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What infection is associated with milk?


What is not true concerning Threshold Limit Values? TLVs are airborne or chemical skin contact values

What bacteria does the Ames Test use? Salmonella

What groups of hydrocarbons would have the Halogenated hydrocarbons

greatest chance of not being flammable?

Based on the qualitative fit test, what is the 10

protection factor afforded by a half-mask facepiece
If a non-volatile solute is added to a volatile solvent, Raoults law
the vapor pressure is lowered and the boiling point is
elevated. What law supports this statement?

Who is responsible and accountable for enforcing Line management

occupational safety and health policies?

What should a manager understand when choosing There are multiple arrangements that will produce
an appropriate organization model? the best results with minimum difficulty in the
situation in which the organization operates

What is the least likely result of failure to Increased property value

adequately clean-up chemical releases?

What is the preferred angle for fixed industrial stairs? 30 to 35 degrees

Warning is used where there is a hazard or unsafe Death or severe personal injury
practice which if encountered could result in:

What is true re: friction? Coefficient of dynamic friction applies when

objects are in motion

What ANSI standard deals with accident reporting? ANSI Z16.1

What article of the National Electric Code (NFPA 70) Article 500
deals with the classification of hazardous locations?

Legal process for plaintiff to demand all documents Discovery

prior to trial is known as?
Define critical pressure?? Point where no liquid-vapor PHASE TRANSITION

WHAT BEST DESCRIBES TENOSYNOVITIS? An inflammation of the tendon sheath

Which meter setting would be most appropriate for C scale, fast response
measuring impact sound levels when the sound level
meter is supplying a signal to an auxiliary instrument
for additional analysis?

What type of respiratory protection would you Mechanical filter

recommend for employees working in the cloth
cutting area of a fiberglass manufacturing facility?

What is correct concerning GFCI?? GFCIs will trip at about 5 milliamps lint-to-ground
fault current
In a mixed office work area, what would cause Work area noise of 76dba

What would be considered a vasodilator? Aromatic hydrocarbons

What do the intercoastal canals of the body sense? Changes in pressure

What is not included in adult training needs? Need to change the material to fit their
understanding of the requirement

What is the common language of client/server SQL

database management?