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Team lead with 6.5 years of IT experience and 5.6 years specialization in Configuration/Build/Release
Management and patch installation activities and expertise on, Subversion version control tool, Microsoft TFS
administration, scripting tools, managing build and multiple releases. Over the course of my career, I have
gained lot of experience in assessing the environment and recommending the appropriate SCM tool, setting
up SCM infra and recommending appropriate labeling / branching / merging / backup strategies.


Client:Halliburton Jun 2013 Till Date
Location: Houston,Texas
Role: DevOps/Release Engineer

Project Title: Common Ground Infrastructure

Client Description:
Halliburton Energy Services provides products, services and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration,
development and production. Capabilities range form initial evaluation of producing formations to drilling,
completion, production enhancement and well maintenance.

Project Description:
Common Ground Infrastructure project is creating a virtual software platform, a central code, artifact repository,
and a unified platform for Quality Build and Deployment assurance and performance testing. The project will also
put into place a social enterprise solution to support and encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among
software development teams.


1)As part of DevOps Team, Analyze the existing Projects Build and Release Process and provide the necessary
improvements and Automation avoiding repetitive manual tasks.
2) Perform and manage daily and nightly scheduled and unscheduled builds in Quick Build tool and co-ordinate
with dev teams for any build failures.
3) As a subject matter expert, Recommended and chosen Puppet as automation deployment tool for different
projects build outputs, also got an opportunity to evaluate current enterprise DevOps tools like Nolio,UDeploy.
4) Design and develop Puppet Manifests code and batch/powershell scripts to automate the daily and scheduled
build artifacts deployment into VMWare machines along with JBOSS configuration handling and
dependency/pre-requisites management, periodical backup of code and build artifacts
5) Support DevOps Environment and maintain its stability so that Development team can quickly and reliably test
their new code.
6) We use JIRA for task master and project status tracking and ticketing mechanism.
7) Support Dev team to install and migrate BI/Data Management application called Pentaho.
8) Administrate Visual Source Safe(VSS) Subversion(SVN) User Accounts, SVN Branch creations and Merge
activities as per releases.
9) Conduct Technical knowledge sessions to entire team on new improved process established along with tools
10) Interact with third party systems and other Lines of Business for avoiding Build/Release conflicts into target
11) Single POC from DevOps Team and actively participate in all Dev,QA and Production deployments.


12) Create and maintain the documentation accordingly in Project Sharepoint websites.

Environment: Puppet,Batch and Powershell Scripting,Subversion,Quick Build 4.0,Jboss CLI,VMWare

Tools,Red Hat Enterprise Linux ,ANT,Maven,Artifactory,Sharepoint 2010 & 2013,MS SQL Server
2008,Windows 2008 servers,Pentaho 4.8,VSS 2005,JIRA

The Hartford Life Insurance Company, Hartford CT, USA Jan 2012 May 2013
Location: Hartford,CT
Role: Release Manager

Project Title: Group Benefits

Client description:
The Hartford Life Insurance Company is part of The Hartford Financial Services Group, which was established in
1810. As a whole the company is one of the worlds largest insurance and investment companies. The company
has international operations in Japan, Brazil, The UK, Canada and Ireland. The Hartford Life Insurance subsidiary
is a leading provider of life insurance products, in addition to investment products, annuities, mutual funds, and
college savings plans. Usually referred to as The Hartford, the company was recently named to Wards 2009 Top
50 Life Insurance Providers.

Project description:
Group Benefits is an insurance project dealing with variety of Medical and insurance benefits applied on group
policies. It handles both direct and Group Redirect policies.

As a Release Manager below are my responsibilities performed in my project
Organize weekly release meetings with multiple development teams to identify the releases ahead and bring
awareness on milestones as per release calendar.
Co-ordinate 84 applications parallel releases (Scheduled/Emergency/Weekly) for deploying their code into
production servers.
Accountable for on-time delivery of all Release process outputs as defined in the Release Policy, processes
and procedures
Assess the release complexity for all applications in the Group Benefits Space and perform all the required
release paper work which gets tracked as CRQs in Remedy Tool and sharepoint on time.
Create and Maintain Subversion Branching, Merging and Tagging across each production releases.
Perform daily development, QA builds and deployments using Continuous Integration.
Apply Release specification techniques and contribute to finalizing standard guidelines in applications
Apply Release specification techniques and contribute to finalizing standard guidelines in applications
Co-ordinate with respective teams to resolve all the types of INCIDENTS raised by customers using Remedy
Support weekends during implementation of releases
Convey Release information in a variety of communication methods such as presentations, training, meetings
and knowledge sessions.


