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Volume XII Number 5 FEBRUARY 2017

Lancaster Streetlight Conversion The Autobiography of

Project Moving Full Speed Ahead Martin Luther King, Jr.
. .
Lights from Build Contributing Writer

Your Dreams (BYD) Book Review

LANCASTER - In another The Autobiography of Martin Luther

progressive step toward sus- King, Jr. (Edited by Clayborne Carson)
tainability the Lancaster city presents many of Dr. Kings speeches,
council approved continuing
sermons, letters, and unpublished manu-
retrofitting nearly 18,000
streetlights. scripts to provide revealing information.
The streetlights were previ- Taken together, the editor states, these
ously acquired from South- materials provide the basis for this ap-
ern California Edison (SCE).
The council action taken at
proximation of the autobiography that
their February 14 meeting King might have written had his life not
approved the purchase of suddenly ended.
LED lights from local man- Recently, several questions have been posed regarding
ufacturer Build Your Dreams how Dr. King would respond to certain situations if he was
(BYD), a world leader in INTO THE LIGHT: The future of night driving in Lancaster is looking bright as alive today. This book gives us a framework of the princi-
electric bus manufacturing, the City will retrofit over 17,000 streetlights with brighter, more efficient LED bulbs. ples that Dr. King followed in addressing social concerns
as well as energy storage of his time.
batteries. It would stand to reason that he would use those same prin-
When acquiring our street-
lights from SCE was initially
Federalist No. 22: The Same Subject Continued: ciples today in framing his responses.
The three main questions are: What would Dr. King think
discussed, we knew the pos-
sibilities before us. We real-
Other Defects of the Present Confederation of President Barack Obama being elected as the first African
American president of the United States? What would Dr.
ized we could turn this once Published in the New York Packet, December 14, 1787. Authored by Alexander Hamilton King say about the Black Lives Matter movement? And what
exorbitant cost for the City To the People of the State of New York: would Dr. King think about his birthday being established as
into a valuable asset which IN ADDITION to the defects already enumerated in the existing federal system, there are a Federal holiday?
will help us realize our Zero others of not less importance, which concur in rendering it altogether unfit for the administra- A review of this book may give us the answers.
Net Energy goals, said Lan- tion of the affairs of the Union. In looking at the first question, What would Dr. King think
caster Mayor R. Rex Par- The want of a power to regulate commerce is by all parties allowed to be of the number. of President Obama? we find limited attention in this book
ris. The added bonuses are The utility of such a power has been anticipated under the first head of our inquiries; and for related to an African-American being elected as president.
many; we can maintain these this reason, as well as from the universal conviction entertained upon the subject, little need During the time of Dr. King there was a struggle for blacks
streetlights for significantly be added in this place. It is indeed evident, on the most superficial view, that there is no ob- to even be allowed to vote or register to vote without facing
less; procure the LED lights ject, either as it respects the interests of trade or finance, that more strongly demands a federal brutality.
from a local partner; and still superintendence. The want of it has already operated as a bar to the formation of beneficial However, Dr. King did make a quote that reflected his
consider a multitude of ad- treaties with foreign powers, and has given occasions of dissatisfaction between the States. thoughts on blacks in leadership positions.
ditional applications which No nation acquainted with the nature of our political association would be unwise enough When expressing his feelings after the assassination of Mal-
will enhance our community to enter into stipulations with the United States, by which they conceded privileges of any colm X, Dr. King stated: The American Negro cannot afford
in the long run. importance to them, while they were apprised that the engagements on the part of the Union to destroy its leadership. Men of talent are too scarce to be
Now that the City Council might at any moment be violated by its members, and while they found from experience that destroyed by envy, greed, and tribal rivalry before they reach
has approved the purchase they might enjoy every advantage they desired in our markets, without granting us any return their full maturity. Like the murder of Patrice Lumumba in
of the LED lights, BYD can but such as their momentary convenience might suggest. the Congo, the murder of Malcom X deprived the world of a
proceed with manufacturing It is not, therefore, to be wondered at that Mr. Jenkinson, in ushering into the House of potentially great leader. I could not agree with either of these
them at its energy facility in Commons a bill for regulating the temporary intercourse between the two countries, should men, but I could see in them a capacity for leadership which
Lancaster. preface its introduction by a declaration that similar provisions in former bills had been found I could respect and which was only beginning to mature in
The production of LED to answer every purpose to the commerce of Great Britain, and that it would be prudent to judgment and statesmanship.
lights will create 7-10 new persist in the plan until it should appear whether the American government was likely or not It would stand to reason that first Dr. King would have
full-time jobs locally. to acquire greater consistency. [1] looked at President Obama first as a man of talent who hap-
As demand increases, and Several States have endeavored, by separate prohibitions, restrictions, and exclusions, pens to be African American.
BYDs streetlight business to influence the conduct of that kingdom in this particular, but the want of concert, arising We see that President Obama and Dr. King share many of
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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion; or prohibiting the Free
Exercise thereof; or abridging the Freedom of Speech, or of the Press; or the Right of The
People peaceably to Assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
2 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
The Antelope Valley FOR SALE Lancaster The BLVD Banner Program
Streetlight Expanded to
LANCASTER - Due to the popu-
846 East Avenue K PMB #170 Bargains, Lowest Prices. Continued From Page 1
These Homes in Lancaster larity of the Citys Hometown He-
Lancaster, California 93535 expands, the organization will be roes Banners, part of The BLVD
& Palmdale Need Work.
Publisher & Editor able to add even more staff, further Community Recognition Program,
Thomas Fitzgerald Call for a FREE List w/Pics. strengthening the local economy the City has expanded the rec- and the Citys sustainability efforts. ognition program to include the With its contract approved, Taft achievements and artwork of local
S t a f f Wr i t e r s Electric Company is slated to be- youth.
Free Recorded Message
Heathcliff Boots gin converting the streetlights from The City of Lancaster launched
Giorgio Fuentes 866.219.2592 high pressure sodium (HPS) to light The BLVD Community Recogni-
Samantha Reese ID# 1041 emitting diode (LED) as soon as tion Program more than six years
Vi e w p o i n t s
R a l p h Vi
B reawxp &
oin Stuse B r a x Keller Williams Realty AV April. ago, offering both residents and
All lights are expected to be tran- business owners the opportunity
Ralph Brax & Sue Brax Agent Rosario 01785140 sitioned by November of this year. to make a piece of the revitalized
Entertainment & Social Affairs Columnist
Entertainment A &mSocial
y Jing Affairs
le Columnist The Citys conversion plan iden- BLVD their very own.
Amy Jingle FOR RENT tifies regional and arterial lights as As part of the initiative, the City
To A d v e r t i s e the first to be converted, with resi- developed the Hometown Heroes
To A d v e r t i s e
661.547.6129 Business Office dential lights following suit begin- Banner Program to pay tribute to
The Antelope Valley Political Observer is a First Amendment Great Location. $800 p/Mo
ning in August. our local service men and women,
The City of Lancaster will realize recognizing them with a banner on
Free Business Distinct
ThePress. Incompliance
Antelope with Federal
Valley Political Observer Civil
is aRights legislation,
First Amendment of Rosamond at
approximately $250,000 per year in The BLVD.
we savings due to the conversion from These banners feature Antelope
not discriminate
Incompliance onwith
the basis of race,
Federal Civilcreed,
Rightscolor, national
legislation, Sierra Hwy & Rosamond Bl.
origin, ancestry, religion, HPS to LED. Valley residents who served in a
we do not discriminate onorthe
basis ofof,race,
age, disability,
color, national
marital status, sexual orientation(s) or veteran status in our em- High Traffic Area. A SCE rebate for installing LED combat theater during a time of war
origin, ancestry, religion, or absence of, sex, age, disability, lights will pay for nearly 75% of the between the current War on Terror
ployment. Nice Rehabbed Office
marital status, sexual orientation(s) or veteran status in our em- conversion cost. and World War I, resided in the An-
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ployment. telope Valley for at least two years,
services, products,
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Valley PoliticalorObserver
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investigated any
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of suchoradvertising
organization advertised.
does not imply endorse- Space for Storage. Planning Commissioner Starting this year, this popular pro-
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monthly and is distributed to retail and participating
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establishments in the communities of Rosamond, Quartz
monthly and is distributed to retail and participating retail estab-
661.810.1315 of the City of Palmdale is accepting
applications for an At Large Plan-
high school students who have
made significant achievements in
lishments in Lancaster, Littlerock,
the communities of Acton, Canyon
Lancaster, Country,
Quartz Saugus
Hill, Palmdale, ning Commissioner, for a term to academics, athletics, or community
Westside Nice Ranch Home expire in June of 2017. involvement. The students chosen
and Newhall.
Littlerock, Rosamond, and Fox Field.
SEND A LETTER TO THE EDITOR $1600 / 4BD, 2BA The deadline to return applications as part of this introductory group
E-mail: Write 1850 sq. ft. (60th West) is Thursday, Feb. 23, at 6 pm in the were nominated by high school
SEND A LETTER TOLetter to the editor in sub-
THE EDITOR City Clerks department, located at staff.
ject line. E-mails with attachments 2.5 Acre All Fenced.
E-mail: Writeare deleted
Letter unopened.
to the Keep
editor in sub- 38300 Sierra Highway, Suite C. The program expansion also incor-
ject line. E-mails with attachments are deleted unopened. Keepat
to 350 or words or less. By U.S. Mail: Send to address Work Shop, Chicken Coop
A description of the duties, respon- porates images of artwork included
top of this
letters staff
to 350 orbox.
wordsYouor must include
less. By U.S.full
Sendaddress, cityatof
to address & Storage Facility. sibilities, and benefits and a Com- in the Lancaster Museum of Art
top of this and
box. Youphone
must number
include tofullverify
address, city Only
of Property in Established missioner/Volunteer Application is and Historys (MOAH) most recent
letter writers name and city are published.
residence, and daytime phone number to verify authenticity. Only Neighborhood. available at www.cityofpalmdale. All Valley High School Exhibition.
org and in the City Clerks depart- The images on display were select-
letter writers nameDogood
Silence and city caliber
are published.
letters excepted .
661.810.1315 ment. Applicants must reside with- ed by MOAH management and lo-
in the boundaries of City of Palm- cal art educators.
Governments constantly choose between telling lies and dale. Applicants are encouraged to Nominations for the next round of
fighting wars, with the end result always being the same. TO ADVERTISE: attach a resume. banners will open in April and they
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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the Right of The
People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Former US Senate Candidate Seeking Repeal

