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Practice Nursing By Kristene Diggins

Practicing Transformational Leadership

T he American Nurses Creden-
tialing Center (ANCC) has
provided guidance on standards
of excellence in nursing for many years
through the tenets of Magnet. Many
to work through team members to
inspire change within a system. Trans-
formational leadership is exemplified
through empowering others to make an
impact in their area of practice. APRNs
As an APRN, I value sharing patient
stories that highlight excellent nursing
care, in order to motivate the team to
improved patient outcomes. I think about
how Christ led through teams, inspiring
nurses are familiar with the Magnet can model this type of leadership in others to see the value of their role as part
Organization Seal of Excellence, as this many different areas of daily practice. of the body of Christ.The APRN
is a highly esteemed distinction. Magnet For example, the concept of nurse Christian leader empowers others
healthcare systems focus on five pillars practitioner (NP) transition-to-practice through transparent, honest sharing of
of excellence in practice: Transforma- is important in APRN role develop- information and helping nurses see their
tional Leadership; Structural Empower- ment, specifically in building compe- role within the larger system.
ment; Exemplary Professional Practice; tence as an autonomous healthcare Furthermore, the APRNs opportu-
New Knowledge, Innovations & provider. Transition-to-practice from nity to work with various professionals
Improvements; and Empirical Out- RN to NP takes time in learning from in the care of the patient enables him
comes (ANCC, 2015). Some of the other NPs who model professional NP or her to facilitate teamwork. The
basic premises of excellence in Magnet practice (Flinter, 2011). APRN often works directly with the
focus on these areas of leadership: nurse, pharmacist, physician, and
Creating a shared governance therapists to manage the care of a
framework that enables all nurses to Transformational patient. The ability to shine as a leader
Facilitate an organizational climate
leadership is exemplified through team building is central in this
component and is foundational to the
that empowers patient-centric through empowering others APRNs practice. Professional practice
comprehensive healthcare through provides the bridge to value other team
communicating best practice nursing. to make an impact in their members, placing respect for other

Magnet organizations initially

area of practice. professions foremost.
As I think about this Magnet
focused on the role of the undergradu- principle of transformational leadership,
ate nurse (RN) in key tiers of leader- I remember well my first role as an I think about how Jesus led through
ship. Today, the Advanced Practice NP. While I had learned the theory inspiring others. He worked with the
Registered Nurse (APRN) can have a needed to practice, I was not confident disciples to lead them through relation-
significant role in modeling Magnet in my role. I was anxious to adopt the ship by example. He transformed their
excellence. I see the five pillars as provider role and the autonomy hearts and their lives. Transformative
central to the role I have as a Christian required to practice. An NP leader took leadership was part of the essence of
APRN, specifically as I strive to model me under her wing and mentored me. Christs life. This is exactly the type of
Christ-like leadership. However, to me, She modeled the knowledge and leadership needed for nursing.
the most evident area of APRN confidence necessary to practice The more I follow Jesus example,
leadership in day-to-day practice is seen assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. the more I will be able to empower
in transformational leadership. Transfor- She cared for her patients with a other nurses to adopt the full level of
mational leadership refers to the ability selflessness and humility that was unsur- leadership they are called to, as they
passed. When she didnt know the care for their patients and colleagues.
Kristene Diggins, DNP, MBA, FAANP, answer, she was quick to let her patients Christ will show me the way!
is a Family Nurse Practitioner and works know and seek out answers for their
with her husband as full-time missionar- American Nurses Credentialing Center. (2015). Magnet
ies. She also teaches as adjunct faculty
care. Her role modeling provided the model. Retrieved from http://www.nursecredentialing.
for University of Phoenix and manages confidence and learning I needed to org/Magnet/ProgramOverview/New-Magnet-Model
practice for NPs in a retail organization. care for my patients. She exemplified Flinter, M. (2011, November 28). From new nurse
She loves to write about the role of faith in understand-
ing leadership as a nurse. transformative leadership through being practitioner to primary care provider: Bridging the
transition through FQHC-based residency training.
The author declares no conflict of interest. a servant leader in the care of her OJIN:The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17(1).
DOI:10.1097/CNJ.0000000000000269 patients, colleagues, and team members. doi:10.3912/OJIN.Vol17No01PPT04

74 JCN/Volume 33, Number 2

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