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Low Voltage

Switchgear Assemblies

The heart of your business

Energy distribution systems
from Striebel & John
The heart of your business

Safety and reliability the potential for success in every industry

In the future, there will be ever increasing demands on modern energy

distribution systems. Increasing competitive pressure in the global marketplace

is driving this development forwards as quickly as the rapid technical progress.

At the same time, energy requirements are also on the increase. This is partially

due to the use of new technologies in industrial production, and also due to

the increased comfort levels in service industries and everyday life. Above all,

modern-day energy distribution systems must be safe for people and the plant.

Together with the safety standards, demands on availability are also increasing.

Striebel & John energy distribution systems meet all the demands for a

successful future in commerce and industry. The wide range of modular wall-

mounted, floor-standing, and switchgear cabinets enables each customer to

select an individual and economical configuration.

The type-tested low-voltage switchgear assemblies (TTA) up to 4000 A

guarantee the very highest standards in terms of personal and plant safety,

as well as availability of the energy supply in the commercial and industrial


Striebel & John The heart of your business

About us
the company

Striebel & John your specialist
for energy distribution systems

Wherever electricity is metered and distributed, you will find efficient

products from Striebel & John being used.

Since 1958 we have been developing, manufacturing, and marketing tailor-

made electrical distribution systems, from single family homes to large
industrial complexes. Within just a few years, thanks to its innovations that
always set the pace for the industry, the small company has become a
renowned manufacturer of a wide range of electrical distribution systems with
optimized technology and economical configuration options. Today, we are
active on the global market as a member of the ABB group. With ongoing
further developments, customer orientation, and easy-to-assemble systems,
we have stayed true to the tradition in which the company was founded.
Quality and safety are our core values.

We have successfully followed a strategy of modularisation: the Striebel & John

modular system offers limitless possibilities from a manageable number of
products. Of course, we also offer specific electrical distribution variants, from
a range of special designs to individually customized solutions.

We rely on close contact and exchanges of experience with skilled electricians.

This dialog ensures the quality, reliability, and future compatibility of our
product range.

We offer you:
n A wide range of electrical distribution systems

n A well thought-out assembly and wiring system

n A software package for planning and configuration

n Type-tested low-voltage switchgear assemblies

The wide product range
the complete overview

Overview of the product range

Distribution boards U, AT, and AV series
easy mounting is a standard feature
A broad range of type-tested flush and wall-mounted distribution boards with
optimized technology and economical configurations offers the ideal solution
for every application. With slightly angled side edges and an attractive locking
system, the wall mounted distribution boards not only set new standards in
design, but also in terms of stability.

Product advantages

All flush mounted distribution boards can


be easily installed in hollow walls using

the hollow wall installation set (e.g. when
building prefabricated houses).

The same cabinet for flush mounting or


hollow wall mounting for space-saving

Outstanding stability of wall-mounted

distribution boards due to special

bending technology
Each panel features cable strain relief

at the top and bottom as a standard,

which means wiring is simplified.
Time-saving connection technology

with the N/PE Quick busbar

Doors are assembled and disassembled

without tools, and the door hinges can

be adjusted steplessly.
The sheet steel doors provide a high

level of stability due to their specific

design in the hinge area and on the
closing side.

Distribution boards U, AT and AV series

Tech n ical D ata

All distribution boards for wall mounting flange per panel width on top. A further
feature cable inlet possibilities on the
top, bottom, and at the back, and
standard feature is the cable strain relief
at the top and bottom per panel width,
IP30 (AV)
IP31 (U) , *

are equipped as a standard with an which considerably simplifies cable IP43 (AT)
integrated flush fitting membrane installation for all models. Protection class II double insulated
Rated current In= 125 A

Applicable standards
IEC 60439-1
VDE 0660-500
* In combination with ZKV200P4

Construction features Additional features

Sheet steel housing and doors

n  n  Hollow wall installation set for flush
n White: RAL 9016, powder-coated mounting distribution boards (available
as an accessory)
For 3 panel widths and above: double

n  Earthing set for conversion to
protection class 1, earthed (accessory)
The installed distribution panels

can be removed for the addition of

n Labelling system
components and wiring. n  All exchangeable lock parts for
With cable strain relief comb
wall-mounting, floor-standing and
switchgear cabinets, can be fitted.
One membrane flange per panel

integrated on the top (AT, AV)

n  Door closure rod for 3-point closure
available as an accessory
Trim frame adjustable for uneven

surfaces (U)
Fast assembly of the sealable covers

using 90 press an turn closures,

which fit into all modular cabinets.
Delivery versions

Empty cabinet with your choice of TKV

modules installed by the factory

Complete cabinet with installed

distribution board in a wide range of
different configurations with panels for
modular DIN rail components, mounting
plates or space for terminals

Installation type

Wall cabinets for flush mounting, wall

mounting, and hollow wall installation

Wall cabinets and floor-standing cabinets
intelligent solutions for every application

Whether earthed or double insulated - we can provide you with the right wall-
or floor-standing cabinet to suit all distribution board applications. In order
to ensure that the modular design of the cabinet systems is as universal as
possible, Striebel & John offers a versatile and clever expansion and wiring
system including accessories.