of Californias Top Two Primaries Act
38345 30th St. East Suite E7,
about Prop 14 on Election Day 2010.
TOM PALZER Palmdale CA 93550
Today there is empirical data based on the election results
Contributing Writer
of 2012, 2014 and 2016 that patently refutes claims made Tammie Burnes CHS, SFR
Prior to its enactment on June 8, 2010, the California leg- by the proponents. Broker
islature took it upon itself to place Proposition 14 the Top In each of these elections the vast majority of candidates DRE#01746864
Two Primaries Act on the ballot. retained in office and elected to office were more liberal
The Act allows only the top two candidates with the most than previous.
votes in the June Primary Election to move on to the No- This is likely to continue indefinitely unless the Top Two
vember General Election. Act is repealed.
The key advantage, according its proponents, was the claim Proponents for repealing Top Two desire to replace the
that more moderate candidates would be elected to office. Act with the law in effect prior to adoption of Proposition
There are two ways to initiate a measure for placement on 14 where all parties field a pool of candidates at the June Stress-Free Financial Planning
the ballot: by a vote of the State legislature, or, by the People Primary Election with each parties winner facing off at the
signature gathering. General Election. Cal Ins Lic.# 0626586
Opponents of Prop 14 at the time of its consideration, and The minimum number of signatures on petitions to support
still today, believe the legislature initiated Prop 14 to facili- the repeal is 585,407; estimated cost: $4 million to $6 mil-
tate its own interests. lion, depending on resistance to the repeal by consultants
Specializing In Retirement Income Planning,
That is, to retain and elect more liberal candidates to the and financial backers of the 2010 Initiative.
Estate Planning, Insurance Services & Life Insurance
State Assembly and congressional offices. Prop 14 does not We need the help of all open-minded registered voters
pertain to other elected offices. immediately. The massive number of signatures needed to / 661.538.9286
Authored by then State Senator Abel Maldonado, the place the repeal on the 2018 ballot will require many volun- 3053 Rancho Vista Boulevard Ste H202, Palmdale, 93551
measure was approved in the Senate 27 to 12, and the As- teers to circulate petitions in every county.
sembly 54 to 20, and received the support of then Gov- Likewise, because of the substantial amount of money
ernor Arnold Schwarzenegger before being approved by necessary to support the repeal, continuous monthly contri- TIMOTHY HAYES
54% of the voters. butions are asked of citizens through November 2018. No CLU, ChFC, CFP
Prop 14 changed the way the election process works by amount is too small. Registered Principal
California Insurance License #0287056
basically denying choice in the selection of candidates by Please contact Tom Palzer to volunteer and contribute to
voters of political parties other than Democratic and Repub- the effort to re-instate true democratic representation in Cal-
This results in voters having only a Democrat and Repub-
ifornias voting process.
To volunteer to circulate petitions and/or make a contri-
lican, or two Republicans, or two Democrats on the General bution to place the repeal of the Top Two Act on the 2018 800.248.4457
Election ballot, as was recently the case in the November ballot, go online to www. /
2016 election when two Democrats competed for US Sena- If you are aware of another individual or organization
Centerpoint Business Park
tor. Hardly representative government. interested or involved in repealing the Top Two Primaries
Act, please contact me, Tom Palzer, at 1210 West Avenue J, Suite 300 Lancaster, CA 93534
False narratives and misinformation was floated by Prop
14 proponents and their consultants. These claims were or so that repeal efforts can be coor-
picked-up and widely circulated by the media.
No data was available to support the claims of proponents
Ron G. Johnson
Wealth Builder
as Prop 14 moved through the timeframe for consideration EDITORS NOTE: The opinions expressed in this col-
Lic. # OF99498
leading up to the election. umn are thoise of Tom Palzer, and not The Political Observ-
At the time of the vote, many Republicans, Decline to State er newspaper. Tom Palzer was a U.S. Senate candidate in 661.860.9342
(DTS) currently designated as NPP (No Party Preference) 2016, and is also the author of the Initiative to repeal Prop
6 Steps to Financial
and members of other parties, stated they were confused 14.
Independence... Saving One Family At A Time
Cash Flow / Debt Management / Emergency Fund
I dont make jokes - I just watch the gov- Proper Protection / Build Wealth / Preserve Wealth
ernment and report the facts. - Will Rogers
42442 10th St. West Suite D in Lancaster
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Learn About Great Amer-
ican Inventors, Athletes CHECKS CASHED
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www.Black365.US / info@black365.US
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No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent
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ARTOFMANLINESS.COM The Autobiography of Federalist No. 22:
The Same Subject Continued:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Other Defects of the Present Confederation
Continued From Page 1 Continued From Page 1
the same values. But in those areas where they did not agree from the want of a general authority and from clashing and
it is clear from the previous quote that Dr. King would have dissimilar views in the State, has hitherto frustrated every ex-
looked at President Obamas capacity for leadership and his periment of the kind, and will continue to do so as long as the
maturing judgment and statesmanship. same obstacles to a uniformity of measures continue to exist.
If Dr. King could do this with Patrice Lumumba and Mal- The interfering and unneighborly regulations of some
com X, men whose views directly opposed his, he would States, contrary to the true spirit of the Union, have, in dif-
have easily done that with President Obama. ferent instances, given just cause of umbrage and complaint
Instead of following the path of many white and black lead- to others, and it is to be feared that examples of this nature, if
ers who use whatever opportunities they could find to criti- not restrained by a national control, would be multiplied and
cize President Obama. extended till they became not less serious sources of animos-
What would Dr. King think of the Black Lives Matter move- ity and discord than injurious impediments to the intcrcourse
Sea dueno de casa no rente mas y con el pro- ment? This is a question that has received a lot of attention between the different parts of the Confederacy.
grama que tenemos para los compradores es lately. The commerce of the German empire [2] is in continual
mucho mas facil aser su sueno en realidad. As one news station slantedly asked, Would Dr. King be trammels from the multiplicity of the duties which the sev-
Para dueno de casa si esta pensando en vend- a part of that movement? They claimed he would not. But eral princes and states exact upon the merchandises passing
er yo le puedo ayudar llameme para darle un es- they overlooked the fact that Dr. King created and was part of through their territories, by means of which the fine streams
timado gratis. a movement himself. and navigable rivers with which Germany is so happily wa-
This is an area where the book reflects Dr. Kings views tered are rendered almost useless.
Mara Esparza 818.915.2845 explicitly. The Black Lives Matter movement began because Though the genius of the people of this country might never
CalBRE LIC# 01405467 of the repeated occurrences of brutality and murder by white permit this description to be strictly applicable to us, yet we
police officers without the officers being indicted or prose- may reasonably expect, from the gradual conflicts of State
These two quotes made by Dr. King at different occasions
regulations, that the citizens of each would at length come to
be considered and treated by the others in no better light than

