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This short secti0n is intended to help you understand the structure and conlents of the most important menus in MGO. lt wlll lead you
smoothly from the tltle screen to the beginning ol your first match. lf you're a veteran of other online games 0r simply confident in your
ability to find your way 0n your own, you can skip directly to the next secti0n on page 1 36.


0nce you l0g in using your Game lD and password, you are taken to the Start
Menu (Fig 1)

The Start Menu has several useful entries, all of which are quite self-explanatory
and accompanied by handy help messages. Select the first one, Start Game, when
y0u're ready to create y0ur online identity.

lf this is your first time at the Character Select screen, you have to create the
soldier that you will use in the game. You'll need to choose a name, appearance,
voice and accessories (Fig 2). Note that clothing is purely cosmetic, and has
no effect on gameplay. Most of these parameters (bar character name, face, *:'
and voice, which are final once you register them) can later be changed via the
Personal Data screen.

You can also assign Skills to your character, with each level costing 1 point The

level of each Skill is shown using a simple bar display (one block per level, up to
a maximum of three). Essentially the higher the level, the more effective the Skill.
For example, the Runner Skill will make you move faster at level 3 than it will at
level 1. You have 4 skill points to spend in total.

Until you gain experience 0n the battlefield, the maximum Skill level you can
access in each discipline is level 1. As a successful sniper, you will eventually
gain the option of increasing your Sniper Rifle+ Skill by an additional level,
and later to 3; however, your maximum Skill budget is still 4, s0 you'll need to
sacrifice other aptitudes to make the upgrade. Some players will eventually opt
for specialization, while others will prefer to remain as all-rounders; the choice,
naturally, is yours to make. There's n0 "right" 0r "wrong" way to spend Skill
points, but it g0es without saying that you should favor those that you're likely to
regularly use in combat.

Handgun+ Skill wielding handguns. Reduces recoil and reload time.


Assault Rifle+
Skill wielding submachine guns. Reduces recoil and reload time.

Skill wielding assault rifles. Reduces recoil and reload time.

Shotgun+ Skill wielding shotguns. Reduces recoil and reload time, and makes pump action faster.

Sniper Rifle+

Skill wielding sniper rifles. Reduces recoil and reload time, and makes bolt action faster.

lncreases the zoom rate when aiming in FPS mode (but not when using a scope)



Extends the maximum lock-on distance (which is the same as increasing the LKD rating in the single-player game)

Enables you to throw weapons farther.

Enables you to set up traps more quickly.

Allows you to restrain targets and use advanced COC, and increases knockout damage.

Blades+ Allows you to move while attacking with a knife, and makes knife attacks faster.

Runner lncreases your movement sPeed.

Monomania Displays enemies ygu've attacked (data can be shared through S0P). Display time is improved with levels.

Sixth Sense Displays nearby traps (data can be shared through S0P). Range increases with levels.

Narc Displays attacking enemies when they target you and damage is sustained (data can be shared through S0P). Display time is improved with levels

press @ while restraining an enemy t0 display link info (data can be shared through S0P). Scanning time is improved with levels. Requires COC +
Skill, and the Scanning Plug item.

As a general rule, you should try to choose your Skills to complement those of
ygur teammates, s0 that your force becomes a cohesive unit with a balanced pool
of abilities at its disposal. Note that you can change the Skills assigned to your
character from the Briefing Menu before each game.

GUNS 0F t1.1r pntntots ,0,,',^,,,,'oroo,,*t1i

||Ovtl TO PLAY
:.. '.


*,Ll*;- .

After y0u have selected the character y0u want t0 use, you will arrive
at the Main Menu, your central hub (Fig. 3). This menu features the
following options:

Lobby Select Gives you access to three types of Lobby.
More on this below.

0nline News Check the latest news available.


Mail Use this to send and receive mail. You can

store up to 16 messages in your Inbox, and
up to 5 emails in your Sent folder.

