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Voice It Out 2 Evaluation Form

Speakers name: _______________________ UK No: __________________________

Criterion Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement Score

10-8 marks 7-5 marks 4-2 marks 1 mark
(1) Gets attention Meets any three of Meets any two of the Meets only one of the
(2) Clearly identifies the four criteria four criteria four criteria
Introduction (3) Establishes
(4) Previews the main

Main points are clear Main points are Main points Main points
Main points somewhat clear need clarity are not clear

Supporting Main ideas are well Some support, and Lacking in No support
statements supported and sources some documentation sources and and no sources or
are documented documentation documentation

(1) Reviews main Reviews main points , Brings closure Does not bring closure;
points brings the audience is left
Conclusion (2) Brings closure closure hanging
(3) Memorable

Use of language Use of language does Use of language Use of language is

Use of contributes to not have negative causes potential inappropriate
Language effectiveness of the impact. confusion.

Use of Well-organized with Organized with Somewhat Not well-organized or

Transition clear transition some transition organized with few lacks transition signals
signals signals signals transition signals
Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Often mumbles or cannot
Pronunciation distinctly all the time; distinctly nearly all the distinctly most of the be understood; with more
& Enunciation with no mispronounced time; with no more time; with no more than three
words. than one than two mispronounced words
mispronounced word mispronounced words

Body language, Body language, Body language, Body language, gestures,


Physical gestures, and facial gestures, and facial facial expressions and facial expressions
paralinguistic expressions expressions and gestures are lacking or
features add greatly to the compliment message lack variety and inappropriate
message spontaneity

Eye contact with Eye contact with Eye contact with Little or no eye contact
Eye Contact audience virtually all audience less than audience less than
the time (except for 80% of the time 75% of the time
brief glances at notes)

Mark / 5 marks 4 marks 3 marks 2 marks


Time Within allotted time Within 10% of allotted Within 20% of allotted Not within 20% of allotted
time time time

Total marks: 95 _______ / 95 m

Weightage: 20%
_______ / 20 %