embody his view on demonstrations and how many in the that of foreigners and aliens.
white media questioned the protests You deplore the The power of raising armies, by the most obvious construc-
demonstrations taking place in Birmingham. But your state- tion of the articles of the Confederation, is merely a power of
ment, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for making requisitions upon the States for quotas of men.
the conditions that brought about the demonstrations. This practice in the course of the late war, was found replete
King Conibued, However, a mere condemnation of vio- with obstructions to a vigorous and to an economical system
SIMPLY THE BEST lence is empty without understanding the daily violence that of defense. It gave birth to a competition between the States
BURRITOS & TACOS our society inflicts upon many of its members. which created a kind of auction for men. In order to furnish
661.951.8226 As we celebrate Dr. Kings birthday as a national holiday, the quotas required of them, they outbid each other till boun-
the final and probably most challenging question that has ties grew to an enormous and insupportable size. The hope of
Mon - Thurs: 9A-7P a still further increase afforded an inducement to those who
been asked is What would Dr. King think of his birthday
Fri - Sat: 9A-8P / Sun: 9A-4P being celebrated in the form of a holiday? were disposed to serve to procrastinate their enlistment, and
649 W. LANCASTER BLVD Or more pointedly, how do Dr. Kings values stack up to his disinclined them from engaging for any considerable periods.
WWW.1800BLVD.COM birthday being proclaimed a day of volunteer civic or com- Hence, slow and scanty levies of men, in the most critical
munity service? emergencies of our affairs; short enlistments at an unparal-
Buy One Burrito & Get One 22oz Drink
Must present this ad. Valid thru March 17, 2017 FREE The book shows that Dr. King was ever mindful to give rec-
ognition to those who sacrificed and left a legacy for others
leled expense; continual fluctuations in the troops, ruinous to
their discipline and subjecting the public safety frequently to
to follow. So in this regard I think he would appreciate any the perilous crisis of a disbanded army. Hence, also, those op-
occasion that reinforced the values that he espoused. pressive expedients for raising men which were upon several
With his birthday celebration being proclaimed as a day occasions practiced, and which nothing but the enthusiasm of
to perform volunteer civic or community service, I think he liberty would have induced the people to endure.
would answer the question with several questions that would This method of raising troops is not more unfriendly to
give the idea to ponder. economy and vigor than it is to an equal distribution of the
The day of civic service has been presented as a way to burden. The States near the seat of war, influenced by mo-
solve social problems. When responding to this, I believe tives of self-preservation, made efforts to furnish their quotas,
Dr. King would turn to this quote for his first response - A which even exceeded their abilities; while those at a distance
social movement that only moves people is merely a revolt. from danger were, for the most part, as remiss as the others
A movement that changes both people and institutions is a were diligent, in their exertions. The immediate pressure of
revolution. this inequality was not in this case, as in that of the contribu-
Then Dr. King would ask, Is this civic service helping to tions of money, alleviated by the hope of a final liquidation.
change people and institutions? The States which did not pay their proportions of money
And while the reader is thinking about that question, I be- might at least be charged with their deficiencies; but no ac-
lieve Dr. King would finish with a response he gave when count could be formed of the deficiencies in the supplies of
questioned about his position on the Viet Nam War On men. We shall not, however, see much reason to reget the
some positions, Cowardice asks the question, Is it safe? Ex- want of this hope, when we consider how little prospect there
pediency asks the question, Is it politic? And Vanity comes is, that the most delinquent States will ever be able to make
along and asks the question, Is it popular? But Conscience compensation for their pecuniary failures. The system of quo-
asks the question, Is it right? tas and requisitions, whether it be applied to men or money,
In summary, this book gives us incredible insight into the is, in every view, a system of imbecility in the Union, and of
For Women, Men & Teens courage that Dr. Martin King displayed in taking on the chal- inequality and injustice among the members.
A European Health & Beauty Centre lenges that lead him to become a national figure. The right of equal suffrage among the States is another ex-
Tuesday Friday: 9am -7pm But even more importantly, this book shows the thought- ceptionable part of the Confederation. Every idea of propor-
Saturday: 8am-5pm / Sunday & Monday: Closed fulness, intelligence, wisdom and spirituality that Dr. King tion and every rule of fair representation conspire to condemn
possessed which allowed him to live a life that will impact a principle, which gives to Rhode Island an equal weight in
44832 Date Ave, Lancaster - South of The BLVD. Americans and people around the world for generations to the scale of power with Massachusetts, or Connecticut, or
come. New York; and to Deleware an equal voice in the national
661.945.0055 deliberations with Pennsylvania, or Virginia, or North Car-
W H O W H AT W H Y. C O M Continued On Page 9

AND SELL Authored by local
A.V.U.H.S.D. educator
GOLD Sue Strom, Born Angry
addresses the issues
& SILVER educators, school
Coins, Scrap, administrators and
Jewelry & Bullion parents of special needs
Find us inside students face on a
regular basis.
Born Angry can be bought
on-line at Friesen Press.
Search by title or author.



661.822.1100 Coming This Year: Born Angry Too

The Right of The People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches
and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or
affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and persons or things to be seized.

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I watched every minute I possibly could of the Watergate
SUE BRAX hearings and was impressed by the honesty, dedication, and
Viewpoint love of country displayed by all the members of the Water-
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Tom Perez, Secretary of Labor, has announced his candi- FREE List w/Pics of Palmdale & Lancaster
gate Committee. I was proud to be an American.
dacy for chairman of the Democratic National Committee Homes Available for Under $1,500 p/Month*
stating that Democrats lost the election because they didnt Union leader, Chuck Jones, chal- Free Recorded Message
listen to the People.
lenged Trumps bold faced lie
First of all, the Democrats didnt lose the election.
Hillary Clinton received 2.8 million more votes than the about saving over a thousand jobs
ID# 1041
Gropinfuhrer. and Trump, in his usual juvenile Keller Williams Realty AV Agent Rosario
And no, Trump did not win a landslide in the Electoral Col- 01785140
lege. style, tweeted that Jones had done
But here is the problem, truth has no place in American soci- a terrible job representing his
ety any more. Any bizarre, made up story put forth by Trump members. MONEY-$AVING COUPON
will be immediately accepted as gospel by at least one-half of
the Republican Party. People with often opposing political views were willing to
Take for example Trumps triumph with the Carrier deal. investigate the President of the United States with an open SMOG CHECK

He claims to have saved 1,400 hundred American jobs. mind to save the country from corruption.

Donald Trump doesnt believe it.

