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Batangas State University

Mechanical Engineering Department

Project Title: Design and Development of Coal Fly Ash Compacting Machine for Oil Spill
Project Description: The subject of the study and its development could provide a way to reduce industrial wastes in coal fired power plants, reduce the hazardous effects of improper disposal of
coal fly ash and solve oil spill environmental problem. The design and development of the compacting machine could be beneficial to many people because it produces a low cost natural
adsorbent of oil and replaces the manual and natural recovery used in treating and curing oil spill catastrophes.

Total Duration (in months): 4 Planned Start: Month February Year 2017 Planned End: May Year 2017

Means of
Key Assumption
February March April Verification
Objectives Activities Expected Output W1 W W W W W W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4
2 3 4 1 2

Consultation for the fabrication of the Autocad file of the

compacting machine including the cost of machine for the
service and the preparation of the fabricators guide
AutoCad file that will serve as the guide of regarding its dimensions
the fabricator. and other parts. Autocad File
Receipt of
Downpayment and start of fabrication Fabricated Main Frame Payment and
Main frame with the hydraulic with the hydraulic Photo of the
assembly assembly fabricated parts
Machine shop of the molders, main Fabricated Molder and Photos of the
compactor and template guides compactor fabricated parts
Assembly of parts, calibration of Final Output of Photos of the final
motion and controls for the testing. Compacting machine output
Testing of the Machine with Raw
Materials (if okay, the output will be Receipt of
pull out for the preliminary testing, if Payment and a
not-prior testing will be performed for video/photo of the
its optimum utilization)Also, Full first phase testing
payment will be paid if the machine is Well-Functioning of the compacting
well functioning. Compacting Machine machine
1. Conduct preliminary testing to Data Gathered
establish the following parameters: and its results
1.1 proportion of coal fly
ash and clay mixture;
1.2 operating pressure.
2. Test the performance of the coal fly
ash compacting machine to determine
the following parameters:
2.1 compacting rate; and
2.2 compacting efficiency.

Test the properties of product output in

terms of:
1.1 silicon dioxide;
1.2 calcium oxide; and
1.3 particle size
distribution. Laboratory
Test the effectiveness of the product
output to the simulated oil and
seawater mixture under the following
1.1 adsorption efficiency;
1.2 adsorption rate;
1.3 number of
compacted fly ash
and clay mixture to be
1.4 contact time;
1.5 curing time;
1.6 dimensional stability;
and Data Gathered
1.7 effective density. and Laboratory
Evaluate the quality of water before
and after adsorption. Laboratory
Compilation of Gathered Results and
Data and Making of Chapters 4 and 5. Manuscripts
Video of the
Testing and
Manuscripts with
Performance Testing and Final revisions of the
Defense panelists
Revisons Manuscripts
Completion and Making of Operational Completed
Manual signatures of the
approval sheet
and an operational
Extending of Machine to its Extension papers
Beneficiary and other files.

Proponents: Signature: Date: Adviser: Signature: Date

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