Conduct Post Release Reviews, Implementation Reviews to identify improvements to processes and
procedures over time.
Handle SOX Audits effectively for the releases performed in past.
Environment: Windows NT Workstation. Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Subversion,PPM, Remedy,
Webshphere,Putty, SharePoint.

The Hartford Life Insurance Company, Hartford CT, USA August 2011 - Jan 2012
Location: Hartford,CT
Role: Subversion SME

Project Title: HIG-CCM_TMU -Subversion Upgrade-TM (Subversion Upgrade)

Project description:
HIG-CCM_TMU -Subversion Upgrade- TM (Subversion Upgrade) is a project dealing with the Source code
management of 80+ Projects currently available in PVCS Configuration Management tool and taking all the
necessary steps to migrate the code and revision history from PVCS to Subversion (SVN).During and after the
Migration complete, the application flow and quality should be thoroughly tested for estimated results,
documented and are stored. The estimated end date of the project is December 31 st 2012 which can be valid to
extend on circumstances encountered.

As a Subversion SME, below are the responsibilities undertaken as part of this project.
Assessment of current project environment in PVCS repository
Analysis on migration process of code from PVCS to SVN
Maintain the baselines and entire revision history of source code.
Re-structure the code into SVN.
Ensure all the projects are well tested after code migration from PVCS to SVN
Taking care of Trunk, Integration and other branching ,labeling and Merging strategies
Co-ordination with the Tech-lead of each project to ensure all the code is correctly migrated and inform the
stakeholders on same.
Environment: Windows NT Workstation, Microsoft Windows XP Professional. SVN, PVCS, Web logic Servers.

American Express, Hyderabad, India March 2010 - Aug 2011
Role:Build and Release Manger

Project Title: American Express- International E-apply-MemberShip Rewards

Project description:
This application enables American Express to capture applications online for 19 international markets. E-apply
provides the following online applications Card Applications (Corporate, Personal, Co-brand), promotion sign-
off forms, Upgrade offer applications, Bank loan processing. The Customer data captured on the web is stored in
the E-acquisition database page by page. The international E-Apply also provide back-end support to PDA based
acquisitions.Mobile Acquisition American Express also uses mobile service as an acquiring channel for new card
members. The mobile website which was launched for the Japan market in 2002 allows prospects to complete an
e-application for the Green and Gold Charge cards. The prospects receive an email with a link to the online e-

Client description:


American Express offers world-class Charge and Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Rewards , Travel, Personal Savings,
Business Services, Insurance across the Globe

Primary POC for Establish and improving entire Build and Release Process across all Environments.
Provide best practices and policies of SCM and implement accordingly to fill the gaps in current release
Perform Daily Development Builds using ANT Scripts and deploy the build outputs/artifacts into
WebSphere Servers hosted in LINUX.
Successfully Migrated code repositories from VSS to Subversion .
Establish the Build Automation process using Continuous Integration Tool called HUDSON and
Convert all the ANT build scripts to MAVEN scripts.
Create and maintain the HUDSON jobs accordingly as per daily, integration builds and configure for
Scheduled and on demand builds , publish JUnit Test results.
Create and maintain Subversion(SVN) branches including DEV,Integration,Release and TRUNK and
merge the code into branches as necessary.
Drive the code migration from DEV,QA and Production and Disaster Recovery Environments.
SCM policies are implemented by defining Build & Release Management, Change Management , Version
Management and deploying, Co-ordinate with the global teams so that releases into target environments
happen in controlled manner.
Ensure all the release paperwork including creating of Tickets, ensuring SIT,UAT,code review sign offs
and Environment Manager Approvals before placing the deployments.
Communicate the release complete status to all required stakeholders and make sure the release
deployments went successful and applications are sanity tested before handover to testing team.