Now, not one, but 17 intelligence agencies say with cer-
tainty that Vladimir Putin hacked American computers in an
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attempt to manipulate American elections. RETEST

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lieve it, it is not true. doesnt believe it, it is not true. Heil Trump.
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I am watching with horror as one Republican after another FREE 12 oz. Soft
The truth of the matter is that he saved 730 jobs by giving looks for an excuse not to investigate. What are they afraid Drink with service
Carrier a $750 million tax break which will be paid for by the of?
great people of Indiana. On one hand Trump claimed the elections were rigged and State of
Five hundred jobs will be lost immediately. that there is massive voter fraud yet the Republicans blocked
Then, to add insult to injury, Carrier has announced that all efforts to recount the votes.
it will be automating the factory in the near future so all of What are you afraid of, that the Russians hacked the voting
those saved jobs will be temporary at best. machines?
Union leader, Chuck Jones, challenged Trumps bold faced TEST
Perhaps we should refer to our new president as Comrade ONLY
lie about saving over a thousand jobs and Trump, in his usual Trump. @76STARSMOGTEST
juvenile style, tweeted that Jones had done a terrible job Includes all heavy duty vehicles diesels and out of state vehicles.
Listen to people? Ronald Reagan, formerly the great stal- Must present coupon before work order. Coupon expires 03/17/17
representing his members. wart of the Republican Party called Russia the evil empire.
In true Nazi fashion, the Heil Trump folks began sending
Jones death threats and threatening his children.
In 2014 only 10% of Republicans had a favorable rating of
the Russian leader. But our Fuhrer loves Putin!
What a class act the Republican Party has become. If Donald Trump loves Putie then so do Republicans. Today 505 West Ave J LANCASTER
Ave J

Sierra Hwy
Putins favorable rating among Republicans is 37%.
I watched every minute I possibly As Trump continues his Nuremberg victory rallies, the
could of the Watergate hearings Heil Trump chant spreads, and the Republican controlled
Congress falls into lockstep,
and was impressed by the hones- I am inclined to reject Tom Perez as chairman of the DNC
ty, dedication, and love of country and look for a leader who declares, Take to the barricades
displayed by all the members of the The choice appears to be carnage in the streets, or a Russian
Watergate Committee. dominated Fascist regime. God spare America.

But the Republicans believe this is a great victory for the WWW. GUIDES.LIB.VIRGINIA.EDU/TJ
American worker and a sure sign of the greatness that Trump
will bring to the White House. LEWROCKWELL.COM
So, lets take Perezs advice and listen to the People. One RONPAULINSTITUTE.ORG
woman on CNN explained away Hillarys 2.8 million more
votes than Trump this way, Three million illegal immigrants
voted for Clinton in California. Its legal in California for AV Water Management
illegals to vote. Water Audits & Backflow Testing
When the CNN commentator asked her how she knew this,
she responded, I saw it on the news. 661.718.9094
Stunned, the commentator inquired, What news?
The woman smiled brightly and replied, CNN.
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No persons shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment
or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when
in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence
to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness
against himself, nor be deprived of Life, Liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall
private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
6 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
BLVD Cinemas Movie Review old-timey black and white, cracker, with no contact other than a few
AMY JINGLE racist version from 1915 where the attempts the past few years by
Entertainment & Social Affairs White man saves humanity from Susan phoning Edward, resulting
PUBLISHERS NOTE: Movie the Black; but the 2016 version, in Edward hanging-up seems
reviews written by Amy Jingle are, where real-life American hero, Nat both Edward and his book will be
as many movies she reviews, in- Turner, decides enough is enough in Susans hands, and, in Susans
tended for a mature audience, and and hes through being another mind, the preceding few days
are likewise rated M for Mature. mans slave. leading-up to their (romantic?)
Readers 16 years of age and under Cant say I blame him. dinner date.
require parental guidance. The film opens with a salient an- With husband Hutton having just
So, as Im sure you read in Sep- ti-slavery quote from Thomas Jef- left for a business trip wink,
tembers The Political Observer ferson: Indeed I tremble for my wink Susan reads the manu-
newspaper, the publisher got all country when I reflect that God is script overnight.
bent out of shape over my review just: that his justice cannot sleep The second page of the manu-
of Captain Fantastic, resulting in forever. script mentions the novel is ded-
yet another suspension for me. I see the film, write a review, and icated to Susan (thats cold)
Apparently, Tommy got all butt submit my copy to the idiot pub- baiting her into becoming emo-
hurt over my including details lisher. Does Tommy publish my tionally attached, thus inescap-
about his personal life in my movie review of Birth of a Nation in the ably drawn and infatuated with
review, and my mocking his nasty December newspaper? No. He does every word.
break-up with his most recent cra- not. From the moment Susan begins
zy ex-girlfriend Psha! And why not? To use the idiot pub- reading the book, the film flashes
And then theres no review pub- lishers words, verbatim, Nows back and forth between the nov-
lished in the October newspaper no time to be getting the Blacks all els plot, and Susan in real life.

DONUTS PLUS either because the idiot publisher

assigned (vengefully, Im con-
vinced), perhaps what may be
Reminding Tommy its three
strikes and youre out at the old ball
Nocturnal Animals is a story
about a family consisting of hus-
band and father Tony Hastings
844 E AVE K, LANCASTER the worst movie ever produced game, if I dont get a good film to played by Jake Gyllenhaal, the
Masterminds. Tommy probably review, or he continues to not pub- same dude playing Edward Shef-
thought Masterminds was a good lish my review of a good film, my field, Susans real life ex-husband
film being he has an incurable in- next pitch is going to be high heat and author of Nocturnal Animals
fatuation with Daisy Duke-type, thrown directly toward his stupid (theres a hint and a half which
Hillbilly women, and Masterminds face. direction this film is headed right

OPEN 24 HOURS! 661.940.8332 is Hillbilly Heaven.

Despite starring top-shelf com-
edy actors Zach Galifianakis,
Good thing for the idiot publish-
er he next assigned me Nocturnal
Animals a film Tommy claims is
there for you. Creepy, right?)
wife and mom Laura Hastings
played by Isla Fisher and
Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig who deserving to run the table at the Os- daughter India Hastings played


Tommy has the hots for Kate cars. Seriously. by Ellie Bamber.
McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Jason He claims, from a writers per- Turns out the Hastings fami-
Sudeikis Masterminds was so spective leastways, Nocturnal An- ly runs into a little trouble while
painfully awful, after 45 excruciat- imals is shrewdly and cleverly traveling a highway at night
OPEN 7 DAYS 8A-11P ing minutes, I walked out. written. somewhere deep in the heart of
~ HAPPY HOUR ~ This after repeatedly telling my- After watching Nocturnal Ani- west Texas.
11A-NOON & 4:20P-6:20P self every five minutes, Amy, give mals, and being privy to TMI (Too Seems some good-old-boys like
the movie another five minutes. Much Information) into Tommys having fun harassing travelers on
TUESDAY HAPPY HOUR TVC420 It has got to get better, because it personal life regarding his latest the highway by slowing down in
ALL DAY cant get any worse, and wrong I crazy ex-GF, I understand how the front of them and not allowing

was, and how! idiot publisher came to his conclu- them to pass.
Masterminds is so bad, upon ex- sion on the screenplay writers acu- For those never having the
iting the theatre I tracked down men. pleasure of driving through west
2753 DIAMOND STREET, ROSAMOND Tim McBride BLVD Cinemas The first three minutes of the film Texas, be sure to do so during
proprietor to demand my mon- are not for the faint-hearted. The daylight so not to miss the vast,
ey back. opening credits are accompanied desolate openness of undisturbed
You didnt pay any money to see by art. Yes, its art, like it, or not. land nothingness absent hu-
the movie because youre review- I didnt particularly care for the man population as far as the eye
ing it, Amy, so Im not giving you particular exhibit, produced by one can see.
any money, said McBride. Nice of the main characters, wealthy art This scenery lasting nearly a
try though. gallery owner going broke, Susan days drive.
Then I want my 45 minutes Morrow played by the gorgeous, But there are some people in west
back! I informed McBride. Or red-headed Amy Adams but Su- Texas - here and there and some
else Ill write nasty things on Face- san is an artist and thats what art- of those some are not the type one
book about you and your theatre. ists do. Art. wants to meet in the dead of night
First Amendment, and all that Susan is trapped in a passion- on any stretch of highway or In-
jazz. ate-less marriage with one philan- terstate from El Paso eastward
After a brief moment of stunned dering Hutton Morrow played by to San Antonio, for instance a
silence, worn on an expressionless Armie Hammer. stretch of highway where the pub-
face, McBride said, Good-bye, The indifferent, cold Hutton is lisher of this newspaper claims he
Amy. and then turned and walked consumed with two things: trying had a close encounter of a Noc-
away. to make money, and, his tapping his turnal Animals experience of his
Getting the back of McBrides hotty mistress. own back in 1992, nearly costing
head as a response, I figured Id The Fancy-Dan house in the hills him his life.

