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Water project

Task 1:
Dong Nai river:
Location: In southern Vietnam, Northwest of Da lat, in the
Length: about 480km.
Water supply:
Uses of the river: Built a dam to produce hydro-electricity,
used for villages to use for water supply and food.
E.g: Fish, shrimps, crabs and lots more.
Ma river:
Location: Northern Vietnam + Laos.
Feature: It has an irregular regime with maximum flow
toward the end of the summer.
Mekong river:
Location: Mekong river is in the southeast asia
Features: It was the longest river in Southeast Asia, it was
started in China then go through Myanmar, Laos ,
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and ends in the South
China sea.
Length: 4350 km.
Uses of the river: Transportation, Power
generation( Hydroelectric power station),food supply and
Perfume river:
Location: It was in the Central of Vietnam, Hue Province
Length: 30 km
Feature: Perfume river is a very famous river in Vietnam,
foreigners people visited there a lot. .The Perfume River
was the chosen location for Vietnams imperial capital,
Rising nearby steep mountain. The river it's only 80 km
long but feeds the largest lagoon in Vietnam.They took
boat travelled around Perfumes river. There are so many
bridges that were over Perfumes river too such as: The
White Tigers, Dragon bridges, Phu Xuan Bridges,
Task 2:
Effects of water in Vietnam has many crisis, the effects
that it has done to humans is tremendous, it has
developed many diseases and also have killed many
people including children.

Task 3:
Vietnam has about 2300 rivers with a length of more than
10 km, you would think that this would supply enough safe
water for the population. Well, youre wrong, because of
the lack of finance, law and its enforcements, also the
cause of uneven rain throughout the country.
The uneven rain causes many difficulties for rivers and
lake to store even water for locals.
Surface water pollution in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
could be very harmful to human and animals. The fact that
this water source is used a lot for drinking and domestic
services. We therefore determined the levels of pollution
by daily waste, salts, metals and by monthly monitoring of
canals between November 2011 and July 2012 at 32
sampling locations, representing fresh environments. The
results were compared with national water quality
guidelines, between the studied regions and with water
quality data from main waterways. Based on regression
models, results indicate that pH (max. 8.6), turbidity (max.
461 FTU), maximum concentrations of ammonium (14.7
mg L(-1)), arsenic (44.1 g L(-1)), barium (157.5 g L(-1)),
chromium (84.7 g L(-1)), mercury (45.5 g L(-1)),
manganese (1659.7 g L(-1)), aluminum (14.5 mg L(-1)),
iron (17.0 mg L(-1)) and the number of Escherichia coli
(87,000 CFU 100 mL(-1)) and total coliforms (2,500,000
CFU 100 mL(-1)) { Online source that I found, just wanted
some actual numbers to be in,
in canals exceed the thresholds set by Vietnamese quality
guidelines for drinking and domestic purposes. The results
showed that i) urbanisation; ii) metal leaching from soils;
iii) aquaculture; and iv) tidal regime explain 85% of the
variance of surface water quality attributes. Significant
differences in water quality were found due to daily tidal
regime and as a result of seasonality. The results of this
study can assist policy makers in developing water
management strategies and drinking water companies can
produce higher and safer water quality.

Task 4: A rivers tail begins where the Mekong ends in the

sprawling delta where Vietnam meets the river. There is
increase evidence of pollution of Vietnams water. The
water in the river is polluted by organic pollutants such as
oil waste and solids. Typhoon, storms, floods, and drought
can lead to water pollution and waterborne. The Ministry of
Natural Resources and Environment state that almost
80% of the diseases in Vietnam are caused by the polluted
water. There are many cases of disease like: cholera,
typhoid, dysentery and malaria each year in the
country.Residents of Vietnam have wondered what caused
causes of water pollution, and many researchers have
studied it, it have the two main reasons, causes of water
pollution in Vietnam were weakness to respond the
wastewater management and the lack of civic awareness.
To deal with these problem citizen and the government
should work together, to begin with people attitudes to
aware that water is very important.Every day people
generated a lot of trash, and they threw it directly into
canals, rivers, and pond. water pollution has had serious
effects on human health. Farmers would use polluted
water to water their plants. When people ate these plants,
they became sick with diseases such as diarrhea,
bacterial infections, and even cancer,plants died when
they were dirty water containing heavy chemicals or when
their roots absorbed polluted underground water, but there
is only about 60% of the Vietnamese people have access
to water that is clean and drinkable. SOURCES:
Task 5:
There is increasing evidence of pollution of Viet Nams
surface, ground and coastal waters. Although the quality of
upstream river water is generally good, the downstream
sections of major rivers reveal poor water quality, and
most of the lakes and canals in urban areas have become
sewage sinks. Oil spills makes up around 12% of oil that
dump into the ocean that leads to many problems are
extremely harmful to local marine wildlife.To deal with this
problem, both Vietnam Government and citizen should
work together. An estimated 70 tonnes of dead fish
washed ashore along more than 200 km (125 miles) of
Vietnams central coastline in early April. Sources
alleviates-water-crisis.html ,

Task 6:
Flood: One of the thing that causes flood is the quality of
the dam is not good make it break and a huge amount of
water spill into houses. Flood usually happened in the low
place of Vietnam where there were sea and lot of water.
The temperature of Vietnam is usually above 30 degrees
celsius made the water evaporate create a lot of rain
through many days and flood came.

Landslide: This type of hydrological hazard usually

happened in the high place where there were many
mountain. First, there were rain around that place, then
the water join with the land turn them into mud. Mud were
slippery so it slip the hold land making a landslide.
Flood: Flood become very popular in Vietnam, it usually
made people lost their home and there are some flow in
the flood that suck people, home and other things like your
money away.

Landslide:There many traveller were died because of

landslide or all your home will wash out because of one
landslide if it near your house.
The government of Vietnam have to responsible to this
type of hydrological, he have to check the quality of the
dam to make sure it wouldnt so there were less amount of
people die and lose their home and their business
because of flood. Also he have to check the weather so
people will know there gonna be a hydrological hazard
happened there so they can repair before the Hazard