time to try a

with cockroaches. Understanding smoke machine, which can propel
their range, harborage and smoke through plumbing lines. Check out Dr. Frishmans
temperature preferences makes you Once you inject the smoke latest book, The Cockroach
a better inspector and a better pest from an exterior source, determine Combat Manual II, co-written by
management professional (PMP). where the smoke is escaping via Paul Bello, at

70 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

By Dr. Doug Mampe | Technical Consultant

You can reach Dr. Mampe,

an industry consultant, at

time to work or that the chemical

has a residual life of far more than 30
days. If pests are still present, maybe
you missed a harborage. If thats
the case, you could apply the same
insecticide if you are treating different
This leafroller moth adult
is considered to be only an areas. The other possibility is that
occasional invader. you have a resistance problem.

I seem to remember a law A homeowner complained about

Moths are being found in
the kitchen and living room
of a third-floor condo. Ive
Q that said you could not repeat
an application of a residual
insecticide for at least 30 days. I
Q fleas and flea bites. She has no
pets. We have put out several
monitors and have not found anything
use this reason when a customer that bites. We have not applied any
emailed you several pictures of
wants me to return after a few days pesticide. She wants to know what to
the moths; can you identify them
following a treatment. Is there such do next. What should we tell her? The
so we can offer an appropriate a law? If I need to retreat after a few bites began after she put in a new
control program? days, what can I do? kitchen floor. Could this be the cause?
NEILSON M., NEW JERSEY BILLY K., NEW YORK Her husband has no bites.
They are leafroller moths

A (Tortricidae). The larvae feed

on green leaves of plants. A
I know of no such law. In the
1970s, however, the U.S.
Environmental Protection

Im glad you didnt apply
pesticide without knowing the

They roll the leaf over to make a Agency (EPA) was considering cause of the problem. If you
tube in which they live, securing such a requirement on labels. At had and there were no biting insects
the tube with silk. These are the request of the then-National there, she would be calling you back
outdoor insects so, unless the Pest Control Association (now day after day asking you to spray
condo owner has lots of green the National Pest Management again. Spraying also reinforces her
plants inside, the moths are most Association, or NPMA), the company belief that insects are biting her.
likely coming in through windows I worked for at the time took several Lots of medical problems cause
or doors that are left open or are EPA executives to visit some low- itching. She may have allergies, or
not sealed well. The moths are income apartments in Washington, it could be delusional parasitosis
attracted to lights. D.C. After visiting two apartments, (Editors Note: For more on DP, also
the visitors had seen enough and known as Ekboms syndrome, see our
did not wish to continue. Thus, that February 2016 issue, p. 54).
30-day limitation never materialized. Regardless, I would suggest
Email your questions about
insect identiication and The label is the law, so check the
label on the individual products you
seeing an allergist first. If that turns
up nothing, consider having an
pest management technologies
are using. Some residual labels place industrial hygienist sample the air for
and techniques to Dr. Mampe
a time limit on repeated applications contaminants. The flooring could be
at Your in commercial food-handling causing the problem. If that doesnt
questions most likely will be establishments, for example. generate answers, its best to then
printed and answered in one of When customers request a repeat leave it to the customers family
Pest Management Professionals application after a few days, explain doctor to determine whether DP
upcoming Ask the Expert columns. to them the chemical hasnt had is the cause. PMP

72 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Quality Through Service

Pest Control Vector Fumigation

Quality products from the only

distribution service youll ever need.

Target Specialty Products has been trusted to deliver pest control products
and equipment for almost 50 years. But thats not all, we deliver solutions.

