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Carson Akers

6th Period Social Studies

Mrs. Hubbard

Steam Project
Cold War: Espionage Mission

Advanced governments around the world often practice

intelligence gathering with espionage. Espionage is the
practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments
to obtain political and military information. Countries like the
United States of America, Russia and Great Britain secretly
conduct espionage to learn about important issues going on
in other countries that may not want these secrets to be
public for national security, military plans or civil relations.
Sometimes this involved kidnapping or assassinating enemy
agents or politicians. With the aid of espionage, the Russians
were able to copy the work of the U.S. and create the A-bomb
in just four years, greatly reducing the timeline for them
based on their resources and lack of leading scientific
There were three main countries involved in espionage
during the Cold War. Which were the U.S., Great Britain and
the Soviet Union. The U.S. had many agencies for this reason.
The agencies the U.S. had for this reason were the CIA, OSS,
NSA and the FBI. Great Britain and the Soviet Union didnt
have as much, but each of these countries had a secret of
their own.
Espionage was accomplished during the Cold War in many
ways. One of the most interesting to me had to do with the
Manhattan Project. Soviet spies found out about the
Manhattan Project and sent back critical information that
helped speed the development of the Soviet bomb. This
espionage helped the Russians expedite the creation of the A-
Bomb, which without it would have taken years to develop. It
Carson Akers
6th Period Social Studies
Mrs. Hubbard

was done in the form of sharing documents and precise plans

from an inside agent who was secretly working for the
Russians. Espionage, in a sense, levels the playing ground for
goverments, which would otherwise be decades behind other

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