Clan A Clan is a group of players who join together

and play as a team. You can use the Clan
screen to join a Clan or form y0ur own, and
then to keep in touch with all members. lf
you check the Clan Roster, y0u can see
which Lobbies your fellow Clan members are
playing in. The Clan leader can additionally
edit the Clan emblem, which is an easy way
of identifying Clan-mates during play.

Personal Data Allows you to change a series of personal


Rankings Character and Clan rankings are listed here.

Rankings are divided up according to rules,
and host ratings.

I Lobby Select
You have access to three different types 0f Lobby (Fig 4)
Automatching, Free Battle, and Training,

Automalching - Select this Lobby if you want to simply plunge

straight into the action This will automatically create a game with
other characters that are (as a general rule) at a similar level to
you.Once a suitable group of players has been located, you will
either join a new match or arrive in the middle of a battle that
is already underway Automatching is the best option if y0u're a
cornplete newcomer Io MG}, 0r stillfeel as if you're trundling on
training wheels from indignity to disaster Games in this Lobby
influence your level, score, record and Skills, but not your grade

Free Battle In this Lobby, you can either join a game that is
already up and running, or create a netlv one that you will host,
specifying your own rules, maps and settings (including the
number of rounds) You can register up to 15 stages in a game.

Training -
ln Solo Training, you use dummies and targets to
hone your skills. To learn all about the basics of gameplay in
the Metal Gear )nlrne world, it's best to select Novice Training
Join Combat Training allows you to receive combat training from
veteran players called Instructors, In Combat Training, you train
other players as an Instructor, What you do in the Training Lobby
has no effect 0n tlour level, score. record or Skills,

I Personal Data
This entry lets you change many personal parameters (Fig 5)

Skill Seltings Enables you to change the Skills you chose when creating your

Appearance Your choices here only affect your character's appearance, and
Setting have no impact on performance.

Personal Stats Details of your past battles, sorted by game modes. This
includes how many times (and how) you brought down
enemies, and how they got the better of you. You'll also find
various stats regarding your play time, as well as noteworthy
feats you may have accomplished.

Friend List Edit your Friend List, send mail or move to a game where a
friend is playing. You can have up to 32 friends in your list.

Block List You can block up to 32 players you don't want to interact with.

Match History View a list of characters you have faced online

Player Search Search for logged-in players matching the name you enter.

Gameplay Adjust a series of self-explanatory options (similar to those

0ptions in the solo game), and prepare keyboard macros or preset

Photo Album View the pictures you've taken with the Camera item.


This is the menu that appears prior to every game (Fig. 6). You can use it for several
purpgses - am0ng other things, to consult the map (though you will probably find
the maps used In this guide m0re handy), to change teams if you need to balance
the distribution of players, or to modify your Skills to best suit the game mode
0ther entries in this menu are straightforward and speak for themselves.

Press @ to display the chat Log Screen, and 6rAm to conf irm you're ready'

For some players, Metal Gear )nline will be their first ever experience of
multiplayer gaming. However, even battle-scarred veterans of online warfare
will find that the world ol MG} is unique The following section is designed
to get y0u up and running with a minimum of fuss.

CONTROLS ***{rrfl
Generally speaking, controls in Metal Gear 0nline are the same as in those in

MGS4 lf you've already played MGS4 for a while prior to making your debut in

MG} (and really, you should), the process of moving your characteraround willfeel
i nsti nctive ly comfortab I e,

Note that you can practice the basics of controlling a character via the Novice
Training option in the Training Lobby You can also refer to the How to Play chapter
of this guide (see page B)

There are very few commands that are specific to MG). Essentially, pressing
(gEm once opens the Preset Messages window (Fig. 1), and pressing it a second
time brings up the Chat menu. With both of these, make your selections with C. You
can also adjust the map with @

