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Concept Map Acuyong, Yogananda G.

Alzona, Kimberly
Risk Factors: Hypertension
-Age (High blood
-Obesity Hypertension means high
-Diet Complications: pressure (tension) in the
-Lifestyle -Heart attack or stroke arteries. Arteries are vessels
-Stress -Aneurysm that carry blood from the
-Family History -Heart failure pumping heart to all the
-Diabetes Mellitus tissues and organs of the
-Kidney Disease
Signs and Symptoms: -Vision loss
**Most of the time, there are no -Metabolic Syndrome
symptoms -Low cognitive thinking
-Dyspnea -Nosebleed
-Fatigue -Confusion
-Headache -Nape Pain Diagnostics:
-Above normal BP N &V -Blood pressure measurements
-Severe headache - Dizziness Normal Blood pressure (120/80mmhg)
-Vision changes Pre hypertension (120/80 -139/89mmhg)
Stage 1 hypertension (140/90-159/99)
Stage 2 hypertension(>160/100)
-High cholesterol level
Eat a heart healthy diet, including
potassium and fiber. Nursing Diagnosis: Medications:
Nursing Diagnosis #1 - Thiazide diuretics
Drink plenty of water. Acute pain: headache angiotensin-converting
related to increased enzyme (ACE) Risk and implication:
cerebral vascular inhibitors Some of the medications can lower
Exercise regularly for at least 30
pressure. angiotensin II receptor your heart rate, some thin out the
minutes of aerobic exercise a day. Nursing Diagnosis #2 - blockers (ARBs) blood. Risk of stroke is common with
Knowledge deficit Calcium channel many of the medications used to
If you smoke, quit. related to lack of
information about the treat HTN. Vasodilators work on
Renin inhibitors muscles in the walls of your arteries
disease process and
Limit how much alcohol you drink to self-care Alpha blockers and prevent them from narrowing. All
1 drink a day for women, and 2 a day Nursing Diagnosis #3 - Beta Blockers medications should be taken exactly
for men. Decreased Cardiac Alpha-Beta blockers as prescribed by the doctor and
Output related to Central-acting agents. before taking any OTCs be sure to
Limit the amount of sodium (salt) you Increased vascular consult with your primary care
eat -- aim for less than 1,500 mg per resistance, provider.
day. vasoconstriction