With the wall cabinets from the B range and the wall
and floor-standing cabinets from the H, G, C, and
W ranges, we offer earthed cabinets with protection
class 1 for rated currents up to 850 A.

The wall cabinets in the U and A ranges, and the

wall- and floor-standing cabinets in the HS, FS and
WS ranges are double insulated cabinets for rated
currents up to 630 A.

The wall cabinets and floor-standing cabinets in the

same ranges, as well as the ranges A and B, FS and
G, and WS and W (earthed or double insulated) can
be combined with each other.

The configuration of these modular cabinet systems

is simple, for example thanks to the optimally
designed EDF fast installation system. The system
impresses with its fast, rational, and easily combined
modules, and can be implemented with equal
simplicity for all wall, floor-standing, and switchgear
cabinets as well as for distribution boards in fire
protection cabinets.

Wall cabinets and floor-standing cabinets for distribution board assembly

U wall cabinet B wall cabinet G wall cabinet

Double insulated flush mounted wall cabinet Earthed wall cabinet from the Earthed wall cabinet from the
of galvanized steel from the U range. B range, also available as an A G range, also available as a floor-
wall cabinet with double insulation. standing cabinet and as an FS
cabinet with double insulation.

HS floor-standing cabinet C floor-standing cabinet W floor-standing cabinet

Double insulated cabinet from the Earthed floor-standing cabinet from Earthed floor-standing cabinet
HS range, also available as a the C range, also available as a from the W range, also available
earthed H floor-standing cabinet. wall cabinet. as a wall cabinet or as a WS
cabinet with double insulation.

Distribution boards
for preventive fire protection
Striebel & John has developed an innovative system of electrical distribution
boards for preventive fire protection, with optimized technology and economi-
cal configuration variants. We offer a wide range of wall and floor-standing
cabinets, mantle and cable cabinets and fire protection doors with frame.

The fire protection cabinets are tested in accordance

with DIN 4102 part 11 to check fire load (I 30/I 90)
or DIN 4102 part 12 to maintain functionality
(E 30/E 90). Depending on the model the cabinets
garantee check fire load for over 30 or 90 minutes
(I 30/I 90) or maintain functionality (E 30/E 90).

The new material is not flammable, A2 classified.

The internal distribution board panels are type-tested

according to IEC 60439-1.

The EDF fast installation system is also used here. In

addition, Striebel & John also offers a wide range of
fire doors, which guarantee a fire resistance duration in
accordance with DIN 4102 part 2 (F 30/F 90), check fire
load (I 30/I 90) and maintain functionality (E 30/E 90).

Distribution boards for preventive fire protection

New material is not flammable, A2 classified

Check Fire load or maintain functionality over 30/90 minutes
Prepared for the EDF fast installation system
Fire doors F30/F90, I30/I90 and E30/E90 with frame
Mantle cabinets
Cable cabinets

TriLine-R switchgear cabinets
simple, fast and safe
TriLine-R stands for simple systems that can be planned quickly and are safe to
use. The TriLine-R switchgear cabinet system is a future-oriented development.
The system has a modular design, and is equally suited for use in all areas of
electrical energy transfer and distribution, as well as control technology, with no
restrictions. TriLine-R is a system solution that fulfils all technical requirements
and takes all economical aspects into account.

The cabinet profile made from galvanized steel

is profiled 36 fold, which together with the newly
developed corner piece, provides a solid basis for
the highest level of stability and torsional resistance.
The profile grid dimensions in accordance with
DIN 43660 (25mm and 12.5 mm) and internal grid
dimensions according to DIN 43870 (H = 150 mm
/ W = 250mm) enable unrestricted installation of
equipment in any position.

All system components have been developed to

enable versatile use, with optimized technology to
minimize the complexity of installation. Standardised
external cladding, such as doors with safety glass or
sectional doors in various sizes, guarantee optimal
user friendliness.

TriLine-R modular switchgear cabinets


stability measured in meters
The TriLine-R system guarantees the highest level of safety and functionality
for low-voltage distribution systems, combined with a consistently high
quality of production. This is thanks to the use of the latest production and
manufacturing technology and tested quality standards.

The optimized TriLine-R profile made of hot-dip

galvanised sheet steel is 36-fold profiled, and
together with the newly developed corner piece,
forms a solid basis for the highest level of stability
and torsional resistance. The profile is the result
of an exhaustive series of computer simulations,
calculations, and practical experiments. The profiling
plant meets the latest technical standards and
ensures the necessary precision of the TriLine-R

New for 2006: our brand new surface coating

system employs advanced surface coating methods
to ensure a consistent, top-class finish for all our
sheet steel components.