pushed it enough with him and overlooking Los Angeles Along The Hastings family troubles
decided to return to The Political with a plethora of household help begin when daughter India Hast-
Observer office and grumble, gripe from maids to a personal assistant ings fails to exercise discernment.
MINI-MART SMOKE SHOP & MORE! and grouse about being assigned does not fill the void in Susans With her hands temporarily
Masterminds, and, of course, ha- soul. free from her glowing, handheld
44845 Sierra Hwy in Lancaster rass the idiot publisher too. Change comes when Susan re- screen due to a lack of cell service
Tossing a package of M&Ms on ceives a book in the mail authored in the great unknown that is west

10% OFF
Tommys desk the yellow pack- by her ex-husband, Edward Shef- Texas, as her dad is finally able
Now Accepting aged kind with nuts I stated the field played by Jake Gyllenhaal to pass, India decides it a good
obvious, Masterminds sucked. and titled based upon a play on idea to flip the bird to the driver
No BLVD Cinemas review for you
EBT EBT Cash! Purchase of words on a pet name he bestowed of one of the two cars harassing
& this month, Mr. Newspaper Pub- upon Susan Nocturnal Animals. the Hastings.
$15 or more
lisher-man. The title of the novel is in the plu- Once the flying bird of friend-
expires 03.17.17 OK. You can review Birth of a ral, and used as a description of the ship is unfurled, its on like Don-
Cigarettes / Tobacco Pipes must present this ad Nation when it starts playing next villains, not Susan. Or is it? key Kong.
week and Ill run it next newspa- The manuscript includes a note India Hastings must have ac-
Milk, Eggs, Bread & Ice Cream per, said the idiot publisher. from the ex-hubby informing Su- quired her lack of good judge-
Thought so, said I. san the novel has not yet been pub- ment from her father, Tony, who
Anything you say, Amy. Youre lished aint that special, and hers agreed to drive west Texas at
Pantry Items ~ Cold Drinks the boss, said the idiot publisher. is an advanced copy is different night instead of resting in a motel
Not really. Tommy didnt say I than his previous works, and also until sun-up because thats what

was the boss. I cant repeat what thanking her for being the inspira- his daughter wanted - and, after
Tommy said. But I have no prob- tion for Nocturnal Animals. realizing the drivers of the two
lem making-up things I wish hed What a guy! vehicles ahead are playing a dan-
Household Goods said and placing quote marks
around it, because around here,
The note includes his email and
cell phone number and mentions
gerous game, decides to continue
driving behind them instead of
Ive got leverage like that. hell be in town in a few days for turning around and high-tailing to

Oh, yeah! I smell another suspen- business and would like to meet safety putting as much distance
sion coming my way. for dinner. between his car and the other two
So, on to the show and my re- Dude is employing Psychological
view of Birth of a Nation. Not the Warfare 101 tactics. After 19 years Continued on Page 7

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the Right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial
jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been
previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be
confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his
favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

BLVD Cinemas Movie Review: Nocturnal Animals

Continued From Page 6 Tony is kicked-out the car. offspring of Tony, Susans daughter is not the suffocated.
Come daybreak, the vastness of the west progeny of real life Edward. Turns out non-fiction Indias difficult cause
vehicles as fast as possible. Texas wilderness is evident and Tony begins Coincidence? I dont think so. of death is a metaphor for the real life murder
The prophetic nature of his comment to In- heel-toeing through the low-lying sage brush This part of the novel gives Susan a bad case - aborting - of Susan and Edwards child.
dia after she complains about losing cell ser- in search of help. of the creeps, so much so, she phones her Ouch! That smarts.
vice and just prior to Tony pulling ahead of Finding a highway, his plea for help ignored daughter in the middle of the night to check Susan eventually cracks under the emo-
the two cars Two of the things I love most by one passing motorist, Tony legs it until on her well-being. tional weight and emails Edward telling him
about west Texas no phones and no people he reaches what is not so much a town, but Susan gets it. Nocturnal Animals is an ex- Nocturnal Animals is devastating, beauti-
is the basis of this familys downfall. merely a few dwellings, where he manages pression of Edwards feelings about her. fully written and also shares she is deeply
That, and Tony Hastings decision not to to phone the police. It is here the film breaks from both the nov- moved with it.
pack heat. The films next quick flash into reality for a el, and real time, real life, and revisits Susan Signing the email Love Susan, she tells
After a cat and mouse car chase where the brief moment shows Susan in deep thought, and Edwards chance encounter in New York Edward she is free for dinner on Tuesday.
west Texas boys manage to smash into To- obsessing over and contemplating the Noc- City two decades earlier after not seeing one How does the novel end? Does the lawman
nys car, running him onto the shoulder of the turnal Animals storyline, and then just as another for several years they grew-up in Lt. Andes apprehend the perpetrators? Do the
road and flattening a tire, the Hastings fami- quick, the audience is taken back to the novel the same Texas town but went their separate perps face Justice?
ly realizes theyre in deep, deep trouble. The where Tony is speaking about his ordeal to a ways for college. How does Edward and Susans dinner date
kind of peril the idiot publisher faces each lawman whose name is not a good omen Turns out, after meeting on the street in go? Do they reconcile? Does Edward forgive
time he breaks-up with a woman. Lieutenant Graves. Manhattan, Susan and Edward start getting a Susan for killing their baby and then leaving
Long and short of it, after a few minutes Taking lodging at a motel across the street thing going on, leading to marriage a rocky him for Hutton? Do Susan and Edward live
of scary time at the hands of crazy man Ray from the police station while awaiting word marriage. together happily ever after?
Marcus played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the investigation is where the pain ex- Unfortunately Edward did not measure-up to Had you watched Nocturnal Animals at
and his hoodlum friends, mother Laura and perienced by real life author Edward Shef- Susans mothers standard causing negative BLVD Cinemas, youd know the answer.
daughter India are kidnapped and driven field over the loss of ex-wife Susan Morrow pressure on the marriage and Edward, the And if you watched Nocturnal Animals at
away while in their family car while Tony is manifested through the character Tony neurotic writer he is (or is neurotic writer another theatre in town, then I hope you had
helplessly looks on, held down by one of the Hastings and the loss of his wife and daugh- an oxymoron?) blamed Susan for his writers a nice long walk back to your car.
hooligans remaining behind. ter. block, complaining she wasnt supportive, And I hope it wasnt raining.
A nightmare scenario, right? Not so fast. But wait. But wait. Why the loss of a child thus leading to and responsible for his lack And this summer if you watch a movie at
Its a dream scenario if youre author Edward in the novel when real life Edward Sheffield of inspiration and writers block, thereby pre- another theatre in town instead of BLVD Cin-
Sheffield and are furtively trying to make a and Susan Morrow, although once married, venting his writing the great American novel. emas, I hope its not too hot a walk through
point to your inspiration for the novel, ex- never conceived a child. Boy, was Edward ever wrong about Susan. the parking lot while trying to find your car.
wife Susan. Or did they? And how! Im Amy Jingle Esq., and if Im not back
Reading the kidnapping scene leads to a Alternating scenes show the emotional reac- Back to the novel. Lt. Andes informs Tony next month with another movie review, then
distraught and emotionally traumatized Su- tion experienced by real life Susan over what the cause of death to wife Laura is a fractured Ill see you the following month, guaranteed,
san slamming close the manuscript, where, happened to Tony Hastings. skull, most likely caused by a blow to the because around here Ive got leverage like.
at one oclock in the morning Cali time, From this point, as goes Tony Hastings, so head using either a hammer or baseball bat,
then phones her indifferent husband Hutton goes Susan Morrow. but his daughter had a more difficult time
asking why he didnt call to let her know he
landed safely in New York City.
Susan is not only feeling the drama, she is
sharing in Tony Hastings pain.
because she suffered a broken arm and was
In the elevator with his mistress heading to Exactly what Edward Sheffield intended Riding & Training
the 31st floor, Susan hears the elevator op- when he wrote the novel. Life is inspiration.
erator announce 31 Madam, removing all After poor, unfortunate Edward learns from Before You List Your Home, Denise Marsh
doubt in Susans mind Hutton is up to no Lt. Graves his car has been found in a dried- Instructor
Order FREE Special Report 10+ Years Experience
good. out arroyo, but there is no sign of his wife
Understandably unable to sleep after the and daughter, the case is turned-over to Lieu- Revealing What Happens to
emotional shock coming with the realization tenant Bobby Andes played by Michael
Your Matrimonial Palmdale Lessons for Children & Adults
and acceptance hubby Hutton is side-tap-
ping, Susan decides to sooth her soul by
Shannon, well-known for his role as a Pro-
hi-Agent in Boardwalk Empire. & Lancaster Home Before,
of All Ages. Pony Rides.
picking-up Edwards manuscript and begin- Introducing himself to Tony, Andes self-de- Learn to Become a Great Horseman!
During, and After a Divorce.
ning reading where she left off.
Tony Hastings is driving one of the west
scribes himself as the person responsible to
look into things around here. Horse Training for Problem
Texas boys car, taking directions from the And look into things, Lt. Andes does. or Frightened Horses.
outlaw sitting in the passenger seat beside With Andes assistance backtracking, Tony
him. is able to lead the lawman into the brush until
Free Recorded Message
Lazy T. Ranch
Promising to lead Tony to his family if he they discover the naked bodies of daughter 866.219.2592 661.400.1547
cooperates by following directions, off the India and wife Laura. ID# 1041
main highway they go, down one dirt road to They are Gingers both, just like real life Su- 4218 Elizabeth Lake Rd.
Keller Williams Realty AV Agent
another until passing through an open chain san and her real life daughter however, un- Palmdale CA 03551
Rosario 01785140
link gate, driving deeper into nowhere until like the novel where Lauras daughter is the



