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Paper 01 Multiple choice

1 hour 30 minutes


1. There are 60 questions in this paper. You MUST attempt all questions.
2. Each item has FOUR suggested answers with letters A, B, C and D.
Choose the correct answer and shade the correct letter with HB pencil for the
corresponding question in your answer booklet.
3. If you finish before the time, re-check your answers.
4. There is only ONE correct answer. So shading two answers for a question
is considered an invalid answer.
5. If you choose an answer and wants to make a change, ensure that you
erased the first answer completely.

1. A major function of main memory is to:

a. Perform logical operations

b. Read and interpret instructions
c. Store information that is not currently being used
d. Store information that is currently being used

2. ROM chips are mainly used to:

a. Store programs such as utilities

b. Store application software such as word processors
c. Store start up instructions
d. Store erasable instructions

3. Word size is measured in:

a. Seconds
b. Bytes
c. Bits
d. Kilobytes

4. In terms of access speed, which of the following is the slowest?

a. Magnetic tape
b. Fixed head hard disk
c. Movable head hard disk
d. Flash memory

5. Which of the following groups are correct if they are listed in ascending order
of storage capacity?

a. Floppy disk, hard disk, flash memory, CD

b. Floppy disk, flash memory, hard disk, CD
c. Floppy disk, CD, flash memory, hard disk
d. Floppy disk, hard disk, CD, flash memory

6. The concentric circles a disk is divided into are called:

a. Tracks
b. Cylinders
c. Sectors
d. Index holes

7. Which of the following is not a direct access secondary storage medium?

a. Flash memory
b. Hard disk
c. Floppy disk
d. Magnetic tape

8. Numbers marked a by a customer on a lottery ticket slip can be read using the
input device:

a. OCR
b. OMR
d. POS

9. Which ONE of the following is not a biometric system?

a. Retina scanning
b. Encryption
c. Finger print matching
d. Iris scanning

10. The following are impact printers EXCEPT:

a. Dot matrix
b. Ink jet
c. Plotter
d. Daisy wheel

11. Which of the following is a major advantage of a Liquid Crystal Display


a. Faster output
b. Cheaper than CRT
c. Consumes less electricity
d. Not easily damaged

12. Which one of the following is NOT a soft copy?

a. Output from a speaker

b. Output from a monitor
c. Output from a plotter
d. Output from a headphone

13. The octal value of binary number 101011 is:

a. 57
b. 53
c. 43
d. 46

14. 8-bit sign and magnitude representation of 24 is:

a. 00011000
b. 10011000
c. 11100111
d. 11010111

15. Which ONE of the following is likely to be the storage capacity of a CD?

a. 100 KB
b. 300 MB
c. 150 GB
d. 700 MB

16. Which of the following types of network is used to link computers between

a. LAN
b. MAN
c. WAN
d. VAN

17. Which of the following is NOT a wired transmission media?

a. Fibre-optic
b. Satellite
c. Coaxial
d. Twisted pair

18. Which of the following is the slowest bandwidth?

a. Voice band
b. Narrow band
c. Broadband
d. Thin band

19. The data transmission mode that allows the transmission of data between
computers in both directions at the same time is called:

a. Simplex
b. Duplex
c. Half duplex
d. All of the above

20. The transfer of data from another computer to a user computer is known as:

a. Uploading
b. Downloading
c. Installing
d. Modifying

21. A device that modulates and demodulates signals is a:

a. Converter
b. Multiplexor
c. Modem
d. Router

22.A protocol used to transfer files from a remote computer using the internet is:

c. FTP

23.Encryption is a form of (.) restriction?

a. Hardware
b. Software
c. Virus
d. All of the above

24.All of the following are proprietary software EXCEPT:

a. Windows
b. Linux
c. Microsoft Word
d. Microsoft Office

25.Telecommuting is:

a. communicating with people around the world without using computers

b. working from home by having a link to the office computer
c. working from home without having a link to the office computer
d. communicating with people around the world by using computers

26.Read the following statements about information:

I. Information is processed data

II. Information is raw facts
III. Information is the results of processing
IV. Information can be numbers or characters

Which statements are true?