Proven stability and quality

Guaranteed quality through

n The latest manufacturing methods

n Qualified and motivated staff
n Proven quality standards
n State-of-the-art production facilities


One system
endless options
TriLine-R has many different guises. The system enables numerous different
configurations. Regardless of the space you have available, TriLine-R can
always be adapted to suit the given conditions. The wide product range of
different cabinet sizes includes the right modular switchgear cabinet for your

Simple and safe handling:

1 Module doors in different sizes

2 Doors with safety glass

6 3 Double doors for cabinets 4 or more panels wide

 ouble-leaved rear walls that can be swivelled for cabinets
4 or more panels wide

 arp-resistant doors with an opening angle
of up to 180degrees

6 Choice of different roof plates and base plates

3 7 Plinth

6 5

Configuration variants

A back-to-back
configuration with a shared
Doors at the front and busbar system requires less
rear provide optimum copper and thus lowers the Can be arranged in a U shape or
access. overall cost. an L shape

Example of U-shaped

The standardized external cladding enables

optimum access during operation, for expansion,
maintenance, and function monitoring. Even
the standard version includes a large selection
of doors with an opening angle of up to 180
degrees. Swivelling rear panels ensure simple
access from the rear as well.







D4 2P

D3 W


One system
for many configurations
We are fully committed to our modular concept. The idea behind the concept is to
enable the maximum number of applications with just a small number of products.
We have continued this economical concept in the development of products for
the TriLine R switchgear cabinet. The TriLine-R switchgear cabinet system is a
future-oriented development. The system has a modular design, and is equally
suited for use in all areas of energy transfer and distribution, as well as control

TriLine-R example configuration as a TriLine-R example configuration as an

power distribution board installation distribution board

Installation variants

One system component

with many functions

Cross member holder WR frame holder Cabinet hinge

All system components have been developed

to enable versatile use. This results in
economical warehouse management. The
clever and technically sophisticated solutions
enable optimum installation with the minimum
of complexity.

TriLine-R example configuration with
mounting plates for control technology

Legal regulations and guidelines
national and international standards
Nothing is more important to us than safety. When it comes to the safety of
our products, we make no compromises. Compliance with laws, standards,
specifications, and guidelines in accordance with the latest technology is
therefore a prerequisite for product development at Striebel & John.

The TriLine-R modular switchgear cabinet system

is manufactured in accordance with the following
standards, specifications,
and certifications:

IEC 60439-1
DIN EN 60439-1
VDE 0660-500
DIN 43660
DIN 43880
GOST R 51321.1-2000

Legal regulations and guidelines technical specifications

Technical specifications TriLine-R

Degree of protection up to IP 54
Protection class I (earthed)
Rated current (In) up to 4000 A
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) 8 KV
Overvoltage category IV
Degree of pollution 3
Rated peak withstand current (Ipk 0.1 sec) up to 220 kA
Rated short-time withstand current (Ipk 1.0 sec) up to 100 kA
Rated frequency (f) 50 to 60 Hz
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000 V
Rated operating voltage (Ue) 690 VAC

Cabinet height 8 1800 mm internal dimensions for modular system

Cabinet height 10 2100 mm internal dimensions for modular system
Cabinet width 1 to 5 250 to 1250 mm internal dimensions for modular system
Cabinet depth 325 to 825 mm external dimensions
Grid units (GU) 12 GU and 14 GU
Space unit (SU) 144 SU to 840 SU

Profile galvanized sheet steel, 36-fold profiled

Frame plugged and screw connected
Outer cladding edged sheet steel, 1.5 mm / 2 mm
Surface colour: RAL 7035, powder-coated
Doors double doors on cabinets 4 or more panels wide
door stop left or right
door opening angle of up to 180 degrees

Sectional doors heights: 300/450/600/750/900 mm

can be arranged as required in the cabinet height
Transparent door safety glass, 3 mm
Locking system standard lock, 3mm double-bit
4-point door closure rod


Personal and system safety
play it safe
Ensuring a safe and reliable electricity supply is the central requirement
of low-voltage switchgear combinations, as well as a general prerequisite
for economic performance. A high level of safety is a central feature of all
TriLine-R switchgear systems.

Customer requests and market demands

were taken into account in the development of
TriLineR, resulting in a type-tested switchgear
system developed in accordance with the relevant
specifications of DIN EN 60439-1, with a rated
current of up to 4,000 A.
All type tests were carried out by a independent
testing institution. The results and test conditions are
confirmed in test reports, and are a prerequisite for
the production of type-tested low-voltage switchgear
assemblies (TTA).
These TTA tests provide planners, panel builders,
engineers and operators in industrial and service
sectors with the highest possible level of system and
personal safety.
Furthermore, in switchgear assemblies in enclosed
structures, personal and system safety can be further
increased through the forms of internal seperation.
We offer a variety of expansion sets for the TriLine-R
system, through to the highest variant, the form 4b.

Maintenance-free busbar connections

guarantee optimum contacting and hence a
higher level of safety, availability and economy.

Personal and system safety

Special ventilation systems provide perfect Maximum protection up to form 4b due

cooling in type-tested standard cabinets. to separating walls and partitions

The position of the main busbars increases
personal safety and ensures low internal
Electrical arc protection for TriLine-R
safety with concept
In many modern applications, protection against electrical arcing is an
indispensable requirement of a low-voltage switchgear system. The core of
an electric arc can reach temperatures of up to 20,000 C. This can cause
pressure to build up within a matter of milliseconds, which then discharges
as an explosion.