GU's 0F *r pntntots ,^;,,0,,,,,0*oo, o#


At the beginning of each game, you are offered the chance to choose
your equipment Most of the weapons available also exislin MGS4,
and can therefore be found in this guide's Inventory chapter. Each
firearm has special attributes and applications, s0 y0u really need INVEI'ITORY

to make y0ur selection in accordance with the game mode y0u're

.-- --i
about to play (different objectives require different equipment), your
>i i _. _-..-.^--. . *_-.--_.--_ -_... . ..-_-.-:

personal preferences, and whether or not you have teammates. In EXTRAS

any case, try to adopt a balanced configuration that will enable you
to adapt your strategies as new situations arise.
>. i-.-....-. -.."...-.--..-- ---.,. --.-..-.-....--..-.....,.,r

i _"," '__ " " '-_1

You must choose one weapon per category (the table shows a >i 1...._,.-,-...-.---....-.-a

representative selection of the weapons you will usually have access TIPS

to) This preset list corresponds to the default weapons available

(Fig 2). Extra weapons can be acquired only if the "Drebin Points
Enabled" option has been activated, MAPS

The items you have by default include the Cardboard Box, Binos (which
you use like the Solid Eye's Binos mode), and the Camera. These work
exactly as they do in MGS4. More can be acquired either by finding
them on the battlefield (they are then only available for the duration of
the corresponding stage), or by fulfilling certain special conditions.


Just like in MGS4, the SOP System is a network of nanomachines
inside the bodies of participating soldiers This links teammates
together and enables them to share information.

To benef it from this system, you must f irst activate it. To do so, face a

teammate at close range and press @. tt you are standing, you will
salute (Fig 3); in other stances, you will point with your finger When
your teammate's body flashes your team c0l0r, it means the link is
complete, lf the linked teammate is also in direct communication
with other squad members, you will automatically join this network
However, the SOP System remains active for only as long as you live:
if you die and respawn, you start in an unlinked state.

You can see linked teammates as outlines even when there are

obstacles in the way, which enables you to coordinate and participate

in sophisticated tactical strikes 0n enemy positions - but, naturally,
this also applies to your opponents. The range of data provided
depends 0n your stance and the current conditions, but you may
be able to see not only their position, but also their status and
which direction their radio messages arrive from. This information is
accompanied by the following identifying icons:

Preset Message sent Reading a magazine

Knocked out

Sleeping ln combat

With certain Skill settings, when a teammate deals damage to an

opponent or is injured by an enemy or trap, the corresponding enemy

or trap will appear temporarily on linked teammates' screens.

.-,* * -r
' '

1-* d* ;i 137
. 1

s '-- &.?)*- d .r*r,
The SOP System's main function is to provide information on teammates. However it MG0 has a f riendly-f ire lock that kicks in if you start f iring on a teammate. lt doesn't
can also be used to reveal data about your enernies This is only possible if you have work with CQC, but it's a handy feature that helps to avoid accidental betrayals.

the required Skills, and possibly a specific item, as shown in the following table.
Finally, the catapult is a fantastic device that enables you to fly through the air
and reach rooftops (Fig 6) lt's extremely fun to use, is a great way to reach a new
locati0n quickly, and has obvious strategic value, but be warned: enemy snipers will
often target it specifically, as s0ldiers are cornpletely vulnerable in the moments
Monomania Skill Displays enemies you've attacked to all linked teammates
before they are launched through the air.
Sixth $ense Skill Displays nearby traps to all linked teammates

Displays the location of enemies targeting or damaging

Narc Skill
your soldier to all linked teammates,

Restrain an enemy through CAC (Fig. 4), then press @ to

inject the Scanning Plug. This will transmit the outlines of
Scanner Skill
all enemies linked to the one you captured to teammates
Scanning Plug item
in your current network.

