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Exposing the Deceptive Tax Practices of the IRS
August 27, 2002 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 18

Removing IRS Notices Of Lien IRS sends one of those notices to the Mr. Kinney first went to the library
county recorder, for example, there and searched the Tennessee Secretary of
With UCC-3 Form must be an actual lien or judgment on States computer records to see if they
This week Eddie Kahn introduced us file with the Secretary of State. Mr. had any real IRS liens on him. When he
to Joe Kinney from Tennessee who Kinney was aware of this fact for a long didnt find anything (as expected), he
shared some very valuable information time, but like most people, he couldnt then called his Secretary of States office
with us. Mr. Kinney told us about how figure out how to terminate the and asked how much it would cost to
he got two Notices of Federal Tax Lien unfounded Notices of Lien. They get a certified UCC-11 from them. They
removed from the county recorders imposed a heavy burden on him for said it would be $17, so he sent them a
office in the county where he lives. He years. money order for that amount and about
used a very simple and effective method The IRS destroyed him financially a week later, he got it. For reference, the
involving the Uniform Commercial and forced him to lose his job. Mr. UCC-11 he received was a certified
Code (UCC) to accomplish it. Again, Kinney said he joined many so-called search by the Secretary to see if there
we discover another example of the patriot groups, including one called were any financial notices filed against
UCC playing an important role in Save a Patriot in Maryland who couldnt him in the Secretarys office. It said
dealing with the deceptive tax practices do anything for him. When all was said something like this: I, the Secretary of
of the IRS. and done, he ended up paying both the State of Tennessee, do hereby certify that the
Mr. Kinney said the path to IRS and the Save a Patriot group lots of records of this office do not reflect an active
enlightenment toward his discovery money for years with nothing to show financing statement bearing the name of Joe
began while preparing to file for for it. Mr. Kinney had it arranged to Kinney. When Mr. Kinney read that he
bankruptcy. He learned of the UCC-11 where Save a Patriot withheld their fees was happy to get it, but it made his
form, which is a form used to certify from his pay to deal with his IRS blood boil at the same time. As
whether a legal document exits. In Mr. matters. He said he has W-2 forms that mentioned before, he knew all along
Kinneys case, the legal documents in show Save a Patriot made $7,000 per that there were no real liens filed
question involved whether the IRS had year off him, but when it came to against him by the IRS.
any real liens or not. As many of our producing results, they couldnt do Mr. Kinney called the Secretary of
readers already know, a Notice of anything. However, Eddie chimed in at States office again and talked with a
Federal Tax Lien is not an actual lien; that point to clarify that there are very woman in the UCC division who was
there must be a real lien somewhere few groups who have ever been able to very helpful. He asked many simple
that supports the notice. Whenever the remove IRS Notices of Lien. Thus, Mr. questions and learned much that way.
Kinneys accomplishment in that regard They talked about the certified UCC-11
IN THIS ISSUE is the oddity and not the norm. that he got from the Secretary; he told
her that he intended to confront his
Removing IRS Notices Of Originally, Mr. Kinney wanted to
county officials with it due to
Lien With UCC-3 Form obtain certified UCC-11 forms from his
unfounded documents recorded against
Secretary of State that certified there
Joe Kinney Confronts His him there. She told him that if what he
were no liens against him to use in
Registrar Of Deeds said was true, then he could terminate
bankruptcy court. He said thats because
those documents himself by using a
Joe Kinneys Plan B in the district where he lives the
UCC-3 form. Then she explained how
bankruptcy judge generally doesnt
IRS Wont Admit To Being A to use it properly. Mr. Kinney said he
discharge IRS debt. Therefore, he
Creditor felt well armed to confront the county
intended to put together an argument people after hearing that. The woman
Letter Of Sovereign State based upon the certified UCC-11 forms
also told him that if the registrar of
to get the IRS debt absolved in court. deeds had any questions, then he should
However, a new idea dawned on him; if
CONTACT INFORMATION he could just get the UCC-11 that he planned to use in bankruptcy court, then he could probably use it at the
(727) 824-7747 county level as well.
