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At the end of 7 days, the Store Manager should be able to:

1 Explain Parts of the eyeglass
2 Explain Refractive error types
3 Explain Coatings and their benefits
4 Explain Frame materials
5 Explain SV, Bifocal and progressive lenses
6 Read A prescription
7 Demonstrate Frame selection criteria
8 Demonstrate Lens selection criteria
9 Explain Steps in eye check up process
10 Differenciate USPs of our brands
11 Demonstrate Understanding of technincal terms (annexure)
12 Explain Types of contact lenses
At the end of 14 days, the Store Manger should be able to
1 Demonstrate Understanding of FAQs (annexure)
2 Demonstrate Placing a customer order in POS
3 Demonstrate Adding prescription for customer order on POS
4 Demonstrate Applying coupon/GV on POS
5 Demonstrate Taking customer returns on POS
6 Read Order tracking details on POS
7 Create A ticket against an order on POS
8 Create Gatepass for last piece
9 Create Gatepass for Customer return or stock return
10 Identify Appropriate frame for progressive customer
11 Identify Appropriate frame for customer wth high power
12 Demonstrate Correct lens package selection for customer
13 Identify Tools and equipment for eye checkup, and their uses
14 Demonstrate PD measurement
15 Conduct 48-hour calling to atleast 10 customers
16 Demonstrate Understanding of NPS concepts and method
17 Demonstrate Sales skills
18 Demonstrate Unedrstanding of Tasks in the DILO
At the end of 21 days the Store Manger should be able to
1 Conduct Mystery customer audits for the store
2 Analyse Returns %age ad reasons
3 Analyse NPS scores and reasons for detractors
4 Conduct Morning briefing with team
5 Conduct Global inventory
6 Generate Order summary report
7 Generate Inventory report
8 Generate Cash management report
9 Generate Inventory count report
10 Explain the process of stock correction
11 Supervise Visual appeal of store including grooming
12 Supervise Correct dispensing and fitting
13 Do Store opening and store closing
14 Do Cash and card reconciliation
15 Fill Store manager daily report EOD
16 Prepare Roster for a store team
At the end of 30 days, the Store manager should be able to
1 Demonstrate Coaching amd mentoring capabilities
2 Demonstrate Attention to detail - instore experience
3 Demonstrate Analytical skills with reports
4 Demonstrate Ability to handle irate customers
5 Demonstrate Ability to offer solutions in day to day issues
6 Create A positive work environment for the team
7 Dissect Sales numbers and motivate team to achieve

8 Drive NPS figures by correct dispensing, customer friendly decisions

Understanding of Retail metrices : Walkin counts, Conversions,

9 Demonstrate
Sales %ages, and Average Bill Values
Understanding of the business construct, and work with the
10 Demonstrate buddy Store manager to disseminate the hourly, daily, weekly
targets (volume) to team
Tick the appropriate box
Task done well Task done with Task done with
Not able to do
without any minimal help; constant help,
the task at all.
assistance - needs needs practice,
ready to run monitoring review in 10 days



ASM /ZM Regional Trainer

1 Acetate
2 Addition power
3 Alignment
4 Anti-glare
5 Anti-reflective
6 Aspherical lenses
7 Aviators
8 Cat eye
9 Cornea
10 Cylindrical power
11 Dispensing
12 Distance power
13 Distortion
14 Fitting height
15 Full rim
16 Half-rim
17 Hydrophobic
18 Lens corridoor
19 Lens Index
20 Modality (CL)
21 Pantascopic tilt
22 PD
23 Photochromatic
24 Polarised
25 Presbyopia
26 Progressive lenses
27 Reading power
28 Rimless
29 Rx
30 Sperical power
31 Subjective refraction
32 Tinted lens
33 Transposition
34 Wayfarer