Environment: Linux, VSS 2005, Subversion, JAVA,ANT, MAVEN,HUDSON CI, IBM WebSphere server

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai November 2008 to Feb 2010
Role:Build and Release Manager

Project Title: Cognizant 2.0 Intelligent Global Delivery Ecosystem

Cognizant 2.0 Intelligent Global Delivery Ecosystem is an end-to-end integrated, intelligent global delivery
ecosystem which creates a unified platform where the power of structured processes, is leveraged by the
connected teams and is enhanced by right knowledge imparted at the right time. The features of Cognizant 2.0
span across project workflows, process orchestration, user collaboration and integration forum and document

Client description:
Founded in 1994 as a division of Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, Cognizant Technology Solutions began doing
large-scale full lifecycle software projects. Cognizant specializes in delivering high-quality, cost-advantageous
solutions for businesses with intensive information processing needs. This background has helped Cognizant to
build and e-business and outsourcing powerhouse capable of delivering 24x7 project management on the largest
software projects, backed by a world class R&D organization that helps clients manage through rapid changes in
technology. Cognizant unique value proposition of better, faster, and less expensive development and
management is compelling to many clients in the US and Europe, most of whom regard Cognizant as a long term
partner helping them to achieve their business objectives.


Keeping Track of all the Details of Releases and taking the Builds of Applications according to Releases &
Cycles and performing the Build solution deployments into targeted servers as per release calendar.
Maintaining the Build Solution Accordingly to the releases.
Coordinating with the different modules/applications development teams for Successful completion of build
for a release on time.
Perform Configuration settings according to the deployment servers to make build solutions compatible.
Build Handover to the Testing Team and co-ordinating various issues after the build handover.
Week end support for the Production Moves of various releases
Environment: Windows NT Workstation, Windows XP, TFS, MS Build, .NET

SCCM CoE stands for Software Change and Configuration Management. It involves helping projects across all
verticals in SCM Planning, assessing the project environment, recommending the appropriate SCM Tool, setting
up SCM infrastructure, training the team on SCM tool usage and administration and finally troubleshooting. The
team also guides the projects in build and release management activities.

Responsibilities IN SCCMCoE:
Assessment of current project environment around SCM/Build/Release
Recommendation of SCM tools and infrastructure
Recommendation of SCM/Build/Change/Release Process and Policies
Involved in learning Software Configuration Management and Build tools.
Involved in project structuring with SCM tool.
Involved in accessing the current scenario with various projects and giving valuable suggestions to improve in
their Software configuration process.
Involved in the preparation of decks for various client projects.

Covad, Chennai Feb 2008 to Nov 2008
Role: Java Developer

Project Title: Covad MARS

Project description:
MARS is primarily a portal application which is used by Covad employees or to be more specific, technicians and
Whenever there is a network fault, or whenever new equipment needs to be installed, a request can be raised in
Mars portal. A task is associated with this request for this purpose. Appropriate technicians are assigned to this
task and the task gets scheduled to be completed appropriately, using WFMSP. The task is completed by the
assigned technician on the scheduled date and time.

Client description:
Covad is a leading national provider of communication services including T1, DSL, Business Ethernet, DS3,
voice over IP (VoIP), and wireless services. carrier-class, broadband services platform that efficiently delivers
advanced voice, video, and data solutions. Covad Wholesale Services provides a nationwide, carrier-class,
broadband services platform that efficiently delivers advanced voice, video, and data solutions.



Analysis of requirements and performing required code changes. Preparation of test cases and reviewing the
same. Testing the application and preparing of test logs. Shell scripting is used to track the date wise network
faults and generate alerts and identify the resolved status
Environment: Windows NT Workstation, Windows XP, Java, Portlets, Tomcat, ANT, Unix Shell Scripts.

Covad, Chennai Sep 2008 to Nov 2008
Role: Java Developer

Project Title: Covad PMO

Project description:
Covad PMO was designed for the Covad members to update and view their company related and project related
information. We were given a chance to develop this project which greatly helped us to widen our technical
knowledge in design and implementation. We could do right from database design and creation of use cases to
web page creation and deployment under the strict guidance of very senior resources from Covad offshore team.

Analysis of requirements.
Designing the workflow architecture.
Maintaining the Backend Database.
Role based Workflow to the Developers logging to the portal and performing the necessary coding to meet the
requirements and Perform Unit Testing and handover to the UAT testing team.
Environment: Windows NT Workstation, Windows XP, Java, Portlets, Tomcat, ANT, Unix Shell Scripts.

Bachelor of Technology with specialization in Computer Science & Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru
Technological University, Hyderabad, India, 2007.