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T & K Building Corner

Congressional Ave. Quezon City 1100

Tel Nos. 920-8645/927-3970/ 927-3979

November 16, 2016

Mr. Archieval Salvador

Program Head, Psychology Unit
STI College Munoz EDSA
Tanco-cu Bldg. Congressional Ave. cor., EDSA Ave.,
Quezon City, Philippines.

Dear Mr. Salvador,

Our unit seeks to advance the discipline of psychology as an area of scholarly, professional, and scientific endeavor.
Since our primary focus is to provide high quality education, we are actively striving to engage discovery and
dissemination of new knowledge.

Thus, it is with excitement to propose a course requirement for our subject Industrial Psychology, an activity where
students will be exposed to a variety of experiences in the workplace and analyze the work flow among subsystems
within the organization. The students are expected to devote a maximum of 40-hour commitment in the industrial
setting. They are also expected to observe and learn how professionals carry out their duties.

Although students are expected to be enrolled in internship program in their later years, this coursework would give
student an overview of a career specifically in the Human Resource industry. This also aims to serve as guide to our
students in choosing a specialization in our field.

We are looking forward to a positive response on this opportunity.

Thank you for the time and consideration.

Respectfully Yours,

Joni Lee V. Dueas

Psychology Coach
T & K Building Corner
Congressional Ave. Quezon City 1100
Tel Nos. 920-8645/927-3970/ 927-3979

Industrial Psychology Immersion

R.A. No. 7722 or the Higher Education Act of 1994 to develop and promote policies, systems, procedures and
programs that address globalization, changing policies, and liberalization of trade in goods and services, the
Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is tasked to supervise student-internship programs in the country.
Pursuant to this mandate, CHED issued CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 23, Series of 2009 or the
Guidelines for Student Internship Program in the Philippines (SIPP) for all Programs with Practicum Subject (the

DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to give students an overview of variety of work experiences in the actual
working environment. It is, therefore, a transition point from the academic to the real world in terms of Industrial
and Organizational training.

The Guidelines address the need to guarantee the quality of learning and exposure, and the promotion of the well-
being of tertiary students who are enrolled in recognized higher education programs with practicum subjects.

Requirements of the Industrial/Organizational Immersion

To ensure a forthright and reasonable system to manage immersion, guidelines and has been set for the program.

1. All students should be enrolled to the subject Industrial Psychology.

2. Prospect interns should devote a maximum of 40 hours of commitment to the host site. The maximum
hours are required and are flexible.
3. The interns are required to maintain an activity log/time signed by the supervisor on a daily basis.
4. The prospect interns should finish the required hours of immersion before the end of second semester of
school year 2016-2017.
5. The employer and the interns understand that the interns are not entitled to wages during the immersion
6. The intern should adhere and comply with the company rules and regulation. The immersion site will be
secured by the adviser.
7. Students must keep their faculty internship advisor updated on the progress of the internship while away
from the campus. They also need to secure a waiver for parental consent.
8. All prospects are required to attend the Immersion Orientation that will be conducted by the Immersion
9. Grades will be based on direct supervisors summary of evaluations and the interns final overview paper.
The evaluation will be in written format and needs to be sealed in an envelope signed by the supervisor.
10. Prospects should also establish a contact person within the immersion site. Professional associations often
publish directories which list names and work addresses of their members. Using relevant directories can
often yield current names and position titles.
11. The students should also complete an immersion portfolio that contains all the information required to
accredit the program.
T & K Building Corner
Congressional Ave. Quezon City 1100
Tel Nos. 920-8645/927-3970/ 927-3979

Areas of Immersion

The program duration is one week. The areas that need to be accounted for in the compilation of and
participation in an immersion in industrial psychology, and the percentage time to be allocated to each field, are
depicted in the table below:


1 Recruitment 8 hours
2 Testing 8 hours
3 Payroll 8 hours
4 Employee Relations 8 hours
5 Training and Development 8 hours
Total= 40 hours

Industrial Psychology Portfolio

By the end of the immersion period, students should be able to complete the following additional course

Letter of Intent
Parental Consent
Cover Letter
Curriculum Vitae
Personal Data Sheet
HR Forms
Time Logs
Company Profile (includes but not limited to)
o Company History
o Company Background
o Organizational Chart
o Philosophy, Visions and Mission
Evaluation Letter
Reflections on learning experience in each activity from day 1 to 5.
Certificate of Participation
Reflections on ethical challenges of each activity and how these were accounted for
Notes on discussions with supervisor(s)
T & K Building Corner
Congressional Ave. Quezon City 1100
Tel Nos. 920-8645/927-3970/ 927-3979


Name of Trainee: Host/ Company Name:

Course/ Program: On-site Supervisor:

Contact Number: Office Number/s:

E-mail Address

CONTENT Rating in
Technical Competence (30%)
Applies technical knowledge and ability to the job.

Quality of Work (15%)

Achieves result of highest quality considering the amount of application

Quantity of Work (15%)

Achieves objective and meet standards in quantity of work produced.

Initiative (10%)
Is cheerful, outgoing, with good communication skills and well-groomed.

Inter-Personal Relationship (10%)

Harmonious working relationships carrying out work activities; flexibility and
receptiveness in dealing with others.
Attendance and Punctuality
Number of absences and tardiness per evaluation period based on host companys

Overall Rating: ___________________

Appraised by: ______________________ Date: ______________________

Name and Signature of On-Site
T & K Building Corner
Congressional Ave. Quezon City 1100
Tel Nos. 920-8645/927-3970/ 927-3979

Date: ___________________

Parental Consent

I have read and understood the information regarding the Immersion Program and hereby give my son/daughter,
___________________________________ (Name of Student) permission to participate in the said course
requirement. I realize that each student must provide his/her own transportation to and from the internship
workplace site.

I hereby agree to waive and release any and all rights that I, my child, or our representatives may have to make
claim against the school or their respective advisers, employees, or representatives arising from injury or damages,
including attorneys fees, that may result from my childs participation in the immersion program.


T & K Building Corner
Congressional Ave. Quezon City 1100
Tel Nos. 920-8645/927-3970/ 927-3979