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All life-jackets on any ship must be of the same make and type.
All vessel are advised to keep clear on this area.
Both vessels were equipped in operational radars.
Can you approach () the vessel from the lee side?
Closing doors will slow down the spread of flames.
Drip trays should be placed under the hose couplings
Emergencies often occur at night.
Ensure that residual wastes are disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.
I am not under command at the moment.
I am maneuvering with difficulty. Keep clear of me
It will take you 15 minutes to get the nearest bank on foot.
I`ve got two months leave starting on Monday.
I have been working as an electrician for 7 years
I have been working on this ship since ( , ) April.
I have been looking for my key everywhere but I cant find it.
I have just talked with the Watch Officer on the phone.
I need to find out the exact dates of my next shore leave.
I prefer coffee with milk
If you need medication you should take it with you.
If it is necessary to abandon ship in cold climates you must put on extra clothing.
Most oil spills occur during routine cargo operations and bunkering.
My position has been obtained by celestial observation.
Our last port of call was Genoa.
Pilotage is compulsory () for all vessels that enter or leave the port.
Portable VHF radios can provide vital communication between the bridge and the
cargo control room.
Stop where you are and wait until the pilot arrives.
The bulk carried arrived in Singapore at 4pm
The Chief Engineer and the 2nd Officer are arriving by plane.
The Chief Officer was annoyed because the decision was made without information
The Master will meet the visitors on arrival at the port.
The pump rate should be 60 cubic meters per hour.
The plane was late but nobody knew the reason for the delay.
The turbo charger is out of operation.
There were over 500 passengers on board during this voyage.
There`s a large vessel leaving. Keep clear of the channel.
This chapter includes instructions and information about all the lifesaving
appliances on board.
To make drills more effective, a scenario of the emergency should be decided
() before the drill.
We have been waiting for a berth for 3 hours.
We expect () to repair the pump in two hours.
We were unable to leave Rotterdam on 15th November.
What is the latest information about the storm?
What was the main cause of the collision last week?
Which is the best fire extinguisher to put out an electrical fire?
Who is responsible for the use of the communication equipment in an emergency?
Who was this certificate signed by?
Why is the Master not satisfied with our work?
You look so pale ()! Whats wrong with you?
You are proceeding at a dangerous speed.
You are advised to alter course to starboard.

All the crewmembers are wearing their safety helmets.
The cook is cooking pancakes
The crew practicing an abandon ship master.
The crew are going to the muster station.
The crew are taking part in mooring operations
The crew are holding their life jackets.
The crew are chipping on the deck.
The crew are donning their life jackets.
The crewman is demonstrating how to use the fire extinguisher.
The crewmen are strapping ( ) in the casualty.
The crewmen are taking part in mooring operation.
The crewmen with breathing apparatus are going downstairs
The crewmen is donning a Thermal Protective Suit.
The engine crew are overhauling the pumps.
The fire fighter is entering the space.
The fire fighter team are getting ready to proceed to the fire place.
The lifeboat is being recovered.
The rescue boat has been launched.
The ship is moored alongside
The vessel has run aground.
They are probably going to take off their immersion suits.
Two crew members are getting into the rescue boat.

A fire broke out in the engine

All cargo should be checked
Are they checking the alarm system
Are you going to leave the port on Friday?
Avoid contact with any moving parts.
Do not remove protective shields, guards, covers or any warning signs.
Does an immersion suit reduce body heat loss?
Have you ever been to Australia?
How often do you usually have emergency drills on board?
I will be thirty on Monday.
If the visibility is reduced we will proceed at slow speed.
Nobody was injured after the fire in the accommodation.
Tankers usually carry liquid cargoes, such as petroleum products.
Today the crew are going to carry out a launch and recovery exercise with the lifeboat.
The distress message was received at 1700.
The fire was discovered by the engineer who noticed smoke coming from the hatch.(?)
The goods will be delivered in time.##
The hold was surveyed 2 hours ago.
The investigators has been trying to find the cause of the accident since last night. ##
The lookout is on his way to the bridge.
The Master is still talking to the agent at the moment.
The owners, flag state and coastal were not informed about the accident within the
required period.
The ship will be placed in quarantine for 6-10 days.
The ship was order to alter course.
The ship will be left for Odessa Tomorrow.
The space has not been entered until the fire service arrived.
When the Captain comes we will discuss this problem.##
When did the accident in the galley happen?
What kind of assistance do they need?
Who will investigate the cause of the accident?
Whose telephone numbers are listed in that document?
You must not leave your post but should contact the other person via radio.

