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Provided technical guidance and assistance to Senior Engineers

Inspected all piping system projects and ensured quality and conformance to set
standards and specifications

Coordinated with design engineering team and resolved issues on the field

Liaised with the vendors and subcontractors and ensured prompt delivery of raw

Checkout piping installation, repair, and maintenance of various sites

Identified risk in installation process as well as performed review of hazardous


Professional Experience
Steel structure stage
Reviewing Steel Erection drawings.
Checking civil foundations elevation before steel (columns / frames Erection).
Supervising ground assembly for main columns with beams to compose frames can
be lifted and erected one time.
Supervising erection of main steel girders and bracings between frames (with
consideration of erection sequence).
Supervising alignment and bolt tightening for main members of the structure on the
main Aligns and Axis before offering for inspection.
Supervising erection of Dressing (erection of small beams, bracings, angles, C-
Channels and other medium & light steel items).
Supervising balance bolt tightening and offering for final inspection.
Supervising Erection steel handrails and gratings.
Through all previous steel erection steps, solution for many technical problems in
erection due to material defects or wrong design to be set by my or client proposals
through RFIs (Request for Information).

Piping stage
Reviewing Method of statement, specifications, and standards of materials (pipes,
fittings, flanges, gaskets etc).
Studying my scope of piping lines from the layout, P & ID, and isometric drawings.
Follow up the status of spools and field run pipes through reports from fabrication
workshop and painting yard and coordinating for transportation these materials to site.
Supervising fit up and welding of spool to spool or spool to field run pipe together
and welding supports also (as much as possible according to accessibility) to lift and
place one time (saving time and effort).
Coordinating with QC department to cover any required NDT or Heat treatment
(preferably before lifting to avoid difficult accessibility).
Coordination with scaffolding groups to make access for assembly the hole lines at
any elevation (fit up and welding by taking level and alignment into consideration).
Supervising welding vents and drains if any.
Supervising welding pipe supports which to be erected in position at any structure.
Coordination with engineering department to divide my piping scope into test
Close punch items (A items) (release test packages for hydro, service, and visual
Reinstatement for piping test packages after applying tests and closing punch lists (B
& C items) with the main contractor and client.

Qualifications: BSC Mechanical Engineering from 10th Ramadan
Faculty of engineering.

Graduation date: Jan 2000

Graduation grade: good or (C)

CSWIP 3.1 certified from TWI (welding inspection).

Additional Information
Working in HISCO (KSRC before). From 18-July-01 to 15-OCT-03

HISCO workshop.
Studying engineering drawings and following up (cutting materials, Rolling,
fabrication, fit up, and welding) of vessels, tanks shells, and tank cleanout doors.
Following up fit up and welding C.S pipes to flanges, elbows, weld olets, nipples,
Following up heat treatment processes and NDT for welded items if needed.
Following up sand and grit blasting, painting, and DFT checking.

Working in KOC as an inspection Engineer (supplied from HISCO)

Working area: all KOC plants, GCs, and well heads pipelines (new construction,
upgrading, or repair) at west and north Kuwait.

Fit up inspection and welding visual inspection.

Surface visual inspection after sand and grit blasting.
Surface roughness inspection (press (O) gauge) and coating thickness inspection
(dry film thickness) DFT.

English language speaking: very good writing: very good
Computer skills
Microsoft Excel: Excellent
Microsoft word: Very good
Primavera 3.1: GOOD