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Health & Fitness Tuesday 14 October 2008 evening standard

Proper running needs the right shoes. patrick holford
The best-selling author and diet
Sophia Money-Coutts discovers the expert has pioneered new
approaches to health and nutrition
best way to get that vital perfect fit including the link between diet
and IQ.
100% health, Carters Yard, SW18
What is it? An exclusive foot scanning nail polish in public) and place each foot (020 8871 2949). Price for
technique for runners at Asics new in a 3D scanner. Using laser beams and consultation on application.
flagship London store, the Japanese micro cameras, the little box coughed up
sports brand often cited as the worlds an entire page of measurements and 3D Ian Marber
best manufacturer of running shoes. images of my feet within seconds. Its Clients of trained nutritionist Ian
the only store in the UK to own such a The Food Doctor Marber include
Why go? For proper, top-notch advice on detailed machine, and Asics owns the singer Leona Lewis and supermodel
the right running shoes for your feet. full rights to it for a year. Claudia Schiffer, who follow his
When I started running a few years ago, Armed with my individual feet sensible eating regime to stay
I had no idea that there was an entire dimensions, I then tried a range of sample-sized.
industry developing the exact science different trainers while running on to The Food Doctor Clinic, 76-78
behind shoes. Surely, I assumed, you just the treadmill, also known as gait Holland Park Avenue, W11 (020

Camera Press
pull on whichever pair you happen to analysis. I spent 30 seconds jogging in 7792 6700). Consultation from
own at that moment and bound out to each pair, my lower legs and feet filmed 125.
the park? It was only when a niggle in my from behind me. The results were
knee blew up that I limped off to the watched on screen and analysed by the Elizabeth Gibaud
physio for a stern talking-to. There, she lovely Danka who ummed and aahed The bigger the better: when it comes to eyelashes, minimalism is not the answer Uses a technique called facial
wiggled my feet about, announced that I over my bendy ankles and matched me analysis to tackle allergies as well as
had feet flatter than a duck and should,
with all haste, go and kit myself with a
pair of Asics trainers to avoid the problem
of landing like such a lump, or
to my shoes. Most pairs hover between
the 70 and 100 mark, often a
frustrating expense for something so
ugly but one thats non-negotiable.
Lashings of mascara weight gain and weight loss.
Actress Kate Winslet is one of her
Wimpole Pherapetics, 2 Wimpole
overpronation in my case. Sure enough,
despite being an alarming shade of The verdict: suitably Japanese and zen-
Alice Hart-Davis on this seasons trend Street, W1 (020 7491 7767).
Consultation from 99.
orange and uglier than Quasimodo, they like. The trainers are unbeatable, the for heavy lids and very big eyelashes

