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[Sushma Tamang Syangtan] [Biblical studies] [Unit Length: 25 minutes]

[Class/Grade: 1]

Lesson: [Number: 5/ Title: craft on Gods Family Tree]

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

We are the creation of God.

When we believe in Jesus we
became a part of His family tree.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

1. How can we be in a Gods Students will be able to know that

we God are the head of our family
Family Tree? and we are his family from the
They will be able to practice
Gods family Tree by putting their
names on the branches and color
the tree.

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

7 min Beginning the Lesson:
Hello! Grade One. How are you? Teacher will tell the students that they will be
coloring the picture but before that:
Review from the last class: teacher will ask these questions to the students.
1. Where did Jesus live?
2. What is the Nazareth mean?
Branch Town
3. How can we be in a Gods Family Tree?
By believing in Jesus

Developing the Lesson:

5 min
Teacher will tell that they are going to do the craft. Teacher will show the sample of
Gods Family Tree and explain that they will do the same thing as teacher did.
Instruction for the craft:
1. Write your names or any persons names (friends, family, and neighbors) in the
2. Color the picture of Gods family tree.
3. Teacher will hand each students a copy of a Gods family tree sheet and they will
work on it.
10 Teacher will assess the students by going to each students and seeing their work and if
min they are confusing then explain instruction to them.
[Sushma Tamang Syangtan] [Biblical studies] [Unit Length: 25 minutes]
[Class/Grade: 1]

3 min Closing the Lesson:

Collect all the worksheet

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Color the picture and write your
name or any persons names on the

worksheet: Gods family Tree

Feedback from cooperative teacher:

This review lesson went well- question to reinforce ideas/ concept previously studied

Areas to concern:
Missed giving point of the lesson of the craft (You explain how to do it but neglected to
elaborate on why they were doing it- because all the people we know who love Jesus are past of
Gods family tree. Always make the objectives clear.
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