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Grade 7 Module 1 Lesson Social Media

The following lesson plan s to be the first lesson in unit about online safety. This lesson
is created to get students to start thinking about how social media affects their personal
and social lives. Throughout the unit we will be addressing common issues regarding
students social media presence.
Specific Learning Outcomes

1.1.2 Consider Others Ideas
Compare own and others insights and viewpoints.
1.2.1 Develop Understanding
Recognize and articulate the value of connecting prior and new knowledge and
experiences to shape and extend understanding.
3.1.3 Contribute to Group Inquiry
Contribute ideas, knowledge, and questions to help establish group inquiry or research
focuses and purposes.
4.4.1 Share Ideas and Information
Facilitate small-group activities and short, whole-class sessions to share information on a
topic using pre-established active learning strategies [such as role-plays, language games,
5.1.2 Relate Texts to Culture
Compare ways in which oral, literary, and media texts from a variety of cultures explore
similar ideas.

Physical Education/ Health

K.4.6.B.1b Recognize personal participation and responsibility (e.g., respect for and
acceptance of individual differences, awareness of social norms and values, concern and
compassion for others, cooperation, motivation to solve interpersonal problems...) in
different social contexts
S.4.7.A.4 Apply conflict resolution strategies (e.g., role play responses to conflict
situations; participate in peer mediation...) to different scenarios (e.g., engaging with new
classmates, moving to a new classroom, saying no to negative peer group influence...)
Lesson Learning/Teaching Strategies Teacher Notes
Activating Ask Students activating questions about - What kind of social media do
Activities social media you use
Word splash on - What words do you think of
Create a word splash of student
social media when you think of these sites
Talking about -
how it impacts Watch short video on social media and h?v=efbM_3K01hw
them the impact on people - What did you notice in the
Time: 20 Have students discuss in small table video?
groups - Do you think this is accurate of
you and your friends?
Acquiring Class Kahoot on how social media - Questions in Kahoot at end of
Activity impacts their lives lesson plan
It is all anonymous, and there are no .
correct answers. Just want to get an
Time: 10 idea of class social media usage.

Applying Students will be asked to brainstorm - Remind students the difference

Activity: things that are good, bad and ugly about between bad and ugly.
Good, Bad, social media. - Remind them it is not for
Ugly assessment, but is important
They will create a 3 column chart that
Time: 10 has notes on each category (goo, bad that they come up with as many
ugly) answers as they can

Applying Once students have completed their - 2 3 sentences explaining their

Activity: charts they are to go to the class blog decision
Class Blog and write about whether they think
Time: 10 social media has had a positive or
negative impact on their lives.

Kahoot Questions
1.I check social media on my phone first thing in the morning when I wake up.
2.I take a picture of my meal and post it instantly on social media.
3.I ask my friends to check my photos on social media.
4.I check my social media accounts several times a day.
5.I take a break and stay away from social media.
6.When I hear something I like, I remember to post it.
7.I know the number of my friends and followers on social media.
8.I feel disappointed when my posts do not get many likes on my posts.
9.I spend a long time on social media looking at what my friends have been up to in
their lives.
10.I feel happy when I get lots of friend requests on social media


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