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of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in
any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
8 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

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Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Let the Federalist No. 22:

The Same Subject Continued: Other Defects of the Present Confederation
Protests Begin Continued From Page 4
It is not difficult to discover, that a principle of this kind
gives greater scope to foreign corruption, as well as to domes-
RALPH S BRAX olina. Its operation contradicts the fundamental maxim of tic faction, than that which permits the sense of the majority
Viewpoint republican government, which requires that the sense of the to decide; though the contrary of this has been presumed.
majority should prevail. Sophistry may reply, that sovereigns The mistake has proceeded from not attending with due care
Before I begin my Viewpoint, I just wanted to say a few are equal, and that a majority of the votes of the States will be to the mischiefs that may be occasioned by obstructing the
things about the recent $350 million AVC Bond, passed by a majority of confederated America. But this kind of logical progress of government at certain critical seasons. When the
the voters in November. You may remember the first college legerdemain will never counteract the plain suggestions of concurrence of a large number is required by the Constitution
bond, Measure R, passed twelve years ago and the Board of justice and common-sense. It may happen that this majority to the doing of any national act, we are apt to rest satisfied
Trustees and administration promised the community that the of States is a small minority of the people of America [3]; that all is safe, because nothing improper will be likely TO
great majority of the money would be spent on a Palmdale and two thirds of the people of America could not long be BE DONE, but we forget how much good may be prevented,
Campus, refurbishment of 50 year old labs and classrooms, persuaded, upon the credit of artificial distinctions and syllo- and how much ill may be produced, by the power of hinder-
and three permanent buildings with classrooms, labs, and gistic subtleties, to submit their interests to the management ing the doing what may be necessary, and of keeping affairs
faculty offices. and disposal of one third. in the same unfavorable posture in which they may happen to
As it turned out it was all a scam. There was no Palmdale The larger States would after a while revolt from the idea stand at particular periods.
Campus, remodeled classrooms, and only one permanent of receiving the law from the smaller. To acquiesce in such a Suppose, for instance, we were engaged in a war, in con-
building for new classrooms. The bulk of taxpayer money privation of their due importance in the political scale, would junction with one foreign nation, against another. Suppose
was instead spent on a state of the art sports complex. be not merely to be insensible to the love of power, but even the necessity of our situation demanded peace, and the inter-
You can be assured that my wife and I will watch and report to sacrifice the desire of equality. It is neither rational to ex- est or ambition of our ally led him to seek the prosecution of
on every dollar and project this time around, including the pect the first, nor just to require the last. The smaller States, the war, with views that might justify us in making separate
$30 million slush fund, never mentioned once in all the liter- considering how peculiarly their safety and welfare depend terms. In such a state of things, this ally of ours would evi-
ature mailed out by the college. on union, ought readily to renounce a pretension which, if not dently find it much easier, by his bribes and intrigues, to tie
By the time the new bond is paid off, taxpayers will have relinquished, would prove fatal to its duration. up the hands of government from making peace, where two
coughed up almost $700 million. There must be a better way It may be objected to this, that not seven but nine States, thirds of all the votes were requisite to that object, than where
to fund education. or two thirds of the whole number, must consent to the most a simple majority would suffice.
On November 8, Donald Trump won the electoral college important resolutions; and it may be thence inferred that nine In the first case, he would have to corrupt a smaller num-
votes by a scant 80,000 popular votes, spread around three States would always comprehend a majority of the Union. ber; in the last, a greater number. Upon the same principle, it
States. He lost the nations popular vote by a whopping 2.8 But this does not obviate the impropriety of an equal vote would be much easier for a foreign power with which we were
million votes, the largest gap in American history. between States of the most unequal dimensions and popu- at war to perplex our councils and embarrass our exertions.
To put it mildly, Trump is fortunate to be in the White lousness; nor is the inference accurate in point of fact; for we And, in a commercial view, we may be subjected to similar
House, and he most certainly did not win any sort of mandate can enumerate nine States which contain less than a majority inconveniences. A nation, with which we might have a treaty
and within a few days of the election protests began all across of the people [4]; and it is constitutionally possible that these of commerce, could with much greater facility prevent our
the nation. nine may give the vote. forming a connection with her competitor in trade, though
Besides, there are matters of considerable moment deter- such a connection should be ever so beneficial to ourselves.
You may remember the first col- minable by a bare majority; and there are others, concerning Evils of this description ought not to be regarded as imagi-
lege bond, Measure R, passed which doubts have been entertained, which, if interpreted in nary. One of the weak sides of republics, among their numer-
favor of the sufficiency of a vote of seven States, would ex- ous advantages, is that they afford too easy an inlet to foreign
twelve years ago and the Board of
tend its operation to interests of the first magnitude. In addi- corruption. An hereditary monarch, though often disposed to
Trustees and administration prom- tion to this, it is to be observed that there is a probability of sacrifice his subjects to his ambition, has so great a personal
ised the community that the great an increase in the number of States, and no provision for a interest in the government and in the external glory of the
proportional augmentation of the ratio of votes. nation, that it is not easy for a foreign power to give him an
majority of the money would be But this is not all: what at first sight may seem a remedy, equivalent for what he would sacrifice by treachery to the
spent on a Palmdale Campus, re- is, in reality, a poison. To give a minority a negative upon the state. The world has accordingly been witness to few exam-
furbishment of 50 year old labs and majority (which is always the case where more than a major- ples of this species of royal prostitution, though there have
ity is requisite to a decision), is, in its tendency, to subject the been abundant specimens of every other kind.
classrooms, and three permanent sense of the greater number to that of the lesser. Congress, In republics, persons elevated from the mass of the com-
buildings with classrooms, labs, from the nonattendance of a few States, have been frequently munity, by the suffrages of their fellow-citizens, to stations of
and faculty offices. in the situation of a Polish diet, where a single VOTE has great pre-eminence and power, may find compensations for
been sufficient to put a stop to all their movements. A sixtieth betraying their trust, which, to any but minds animated and
Republicans were upset, arguing that Democrats should part of the Union, which is about the proportion of Delaware guided by superior virtue, may appear to exceed the propor-
quietly accept the election, forgetting that Trump said if he and Rhode Island, has several times been able to oppose an tion of interest they have in the common stock, and to over-
lost he would refuse to concede, and would label the election entire bar to its operations. This is one of those refinements balance the obligations of duty.
as rigged. which, in practice, has an effect the reverse of what is expect- Hence it is that history furnishes us with so many mortify-
Republicans also conveniently forgot that the First Amend- ed from it in theory. ing examples of the prevalency of foreign corruption in re-
ment protects the Right of Americans to assemble and pro- The necessity of unanimity in public bodies, or of some- publican governments. How much this contributed to the ruin
test, regardless of what they are protesting. thing approaching towards it, has been founded upon a sup- of the ancient commonwealths has been already delineated. It
In the first two days after the election, demonstrators hit the position that it would contribute to security. But its real oper- is well known that the deputies of the United Provinces have,
streets in an outrage over Trumps victory. Claire Bye, a 15 ation is to embarrass the administration, to destroy the energy in various instances, been purchased by the emissaries of the
year old sophomore in San Francisco stated, Im fighting for of the government, and to substitute the pleasure, caprice, or
Continued on Page 10
my Rights as an LGBTQ person. Im fighting for the Rights artifices of an insignificant, turbulent, or corrupt junto, to the
of brown people, black people, and Muslim people. regular deliberations and decisions of a respectable majority.
Little did she know that Trump would soon place a ban on In those emergencies of a nation, in which the goodness
Muslims coming from seven countries. or badness, the weakness or strength of its government, is of
In New York City several hundred protestors gathered at the greatest importance, there is commonly a necessity for
Union Square in Manhattan, holding signs that read, Divid- action. The public business must, in some way or other, go
ed States of America. In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti forward.
said he was proud of the thousands of students who peace- If a pertinacious minority can control the opinion of a ma-
fully protested, declaring it was a beautiful expression of jority, respecting the best mode of conducting it, the majority,
democracy. in order that something may be done, must conform to the
The protests even took place at the usually quiet campus of views of the minority; and thus the sense of the smaller num-
Antelope Valley College. More than a dozen students met at ber will overrule that of the greater, and give a tone to the
the college library, chanting We reject the president elect. national proceedings. Hence, tedious delays; continual nego-
Stand up, fight back. tiation and intrigue; contemptible compromises of the public
Cliff Ross of Palmdale declared, We dont want to live in good.
a white supremacist society, and thats why we are taking a And yet, in such a system, it is even happy when such com-
moral stand today.
William Pfaff, of Quartz Hill, said he not only fears Trump,
promises can take place: for upon some occasions things will
not admit of accommodation; and then the measures of gov-
but the views of Vice-President elect Mike Pence, who be- ernment must be injuriously suspended, or fatally defeated. It
lieves in gay conversion therapy. Hey students, keep it up! is often, by the impracticability of obtaining the concurrence Have fun and meet new people while playing
On November 11, Trump addressed the protests for the first of the necessary number of votes, kept in a state of inaction. the worlds greatest card game. Free bridge
time and accused the media of inciting them. Trump tweeted, Its situation must always savor of weakness, sometimes bor- lessons at the Joshua Tree Bridge Club.
Now professional protestors are protesting. Very unfair. der upon anarchy. 1008 West Avenue M-14, Suite D.
He must have forgotten that he hd urged a March on Wash- Call now for more information.
ington in protest of Barack Obamas victory in 2012. Joshua Tree Bridge Club
Rudy Giuliani, who talked himself out of the running for a
Cabinet post, denounced the student movement, declaring,
American Contract Bridge League
The reality is that they are a bunch of spoiled crybabies.
He added that the real trouble makers were not the students
but the college professors who are shaping their minds. Poor
sad, sick Rudy Guiliani.
The protestors continued for two full weeks and the South- ACUPUNCTURE
ern Law Center revealed that in those two weeks there were
870 hate crimes in the U.S. Trump and other Republicans,
including those on Fox News, focused on the protestors Tae Kim, LAc. Cal
Tod l
and virtually ignored the hate crimes that occurred.
On November 14, more than 300 students at Baylor Univer-
A Perfect Place... ay!
CA Licensed Acupuncturist
sity in Texas, marched to support a Black female student who For a Beautiful and Exquisite Event
had been verbally assaulted by male students a week earlier. Accommodate up to 240 Guests Pain Management
One assaulter stated, I was just trying to make America
better. Shortly after the election, a Muslim student at San Call Today to Reserve for Accepting most health insurances.
Diego State was beaten and robbed by two men who made Senior center Community center welcome.
Christmas or New Years Eve Party!
comments about Trumps hatred of Muslims, prior to stealing
her purse and backpack, and knocking her to the ground. 661.480.4304 213.984.1199 / 661.238.6691
Its as if racist, xenophobic, and homophobic behavior are /
now perfectly acceptable because of Trumps victory. 3701 50th St. West in Rosamond
1122 W. Ave L-12 Suites 107 & 108 in Lancaster
And the beat, and the protests, go on

