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Internet Dangers

By Daniel Hopkins
Definition: the act of bullying via technology such as
cellphones, computers, and social media

The ability to communicate behind the safety and

anonymity of a screen, though helpful in many
ways, can also make us ignorant of the
consequences of our words.

Because technology is available 24/7, anytime and

place, it gives bullies a platform to hurt their target
constantly and incessantly. In addition, social media
allows bullies a platform to humiliate their target in
front of large groups of peers.
Preventing Cyberbullying
Do not encourage the bully by responding to
their tactics
Utilize the block option to disable the bully
from contacting you at all
There is no shame in asking for help; notify a
parent or trusted adult of the harassment
Keep all personal accounts password protected;
change your password frequently
Using Social Media
Golden Rule: Dont post anything you wouldnt
want your parent/guardian to see!

Only add and interact with friends; no

Keep your settings on private
Keep your password private (even from
Do not overshare personal information,
especially concerning personal whereabouts
or plans
Online Etiquette
Always start emails with professional
prefixes (i.e. Mr., Mrs., Professor)
Emails are formal letters and should
be written as such
Utilize proper grammar and
Professional usernames and email
addresses are important -- first
impressions make a big difference
Online Reputation
Colleges and Universities as well as
Employers look at Social Media Profiles of
DO NOT post photos with alcohol or any
illegal substances
Err on the side of caution when deciding to
post or share a photo
Social Media is supposed to be fun, but
understand that anyone can view your
1 in 7 children have been Sexually Solicited
by an online predator
Online predators are attracted to children
who are in need of a friend
Online predators groom children by
appealing to their interests, boosting
confidence with kind words, and giving them
Be wary of anybody you have not met face
to face!
Inappropriate Photos
20% of teens have sent or posted nude
or semi-nude photographs or videos of
Sending or forwarding inappropriate
images is considered distribution of child
pornography -- a serious offense!
Simple as this: DO NOT send
inappropriate photos of yourself or your
friends to others
Personal Information
Oversharing can attract online predators!
It is especially important to be wary of sharing personal information such as
Credit Card Information, Social Security Numbers, and Addresses, which can
be useful to Identity Thieves
Make sure when you enter your personal information -- make sure the website
is legitimate
Americans have been affected by Internet Identity Thieves in the past 5
years alone
Internet Addiction

Video game/Social Media Addiction

Symptoms include withdrawal from friends and family, significant weight gain
or loss, sleep deprivation, academic decline, replacing real world
relationships with in-game friends, and prioritizing in-game achievements
over real world achievements.
Try to limit your online interactions and maximize your face-to-face, real life
Make sure you are not feeling like you need to go on Social Media or other
online sites
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