a. I and II only
b. I, and IV only
c. I and III only
d. I, II and IV only

27. Which of the following is NOT a business information activity?

a. Payroll
b. Accounts
c. Archiving
d. Budget

28.Which of the following devices is most likely to be present in a process

control system?

a. Controller
b. Scanner
c. Digital assistant
d. Sensor

29.Which of the following is NOT a human-readable document?

a. Output from a printer

b. Output from a monitor
c. A scanned image
d. An architectural drawing from a plotter

30.Which of the following is NOT a validation check?

a. Consistency check
b. Range check
c. Accuracy check
d. Data type check

31.When you try to insert a word between two words, the letters of the second
word are being erased. This is because the text is in:

a. insert mode
b. overwrite mode
c. correcting mode
d. delete mode

32.The default alignment of text in word processing is:

a. justified
b. left
c. right
d. centre

33.All of the following are line spacing settings in Microsoft Word EXCEPT:

a. 1
b. 1
c. 2
d. 2

34.Which of the following Alignments is used to make text fit between left and
right margins?
a. Left
b. Right
c. Justified
d. Center

35.In order to display text that appears at the top margin of every page of a
multiple-page document you should use a:

a. footer
b. footnote
c. header
d. end note

36.Which of the following is NOT a view present in PowerPoint?

a. Sorter view
b. Slide sorter view
c. Slide show view
d. Slide view

37.Flying, drive-in and camera effects are types of (..) effects to slides?

a. Action
b. Transition
c. Animation
d. Colour scheme

38.The first page that is displayed when a website is accessed is called a:

a. hyperlink
b. home page
c. thumbnail
d. search engine

39.Which of the following connects a website to another website or webpage?

a. Modem
b. Hyperlink
c. Hypertext
d. Connection

40.A group of adjacent cells in a spreadsheet is known as:

a. a template
b. a range
c. a record
d. a worksheet

41.All numerical entries into a spreadsheet are known as:

a. values
b. string
c. labels
d. characters

42. By default, text entries into the spreadsheet are aligned:

a. left
b. right
c. center
d. justified

43. If a cell address contains $C$7, it is what type of a cell reference?

a. Mixed
b. Relative
c. Absolute
d. Combined

44. A collection of related records in a database is known as a:

a. record
b. database
c. table
d. entity

45. Which of the following is NOT a data type present in MS Access?

a. Number
b. Text
c. Character
d. Yes/no

46. Which ONE of the following is a variable?

a. sum
b. sum
c. 5
d. 5
47. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of an algorithm?

a. Precise
b. Finite number of steps
c. Ambiguous
d. Flow of control from one process to another

48. All of the following are representation of algorithms EXCEPT a:

a. Flow chart
b. Data flow diagram
c. Narrative
d. Pseudocode

49. A control structure used in checking a condition is:

a. Selection
b. Sequencing
c. Repetition
d. None of the above

50. An example of a bounded iteration statement used in algorithm is:

a. While endwhile
b. While wend
c. For endfor
d. Repeat-until

51. Which ONE of the following involves a relational operation?

a. X= 10
b. x>=y
c. x= x+10
d. None of the above

52. Consider the following algorithm segment: m= m +n

n = m- n
write m , n

Suppose m = 10, n = 15. After the completion of the above statements, the
values of m and n will be:
a. 25 10
b. 10 25
c. 10 -5
d. -5 10

53. Translator used by low level language is:

a. compiler
b. interpreter
c. assembler
d. linker

54. The following are features of 1st generation languages EXCEPT:

a. they are faster in execution

b. they are machine independent
c. they are in binary
d. they are hard to read, write and understand

55. A program error that leads to the display of wrong result is:

a. application error
b. syntax error
c. logic error
d. run time error

56. All of the following are data types found in Pascal language EXCEPT:

a. integers
b. real
c. text
d. string

57. An example of a conditional loop statement in Pascal is:

a. goto
b. if then
c. for
d. while

58. Which of the following is a selection control structure statement used in


a. While
b. If-then
c. For
d. Repeat

59. Which of the following is most likely to be an instruction in 2nd generation


a. 1000110111
b. Sort file1 by lname
c. Mul A by B
d. Print Sum

60. Programming language that uses instructions can be given in a

conversational way known as:

a. high level language

b. fifth generation language
c. assembly level language
d. fourth generation language