A complete line of quality, effective Specialized Training Programs and

products in stock for Pest Management, Continuing Education tracking
Vector, and Fumigation Board Certified Entomologists and
Same day/next day service with one of the licensed pest control advisors and
largest Nationwide distribution networks arborists on staff to answer your questions

Learn how our certified and experienced staff can partner with you
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Mobile pmp
By Diane Sofranec | Managing Editor

Lack of insect photos SEO is one of the most

important things for a website,
Miller says. You can have the best

holds appeal
looking site out there, but if people
cant find it, its useless.
Fresh content also helps a website
earn the top spot in an internet
search. Millers website features a
new blog post every week, a feat it

s a pest management Even if were in a house and the accomplishes by working closely
professional, you know husband and wife are sitting there with the website design firm.
people dont want to see talking, 90 percent of the time were Miller redesigned the company
pests in their homes or talking to the woman because shes website three times in three years,
businesses. If they did, you the one making the decisions, he and says he is happy with the design
wouldnt be in business. says. You dont want to turn off the company he chose this time around.
But did you know some people hate person you want using your service. He found the firm by typing into
pests so much, they dont want to The new design is reader- Google the letters SEO and the
see them on your website, either? friendly on mobile devices, and the name of the town in which his
Joel Miller, operations and companys phone number is easy company operates.
marketing manager for Miller Pest to find on the page. The site is also If youre really good at designing
& Termite in Des Moines, Iowa, less cluttered and more professional websites and doing SEO, you should
says positive feedback poured in looking. The company Miller probably be first on that list, if not
since removing photos of pests hired to redesign the website used second, he says. If youre not, youre
from his companys website. analytics to determine which pages probably not the best at what you do.
Right after we switched it over, a people clicked on most often. It In addition to research, Miller
customer said she went to two other kept the most commonly selected recommends checking references
websites first, but they freaked her links on the home page and moved and communicating with who you
out, he says. She couldnt stand the rest to a drop-down menu. hire regularly. Dont assume the
the thought of looking at the pests, We still have every one of those company is automatically working
so she left the previous websites, pages. The people who really want on your website, especially if it has
found ours, and called us up. to read them are going to find that a long list of clients. Find out how now information, he says. Instead it is going to help you.
features silhouettes of pests (such as of taking up all that space on the Make it a priority to spend a
termites and rodents) and a clean, home page and getting lost in the little bit of time on your website,

modern look that mimics Pinterest. shuffle, they have to click on them. Miller says. Its not one of those
Because women are the In addition, Miller Pest & things you can set and forget. You
companys target audience, it made Termite appears at the top of the have to put a little effort into it. PMP
sense to design the website around list in internet searches, thanks to
a social media site that studies show the design firms understanding of You can reach SOFRANEC at dsofranec@
most women prefer, Miller says. search engine optimization (SEO).

74 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

Matters by Harvey F.
Goldglantz from the PMP
bookstore at

By Harvey F. Goldglantz | Contributor

Is an enewsletter important to my online
marketing strategy?
Yes. Using this medium is both cost-effective and
profitable, growing your business by increasing revenue and
referrals using your existing customer base. An enewsletter
not only increases lead generation and cross-selling, but
also increases the lifetime value of your customers.

I own a small company and am seriously
considering outdoor advertising, but it seems
expensive. What results can I expect?
Outdoor advertising is a great media tool, but because
youre a small business, its not for you! There are many
different types of outdoor advertising, ranging from large
billboards to moving venues, to posters at bus stops.
Give Your Route Profit a However, if you expect a direct, measurable response,
think again. Outdoor advertising is a great branding

Big Lift
and supplementary tool, but it rarely produces a direct
lead response. Numerous other advertising vehicles will
produce far better results. I recommend that you invest
your limited advertising budget in other areas.

Should my company advertise on Facebook?
That depends. Facebook drives consideration,
awareness and attention. Facebook uses interrupt
marketing, meaning people dont generally see an ad
and then click and convert like they would in Google.
People see an ad; your brand makes an impression,
Call for
Fast ROI. and later they go to Google to search for you. Thats
a starter the consumer behavior of Facebook ads. Facebook
KIT Perfectly fits
existing route
generally does not drive click response like Google does
search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click
service cycles. (PPC) which is what you would
hear if you asked your customers
how they heard of you. Advertising
Easy to sell, on Facebook is similar to brand
install & advertising: If you can afford it, do it
service. as a supplement, not as a primary
marketing driver. PMP

(800) 247-0770 (412) 252-2000
Email your industry marketing questions to Harvey
at Your questions may
Goldglantz is president
of Pest Control
2016 ASI
be printed and answered in one of Pest Management Marketing Co., Elkins
Professionals upcoming Marketing Matters columns. Park, Pa.