Needless to say, knowing the position of enemy forces will give you and your team a
signif icant advantage in any game.


gverall, you play MG} exactly as you play MGS4.The controls are identical, the
equipment is used in the sarne way, and even the onscreen display is broadly similar
in both games This means that all of the time you spend having fun in the single-
player adventure is experience you build for the multiplayer game

There are, however, a few features that make MG0 very distinct, as y0u generally don't
have access to certain gadgets and tools that are staples of MGS4 lhe most notable
difference is that, as a rule, you do not have the OctoCamo suit to help you blend in
with environments The lack of 0ctoCam0 rneans that it's generally more difficult to
hide: naturally, intelligent use of cover is a must (The game modes where you play as
Snake are an obvious exception -
he does, of course, get to use 0ctoCamo,)

OctoCamo isn't the only thing you're deprived of in MG0: the same applies for the
Threat Ring and Solid Eye (unless you're playing as Snake in a Sneaking Mission)
On the other hand, a radar is constantly displayed in the top-right corner of the
screen, giving y0u a reliable overview of objectives and allies around you (but not rt
enemies). More generally, the equipment at your disposal is considerably limited
r*l .

compared to the incredible resources offered by MGS4 The fact that you have no
recgvery items whatsoever, and that you cannot recuperate by crouching or lying
down, means that you cannot refill your Life and Psyche gauges straying into the
line of fire really matters Basically, you havethree rlveapons perstage, and barafew
support items such as the Binos, this is pretty much all you have to work with

Another difference from single-player MG54 is that the names and Life gauges
of allies are displayed above their heads at all times, but enemy names and Life
gauges are 0nly shown when you point a weapon at them. lf there's no writing over
the head of someone approaching y0u, shoot first and ask questions later!

You don't have Drebin's Shop in MG0, but certain game types offer the facility to buy
m0re rlveapons and upgrades with the Drebin Points that y0u earn during the match,
You also get a default sum of DP to start with. The more pe0ple you defeat and bases
ortargets you capture, the greaterthe sum of points you earn to spend the next time
ygu are killed, or when a new round starts if you manage to survive until the enc.

You cannot collect amm0 or weapons anywhere in the online game. Once your clip
is empty, that's it: you must switch to your secondary weapon, the default Stun

Knife, or resgrt to CQC if you have the corresponding (and requisite) CQC+ Skill

Skills are unique to MG7, and your chosen aptitudes - as well as those of your
teammates - have a massive bearing on the tactics available to you individually
and as a gr0up. Other special features include the E-Locater (a grenade that, once
it exolodes, renders all enemies visible within a set range Fig. 5), and the Shield
(a primary "weapon" that you can use to protect yourself against gunshots and

explosions - ready it with @, and press @ to strike with it)

GUNS .,F tHr pntntots ,o;,,0,,,,,0*oo, o#



Let's start with a fundamental basic, 0n the subject of reloading, the the enemy is very near and you should be 0n y0ur guard. Watch for shadows INVENToRY

following wisdom always applies: reload or die. We really can't overstate

how important it is to enter battles with a full clip When choosing weapons, il:Jt"ill :; jilil J[:tiilJilffi :Hi:l ?i,'flT l: ;:l ffii#iil
reload times and ammo capacity are important considerations the volume too low, and you'll miss some of these critical prompts. EXTRAS

Don't neglect to use your secondary weapon. lf you hear the dreaded "dead Wandering rnore or less aimlessly in free-for-all games tends to be rather GETT]NG STARTED

man's click" during a firefight, it's s0metimes better to switch to your pistol ineffective Until y0u familiarize yourself well with all rnaps and their
to finish a weakened opponent off, subtleties, you can start by exploring simple routes or loops that are easy ''',.'
to memorize, This way, you will feel less naked and know better what to .

There is no such thing as "kill stealing" in free-for-all games, despite expect, and how to react accordingly. lf you notice that your 0pp0nents get GAME MOOTS
the protestations of certain 0pponents - it's every man and woman for used to your patterns, though, be prepared to adapt them immediately, or
themselves, In squad-based matches (particular those that are objective- you'll become laughably predictable
oriented), the good of the team c0mes first, Essentially, when you get the
chance to put an 0pp0nent down, d0n't pause for a second. Try to use cover as rnuch as you can. Any time you spend in an open area
exposes you to attack from multiple angles. As a general rule, staying
ln MGS4, crawling is often the safest way to go.ln MG}, the gameplay is behind an obstacle is the most efficient strategy. Survey the surrounding
too fast-paced for this approach, especially as you (usually) do not have area by rotating the camera, and leap out to attack as an unsuspecting
OctoCamo to mask your movements. In most situations, crouch-walking is enemy approaches (Fig 1)
best, As ever, running should be avoided unless you're in direct combat,
storming a base as part of a team when there's n0 need for stealth, 0r when
y0u're attempting to escape with several enemies on your tail,

Don't always hurry to charge into battle, Smart players often profit by
surveying the scene and judging the correct moment to strike.

