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Savannah R-III School District - Americanism Essay Rubric - Grade: 4

4.W.3.A: Apply Research process to:

at grade level Not

4 3 2 1 wn

Introduction: (Beginning)
Introduce a topic using an introductory paragraph: Contains 2 of the 3 Attempted Skill
4.W.2.B.a. Hook criteria
Reasons Statement

Body: (Middle)
Provides additional Develop the topic into supporting paragraphs Contain facts or Attempted Skill
4.W.2.B.b. information to using the following examples, but no
4.W.2.B.f. support the topic examples or facts (proven information) supporting details
details (description of examples or fact)
direct quotations from a source (as needed)
text structures (description, sequencing,
cause/effect,or compare/contrast)
4.W.2.B.d. The writing contains Include information using Attempted Skill
the students original students original language (avoid plagiarism)
words and provides direct quotations from a source
correct citation
4.W.2.B.e. Transitional words Use transitions to connect categories of Misuse of transitional Attempted Skill
and phrases are used information. words
throughout the
4.W.2.B.c. Use specific, relevant and accurate words that are Word choice is Attempted Skill
suited to the appropriate, but not on
topic topic
Conclusion: (End)
4.W.2.B.g. Create a concluding paragraph related to the Does not contain a Attempted Skill
information. clear concluding
revisit topic paragraph
Reflect on purpose

4.L.1.A.a Within sentences use Conjunctions correctly Misuse of conjunctions Attempted skill

4.L.1.A.h Use three sentence types in complete simple or Use two sentence Attempted skill
compound sentences types in complete
simple or compound

4.L.1.B Errors in writing are not distracting Errors in writing are Errors in writing
Capitalization and punctuation somewhat distracting are distracting
Grammar usage
spelling errors