All necessary equipment was stowed in an appropriate location.
Chemicals must be handled with great care.
Did you inspect the cargo spacer for stowaways?
Did you receive a work permit before the entering enclose space?
Did you put back your tools in the tool box?
Did you post the lookout on the forecastle?
Do you know how to don correctly a lifejacket?
Have you inspected the mooring lines yet?
Have you checked the first aid equipment?
How long will the refitting take?
How many people helped to extinguish the Fire?
How many propellers has your vessel got?
He completed the training course three months ago.
I have just checked the firefighting equipment.
It took us a long time to clean the cargo hold.
The passengers disembarked from the vessel 2 hours ago.
The team began donning breathing apparatus and chemical suits.
The Master is responsible for the emergency party training.
The storm warning was received at 1900 hrs.
The tanker is altering course to starboard
This should be carry out by trained person only.
Whats the name of that vessel over there?
What are the advantages of this system?
What are the procedures in case of fire?
What cargo are you loading in hold no 4?
What did you have for dinner yesterday?
What doors must be locked when in port?
What fire-fighting appliances do you have on board?
What will you do if you notice the smell of smoke?
What warning notices were used during welding?
Which defective tools are must not be used?
When did you last have a security related drill?
When did you launch the last lifeboat?
When did you have a security related ( ) drill?
When are you going to complete bunkering?
When was issued the letter to the port authorities?
Where can I get protective gloves?
Where will they rig () the pilot ladder?
Where is the ship registered?
Where is the onboard oil spill removal equipment stored?
You mustnt smoke in the cargo hold.

Are you ready to sail?

Are you going to leave the port on Friday?
Are you have any passengers disembarking in this port?
Do you have to have shore passes to go ashore?
Did there any injured crewmembers on board?
Does the ship have a bow thruster?
Does the Cook know how to use the fire blanked?
Have you any passengers disembarking in this port?
Has the cargo been delivered yet?
How do you want these rails stowed?
How does the ship answer the helm?
How does the ship answer the helm?
How long have you known our Master?
How many copies of these documents do you need?
How many propellers has your vessel got?
How many gangs will be working in this shift?
The fire was discovered by the engineer who noticed smoke coming from the
What cargo does your ship carry?
What is her full maneuvering speed?
What kinds of firefighting appliances are there on board?
What ports did your ship call at during the voyage?
What portable fire extinguishers you have on the ship?
What steps should be taken if there is some spillage when loading?
Where is the emergency pump located?
Where did you take on fresh water?
Where will the emergency party muster?
When discovered the person had fallen overboard?
When the storm warning was received?
When will our berth be available?
When will our food be ready?
When will you pass through the Panama Canal?
Who is keeping watch at the gangway at the moment?
Who is lashing the deck cargo?
Who prepares lifeboats for launching?
Who is entitled to sign this document?
Who investigate the cause on the accident?
Why did you cancel the meeting yesterday?


accept (), give, receive, take
accept, agree, approve, reject ()
allow (), left ( leave), permit, prohibit
also, although (), but, however
angry, annoyed (), cheerful (), fed up ( )
anchor, bright, board, careless ()
anxious (), calm (), nervous, worried
appliance (), captain, device, equipment
appropriate (), correct, suitable (), wrong
bag, box, container, contents ()
bananas, grapes , orange, peas ()
begin, commence (), start, stop
berth, bollard (), pier (), quay
bear, milk, rum, wine
board, disembark (), get off (), leave
certain (), confident (), doubtful (), sure
chisel, bulb, lamp, light
channel, mountain, ocean, river
cheerful, depressed (), happy, joyful ()
city, street, town, village
clean, messy (), neat (), tidy ()
clean, dirty, filthy (), muddy ()
clear, foggy (), hazy (), misty ()
close to (), beside (), far, next to ()
complicated (), difficult, easy, hard
crew, man, personnel, staff
dangerous, hazardous, risky, safe
diseased (), healthy, ill (), sick ()
divide (), join, separate, split ()
error, faultless (), incorrect, mistake
expensive, precious (), valuable (), worthless ()
gate, ladder, stairs, steps
grow, increase, reduce, rice
loosen, tighten, undo (), unscrew
scream (), shout (), whisper (), yell ( )

arm chair - blanket -

bedside table - carpet -
bow - casualty -
bow wave - chain stopper -
bollard - cloth -
spoons - jug -
crankcase door - hatch lid -
crate - launch - ,
crow bar - mop -
cupboard - pedestal roller -
curtain - plant -
fire axe - safety ashtray -
fork stretcher -
forklift truck wardrobe -
jetty - watermelons -