have them give her a call. Mr. Kinney UCC-11 and UCC-3 forms. He anticipated her the phone number to the Secretary of
planned to go there the next day, so he got that they would give him trouble, so he had States office and told her to call them since
her name and phone number in case he a Plan B to fall back upon if they didnt file they were expecting her call, so she called
needed it. After he got off the phone, he his UCC-3 forms. Therefore, he had a them. When she got off the phone, she
immediately went to the library, got some of witness accompany him and had several looked up at the lawyer she consulted with
those UCC-3 forms and filled them out just prepared affidavits to use if it became earlier and said, I cant believe this. They told
as she explained. necessary to invoke the alternate plan. me I have to file these [UCC-3 forms] and
Mr. Kinney stressed to us that following However, we will elaborate more on that release these liens.
the proper sequence of events is essential. later. That was the moment when Mr. Kinney
First, you must get a certified UCC-11 from When Mr. Kinney confronted the accomplished what relatively few people in
your Secretary of State stating that there are registrar of deeds she resisted as anticipated. the patriot movement have been able to do.
no valid liens or claims against you. Then First, she asked him some very basic However, he wasnt finished with filing
you must conduct a public search at the questions and then threw up all sorts of paperwork yet. He sent a certified letter,
county level. When you do, he suggested obstacles. The woman claimed that she return receipt requested, to the registrar of
that you make is a very boisterous and public couldnt file his UCC-3 forms because they deeds as a follow-up. The letter put her on
ordeal. He said to get anyone that you can werent signed. Mr. Kinney responded saying notice that he expected her to be able to
find, including the registrars, the deputies, etc. that the IRS Notices of Federal Tax Lien provide certified documentation from the
to help you look in the county records. Make (Form 668(Y)(c)) against him werent signed Secretary of State showing that a real lien is
them dredge up everything that they can find either. Yet, they filed those things. She said properly on file with that office before
on you. Then get copies of each instrument his UCC-3 forms werent notarized. He recording any IRS Notices of Federal tax
in their records that you want to terminate responded saying that the IRS Notices were Lien bearing his name in the future. Then he
that has the countys book and page number not notarized either. At some point, the had that notice recorded in the county
on it. Once you get that information, you woman even discussed the matter with one records to give it a book and page number.
then put it on a UCC-3 form and then file it of their lawyers, the smart kid as Mr. Lastly, he posted it again in a hallway at the
with the registrar of deeds to terminate the Kinney put it. He too claimed that the UCC- courthouse on a public billboard.
unfounded instrument. 3 filing wouldnt work. Therefore, the
Mr. Kinney said he used the national woman told Mr. Kinney she wouldnt record Joe Kinneys Plan B
UCC-3 form to terminate the IRS Notices of them; he told her she would record them.
She told Mr. Kinney he couldnt file them; We mentioned before that Mr. Kinney
Lien on himself due to its simplicity. He
he told her he could and she would file had a Plan B when he went to see his
didnt recommend using any state generated
them. registrar of deeds in case she refused to
UCC form if you are in doubt at all because
record his UCC-3 filings. If that would have
of the potential pitfalls. However, he said its By that point, the woman was quite
happened, Plan B was to revoke her bond
irrelevant which form you use regarding the flustered. She said the UCC is state law, yet
the IRS Notice is a federal document. Mr. if she didnt do her job. Heres how Mr.
UCC-11 for all you need is the certification
Kinney agreed and said thats why the state Kinney explained the procedure. After he did
that there is nothing on file with the
document could terminate it. Of course, she his very public and boisterous search at the
Secretary. Mr. Kinney just filled out Line 1a
didnt understand that because she claimed county level discussed earlier, he stopped by
on the UCC-3 form, which you use to
that federal law is superior to state law. Mr. the clerks office. He told them that he
identify a document that you want to
Kinney disagreed and explained to her how wanted a copy of the registrar of deeds oath
terminate. Line 2 is the termination line; it
has a little box for you to check to indicate a they live in the state under state law; they of office and bond.