76 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


Trumans Scientiic Guide to


Pest Management Operations Seventh Edition
Since 1961
$ 125

Trumans, the industrys best-selling reference book, is

chock full of Need to Know Content: Practical advice, ID
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pest management trends, technologies and techniques.
Trumans delivers How To information that can be
implemented easily and immediately.
Trumans new Seventh Edition features 75 more pages
of content and more than 80 new photos, drawings
and tables. It has two new chapters: Bed Bugs & Other
Blood-Feeding Bugs and Principles of Pest Management and
Green Pest Management. Additionally, each chapter in this
662-page hardbound industry bible now features a sidebar
with green pest management trends and tips.
Trumans also provides critical information for anyone seeking
EPA/state certiication. The reference book is approved by most
U.S. states for Continuing Certiication Hours (CCHs) for certiied
applicators who previously have not taken Purdue Universitys
Introduction to Urban and Industrial IPM correspondence course.
Trumans also is used as part of the reading materials for
Purdue Universitys Food Plant IPM correspondence course.

he oicial textbook of Purdue Universitys continuing

education program: Introduction to Urban and Industrial IPM
Join the tens of thousands who have taken Purdue Universitys
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Who will benefit from this course?

Service technicians Managers of pest control businesses Public health workers
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To Register 800-830-0269 Email:

A Pest Management Professional magazine &

Purdue University joint collaboration
By Ray Johnson | Contributor

You can reach Johnson,

a past president of the

Where will the

National Pest Management
Association (NPMA),
president of Sevierville,
Tenn.-based Johnson Pest

journey lead you? Control, and founder of

ACES for Business at

y good friend Greg Johnson (no relation)

M is about to embark on a pilgrimage across

Spain and Portugal. The route is called
Camino de Santiago, and is traveled by
hundreds of thousands each year. He
wont know where he will sleep on any given night,
until he gets to a village or small town along the way.
Many of the locals dont speak English, so Greg has
written down simple phrases to ask where he can find
food and lodging. Many times it will be a hostel a
community facility where dozens of weary travelers
can bed down for the night.
His upcoming travel made me think about how
being a pest management professional (PMP) is its own

Attention Certified Applicators

Pest Control special journey, too. Many of you have either started your
business from scratch, or are a second- or third-generation

FRANCHISE PMP. Hiring employees, attaining new customers and

learning just how to stay afloat and grow your business
have all been interwoven paths on this journey. Along the

way, there have most likely been tour guides people
who have helped you, giving you bits of wisdom and
advice that have been instrumental in your success.
As the old saying goes, if being in business for yourself
With as little as $495 down, you can own an exclusive was easy, then everybody would do it. Just like Gregs
franchise in one of the leading residential termite and pest journey of not knowing where he will eat or sleep along the
prevention companies in the industry.
way, none of us know what might be around the corner for
(Hurry! Offer Expires Soon.)
us. Were not sure who our next great employee might be,
Comprehensive Management Training or when well land our next big client, but we continue in
Proven Marketing Program business because we love it and look forward to the future.
Volume Discounts on Supplies We also dont know who may come along to share
wisdom and guide us along the way. You may even be that
Call Bob Jones at 1-866-366-8683 For More Info. someone who helps a friend or competitor, giving them
insight on how to take their business to the next level.
Since 1989
I have learned so much from others about business.
Whenever I have been asked to share information,
I find its often a two-way street. In other words,
1-866-DONT-OVERPAY networking with peers in our industry is essential. You
2016 ValuePest All rights reserved. Franchises not available in all states. Call for full details. dont have to go on this journey alone. PMP