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain Rights, shall not be construed to
deny or disparage others retained by The People
10 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

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Federalist No. 22 want problems, so please leave me
Continued From Page 9 Instead of Blacky, it was Buddy
12675 Sugar Street
neighboring kingdoms. The Earl of Chesterfield (if my memory serves Boron, CA 93516 who was hooked and booked, and
me right), in a letter to his court, intimates that his success in an import- charged with, and found Guilty
ant negotiation must depend on his obtaining a majors commission for offensive threatening.
for one of those deputies. And in Sweden the parties were alternately Buddy was allowed to choose his
bought by France and England in so barefaced and notorious a man- sentence between five years in cat
ner that it excited universal disgust in the nation, and was a principal jail, or, one month eating carrots
cause that the most limited monarch in Europe, in a single day, without and green beans only.
tumult, violence, or opposition, became one of the most absolute and Buddy, decided to represent him-
uncontrolled. self, and laughed, because the judge
A circumstance which crowns the defects of the Confederation re-
mains yet to be mentioned, the want of a judiciary power. Laws are a For Rent was a DOG and so was the Jury.
Knowing time is the one commod-
dead letter without courts to expound and define their true meaning and $1,700 p/Month
ity with an infinite supply, but still
operation. The treaties of the United States, to have any force at all, 5601 Elizabeth Lake Rd
Leona Valley, CA 93551
there just aint enough of it, Bud-
must be considered as part of the law of the land. Their true import, as dy knew he had but one choice for
far as respects individuals, must, like all other laws, be ascertained by sentencing.
judicial determinations. Yes! Im finally done and I dont
To produce uniformity in these determinations, they ought to be sub- have to eat carrots and green beans
mitted, in the last resort, to one SUPREME TRIBUNAL. And this tri- three times a day anymore, Buddy
Continued on Page 11 said upon his release.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to
the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to The People.
FEBRUARY 2017 11