As with MGS4, use your eyes and ears - listen for footfalls or cries of pain.
The sound system is so sensitive and realistic that y0u can trust your senses
as much as you would in real life. lf you hear steps close to you, it means that



l*' -d

Use the Solo Training facility to really get to grips with a map.You can develop
interesting strategies to use during combat, scout for good sniping or ambush
positions, and gain an instinctive "feel" f0r the environment. Being familiar with a
map'S many features will make you a much more effective player.

You can activate the Auto Aim feature in the Options menu. However, just like in MGS4,
this is not necessarily an advantage -this function makes y0u direct your fire at your
target's t0rso, which is far less effective than aiming at their head. lf you do choose to
use it, turn Auto Aim on (@) only when it makes tactical sense to do so. lt's great for
offering suppressing f ire when your team is being attacked by multiple assailants, or at
very close range when standard aiming can become a little unwieldy. Don't overdo it,
though: using manual aiming and/or the FPS mode is something that everyone should
practice, because the ability to make lethal headshots is the mark of a true adept

Try not to constantly creep round with @ held, as this slows you down signif icantly
and restricts movement. Unless y0u're actively lining up a shot or sneaking up 0n an
enemy, you should be using the free camerato lookaround you at regular intervals.
lf you don't do this, you leave yourself extremely vulnerable to attacks from behind.

Get into the habit of using explosive devices in the environment to your advantage.
lf your quarry is foolish enough to move next to an object with the potential to
detonate, y0u are practically obligated to shoot it in order to start or end a fight with
a bang (Fig 2)

Memorize the positions where you respawn during your first few weeks of play,
especially during free-for-all matches. Knowing where enemies are likely to appear
from can help y0u to avoid unexpected attacks.
Communication is absolutely essential in objective-based games, and helps in all team-
Firearms and CQC are not the only means of attack you have at your disposal: oriented matches. lt's important to be clear and concise, s0 use simple descriptive terms

ygu can also roll into someone to make them fall down, and then follow up with a to identify areas and specif ic positions.

headshot. lf you see s0me0ne around a cornerwaiting to roll into y0u, approach the
c3rner in the crouching stance. Should that character go ahead and roll (and miss Camping enemy spawn points can cause confusion and irritation that will hamper their
ygu), you can either shoot them with Auto Aim while they roll, shoot them in the efforts to plan and execute a cohesive strategy. lf you realize you are being targeted in this

head as they get back up, 0r perform a CQC move. way, communicate the danger to your teammates and cooperate to neutralize the threat
immediately. lf you don't, the results can be disastrous.

Similarly, when you knock an opponent to the ground, you have several options: you
may finish them off either manually or with Auto Aim, or alternatively shoot them In Team Death Match games, don't forget that your wellbeing is of paramount importance,

with a tranquilizer dart and then roll into them as they are getting up,which will stun and aim to have a positive kill-to-death ratio Every single demise you suffer is a point

them straight away. for the opposing team, so it's extremely unwise to throw your life away in skirmishes that
you have little chance of winning

lf you attempt to hit s0meone with a roll and miss, hold I in order to go prone This

will confuse them if they're about to strike back, and will prevent them from hitting lf you get the impression that you're a late addition to a well-organized group, don't
you with CQC or a roll. You can even try to shoot them while lying down - you'll be wasting your time. Instead, follow and
just give up and go f ight 0n your own
observe your teammates, and try to identify the tasks that you could accomplish to make

lf you get knocked down and you see y0ur adversary lining up a shot, try to surprise a contribution to their overall strategy.