Building (warehouse-, factory) / transport (motorbike, train) / communication
(fax, telephone).
Cargo handling gear (slings, tarpaulin-) / cargo (flour-, sheet iron) /
damage to cargo (soiling- , fermentation-).
Cargo safety problems (spontaneous combustion-, cargo saturation-
) / dry bulk (sand, fertilizers-) / liquid bulk (petroleum, oil).
Cause (lifting heavy objects, explosion) / injury (back strain-, burns) /
prevention (use lifting equipment, handle- chemical properly).
Colors (black, blue) / types of communication (verbal, written) / crimes at sea (piracy,
smuggling- ).
Equipment failure (leakage, burst-) / equipment (boiler, generator) /
repair (replace, weld).
Equipment failure (overheating, blackout) / equipment (engine, pump) / repair
(welding, soldering).
Food (pasta, rice) / kitchen utensils- (bowl-, knife) / furniture (armchair,
Food (beef stew- , soup) / kitchen utensils (tin opener-,
potato peeler-) / furniture (wardrobe-, sofa).
Footwear (boots, slippers) / clothing (shirt, belt) / electrical items (DVD player,
Fruit (water melon-, pineapple) / vegetable (potato, carrot-) / drink
(tea, coffee).
Fruit (grapes, peach-) / vegetable (cabbage-, cucumber-) / drink
(milk, wine).
Galley equipment (dishwasher, stove-) / cargo equipment (hook, boom-
) / navigational equipment (course recorder, gyrocompass).
Mooring terms (breast line, bollard) / anchoring terms (chain locker, windlass) / cargo
handling gear (grad crane, derrick-).
Part of the body (knee-, shoulder-) / type of injure (sprain-, a
break-) / medication (antibiotics, ointment-).
Part of the body (leg, head) / type of injure (burn, cut) / medication and treatment-
(injection, pills).
Part of ship (deck, bulkhead) / ship space (workshop, storeroom) / ship characteristics
(draft, breadth-).
Part of ship (forecastle, superstructure) / type of ship (tanker, reefer) / cargo (coal,
Personal protective equipment (gloves, goggles) / lifesaving equipment (immersion
suit, life raft) / accidents (fire, collision).
Relatives- (uncle, nephew-) / job (doctor, lawyer) / place of work
(bank, shop).
Shape- (triangle, square) / color (blue, green) / size (large, wide).
Safety equipment (face shield, ear defenders) / hazardous materials (toxic gas,
flammable liquid) / types of emergency (sinking-, grounding).
Ships equipment (fresh water generator, purifier) / type of ship (ro-ro, supply
vessel) / cargo (sugar, iron ore- ).
Tools (soldering iron, wrench) / means of signaling (smoke float, hand flare-
) / mooring appliances- (fairlead-, reel-).
Weather conditions (gale-, hurricane-) / navigational equipment (echo
sounder, radar) / anchoring terms (shackle-, gypsy- ).

access, dress, assess, messman copper, pneumonia [njumeunie], potato,
adjust, reduce, residues, view plotting
ache [eik], reach, school, stomach cough [kof], through [fru], rough [raf],
[stamek] enough(?)
age, general, gym, game country, trouble, tough [taf], group
agent, sewage, ecological, grease could [kud], nail, half [haf], talk
alter, rule, rubber, rust course, south, mount, round
attention, preventive, pollution, cow ([kau]- ), below, overflow,
precaution throw
bag, ring, wing, long doctor, nature, future, puncture
barge, match ([metf]-), large, departure, feature, position,
card temperature
ball, pallet, small, wall delete, sweet, need, net
bathroom, weather, health, thruster essential, maintain, function, tension
begin, vegetable, gas, grind figure, midship, size, spirit
begin, berth, shrink, twist finger, grind [graind], find, mild [maild]
bell, seal, meal, wheel four, pool, pour, restore
blow, cloud [klaud], now, brown go, how, low, snow
bright, fitting, pipe, lighting horizon, pin, rig, trim
boiler, loan [loun], own, home honest [onist], hockey, history, hook
buy, ear [ie], fly, eye jump, junior, june, juice
cargo, celsius, cigar, celebrate keep, knock, knob, knife
catch, yacht, watch, hatch pound, phone, phenomenon, photo
charge, bucket, crack, lack piracy, stabilizer, trimming, wire
chamber, chronometer, discharge, chart pressure, supply, sure, sugar
circuit, write, tight, night this, thermometer, thinner, theft

(ENCLOSED SPACE ENTRY) without any ventilation / oxygen deficient / through reduce of
regular use / with appropriate warnings / an enclosed space / stand-by.

(GARBAGE DISPOSAL) garbage / to be adapted / full instruction / to be reviewed regularly /

discharged / to be readily available.

(OIL SPILL) spillages of bunker oil / all necessary precaution are taken / any escape of oil /
oil spill removal equipment / portable pumps / in a convenient storeroom.

(SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION) loaded in damp conditions / very little ventilation /

combustion / the restriction of oxygen supply / could burst into flames / spontaneous

(LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES) escape from vessel in distress / launched / maintain the life boat
falls and davits / be properly adjusted regularly maintained / a malfunction of the release
equipment / training.

(MOBILE PHONES AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT) shipboard electronics malfunctioning /

sensitive equipment / interference / restriction on the use of portable phones / during
maneuvering / cargo operation.
(WORK ON ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT) prior to / permit to work / injury or death / flammable
vapours / to isolate / to follow.