termination of whatever you put on Line 1a. dont live on federal land. He explained what When the clerk asked him why he
Dont get confused and fill out any of the the federal government must do in order to wanted it, Mr. Kinney said, Whats the
other lines. You just want to go to line 2 and impose a financial statement against difference? Its a matter of public record; Im the
put an X in the box. Thats it. someone in the state. First, they must public and I want it. Mr. Kinney said his
Nonetheless, while on the subject we register it with the Secretary of State as a policy in dealing with public servants like
thought we would point out some foreign body operating within the state to that is never ASK them anything; he TELLS
interesting wording found on Line 9 of the secure a lien. After securing the actual lien, them what he wants because they work for
UCC-3 form. In the last part of the fine print only then they can start sending out notices the public. The clerk said she didnt think
there, it says ...or if this is a Termination of it. To illustrate that fact, Mr. Kinney read they had those documents, but Mr. Kinney
authorized by a Debtor, check here and enter to her the line on the Notice of Federal Tax said he knew they were there. Therefore, he
name of DEBTOR authorizing this lien where it says, Therefore, there is a lien. would wait.
amendment. Did you catch that? You see, As she followed along and acknowledged Mr. Kinney got the documents he wanted
that line 9 shows the power of the UCC-3 what he read, Mr. Kinney asked her, and had them before meeting with the
form. Debtors can terminate financial Therefore, there is a lien against me, right? She registrar of deeds. If she had refused to file
instruments recorded against THEM. said, Right. Mr. Kinney then retorted, OK, his UCC-3 forms, then he and the witness
However, that line is optional and a potential then show it to me and Ill leave. who accompanied him would have attested
trap. Mr. Kinney did not fill it out because if The registrar of deeds replied saying, to her refusal to file his legal instruments.
he did, then it would have named him as a Well, we dont have it here. Mr. Kinney Thus, the bond-holding agent would likely
debtor. Its hard to claim that a debt is quickly agreed to that and said, Yeah, thats revoke her bond. There would also be the
unfounded when you assert yourself as a right; its at the Secretary of States office isnt possibility of a lawsuit against her for not
debtor, right? it? She took the bait and fell right into Mr. doing her job. If the bond-holding agent
Kinneys trap; her answer was yes. Therefore, continued to hold a bond on her while the
Joe Kinney Confronts he showed her the UCC-11 again and said, registrar of deeds acted illegally in office,
But look, we just proved that there isnt one however, then they could be a party to the
His Registrar Of Deeds there. Defeated and flustered, the woman suit. Thus, you should be able to see how it
Anyway, Mr. Kinney went into the didnt know what else to say. Mr. Kinney wouldnt take much for the bond-holding
county recorders office armed with his said he would make it easy on her. He gave agent to revoke the public servants bond.

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The beauty of this Plan B is that the was a creditor or that he represented a from the Nebraska Secretary of State. The
person who takes office afterwards will creditor. man also sent Eddie a copy of the letter that
usually be one of the people who helped you When Eddie saw how the U.S. Attorney he sent to the Secretary, which led him to
conduct your exhaustive search, right? When wouldnt make such admissions, he told the get that document. In his letter, the man
that new person takes over, they will be your court that the U.S. Attorney didnt have any stated that he and his wife were de jure
new friend because you just gave that person legal standing. After all, if hes not a creditor, Citizens of Nebraska state (not State of
a big raise by getting them the registrar of then what business does he have attending Nebraska) who each wanted a Letter of
deeds job. Furthermore, they will be much the creditors hearing? Yet, all the while, the Nebraska state Citizenship. Then he attached
better behaved when you come back next U.S. Trustee kept telling Eddie that the U.S. a proposed sample of how he wanted the
time because they will know how their Attorney had legal standing and that he had document to look, which was just a typed
predecessor lost their job. Thats the reason to answer his questions. In thinking about it letter that he composed himself.
for the very public and boisterous search at afterwards though, it was obvious to Eddie Furthermore, Eddie assumed that they sent
the county level. Just remember, public that the U.S. Attorney had no legal standing their birth certificates along with the letter as
servants work for us; we dont work for for the above reasons. Therefore, Eddie filed evidence of their identity.