78 August 2016 Pest Management Professional



To order by phone: 216-706-3750
THIS To order by email:
Antoinette Sanchez-Perkins North Coast Media
BY PETE SCHOPEN | Contributor

Equipping employees
for success
get many inquiries from
other pest management
professionals (PMPs), and
one of the most commonly asked and better to keep techs in their s SAFETY EQUIPMENT: $200.
questions is about the equipment own work trucks. The techs love it This includes goggles, hard hat,
I furnish for my technicians. because they can personalize their respirators, face shield, gloves, etc.
Every tech is different. Some are vehicles. The only thing I forbid is
like Inspector Gadget and want adding political bumper stickers. s SERVICE KIT WITH SPRAYER AND BULB
every tool under the sun. Other DUSTER: $300. We get the large square
employees arent very mechanically s GAS: $4,000. Thats an annual cost kits to fit an 18-in. wand. I also give
inclined, so they dont need a lot per vehicle. Ugh! my techs an empty, plastic coffee
of extra tools in their trucks. What container to keep their tubes of
follows is a list of basic items that s POWER SPRAYER: $3,000. Each truck ant and cockroach bait gel, a small
we supply, and what each item costs. is supplied with a power sprayer wrench, two larger wrenches and
rig that runs on a Honda open-air anything else they can use for their
s VEHICLE: $36,000. Each tech gets engine with a Hypro pump (290 psi) day-to-day jobs. On top of that, each
the latest model Toyota Tacoma and 300 ft. of hose. It also features tech receives a $30 cleanup kit for
truck. No one else including a J9-gun and a 50-gallon tank. This chemical spills.
me ever uses the truck. A tech setup upsets my dad: When he was
will perform a better service if running Mid Central Pest Control, s UNIFORMS: $345. This breaks down
he knows exactly what he has he would throw together power further to six shirts ($200), a spring
on his truck and where it is spray rigs for around $900. The jacket and winter coat ($120), and
stored. I firmly believe that if you problem is, his pumps were faulty a logo-emblazoned baseball cap
rotate trucks among employees, and were using electric motors that ($15). They supply their own work
something will get lost, forgotten wore down faster than pants and shoes.
or stolen. Its just easier a gas-powered motor
would. Plus, if I have an s ONE SEMINAR PER YEAR: $50.
issue with a sprayer, I can take it I do not pay for their licenses or
back to the manufacturer to get it continuing education (to maintain
fixed. I gladly pay more money to their licenses) because I dont
have fewer problems. own their licenses, they do. If they
leave Schopen Pest Solutions, their
s TRUCK TOP AND LADDER RACK: licenses go with them.

$1,800. I pay waaaayyy too much

for these items, but I like the s CELL PHONES: $55 PER MONTH.
security the setup gives us. The I supply my techs with their own
equipment stays dry during the phones and data. Our data usage
summer, and its harder for it to is 20GB per month, which is
freeze during the Chicago winters. more than enough. I run my entire
Also, if my tech needs to take a company from my cell phone, and
truck home overnight, he can lock I use less than 2GB per month.
his pesticides and equipment inside. CONTINUED ON PAGE 83

80 August 2016 Pest Management Professional



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Ready-to-Use important tools in
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Termiticide/Insecticide comes to stopping
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This Combination Chemistry product
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PMPs now have the tool to get the
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immediately, right on the sales call;
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Fuse Foam could be the most im-
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and preventing their spread inside a
structure. With a 30:1 expansion ratio,
Fuse Foam gives PMPs the ability to
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For more information about Fuse Foam or other
CSI products visit the product webpage at:

Solutions Inc.
Innovation you can apply.
Consumer &

Find us on

Contact your local distributor or CSI representative for more

information. Combination Chemistry, Dominion, Fuse, and Taurus
are registered trademarks of Control Solutions Inc., Pasadena, Texas
77507. These products may not be registered in all states, please
check the CSI website or the states department of agriculture for
registration information.
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4. Spotlights conducive conditions was squeaky clean. The three small children
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5. Discusses exclusion solutions to me but I wasnt sure why. Dr. Frishman
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6. Serves as a training tool eyelashes and then he exposed thousands
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82 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 80 possible, it can
Because I buy new phones every only help them
two years, we usually get our to succeed. If SCHOPENS OPEN BOOK
replacement phones for free. I give them START-UP: Schopen Pest Solutions Inc.
You know the old expression, rundown trucks, HEADQUARTERS: McHenry, Ill.
You are only as good as your second-hand FOUNDER: Peter F. Schopen Jr.
weakest link? Its why I try to level sprayers and START-UP DATE: April 11, 2006
the playing field for my techs and bulb dusters NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 7
make them all feel comfortable wrapped in 2006 REVENUE: $97,235 (one employee)
SCHOPEN is president 2007 REVENUE: $172,495 (one employee)
with their jobs. If I can offer them duct tape, they of McHenry, Ill.-based
2008 REVENUE: $203,732 (one employee)
as many tools of the trade as will be behind Schopen Pest Solutions.
You can reach him 2009 REVENUE: $243,427 (two employees)
the eight ball
at 847-529-BUGS or 2010 REVENUE: $325,960 (three employees)
from the start. 2011 REVENUE: $425,847 (four employees)
Needless to say,
2012 REVENUE: $489,887 (five employees)
there are also
2013 REVENUE: $572,772 (six employees)
safety issues with poor equipment.
2014 REVENUE: $687,326 (one part-time
As you move from being a and six full-time employees)
one- or two-person operation 2015 REVENUE: $858,180; (one part-time
and you are looking to hire and seven full-time employees)
employees, try to be the

2016 JUNE: $87,035 ($20,000 more than

employer who buys techs knee June 2015)
pads or a flathead screw driver 2016 FIRST SIX MONTHS: $447,566
not the one who puts a vending ($120,000 more than last year)
machine in the break room and 2016 PROJECTION: $1,081,306 (10 full-
charges $2 per soda. PMP time employees) Pest Management Professional August 2016 83

By Will Nepper | Senior Editor

questions with
Sarah McElwee
This month, we feature a question-and-answer session with Sarah McElwee, director of business development for
Pest Management, Inc., in Austin, Texas. McElwee is the irst in the Lone Star State to join an elite class of technicians
to earn the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS) environmental disinfection certiication.
As we go to press, Pest Management, Inc. is the only Texas pest management company to hold this certiication.

What does it mean to earn

disinfection certification from
NIDS, and how do you plan to
with the Houston Rockets and Toyota
Center, where I worked under the vice
president of business development. In
it took me awhile to get used to the
topic of conversation. For the first
six months of my employment, I
put that certification to work? addition to free events, one of the best honestly had nightmares every night
Biohazards, infectious diseases, and perks of being a full-time employee about bugs crawling on me.
threats of bio-terrorism are increasing at the Toyota Center was riding the

concerns for our country, and same elevator as the basketball team. As a successful businesswoman
certain agencies have proven to be ill Since I stand at just over 5 ft., it was a in a largely male-dominated
prepared for such outbreaks or events. memorable experience standing next industry, do you have any advice
Our companys goal is to educate to players that were over 7 ft. tall, for young women looking to get into
organizations on how to prepare and especially Yao Ming I felt kid-size. the pest management industry?
respond to incidents, help minimize Being in that elevator with someone To simply sum up my advice for
damage, and reduce the likelihood so crucial to the organizations success professional women in any industry:
of further contamination. With made you feel like you shouldnt even Dont let someone else dictate what


the accomplishment of my recent breathe the same air or make any you are worth. Having confidence
certification, our team is trained and movement, because you didnt want and knowing your value can play a
ready to respond to outbreaks on a to put the athlete at risk of catching large role in your success. PMP
24-hour basis. your sniffles or tripping on your foot. You can reach NEPPER at wnepper@
Now, several years later, I am part or 216-706-3775.

