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Technology Integration Lesson Plan Template

Your Name: Faith and Megan

Name: School: Date:

Faith and Megan Our Elementary 2/9/2017

Subject Areas Grade Level Lesson or Project Duration

5 Characteristics K 30 Min.
Technology Required
What software and hardware are needed for this lesson or project?
Hardware: Computer and Ipad
Software: and Youtube.

Technology Level
Teacher Student
Novice Novice
Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced Advanced
Lesson or Project Topic
What is the topic? What is the title?
Classifying characteristics between objects.
Sorting objects based on size and color

Critical Question Addressed

What specific question(s) will be answered?
What is the difference between a bear and block?
Is a certain object hard or soft?
What color is a certain object?
What shape?
What Size?

Lesson or Project Goals and Objectives

What will students experience and be able to do as a result of this lesson or project?
Groups of kindergarten students will be able to identify four differences between any two given objects.

Curriculum Connections
What specific curriculum learning outcomes will be addressed in this lesson or project?(TAKS)
SC.K.P.8.1 Sort objects by observable properties, such as size, shape, color, temperature (hot or cold),
weight, (heavy or light) and texture.

Technology Connections
What technology skills and/or goals will be addressed in this lesson or project?
Students will watch 3 videos
They will also be using ipads to play a game that works on classifying shapes.

Lesson or Unit Starter

What will you do to introduce the lesson or project? Are the connections to the curriculum and technology
We will start by having the kids watch 3 videos that introduce shape and color and size.
Next, we will show two objects, such as, a stuffed teddy bear and a wooden toy block. Asking the kids to
tell us the differences.

Student-focused Activities
What activities will your student do during this lesson or project?
First, students will sit down and watch three youtube videos identifying different shapes and their colors
and sizes, with textures
Next, students will be shown two objects, (teddy bear and wooden block.) Teacher will ask questions like
1. What are the differences bewtween the two objects?
2. Which one is hard? Which one is soft?
3. What color is the bear? What color is the Block?
4. Which is bigger?
Then, we will split the class into two groups the first group of students will go back to there tables and the
teacher will pass out counting/sorting bear of all sizes and shapes, we then will have the children group the
bears first by size and then again by color.While the second group of students use their own ipad to play . Then the groups will switch.
Last the kids will be given a 10 question worksheet to complete that we will use to determine if the children
have achieved the goals and objectives.

Hardware, Software, Web, CD ROM Other (Print, Human, etc)
Computer using youtube and Ipad using Teddy bear, wooden block, Sorting bears, and
Worskeet. .

Student Assessment
How will you assess the extent to which the students have achieved the goals and objectives?
Teacher will give a 10 question worksheet to assess student comprehesnsion on shape
color and texture. The students are to complete the worsheet independently but the
teacher will go question by question reading aloud to ensure all children understand the
directions and what they are being asked to do.