them. Whenever they refuse to file a legal a complaint against him. In addition, Eddie Interestingly, the Secretary of State sent
instrument, then jerk that bond out from filed a motion in court today to force the them both a certified one-page document
under them. U.S. Attorney to admit under oath whether that was word-for-word exactly like the
Mr. Kinney has an information packet he is a creditor or representing a creditor. If proposed sample. The document also
available on the subjects discussed above for he doesnt, then Eddie wants him banned contained the Nebraska Secretary of States
anyone who may be interested. He requests from the courtroom. signature, the Nebraska state flag and official
that you send at least a $12 donation for the That is the status of where ARL is at state seal. This is quite amazing to say the
material. The packet has new UCC forms right now on this issue. They are still waiting least. People have been trying to figure out
and sample UCC forms, plus four pages of to force the IRS to prove that they are a how to get such an official document for
instructions on the proper sequence of claimant because so far the agency has not years without success. Yet, this man got one
events. When you write, ask him for the tax admitted to being a creditor. In closing, and all he did was send a simple letter to ask
lien removal package. Send your requests Eddie said the court scheduled another for it.
and donations to Joe Kinney; P.O. Box 32; hearing for September 5, 2002. That is The document that the Nevada Secretary
Bean Station, Tennessee 37708 before our next update, so hopefully we will of State issued, dated July 20, 1992, is
have more news to share on this subject in
entitled Letter Of Nebraska State
IRS Wont Admit the next newsletter.
Citizenship. It says, The Nebraska Secretary
To Being A Creditor of State, Nebraska State, United States of
Letter Of Sovereign America; hereby requests all who it may concern,
In the previous edition of TaxTruth
Newsletter, we didnt have much new State Citizenship to permit this sovereign Nebraska State Citizen,
information to report on American Rights If you are an old timer in the patriot named herein, to pass without delay or hindrance
Litigators (ARL) bankruptcy filing. Eddie movement, then certainly you will have and in case of need, to give all lawful aid and
Kahn wasnt feeling well so we were unable heard commentary at one time or another protection. Then it lists the name of the
to get any first-hand information about what about Sovereign state Citizenship. Eddie Nebraska state Citizen and the Citizens date
happened at the creditors hearing on August Kahn talked to us about it in past editions of and place of birth. Lastly, the Nebraska
6. We just heard that the IRS still had not TaxTruth Newsletter. He told us about how Secretary of State and the Nebraska state
submitted a proof of claim. We also heard such citizenship status is distinctly different Citizen to whom it was issued signed the
that the hearing didnt go as well as Eddie from 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship. He document.
hoped it would and because of that, Eddie also told us about how prior to the Civil War According to Eddie, the couple from
planned to file more paperwork with the there was no such thing as a U.S. citizen; Nebraska are not the only people who were
court. there were only state Citizens. able to get a state passport. ARL staff
Fortunately, Eddie felt much better this Last November, Eddie began to explore member, Jay Arr, recently told a man from
week and was able to tell us more about the expatriation/repatriation process. It was New Jersey about all of this and sent him the
what happened. Prior to the creditors a means to get us back to our proper documents referred to above. The New
hearing, Eddie thought perhaps the IRS citizenship status and shake off the unwanted Jersey man then went to the New Jersey
would not attend, but they did. The IRS U.S. citizenship. That process involved Secretary of States office in person and got
agent who issued the nominee levy against expatriating to renounce ones 14th an identical state passport in 25 minutes.
ARL and the U.S. Attorney were the ones Amendment U.S. citizenship, whereas the The purpose in getting these state
who appeared. After the hearing began, the repatriation process served to reaffirm ones passports is obvious; its all about your status.
U.S. Attorney started asking Eddie questions. state Citizenship. However, the repatriation If you have a document from the Secretary
Therefore, Eddie responded by asking him if process still offered no official document of State of the state saying that you are a
he was a creditor. The U.S. Attorneys from the government identifying the state sovereign state Citizen, then that is officially
answer was that he represented the United Citizenship status of the person repatriating. what you are. Nobody can ever say
States, so Eddie asked him if he represented This week, however, we have something otherwise. Such status puts you way above
a creditor. Again, the U.S. Attorney very interesting to report. Eddie told us this 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship that
answered by saying that he represented the about a man born in Nebraska who sent him the government currently has all of us in
United States; he would never admit that he a copy of a state issued passport that he got right now.

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