What prompted you to seek of the solution to help keep athletes
such certification? and employees healthy and safe from
Pest Management, Inc. takes germs through our other company,
initiative and seeks out advanced GermLogic.
education and training for our

craft, so our clients receive the most Did you ever imagine that
up-to-date and effective treatment youd be working in this field
methods. For nearly three years, our before diving in?
company has provided disinfecting I certainly would have never guessed
and antimicrobial treatments. With that Id work in the pest management
this new certification, we opened the industry, but when family calls, you
door to more complex cleanups. have to answer the phone. That
call came in 2010, when a family

Have you had any other unrelated member asked me to help take their
jobs in different fields throughout one-town operation statewide. Six
your career? years later, we cover all of Texas,
My passion and career focus has Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and
always been in business development, Florida. My business experience from
and it has led me to a few different previous industries easily translated
industries. One of my first jobs was to the pest management sector, but

84 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

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Zoecon, Zoecon with design, Essentria and Essentria with design are trademarks of Wellmark International. EcoPCO and EcoExempt are registered trademarks of Kittrich
Corporation. 2016 Wellmark International.
After Hours
By Diane Sofranec | Managing Editor

Enjoying the beauty

after the storm
few years before Hurricane Katrina forever

A changed the lives of Louisiana residents, Bob

Kunst, president of Fischer Environmental
Services in Mandeville, La., took an interest in
orchids because he thought they looked interesting. In
the storms aftermath, he viewed the rebuilding process
as an opportunity to erect a greenhouse for his orchids. I spend about an hour in The path leading to the
After the hurricane, we needed all the beauty we there most days, just enjoying greenhouse Bob Kunst
uses to raise his orchids
could get in our lives, says Kunst, a member of the the orchids, he says. It gives was designed to be lush
Pest Management Professional (PMP) Hall of Fame me a lot of pleasure. and green.
Class of 2010. With 25,000 to 30,000
Theres no sign of the devastation now, as the land species of orchids, most
surrounding the greenhouse resembles a Louisiana swamp people who raise them have a favorite, MORE ONLINE
with lush, subtropical plants. The greenhouse is the perfect and Kunst is no exception. The ladys Check out Kunsts tips
on how to raise orchids
place for the beautiful flowers Kunst raises because he slipper (Cypripedium) is his, and he at
can control the ventilation as well as the temperature and has about a dozen that grow regularly.
lighting cycles to ensure his plants thrive all year long. I think its one of the most complex flowers you
Keeping the plants in one place is important, too, because will ever see, he says. Its truly a beauty.
orchids do best when left in one spot. His wife, Barbara, launched his interest in orchids.
Kunst says he visits the greenhouse once a day to Because she always liked them, he frequently brought
pull weeds from the pots, check the leaves of the plants some home from the store. He didnt have much success
for whiteflies (Aleyrodidae) and fungus, and take in the with them at first, however.
beauty around him. When I started, like a fool I didnt read about
them, he admits. Im in pest control, and I wouldnt
use a chemical without reading a label. Apparently, I
thought I could grow a plant without reading about it.
Reading about orchids and talking to people who
raise them taught him that the plants do best when
they are left alone in a quiet place with the right
amount of humidity, water and sunlight.
I built the greenhouse and I started to learn about
them, Kunst says. And they rewarded me every winter
with bloom upon bloom upon bloom.
Now, the orchids he raises are picture-perfect. In
fact, Kunst says the number of photos he takes of
his flowers is close to the number of photos he takes
of his grandchildren. He uses the prettiest images as
screensavers on his phone.
When people ask, Where did you get that
screensaver, I very proudly turn to them and say,
Thats in my orchid house, Kunst says. And that

Orchids are not like other plants, Bob Kunst notes. They do makes me feel really good. PMP
well when you dont pay much attention to them or move them.
He recommends starting with one of the easiest types of orchid You can reach SOFRANEC at
to grow, Phalaenopsis spp. or 216-706-3793.