The most common causes of an electrical arc

n Reduction of creepages and clearances
n Errors in installation and maintenance
n Errors when working with the live system
n High packing density of the electrical equipment
n Overloaded busbars or overvoltage in the mains supply

Electrical arc
Electrical arcs can have catastrophic consequences
within moments, particularly for people. They can also
cause damage to neighbouring systems or parts of

faster than the buildings. In addition, faults cause system downtime,

which can lead to high follow-up costs.

blink of an eye Possible consequences of an electrical arc for

n Severe burns caused by high temperatures
n Injuryfrom flying system components
n Damage to eyesight caused by the electrical flash
n Hearing damage from the explosion

We aim to implement preventive measures that eliminate

electrical arcs or at least minimize the potential effects to
a safer level.

Electrical arc protection concept for TriLine-R

For the TriLine-R modular switchgear cabinet, which

has enjoyed success on the market since 2003,
Striebel & John has developed a 4-level safety
concept, with which the relevant level of safety can The 4-Level Protection Concept
be achieved depending on the requirements. Ahigh
level of safety is a central feature of all TriLineR
switchgear systems. This is evident in the high Level 1 plus
dynamic rated short-circuit values of Ipk up to 220 kA, Electrical arc protection system
and the rated thermal short circuit values of Icw up -> Maximum personal and plant protection
to 100 kA. In addition to the successful type tests
already carried out on the up to 4000 A TriLine-R
System, level 1-3 of our protection concept has also
Level 2 plus
been tested, by an independent specialist institute
Electrical arc guard system
in high-voltage technology.
-> Personal protection and limited plant protection

Tested criteria for level 1-3
n Secured doors, covers, etc., may not open
Level 1 plus
n Parts that pose a potential hazard may not fly off Additional mechanical measures are required

n No holes may arise in the external housing

n Vertical
indicators in front of the system 50kA/300ms
may not ignite
Production according to IEC 60439-1
n The
protective earth conductor circuit for exposed TTA Internal separation, maintenance-free connection
parts of the housing must still be functional technology
Partition walls with insulated feedthroughs in order to
restrict propagation of the electrical arc

Protection cAtegory


Type-tested compartment section
increased safety through separation
The type-tested switchgear combinations already achieve a high level of
safety through consequential adherence to assembly instructions. In addition,
Striebel & John uses internal separations for increased safety and availability
in enclosed systems, thus restricting the hazards for people.

Various expansion sets for the TriLine-R system Striebel & John has developed housing types
enable expansion to the highest level, form 4b. based on form 4b, known as a compartment
When the system is expanded, partition walls, section. Plugin module plates can be fitted with the
covers, or device casings form protected spaces necessary equipment, such as horizontally aligned
within the distribution, known as compartments. circuit breakers or switch disconnectors. The front
operating area is equipped with sectional doors. The
If work is carried out on particular functional units standard housing features an integrated cable inlet
under normal operating conditions, all necessary section on the right-hand side.
safety regulations must be complied.

Compartment section internal separation

Compartment section for attachment of a

cable inlet section
For specific applications, the compartment section
can also be used without the right-hand cable inlet
section. The plug-in module plates can also be
combined with horizontal SlimLine switch disconnectors.
A separate cable inlet section can be attached on
the left or right side as required.

Compartment with lockable sectional doors

Plug-in module plate with 3-pole adapter


Busbar trunking system connection
connecting TriLine-R systems
Careful and detailed technical planning is a decisive factor for the efficiency of
electrical distribution systems. Above a certain level, the use of busbar systems
for the transfer of electrical energy from the transformer to the low-voltage
switchgear assembly is much safer, more reliable, and more economical than
comparable cable systems.

More efficient utilisation of energy through the use

of busbar trunking systems ensures lower energy
consumption and thus reduces overall operating
costs. The system also requires less space and
offers increased fire protection. Further advantages
of busbar trunking systems include simple planning,
a clear layout, and uncomplicated upgrades.

Striebel & John provides the ideal interface from the

busbar trunking system to the TriLine-R system.
A safe electrical power supply is guaranteed by the
type-tested low-voltage switchgear assembly in the
TriLine-R system in accordance with IEC 60439-1,
and type-tested electrical busbar systems according
to IEC 60439-2.

Busbar trunking systems that comply with
IEC 60439-2 should generally be implemented
as type-tested low voltage switchgear

Busbar trunking system connection

Busbar trunking system connection


Power factor correction (PFC)
simple money saving
All electrical devices that create a magnetic field in order to function, such
as transformers, electric motors, or the ballast of fluorescent lamps, require
reactive current. Both the active current generated in the power station and the
reactive current are carried over the mains network.

When the magnetic field is created, the necessary The core of this type of power factor correction
reactive current is not consumed, but instead system consists of capacitors, which are activated
oscillates back and forth between the generator or deactivated in steps by the controller. Through
and the electrical consumer. This results in a higher regulation of the capacitors the actual, required
load on the mains network as well as the transformer reactive current is always compensated. There is less
and the generator. This additional load requires a load on the mains network and the costs for reactive
higher rating of the electricity cables, and is charged current are reduced.
to the electricity customer. Striebel & John offers type-tested reactive current
These costs can be completely avoided with the compensation systems. The individual modules
use of reactive current compensation. The financial can be installed into the TriLine-R cabinet using the
saving is direct, since the cost of reactive current installation sets.
compensation, installation and maintenance is less
than the cost of the reactive current. Reactive current
compensation also makes a valuable contribution
towards climate protection.

n  Choked / non-choked
power factor correction system
n  Fixed integrated modules
n  With fan
n Type-tested up to 300 kVAr

Power factor correction (PFC)

ABB PFC controler


19 rack technology for TriLine-R
simply without compromise
The TriLine-R system from Striebel & John offers the perfect solution for space-
saving 19 rack technology. The installation set simplifies the expansion of your
2-panel wide TriLine-R cabinet to a 19 component rack, without compromising
on the benefits. The installation set is available for 38 and 44 height units for
TriLine-R modular switchgear cabinets of heights 8 and 10.