them: instead of getting up immediately, remain prone 0r r0ll over 0n your back to
shootthem; 0r, forthat matter, r0ll to the side to dodge their shots. The SOP System adds an enormous amount of tactical depth to each battle However,
there are instances where teams will benefit if players making risky solo sorties into

To lower y0ur chances of being shot in the head, move in an unpredictable fashion, contested territory are not actually linked into the network. This way, if a scout or sniper

Strafe, roll, go prone, slow down any variation in your motion patterns can help is captured and probed with the Scanning Plug, they won't have any sensitive location

confuse your opponents. data to reveal.

IAcncar tsPr0ia6t Acil0ri

l|Otl, Tt} PLAY









All equipment types that are available in multiplayer matches are
functionally identical to their counterparts in MGS4.

You can safely crawl over deployed Claymores (Fig 3), though this is a
dangerous trick to use - you're effectively doomed if an opponent spots
you while you are creeping up to or past one.

The Shield is a weapon that you will find useful mainly in team games
In itself, a Shield provides mediocre protection and only enables you to
strike out at very close quarters. But if you use it to protect a teammate
carrying Kerotan (Fig.4), for example, it can make a huge difference.

You can use the Cardboard Box to protect yourself from headshots - not that
it acts in any sense as armor, but because it prevents your opponents from
actually seeing your head Naturally the same goes for the Drum Can

When you knock an opponent out, place a magazine at their feet: this
way, they'll be trapped by it the moment they wake up.

Throwing grenades to soften up opponents before you launch an attack
is a highly profitable tactic (Fig 5) The damage and momentary
disorientation can enable you to seize the advantage against virtually
any adversary Conversely, in objective-based games, don't underestimate the potential of
anesthetic weapons You might think that killing your opponents is always more
Grenades can also be employed to deter assailants from giving chase, effective, but this is not necessarily the case, Rendering them unconscious
especially when you run through doors, works wonders as well, especially as your victims will remain asleep longer
than it would take them to respawn.
lf you are confronted by an enemy sniper, concentrate on keeping your
adversary "descoped" - that is, shootthem in measured bursts to prevent Tactically, stunning 0r tranquilizing an opponent can be a great way to create
them from zooming in and making a precision shot. an ambush if you suspect that the opposing team lacks coherent leadership or
comrnunication skills. When the inevitable lone hero arrives to save his or her
Feel free to practice "no-scope" kills with sniper rifles. Even a basic comrade.,. well, you know what to do next,
proficiency can be valuable as sniper weapons tend to be extremely
powerful. lf you are hit by a tranquilizer dart, or are rendered unconscious, you can wake
up m0re quickly by rapidly pressing buttons 0n your controller.
Place Claymores at key locations to take your enemies by surprise.
Position them around a base, for example, and you can create an Use all the information that is presented to you on the screen, especially which
effective (and potentially deadly) "early warning" system. Needless weapons are achieving regular kills on a map. Take note of what other players are
to say, you should warn y0ur teammates about such surprises when using and emulate them if you're struggling to make an impact. lt's always smart
playing team-based games to watch and learn from others. There's no end to the useful tips you can pick up
just by seeing how other people play the game Usually this will be from bitter
ln Death Match games, your objective is to kill as many enemies as experience as you get sniped from a position you neglected to observe, ambushed
you can, s0 make sure you choose lethal weapons. lf all you have at by unseen 0pponents, 0r nonchalantly dispatched by a better-prepared adversary.
y0ur disposal is equipment such as a Shield or the Mk 2, dispatching Look at it this way, though: any pain and humiliation you endure in one round is
0pp0nents will prove problematic. knowledge that you can use to your advantage in those that follow,..

There are various types of game modes inMG0, each with particular sets of rules
and objectives. There are three variations for each of these:

. Normal: no special conditions.