86 August 2016 Pest Management Professional


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Trumans new Seventh Edition features 75 more pages
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and tables. It has two new chapters: Bed Bugs & Other
Blood-Feeding Bugs and Principles of Pest Management and
Green Pest Management. Additionally, each chapter in this
662-page hardbound industry bible now features a sidebar
with green pest management trends and tips.
Trumans also provides critical information for anyone seeking
EPA/state certiication. The reference book is approved by most
U.S. states for Continuing Certiication Hours (CCHs) for certiied
applicators who previously have not taken Purdue Universitys
Introduction to Urban and Industrial IPM correspondence course.
Trumans also is used as part of the reading materials for
Purdue Universitys Food Plant IPM correspondence course.

he oicial textbook of Purdue Universitys continuing

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From Technician to CEO:

The Evolution of a High-Growth Pest
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This book is about the journey of Peter Hall, a second-generation pest control operator and lawn
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eventually take over the family business. While growing up, he watched his father work diligently
to make a modest living for his family. At school, Peter studied several facets of business, including
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Volume discounts available. Please contact Antoinette at or call 216-526-6072. Pest Management Professional August 2016 91

By Heather Gooch | Editor

Its not every day

you see a paper
wasp nest built

Summertime, behind a school

window grate
with a random hair

and the stinging pick thrown in for

good measure. Still, were glad that Andy Otero
(@thewalkingdeadbug), president of Boston-based Oneway

is easy
Pest Solutions, snapped a photo of it.

A sprinkler system
Mosquitoes and bed bugs may dominate the publics pest component makes
discussions, but at this time of year, stinging insects like an unlikely, but cozy
bees, wasps and fire ants are also top of mind. bee harborage. It was
discovered by Corkys
Pest Management Professional (PMP) (@pmp_magazine)
Pest Control (@corkyspest),
browsed its Instagram follower base and found a variety San Marcos, Calif.
of unusual stinging insect stories among our readers. Its
not too late to share a photo or two of your gnarliest nest
or near-miss stinging incident: Email us at pmpeditor@ and well add you to our continuing
online coverage. In June, Orlando Gonzales
pest_pro), posted a photo
Last year, Lansing, of floating red imported
Ill.-based Platinum fire ants in a rain-flooded
Pest Solutions back yard in South
(@platinumpest1) Texas. Gonzales is field
removed this large supervisor of Pearsall,
bee colony near Texas-based Robledo Pest
the top of a large Control.
tree. The nest was
at a general pest
control account on Dr. Gerry Wegner, BCE-Emeritus, continues to observe
the south side of and photograph insects even in his retirement from pest
Chicago, and there management. He made a nesting board for solitary bees by
were complaints drilling a thick wooden board with numerous holes of various
that bees were diameters. The board rests in the recess of his garage
frightening window. So far, my only takers have been little red-marked
passers-by. mason wasps (Pachodynerus erynnis), he said in early June.
Although the job took about 10 hours, the tech was able to He recently noticed the larval food provision by a mama
bring it down intact by securing it with hooks, dollies and mason wasp in one of the
levers. It was about half the size of a Ford Fiesta, estimates nesting holes, however:
Brad Stein, the companys director of marketing and media The larder appears to
relations. Stein notes that the nest, still full of honey and bees, be little pyraloid moth
caterpillars, paralyzed by
was given to a professional beekeeper.
Mamas sting and ready

for consumption by the

In May, Patrick Miller, youngun. While Debbie
president of Riverside, Wegner laments that other
Calif.-based Antex peoples husbands are
Exterminating (@antex_ content to just put up a
exterminating), extracted birdhouse, you can find
a meandering bee colony more of Docs photos and
in the eave and roof voids descriptions of his stinging
of a double-wide mobile insect-attracting endeavors
home. It was in the eave in an exclusive blog post
voids, stretching all the at Docs
way to the peak of the not on Instagram (yet),
roof and going into the master bedroom, he says. The but he often posts insect
client called when bees started popping through the ceiling. sighting updates to his
We also removed about 3 gallons of honey. Facebook page.

92 August 2016 Pest Management Professional

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