The 19 installation set consists of two vertical The swivel frames are designed for installation in
profiles with integrated 19 perforations and lateral cabinets 3 panels wide and are suitable for mounting
round and square perforations, which are mounted 19 racks. The side panel of the swivel frame also
directly on the cabinet with no additional fixings. allows for the installation of modules with a depth of
Support consoles can be mounted in the rear of 450 mm; in the case of cabinets with a depth of
the cabinet to support the 19 components. This 425 mm, the maximum mounting depth is 350 mm.
wide range of extension possibilities on a small floor The modules are mounted on the fixing rails with a
area of the 2-panel wide cabinet, means that grid spacing of 25 mm using M6 captive nuts.
Striebel & John is offering a compact, stable and TriLine-R cabinets can be easily installed together in
flexible platform for 19 rack technology with the a modular system. The 19 system is designed
maximum possible benefits. for such solutions. To save space, 19 components
The 19 installation sets can also be easily installed can also be attached to both sides of TriLine-R
in all other cabinets in case of using universal profiles cabinets. A wide range of accessoires is available in
from the standard accessory range. Swivel frames Main Catalogue Part 2.
with an opening angle of 180 degrees are also avail
able for installation in 3-panel wide cabinets in
heights 8 and 10.

19 vertical rack profiles are mounted directly on

the frame of the 2 panel wide cabinet

19 rack technology for TriLine-R

We thought about everything. Matching

accessories such as filter fans and outlet filters,
thermostats for temperature regulation and
switchgear cabinet heating to compensate for
temperature variations, and switchgear cabinet
lighting are all available for the TriLine-R system.


Masterminds in the spotlight
the Cloche d'Or office complex, Drosbach

Buildings in which research, communication, planning, administration, and

decision-making take place not only require clever minds, but also need energy
to keep things running smoothly. From the lighting, via the air conditioning,
right through to integrated communication and data networks a reliable
electricity supply is a prerequisite for a forward-thinking office building. The
Drosbach Cloche dOr office complex is a prime example.

Just outside the capital of the Grand Duchy of

Luxembourg, an architectural giant dominates the
landscape. The building is designed in a star-shape,
with an eleven-storey central tower and five arms
each with six floors, which house a total of 2,600
staff. The technical centre is situated under the
tower. From here, the connected electrical load
of 8.4 MW, distributed to 7 transformer stations,
is enough to supply the entire surface area of
And at the very heart of the building a Striebel & John
switchgear system that consistently guarantees the
safety, comfort and efficiency of the building.

Reference project office complex, Drosbach

P roje ct scop e

Main distribution system

The main distribution system consists of
71TriLine-R modular switchgear cabinets
with a rated current of the main busbars
of 3200A.

Details of the TriLine-R main distribution

7 incoming sections from transformers 1-7
6 incoming sections from generators 1-6
6 coupler sections
52 outgoing sections

The subdistribution system consists of
150 wall, floor-standing, and TriLine-R
switchgear cabinets.

Project partners
Construction: Kovac S.A., Luxembourg
Switchgear installation: Paul Wagner et Fils S.A., Luxembourg
Football heroes and atmosphere
the Fritz Walter Stadium, Kaiserslautern
Major events mean major energy consumption. As Germany plays host to
the 2006 World Cup, the stadiums, media centres, and hospitality areas will
together require an estimated electricity supply of around 13 million kilowatt-
hours. Power has to be guaranteed while matches are in play, with lighting an
absolute priority.

A standard illumination intensity of at least 1500 lux

per m2 is required. The sound system and public
address system also depend on a reliable power
supply, for example, in the Fritz-Walter Stadium in
When the floodlights in the Betzenberg region
of Kaiserslautern are switched on they can be
seen from far and wide, as the fans anticipation
rises. The Fritz Walter Stadium, one of the most
atmospheric stadiums in the German Bundesliga, was
among the host venues for the 2006 World Cup. The
stadium has a surface area of well over 100,000m2.
In preparation, the stadium has been extended to
accommodate 48,500 covered seats and general
quality improvements have been made. A new media
tower, which will mainly be home to TV studios,
offers all the latest technological comforts.
The grandstand has been specially equipped with
the highest standards of media technology for
representatives of the worlds media. Striebel & John
is a member of the team as the gates open to the

Reference project Fritz-Walter Stadium

P roje ct scop e

Main distribution system

The main distribution system consists of
50TriLine-R switchgear cabinets with
a rated current of the main busbars of up to
4000 A.

