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Needling Kidney 4

Direct the needle anteriorly, almost as if

towards the tip of the lateral malleolus bone.
Up to 0.25 cun.


Local or downwards along the inside of the



Moxibustion: up to 3x.


Strengthens the functions of the Kidney Zang

Urine retention or difficulty
Dribbling of urine
Loss of urine - incontinence
Malaria with more coldness than heat
Irregular menses
Steadies the Shen by nourishing the Yin of the

Helps people control their anxieties and fears

Fear, foolishness, embarrassment, agitation,
Anger and fright
Anxiety from weak Kidney qi
Strengthens will-power
Preference to avoid people, to 'close the door
and stay at home'
Dementia, retardation
Nourishes the Heart

Dry tongue, difficulty swallowing
By strengthening the Kidney function it assists
the Lungs

Assists Lungs to strengthen Qi eg in the

Throat sounds when breathing, wheezing,
chest 'rattling'
Difficulty or pain breathing
Shortness of breath
Sore pharynx
Local point
Pain, swelling and other heel problems
Spine pain, especially Lumbar pain to which
area the luo-connecting channel from Kidney
4 goes.
Specific indications for Kidney 4 as Luo-
Connecting point

Fullness of the luo-connecting channel of the

Kidney: urinary retention
Rebellious Qi in the Kidney Luo channel:
depression, irritability, heaviness or
oppression of the chest
Emptiness of the luo-connecting channel of
the Kidney: lower backache
Qi stagnation in the Kidney Luo channel: lower
Blood stasis in the Kidney Luo channel: low
back (ie lumbar area) stabbing pain, worse at

Because this is the Luo-connecting point of

the Kidneys it has an effect not so much on
Kidney Yin or Kidney Yang as on the direct
relationship between the actions of the
Kidneys and of both the Lungs and the Heart.

Lungs and Heart are in the upper 'burning'

space, ie the chest.

The Kidneys are in the lower 'burning space',

ie below the umbilicus. (In actual fact, their
physical location is a bit higher than this, but
in Chinese medicine they are perceived as
acting in and on the lower abdomen.)

Chinese medicine sees the Kidneys as

providing a stable anchor for the Heart and
Lungs. (In turn, the Lungs and Heart can lift
the Kidneys and provide inspiration and
direction in life.)