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Continued From Page 10
bunal ought to be instituted under
the same authority which forms the
treaties themselves. These ingredi-
40434 Pebble Way
$139,900 ents are both indispensable. If there
Palmdale, CA 93551
7179 Bay Avenue is in each State a court of final ju-
California City, CA 93505 risdiction, there may be as many
$80,000 different final determinations on
the same point as there are courts.
There are endless diversities in the
opinions of men.
We often see not only different
courts but the judges of the came
Vic Aqueduct 140th St. W. court differing from each other. To
Leona Valley, CA 93551 avoid the confusion which would
$294,900 unavoidably result from the contra-
1613 Angora Way This Property Seller May Carry dictory decisions of a number of in-
Palmdale, CA 93551 with a Good Downpainment. dependent judicatories, all nations
have found it necessary to establish
CARLOS PAIZ one court paramount to the rest,
possessing a general superinten-
Realtor BRE# 01233547
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Keller Williams Realty declare in the last resort a uniform
Date Avenue rule of civil justice.
1401 Rancho Vista Bl. Ste B
Lancaster, CA 93534 This is the more necessary where
Palmdale CA 93551
M: 661.209.2072 $239,900
the frame of the government is so
compounded that the laws of the
36837 Jenna Lane
O: 661.538.2800 whole are in danger of being con-
Palmdale, CA 93550 travened by the laws of the parts. In
this case, if the particular tribunals
Netza Sanchez are invested with a right of ultimate
Assistant jurisdiction, besides the contradic-
5220 L2 Avenue tions to be expected from differ-
661.418.3375 Lancaster, CA 93536 ence of opinion, there will be much
$215,000 to fear from the bias of local views
1614 Crestview Court $219,900 and prejudices, and from the inter-
Lancaster, CA 93535 SanchezNetza ference of local regulations.
$310,000 As often as such an interference
42920 Cinema Avenue was to happen, there would be rea-
Lancaster, CA 93534 son to apprehend that the provisions
of the particular laws might be pre-
2039 E Ave Q-2 ferred to those of the general laws;
Palmdale, CA 93550 for nothing is more natural to men
in office than to look with peculiar
$179,900 $274,900 deference towards that authority to
000 W O Vac / Cor which they owe their official exis-
Highrock Drt / 240 St. tence.
$220,000 Fairmont, CA 93536 The treaties of the United States,
44652 Timothy Court $314,999 under the present Constitution, are
Lancaster, CA 93535 44329 Coyote Brush St. liable to the infractions of thirteen
Lancaster, CA 93536 different legislatures, and as many
37727 Harvey
Palmdale, CA 93550 different courts of final jurisdiction,
acting under the authority of those
$324,900 legislatures.
The faith, the reputation, the peace
of the whole Union, are thus contin-
$219,900 ually at the mercy of the prejudices,
the passions, and the interests of
$280,000 734 E Ivesbrook Street every member of which it is com-
44225 Brandon Thomas Way Lancaster, CA 93535 posed. Is it possible that foreign na-
Lancaster, CA 93536
6895 Atmore Street tions can either respect or confide
$339,000 Seller Very Motivated.
Palmdale, CA 93552 in such a government? Is it possi-
5822 W Avenue K11 Send Offer!
ble that the people of America will
Lancaster, CA 93536
$350,000 longer consent to trust their honor,
their happiness, their safety, on so
precarious a foundation?
In this review of the Confedera-
$434,900 tion, I have confined myself to the
exhibition of its most material de-
1902 W L Avenue
fects; passing over those imperfec-
Lancaster, CA 93534 4040 Stable
$340,000 tions in its details by which even a
Palmdale, CA 93552
3015 Glad Way great part of the power intended to
Lancaster, CA 93536 be conferred upon it has been in a
$899,500 great measure rendered abortive.
4128 W Avenue L It must be by this time evident to
Quartz Hill, CA 93536 all men of reflection, who can divest
themselves of the prepossessions of
$9,900 preconceived opinions, that it is a
East Avenue R4 $360,000 system so radically vicious and un-
Vicinity 137th St. East sound, as to admit not of amend-
4030 Stable
$29,500 Littlerock, CA 93543 ment but by an entire change in its
Palmdale, CA 93552
45465 E 25 Street 295 leading features and characters.
Lancaster, CA 93535 The organization of Congress is
itself utterly improper for the exer-
cise of those powers which are nec-
$299,777 essary to be deposited in the Union.
2102 E Jenner Street $14,900 A single assembly may be a proper
Lancaster, CA 93535 receptacle of those slender, or rath-
200th St. East
Vicinity Ave R1 er fettered, authorities, which have
Black Butte, CA 93591 $374,900 been heretofore delegated to the
$70,000 federal head; but it would be in-
38137 Pioneer Drive
12200 N Sierra View St. consistent with all the principles of
Palmdale, CA 93552
Boron, CA 93516 good government, to intrust it with
those additional powers which,
even the moderate and more ra-
tional adversaries of the proposed
$259,900 Constitution admit, ought to reside
$92,000 in the United States.
1820 J 10 Avenue If that plan should not be adopt-
12321 N Sierra View St. $239,900
$130,000 Lancaster, CA 93535 ed, and if the necessity of the Union
Boron, CA 93516
3740 United Street 3112 W Ave L-6 should be able to withstand the
Rosamond, CA 93560 Lancaster, CA 93536
Continued on Page 14

What an obstruction could not this Bank of the United States, with all its branch banks, be in time of war? It might dictate to us the peace we should
accept, or withdraw its aids. Ought we then to give further growth to an institution so powerful, so hostile?...Now, while we are strong, it is the greatest
debt we owe to the safety of our Constitution, to bring its powerful enemy to a perfect subordination under its authorities. - THOMAS JEFFERSON
12 The Antelope Valley Political Observer




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It is a litigated question, whether the circulation of paper, rather than of specie, is a good or an evil. In the opinion of England
and of English writers it is a good; in that of other nations it is an evil; and excepting England and her copyist, the United States,
there is not a nation existing, I believe, which tolerates a paper circulation. The experiment is going on, however, desperately in
England, pretty boldly with us, and at the end of the chapter, we shall see which opinion experience approves: for I believe it to be
one of those cases where mercantile clamor will bear down reason, until it is corrected by ruin. THOMAS JEFFERSON
FEBRUARY 2017 13


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I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That all powers not delegated to the United States, by the
Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people. To take a single step beyond the bound-
aries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power no longer susceptible
of any definition. The incorporators of a bank, and the powers assumed by this bill, have not, in my opinion, been delegated to the
United States, by the Constitution. They are not among the powers specially enumerated. - Thomas Jefferson, 1813.
14 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
Please Consider Patronizing Political Observer Advertisers ~ We Are A 100% Advertiser Supported Publication ~

Federalist No. 22:

The Same Subject Continued: Other
Defects of the Present Confederation
Continued From Page 11
ambitious aims of those men who may indulge magnificent
schemes of personal aggrandizement from its dissolution, the
probability would be, that we should run into the project of
conferring supplementary powers upon Congress, as they are
now constituted; and either the machine, from the intrinsic
feebleness of its structure, will moulder into pieces, in spite
of our ill-judged efforts to prop it; or, by successive augmen-
tations of its force an energy, as necessity might prompt, we


shall finally accumulate, in a single body, all the most im-
portant prerogatives of sovereignty, and thus entail upon our
posterity one of the most execrable forms of government that
human infatuation ever contrived. 829 W. Ave J Lancaster CA 93534
Thus, we should create in reality that very tyranny which Serving the Antelope & Santa Clarita Valleys Since 1991
the adversaries of the new Constitution either are, or affect to DMV Lic# 2067
be, solicitous to avert.
It has not a little contributed to the infirmities of the ex- 42739 5th St East 9012 Glenoaks Blvd.
isting federal system, that it never had a ratification by the Lancaster CA 93535 Sun Valley CA 91352
PEOPLE. Resting on no better foundation than the consent of 661.726.7970 818.771.9884
the several legislatures, it has been exposed to frequent and ~
Teens & Adults ~ Driver Education
intricate questions concerning the validity of its powers, and Fax: 661.940.1856 Se Habla Espanol Online Driver Ed ~ DMV Test Prep
has, in some instances, given birth to the enormous doctrine Advanced One Day Course
of a right of legislative repeal. Free Pick-up & Drop-off
Owing its ratification to the law of a State, it has been Approved: Vocational Rehab, E.D.D., Worksource
Male / Female Instructors ~ Payment Plan
contended that the same authority might repeal the law by I-Train TAA / G.I. Bill Veterans / SSI Pass / State Funds
Driver Safety Advocate
which it was ratified. However gross a heresy it may be to Workers Comp & Any Grant Vouchers
maintain that a PARTY to a COMPACT has a right to revoke 661.940.8835
that COMPACT, the doctrine itself has had respectable advo-
cates. The possibility of a question of this nature proves the
necessity of laying the foundations of our national govern-
ment deeper than in the mere sanction of delegated authority.
The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the sol-
id basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. The streams Install a LITTLE
of national power ought to flow immediately from that pure, PASSENGER SEAT
original fountain of all legitimate authority. and you have the seating
PUBLIUS capacity of a minivan!
Our bench seats meet 3rd & 4th row seats for most
1. This, as nearly as I can recollect, was the sense of his Federal safety specs SUVs are specifically designed
speech on introducing the last bill. and include lap belts w/ for each model to ensure 4621 East Ave. S D104, Palmdale
safety & ease of installation. Tuesday - Friday 9am - 6p
2. Encyclopedia, article Empire. available shoulder belts
3. New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, and head restraints. Saturday 9am - 5pm
Georgia, South Carolina, and Maryland are a majority of the Closed Sunday & Monday
whole number of the States, but they do not contain one third

of the people.
4. Add New York and Connecticut to the foregoing seven, 800.252.9989
and they will be less than a majority.

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The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal Government, are few and defined. Those which are to remain
in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace,
negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers re-
served to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and
properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State. - James Madison, Federalist No. 45.