Details of the TriLine-R main distribution

7 incoming sections from transformers 1-7
1 incoming section from the generator
4 coupler sections
28 outgoing sections

The subdistribution system consists of
118 wall, floor-standing, and TriLine-R
switchgear cabinets.

Photos: View, Kaiserslautern

Project partners
Main contractor: HOCHTIEF Construction AG, Schifferstadt
Switchgear installation: Firma Wahlen und Schabbach, Weiskirchen
Architects: Folker Fiebiger GmbH, Kaiserslautern 37
Taking off with safety technology
the north terminal at Riga airport
Riga airport is the most important of Latvias three airports, and the major
hub for all the Baltic states. The annual number of passengers is increasing
accordingly: 1.9 million passengers used the airport in 2005 and 2.5 million
in the year 2006. To cope with increasing demand, the airport is expanding
its capacity, for example with the building of the new North Terminal.

The terminal has been built on the site of the old low-
voltage main distribution. To ensure that day-to-day
operations continued to run smoothly, the power
supply to all relevant passenger facilities, such as the
baggage conveyor belt, IT systems, check-in desks,
escalators, moving pavements, and other technical
installations, had to be guaranteed.
A sophisticated uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
system ensures a constant power supply: If the
electricity supply fails at one incoming feeder, the
coupler section automatically and immediately
switches to the other incoming feeder. To ensure
that the transformer is not overloaded during this
conversion period, the load of each electrical
consumer is monitored. If appropriate, less important
consumers are switched off for the duration of the
emergency switching. If the electricity supply from
both infeeders fails, a diesel generator is activated to
provide an emergency power supply. Striebel & John
offers the ideal basis for such high safety levels.

Reference project Riga airport, north terminal

Proj ect scop e

Main distribution system

The main distribution system consists of
14TriLine-R modular switchgear cabinets
with a rated current of the main busbars of

Details of the TriLine-R main distribution

4 incoming sections from transformers 1 - 4
1 incoming section from the generator
2 coupler sections
8 outgoing sections

The subdistribution system consists of
33 wall, floor-standing, and TriLine-R
switchgear cabinets.

Project partners
Construction: Riga International Airport
Switchgear installation: SIA Moduls-Riga
Retail paradise in Gieen
the Neustdter Tor shopping complex
The complete shopping experience is a critical success factor for the retail
industry. The new Galerie Neustdter Tor shopping centre in Gieen offers a
diverse range of outlets to suit every need. With almost 75,000 inhabitants and a
large catchment area, Giessen, Germany is one of the most attractive shopping
destinations in Germany. As a result, revenues from the new mall are expected
to be high.

Consumers can indulge in retail therapy over three

floors with a wide range of shopping, leisure, and
sport outlets. Shoppers can stroll around the three
levels and enjoy 85 specialist shops and services.
The complex is complemented by a large-scale food
court, quiet zones with water features, and extensive
parking provision with over 1,100 parking spaces on
the second, third, and fourth floors of the building.
If business is to flourish, however, the risk of power
cuts must be eliminated. This is where Striebel &
John comes in.

Reference project Neusttter Tor shopping complex

P roje ct scop e

Main distribution system

The main distribution system consists of
28 TTA Triline-R switchgear cabinets with a
rated current of the main busbars of 2500 A.

Details of the TriLine-R main distribution

3 incoming feeder sections from
transformers 1-3
1 incoming section from the generator
1 coupler section
1 metering section
2 corner sections
20 outgoing sections

The subdistribution system consists of
140 wall, floor-standing, and TriLine-R
switchgear cabinets.

Project partners
Construction: ROSCO Projektmanagement fr Immobilienanlagen GmbH & Co.
Electrical installation: ZEKA Elektrobau GmbH Knauerhase, Zwintschna
Main distribution systems: Schaltanlagenbau Zrbig GmbH, Zrbig
Subdistribution: Schaltanlagenbau Dieskau, Dieskau
A hub for experts
the NrnbergMesse exhibition centre
In the age of electronic business communication, exhibition centres enjoy
a particular popularity as a place to make personal contacts. Visitors from
around the world meet here to discuss business. In total, nearly 8,000
international companies and around 14,000 German companies take
part as exhibitors, with over 1.2 million visitors per year to trade fairs and
conferences at the Nuremburg exhibition centre.

The Nuremberg exhibition centre is among the

fastest-growing exhibition centres in Europe today.
The centre was opened in the 1970s with a surface
area of around 60,000 m, and has since been
extended to cover 152,000 m of exhibition space.
The main distribution boards in halls 4, 5, 7 and 9
however dated back to 1972. These systems were
modernized in a series of stages. There was no
downtime when changing from the old to the new
Four 1000 kVA transformer infeeds can be switched
individually, in groups or all together, depending on
requirements. A 1000 kVA generator also provides
an emergency power supply. Approximately 320NH
disconnectors from NH00 to NH3 ensure power
distribution to the halls. Each outgoing feeder is
measured and displayed using a 3phase
multi-measuring device. For power factor correction,
each transformer unit has a 250 kVAr compensation
module with combination filter technology in

Reference project NrnbergMesse exhibition centre

P roje ct scop e

Main distribution system

The main distribution system consists of
140 switchgear cabinets with
a rated current of the main busbars of
up to 3200 A.

