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Multiple Choices
Auditing Theory
date of the Resolution granting the
petition for re-accreditation and the
Accountancy Profession issuance of the said certificate upon
1. Which of the following is not one submission of the requirements?
of the grounds for proceedings
against a CPA? a. 2 years
b. 3 years
a. Gross negligence or c. 4 years
incompetence in the practice of his d. 6 years
b. Engaging in public practice 4. The primary duty to enforce the
while being employed in a private provisions of RA 9298 and its IRR
enterprise. rests with
c. Insanity.
d. Immoral or dishonorable a. The PRC
conduct. b. The BOA
c. The PRC and BOA
2. Who is not permitted by law to d. The AASC
practice accountancy?
5. The Board, subject to the
a. A corporation whose approval of the Commission, may
stockholders are all CPAs revise or exclude any of the
b. A partnership of CPAs subjects and their syllabi, and add
c. An individual CPA new ones as the need arises.
practitioner Provided that the change shall not
d. A partnership of CPAs with be more often than every
some non-CPA staf
a. 2 years
3. The PICPA shall renew its b. 3 years
Certificate of Accreditation once c. 4 years
every how many years after the d. 5 years