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Product information PI 9/08/03/2016

Radiator Stop-Leak

RadiatorStop-Leak is a dispersion for sealing leaks in
water-cooling systems in motor vehicles. The product
reliably seals hair cracks and small leaks. The solids
dispersion is stabilised in carrier fluid.

- compatible with conventional coolant water refiners
and antifreezes
- suitable for aluminum radiators
- permanently and reliably seals hairline cracks and Available pack sizes
small leaks 150 ml Can sheet metal 3330
- no negative side effects on the water pump or D-F-NL
heating circuit
150 ml Can sheet metal 2505
- for preventive use
150 ml Can sheet metal 8371
Technical data GB-ARAB-F
Form flssig / liquid
150 ml Can sheet metal 8347
Color / appearance je nach Spezifikation / D-PL-BG
according to specification
150 ml Can sheet metal 8956
Density at 20 C 1,07 g/cm GB-GR-I
Solubility in water mischbar / mixable 150 ml Can sheet metal 7129
Odor schwach / weak ALGERIEN-GB-ARAB-F
Flash point 200 C 250 ml Can sheet metal 2828
Viscosity at 40 C 130 mm/s
250 ml Can sheet metal 1810
Areas of application
Used for sealing small leaks in cooling circuits of pas- 250 ml Can sheet metal 2676
senger motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses D-PL-BG
and two-wheel vehicles. Also suitable for cooling cir- 250 ml Can sheet metal 1921
cuit with filters. D-F-I
250 ml Can sheet metal 8370
Application GB-ARAB-F
Shake container before use. Run the heating system.
250 ml Can sheet metal 8385
With the engine running, pour the contents into the
cooling fluid at operating temperature and allow the
engine to continue running for a further 10 minutes. 250 ml Can sheet metal 1997
The contents is sufficient for 10 litres of coolant. D-RUS-UA

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