Details of the TriLine-R main distribution

4 incoming sections from transformers 1-4
1 incoming section from the generator
4 coupler sections
1 metering section
4 power factor correction sections
33 outgoing sections

The subdistribution system consists of 80 wall,
floor-standing, and switchgear cabinets.

Project partners
Main contractor: Nrnberg Messe GmbH, Betriebstechnik department
Switchgear installation: EHB Elektrotechnische Herstellungs-, Handels- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Pyrbaum
Assembly and connections: SAG Netz- und Energietechnik GmbH, Nrnberg branch
Electrical installation: Dehn Instatec GmbH, Neumarkt Knaus Elektrotechnik, Allersberg 43
The headquarters of power
The office of the federal chancellor, Berlin
The office of the federal chancellor in Berlin not only boasts an impressive
architecture, but is also home to some impressive electrical technology. The
Office of the federal chancellor was constructed between 1997 and 2001,
and covers a surface area of around 19,000 m2. A36meter high cube forms
the centre of the building, housing a conference room, cabinet rooms, as well
as offices for the federal chancellor and ministers of state.

To guarantee uninterrupted operation of the building

facilities 3 x 800 kVA transformers and a 650 kVA
cogenerator system all feed simultaneously into a
common busbar system.
Within the relatively short completion time of just eight
weeks, the switchgear for the individual building parts
was installed, connected, and wired.
The power supply on the medium-voltage side is
provided with the use of a triple compartmented
switchgear assembly with two separate medium
voltage infeeds from two different transformer
stations. To minimize downtime in the event of failure,
transformer outfeeds and infeeds are connected with
a controlled time-based discriminating loop. On the
low voltage side, three transformers and an engine-
based cogeneration system all feed into a common
busbar system, from which several of the main
distribution systems of the building are supplied. In
the unlikely event of a fault in the transformers, the
most important areas of the Chancellors Office are
supplied from the cogeneration system.

Reference project office of the federal chancellor, Berlin

P roje ct scop e

Main distribution system

The main distribution system consists of
40 switchgear cabinets with a
rated current of the main busbars of
up to 4000 A.

Details of the TriLine-R main distribution

3 incoming sections from transformer 1-3
2 incoming sections from generator 1 and 2
1 incoming section from cogenerator
9 coupler sections
25 outgoing sections

The subdistribution system consists of
25 wall, floor-standing, and switchgear cabinets.

Project Partners
Main contractor: Bundesbaugesellschaft Berlin mbH
Architects: Charlotte Frank und Axel Schultes, Berlin
Technical building equipment
and building ecology: SCHMIDT REUTER PARTNER
Switchgear installation: METHLING (WESEL)
Subcontractor energy supply: BHNING SCHALTANLAGENBAU GmbH 45
Quality management
at Striebel & John
The standard for quality at Striebel & John orientates itself on the high
demands of our customers. Striebel & John is an innovative company, placing
its customers demands, with respect to products and services, in the focus
of its thinking and daily business.

Aspects like environmental management,

occupational safety, and fire protection
divisions are embedded in our quality
management system.
Striebel & John is certified in accordance
with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Quality awareness, high motivation, and
the exemplary flexibility of our employees
during their daily work, guarantees the
constant improvement of customer satis-
faction, and of our operational processes.

Quality management Panel design configurator PDC 3

Panel design configurator

an all-round solution for project planning

Panel Design Configurator PDC 3 is an all-around solution perfectly designed, fully

flexible and totally open-ended. The software is just the thing for the complete

planning and design of electrical distribution systems and switchgear. You can use

efficient offer documentation including part lists, design and circuit diagrams. With

PDC 3 you can work faster, better and more efficiently.

add-on module
project planning made simple generate your own symbols
Projects can be clearly managed with Windows- You can produce your own symbols using the
standard hierarchical folder structures with direct symbol generator module. The free basic version of
access to parts lists, circuit diagrams and front Panel Design Configurator comes with over 5,000
views. Projects can be displayed and processed graphical symbols. Another 1,500 symbols are
in the parts lists or in the front view. The easy-to- contained in the add-on module PDC-SLP. If you
use product navigator allows you to select the wish to add other vital symbols to your designs,
items and paste them in using Drag & Drop. the symbol generator is the tool you need to create
add-on modul
add-on module
compiling circuit diagrams is simplicity itself
The new PDC-SLP module for designing circuit TriLine-R Power Solutions
diagrams will now replace the tried and tested
This add-on, available to registered and TTA-part-
StrieCad program. PDC-SLP combines the simple,
ners, encorporates all the information required to
modern interface of Panel Design Configurator with
plan switchboards with higher rated currents. From
the tried and tested functions of StrieCad, while
1250A to 4000A you can plan your layout and cal-
offering a wide range of new functions for compiling
culate your project quickly and effectively. Whether
circuit diagrams. PDC-SLP offers maximum flexibility
you are planning your incoming circuit breaker,
in planning projects.
outgoing breakers or fuse switch disconnectors,
add-on module this add-on provides you with front views and parts
PDC-EXP lists accordingly.
data exports in various formats
PDC-EXP is available for exporting data to other
application programs. Offers, parts lists, circuit
diagrams and front views can be transmitted in
various formats.