'Drebin Points Enabled: players can spend DP during games to use weapons
that would not normally be available, 0r t0 customize certain firearms. You earn
DP depending on how well you do in battle.

. Headshots Only: when a player is not taken down by a headshot, a penalty is

handed to the shooter.

nEs_c_u FM
To win, you simply need to rack up m0re kills than y0ur 0pp0nents in this carnage- The defending team must protect a target, while the attacking team must rescue it
focused game mode (Fig 1). Pacificists need not apply. (Fig, 2) and bring it backto its goal. You can also win by defeating all members
of the opposing team.
Tip: lf you're experiencing too many deaths, pick different areas to frequent, and

study the Multiplayer Maps section (page 144). Tip: When the target is stolen from your team, be quick to chase the thieves down
and request the help of all your teammates.

I_EA M*A E-AT IJ - MAIg-IJ - cAPIqRE"_Ml_9stal\l-

Killing is still the primary objective, but this time it's more organized, and you need Teams compete to capture Kerotan or GA-K0, and must then defend it at their goal for a

never work alone for too long. lnstead of being a solitary angel of death, you get to set period of time (Fig. 3). lf both goals have a Kerotan or GA-K0, the timer is reset.

team up with associates and make coordinated attacks 0n your opponents.

Tip: Attack really is the best form of defense in this mode. You'll need to be
Tip: Always stay with your teammates. Together, a group is stronger than the sum aggressive both to steal your target, and to try to retrieve the other should it be
of its parts. grabbed by the opposing team.
uclrc^r. tsn0r^ct rcil0l


Participants are divided into two teams, red and blue as usual, with one person Bases are easy to identify as they are surr0unded by a frame and l|{ALKTHROUGH
being designated as Snake; their name is displayed in orange on the list. Snake a small sphere floats overthem. In orderto achieve victory in this
wins if he collects the specified number of dog tags after knocking down or killing game mode, you will have to secure as many Bases as possible,
players (Fig. 4). The teams win either by eliminating Snake a specified number of which involves staying within the specified boundaries for a set t[__:
times, or by having killed the most members of the opposing team when the timer period of time (Fig. 6). The first team to capture all Bases or with
expires. When Snake is discovered, you will hear the familiar "alert" sound from the highest total when the timer expires wins. Note that a captured
the single-player game, and see a big orange exclamation mark. Base can be won back by the enemy.

When you are lucky enough to be randomly selected to be Snake for the first time, you Tips:
will note that you don't have the opportunity to pick your own equipment Don't despair, . Capture times are reduced when two teammates occupy a Base
you are given Snake's basic sneaking gear, including the Solid Eye and Threat TIPS
though - simultaneously.
Ring, Your default weapon is the Mosin-Nagant, Though you can use this for sniping
it's not always a good idea, as you need to be close enough to collect your victim's dog . lf you leave a Base that you are in the process of capturing, the '[::*:J
tag before they wake up. lt's best to rely on sneaking and hand{o-hand combat, or to gauge will remain unchanged in your absence. This means that
simply point the Mosin-Nagant at the enemy to hold them up and get their dog tag. you can dive out to take cover for a while if required, and then
resume the capturing process where you left off.
Tip: lf 11 or more players join, one of them plays as Metal Gear Mk. ll and can support

Snake. Press I to engage the cloaking function and @ to shock an opponent. . When a round time limit is up, the team with the most Bases
wins, even if someone was in the process of capturing a Base.

. lt's usually far more effective to try to conquer each Base

methodically - with a large group, you can overwhelm divided
enemy forces.

. When a Base is being seized by the opposing team, its icon will
flash on your screen as a warning.

. lf an opponent contests a Base you're trying to capture by stepping

inside its boundaries, the gauge will stop f illing until you engineer his
or her departure from either the Base, or (ideally) this mortal coil.

The attacking team is equipped with stealth camo and must capture an objective,
while the defending team protects the target (Fig 5).

Tip: As the defending team, focus on protecting key areas, using experience and
intuition to judge where your opponents will attack from.