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Outils et Mthodologie
1re Anne, Semestre 2
Anglais I

Elizabeth Gribbins
Dpartement des Langues

Course Objective: To introduce basic components of the English Language through
reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities.

Class Attendance: Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled class periods.
Students must also be on time or risk losing participation points. No student will be
allowed into class after 10 minutes from the starting time. If you must be absent,
please follow university policy and let the professor know via email. In case of an
absence, be sure to get all course materials and notes from the professor or another

Academic Honesty: Cheating and plagiarizing will not be tolerated and will be
reported to the administration. Any assignment that is proven by the professor to
have been plagiarized will be given an automatic zero.

Student Evaluation: Students grades will be based on the Contrle Continue (40%)
and the Examen Finale (60%). The professor will also take into account
participation, group work, projects, and other assignments given throughout the

Course Rules and Etiquette
*Please come to class preparedbring a pen/pencil, notebook, and all other
assigned materials.

*Cellphone use is strictly prohibited during the class period. Cellphones should be
turned off at the beginning of each class and will be collected by the professor. If a
student is caught using his/her phone during class, he/she will be asked to leave

*Students will sit in their assigned seats each and every class period or risk being
asked to leave the course.

*When emailing the professor, write your first name then last name and Group #
(example: Fatimah MERNESSI, 1re Anne, Groupe 5) in the subject line. Then,
explain your question or reason for emailing to the best of your abilities. I cannot
help you if I do not know who you are!
Schedule of the Semester (February to June, 2017):

Week/Dates Topic Assignments/Homework
1 Feb. 6-10 Review of new syllabus
and classroom rules ;
Intro to Poetry