PDC-SLP compiling circuit diagrams

is simplicity itself.
Customer training
support that can be used in practice
Opportunities for further training in the area of electrical distribution system
technology and specific product training sessions have always been part of
the Striebel & John tradition - and still are to this day. As an innovative manu-
facturer of electrical distribution systems, we help our customers to extract the
maximum possible benefit from those systems distinctive assembly features.
The aim of the training sessions is to provide information in a manner that can
be understood, and to impart knowledge by means of practical exercises.

Product training sessions Planning software training sessions

Participants in these sessions are given a com- Striebel & John planning software comprises
prehensive overview of all Striebel & John prod- the Panel Design Configurator 3 and the
ucts, from distribution boards to consumer units, StrieSoft tools, which together represent a
wall and floor-standing cabinets and switchgear modular software package for professional,
cabinets. They learn about the installation and efficient processing of quotations and projects.
assembly benefits of our practical detailed solutions This software package supports modern
and are made familiar with Striebel & John sys- distribution board manufacturers in carrying
tem technology. The two-day training session also out efficient planning, reliable calculations,
includes a demonstration of the StrieSoft planning cost-effective administration and quick and
software package. easy archiving. Striebel & John offers training
sessions on both of these tools.

Customer training Trade fairs

Meeting point
trade fairs worldwide
Trade fairs are always something special. This is not only because of the innovations
on show, but also because they offer the opportunity to establish and cultivate contact
with a number of people face to face. Trade fairs are meeting places where experts and
practitioners can share their experience. Our product range is regularly represented at
all the big trade fairs and regional specialist shows, both at home and abroad.

The place to be for electrical installation technology

Together with other leading manufacturers, You can find us on the following
Striebel & John runs a central Internet gate- trade fairs world-wide:
way by the name of Voltimum, which provides
all the information you could need about
n light+building Frankfurt
modern electrical installation technology.
n Hannover Fair Hannover
Visit to find data, information n Automation World Houston
and documents relating to electrical installation n Matalec Madrid
technology products and services quickly and n Middle East Electricity Dubai
easily. n Elcom Kiev
n Elektro Moscow
n SAABB Riyadh

At Striebel & John, dialog with the practitioners who actually use our products
is very important. This is why our brochures and catalogues are designed
around the needs of our customers. We have combined product information
for all fields and targeted it towards installation engineers, planners, panel
builders and electrical wholesale dealers. Our catalogues and brochures
provide information that you will find useful in your day to day work.

Main catalogues Distribution board pocket guide

The main catalogues Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 pres- This hand-size brochure is a great help where
ent Striebel & Johns entire range of products, from it can be used to choose the right products
consumer units for domestic buildings to wall and for the job (on a construction site, for example).
floor-standing cabinets for large building complexes, Data relating to electric circuit distribution boards,
through to modular switchgear cabinets for powerful consumer units, modular cabinet systems,
industrial plants.The catalogues also provide com- distribution panels, floor-standing distribution
prehensive information on configuring, costing and boards and important accessories are presented
assembling electrical distribution systems. Technical clearly and concisely.
specifications, notes on standards and much more,
complete the catalogues and ensure that they are an
indispensable tool for the electrical specialist.

Product brochures

In addition to our Main Catalogues, we also offer

other product brochures. The technical specifications
and comprehensive product information they contain
provide you with valuable support when planning and
configuring our distribution systems. The brochures
are available in a print version or as download from
the website at

Informations print and online
fast and up to date
Go online to find valuable, useful information. Our homepage provides an
overview of our company, our products and our services.

Our download area contains current

product brochures and the latest
technology from the world of electrical
distribution systems.

The product finder only a few

klicks to the correct product

Do you want to receive the electronic

newsletter regularly and keep up to date?
Register at:

An effective partnership
Together with our partner ABB STOTZ-KONTAKT, Striebel & John
offers a complete product range for all application areas of switchgear

All you need for switchgear assemblies We speak your language

For decades, the name ABB STOTZ-KONTAKT As a result of listening to the requirements and
has stood for innovative products and intelligent wishes of our customers and end users, we are
solutions for switchgear assemblies. The unique able to offer you practical and relevant solutions.
scope of our product range leaves you safe in Short delivery times are standard procedure, and of
the knowledge that you can always find the right course we can also offer the highest level of service
product for the job. Thanks to ongoing innovation, and consulting advice. Through our own planning
we can always offer you the latest products and experience and tools that we have developed, we
services that provide a significant contribution provide support for the cost-efficient planning and
towards the optimal solution for your problems and upgrade of systems, which are precisely tailored
those of your customers. to the requirements of the end user.

Partnership with ABB STOTZ-KONTAKT

Motor controller Circuit breaker Switched-mode power

Contacter B6 UMC22-FBP T-max supply CP-S24/10.0

The complete product range

ABB STOTZ-KONTAKT offers the complete
product range for all applications. The modular
installation system for the DIN rails, proM
compact, is suitable for a wide range
of applications. A safe, efficient installation
is just one of the many advantages that this
universal system has to offer.

the product range


Motor protection, motor protection switches

Electronic relays, transducers, power supplies

Control and signalling devices

System pro M compact

Main line protection devices

Automation devices
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