sorted out my jarring leg joints. staff informed and the whole service
Ive been a convert since, and now much appreciated. Frankly, on these YELASHES and luscious which acts as a thickening
appreciate that all runners, whether darkening autumn days running is often ones at that are where its base for mascara or push the boat out and
novice or pro, should visit a professional quite hard enough without having the at this autumn. Teamed with invest in a potion that you paint on each
store each time they have to go through excuse of poorly-fitting, uncomfortable strong lips and velvety, pow- night, like a clear eyeliner, that encour-
the relatively expensive process of shoes to fall back on. dered-down complexions ages lash-growth. They work but they are
buying a new pair, normally after 300- (think urban Dandy meets Brideshead) expensive and Ive found the lash growth
400 miles of wear. Cost and contact details: foot scanning huge eyelashes are standing out this can be a touch uneven. Revitalash (020
At Asics, sourcing the right type of and gait analysis costs 20 which is season. And whaddayaknow, the newest 8997 8541), Dermalash (01306 886 425) and
shoe is a two-step procedure. Firstly, I redeemable against a pair of trainers. mascaras all come with a USP to help Jan Marinis Lash Enhancer (020 8868
had to peel off my socks (how mortifying Asics, 29 Argyll Street, W1 (www.asics. you achieve the maxi-lash look. 4411 or all claim
it is to reveal naked feet with chipped, 020 7494 4701). Givenchys PhenomenEyes (17.50, to make your lashes stronger, longer and
Harrods), comes with its very own spiky, darker after three months use (each tube
Get it right: spherical tip to help reach those tricky will last six months but will set you back
running is no little lashes in the corners of your eye; about 95). Amanda Ursell
longer a matter Diorshows Iconic High Definition And because most of us need a The television presenter and
of grabbing the Lash Curling Mascara (18.50, avail- quicker fix, false eyelashes have lost dietician believes good nutrition
nearest pair of able nationwide) has a bias-cut brush their drag-queen reputation and are starts with enjoying your food,
shoes and and special polymers to enhance curl. considered acceptable again. Super- eating what you like and having
heading out But the real jaw-droppers are the vibrat- drug do a big pack of singles for 4.45, structured mealtimes.
the door ing mascaras (yes, you read right). Shu Umueras lovely, superior falsies Contact
Este Lauders TurboLash (28 at cost from 11, at, (07809 158 343). Charges
Harrods) and Lancmes Oscillation and Revlon has glorious ones called according to income.
(28, Selfridges) each buzz away at a rate Fantasy Lengths with a strip of glitter
of some 100 micro-pulses per second, along the base-line for instant pizzazz. Josephine Ng
the better to work the mascara into the Alternatively, you could go for broke Specialises in helping people to eat
roots of the lashes and cover them more with eyelash queen Sue Marshs latest their way to better mental health,
evenly. web lash extensions (80, at Daniel using diet to avoid depression and
I love the concept, though neither of Galvin, 020 7486 9661) which last for treating clients for digestive
them took my breath away in practice. weeks. disorders and weak immune
But then most of us dont have the sort Whatever you do, the principle is simple systems.
of long lashes that require only one coat more is more, though I fear I may have The Nutrition Mentor, Neals Yard
of mascara to look their best in overdone it with my cobalt and amethyst Remedies, Fouberts Place, W1
which case body-building lash-scaffold- lash extensions. Girlfriends think theyre (020 7494 9862). Cost from 75 for
ing is required. fabulous but I caught my husband mum- an hour.
Caption Kicker You could always use an undercoat of bling Clockwork Orange under his sophie goodchild
Clinique Lash Primer (12, www.cli- breath when he saw me.

continued from page 37 Herodotus, 14, live very happily in Afghan ambassador in India and, while
Greece with their mother, a former girl- theyre bombing terrorists everywhere,
from 24 to 20 weeks, Professor Nico- friend. The relationship didnt work out theyre allowing one woman in 10 to die
laidess views on abortion are clear, if because: Im intolerable. Their mother in labour. Pregnancy can unite people
slightly contradictory. Women must found it completely unacceptable that in ways that other aspects of life can-
have the right to choose, he says. But Id arrive home at 10pm with research not.
the medical establishment, including fellows, swarm into the kitchen and start The money he makes from his private
his own body, the Royal College of cooking. I expect a lot from them (his work more than 1 million a year
Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, is to children) but Im sentimental I love is ploughed back into the FMF for
blame for resisting early testing which them to bits and they manipulate me all training and research. He draws a basic
could have spared many women late the time. And there is no question that NHS salary and his tastes are simple:
terminations. they will both become doctors. reading and keeping up to date with
I hate abortion yet I support a liberal Retirement will never be an option for current affairs.
law on abortion. But I find it intolerable Nicolaides, now 55. I wouldnt know The controversy Nicolaides has
that we have to use the excuse of having what to do, he says softly. His work attracted depresses him at times
a very late termination at 24 weeks engages him completely and there because all he wants is to do his best for
because the NHS and the medical pro- are always new solutions to be found everyone.
fession cant deliver a service to diag- for patients, not just here but across the There are times when people have
nose that abnormality at 12 weeks. I was world. For example, after lobbying the unrealistic expectations of God to sort
at war with the institutions because by Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres, out their problems. I try my best. I dont
Rebecca Reid

fiddling around for the past 20 years, Nicolaides secured a promise that Pal- believe Im playing God. There are
fighting against the evidence, the insti- estinian doctors would have free access many times when Ive had enormous
tutions were instrumental in our fail- to a special foetal medicine conference dilemmas about what Im doing. But in
ure to deliver a service to women. he was hosting in Israel. the end, you just have to make a
His daughter Despina, 11, and son I will never walk away I met the choice. Completely absorbed: Professor Nicolaides with an expectant mother at his clinic